The New American Militarism: Bacevich/Engelhardt
Jordan Quashes Unions, Critics of US: Aaron Glantz
7 Sheet Cakes and 3 Cheese Displays: Chris Deliso
Civilian Casualty Numbers Matter: Marla Ruzicka
The Coming Storm: Nebojsa Malic

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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Updated April 21, 2005 - 11:17 PM EDT

Poll: 53% Say Iraq War Not Worth It

6 Contractors Among 11 Killed in Iraq Shootdown

Israel Fears Regional War in 2006

2 Senior AIPAC Officials Under Probe Are Ousted

Talabani Now Says New Iraq Govt Unlikely Today

US Demands Passenger Lists for Overflights

Allawi 'Escapes Assassination Attempt'
Seven Sheet Cakes and Three Cheese Displays  by Christopher Deliso
No Politics, Please – We're Spies
by Jacob Weisberg
A Time for Disobedience
by Sydney H. Schanberg
Civilian Casualty Numbers Matter
by Marla Ruzicka
Alienating Asia  by Stanley Kober
'Many People Are Quite Naive'
Lakshmi Chaudhry interviews Riverbend

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ACLU Files Emergency Motion in Sibel Edmonds Case

Religious Profiling Sparks Federal Lawsuit

US Troops Control Price of Gas in Iraq at Gunpoint

US Military Regrets Humiliating Iraqi MP

Reports: Zarqawi Has a Nuke, or Part of One, or Wants One, or Something


Talabani Struggles to Keep Shi'ite Hostage Story Alive

Occupying Iraq

Senate Backs Funds to Build Huge Baghdad Embassy

Howard: Aussie Troops May Stay in Iraq Past Mission Period

Australian Troops Begin New Deployment in Iraq

Zarqawi Orders Followers to Target British Troops

Horror Glimpsed From the Inside of a Humvee in Iraq

Two US Soldiers Killed in Blast West of Baghdad

Iraq Today

Mystery Surrounds Govt Claims of Mass Shi'ite Deaths in Iraq

Iraq Air Force Forms Three Squadrons

Tipsters, Sick of Insurgent Attacks, Boost Iraq Intel

Mine-Hunters of Iraq Slowly Clear Saddam's Legacy

Turkish Army Criticizes US Over Kurdish Rebels, Warns Over Kirkuk

Violence Continues

Massacre at Iraq Football Stadium: 19 Dead

Insurgents Target Iraqi Soldiers

Recent Violence Stirs Sectarian Tensions in Once-Quiet Basra

Suicide Bomb Explodes Near Iraq Political Party, One Killed

Ms. Rice Goes to Moscow

Nobody's Listening as Rice Lectures Putin on Power

Rice Opposes Third Term for Putin

Rice: Belarus Is 'Dictatorship'

Rice Announces Presidential Run by Mistake


Putin: We Will Go Ahead With Syrian Missile Deal

Russia Rebuffs US Inspections of Nuclear Facilities

Party Behind Putin Strives to Weaken Rivals With Ideology Shift

Russian Conscripts Found Hanged


Gaza Pullout Likely to Be Postponed

Israeli Army Prepares to Quit Gaza

Israel to Reconscript Thousands

Israeli Interior Minister Extends Ban on Vanunu Leaving

Israel Sets Holocaust Damages at $240 Billion


EU Gives $80 Million for Palestinians

Abbas Comes Under Increasing Pressure

Abbas Accuses Israel of Incitement Against Him

Middle East

Jordan Quashes Unions, Critics of US

Get Completely Out of Lebanon, Bush Tells Syria

Bahraini Woman Chairs Parliament

Two Terror Suspects Seized in Saudi Arabia

Explosion in Beirut Wounds Three


Why Anger Over War Gives Galloway Chance of Winning

Antiwar Protester Takes on Blair on His Own Turf

Germany Set to Join US-Led Missile Project

British Teachers to Boycott Israel

Berlusconi Quits to Keep His Job

Spain Concerned Over Missing Eq. Guinea Politician


Ecuador's Congress Votes Out President

Aristide Blames US for Haiti Violence

Venezuela Flexes Oil Muscle


Australia, Japan Consider Free-Trade Agreement

Nepal's Maoist Insurgency

Bomb Blast in Nepal Kills Four

Benedict XVI

New Pope a Strong Critic of War

Pope Seeks Dialogue With Other Religions

In Name of Benedict, a Peacemaker

In the Arab Mideast, Some Unease Over Benedict's Views

Beijing Warns New Pope About Ties With Taiwan


Another Senator Wavers on Bolton Nomination

White House Defends Bolton Nomination

US Military

Nominee: Rising Weapons Costs a Pressing Challenge

Father of Slain US Marine Cautions Mexican Students Against Migrating, Enlisting

Committee Chairman Requests More Navy Ships


Moussaoui Scheduled to Offer Guilty Plea

Two in Court Over Australian Bomb Hoax

Airline Passenger Screening 'No Better'

US Frees Gitmo Detainees, Warns Them Not to Discuss Their Mistreatment

Oil-for-Food Scandal

Annan 'Unaware' of Aide's Oil Link

UN Studying South Korean Accused in Oil-for-Food Affair


Iran Threatens to Interrupt Nuclear Talks

Iran Turns Up Heat on Europe Ahead of Talks

Iranian Chief Negotiator Upbeat on Nuclear Talks With EU

Iran's Nuclear Offer Allows EU Trio Temporary Respite

Old War Bomb Explodes, Killing Five in Iran


US Suspends Afghan Opium War After Disastrous Attack on Farmers

Taliban Leaders to Join Peace Process

Afghan Minister: Aid Groups Practically Another Govt

The Party's Over for Afghan NGOs

UN Urges Afghans to Change to Iodized Salt


Musharraf: Kashmir Solution Now or Never

Second Kashmir Buses Set to Roll

Pakistan to Pursue 'Phase Two' of Kashmir Strategy

Pakistan Seeks Indian Troop Pullout From Kashmir

Indian PM Rules Out Redrawing Kashmir Border


US Military Claim Angers Pakistan

Pakistan Commander: US Commander’s Remarks Highly Irresponsible

Students Take Cops Hostage in Islamabad

China-Japan Spat

Japanese MPs to Visit War Shrine

Koizumi 'Regrets' Anti-Chinese Protests

In Strongest Appeal Yet, China Asks for Public Calm

China-Japan Spat May Overshadow Africa-Asia Summit

Southeast Asia

Philippines, Muslim Rebels Reach Agreement

Peace Talks in Malaysia 'Encouraging'

East Asia

Bush Downplays Chinese Threat to US Hegemony

Taiwan's Opposition Leader to Meet China's Hu

Japan-Sponsored A-Bomb Exhibit to Open in US

Seoul Against Taking North Korea to UN


Waco as Metaphor

The Coming Storm

Yes, Some People Do Push Back

Reforming the Homeland Security Department Is Unlikely

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Alan Bock
Is Iran Next?

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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