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We keep hearing from the War Party that the news media isn't telling us the "good news" from Iraq. What good news are they talking about? Every time our soldiers build a school, or walk an old lady across the road, we're supposed to hear about it in mile-high headlines. This is Kafka-esque in light of what we've really "accomplished" in Iraq, including but not limited to:

This is what is really happening in America's newly-acquired province – and is right in there reporting the reality, as opposed to the government propaganda we're fed day after day. Giving you a clear, unvarnished view of the truth, as well as incisive hard-hitting analysis that lets the War Party have it right between the eyes – that's our job, and we're doing it.

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Updated May 3, 2005 - 11:27 PM EDT
US Back to Stage One in Iraq
Pentagon: Iraq Limits Ability to Fight Other Wars
Attacks on the Rise as 'New Ba'ath Party' Is Born
Shi'ites Vow to Fill Key Posts With Iraq Sunnis
Iraqi Official, 26 Others Killed in Fresh Violence
US Demand Deepens Gulf With Iran Over Nuclear Facilities
Ex-UN Envoy: US Feared Discovery of Prison Abuse
Italy Rebuts US Report That Cleared GIs in Killing
How Communists Became Republicans  Interview w/Justin Raimondo
Debunking a Spitting Image
by Jerry Lembcke
Godzilla vs. the Giant Scissors: Cutting the Antiwar Heart Out of a Classic  by Brent Staples
Out of the Superpower Orbit
by Tom Engelhardt
PATRIOT Act Should Ride Into the Sunset  by Rep. Ron Paul
Don't Pity the Settlers
by Nehemia Strasler

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Nuclear Weapons Talks Open Amid Crisis
Rice to North Korea: US Can Defend Itself
Judge Halts Abu Ghraib Case to Consider Plea
Experts: US Unprepared for Nuclear Terrorism
Two F/A-18s Collide Over Iraq, One Pilot Found Dead
Bunker-Busting Nukes Could Devastate Civilians
FBI Questions Ex-Mossad Official in AIPAC Probe
Sharansky Resigns in Protest Over Gaza Plan
US Military Again Misses Recruiting Goals Amid Iraq War
Today in Iraq
Insurgents Using US Techniques
Iraqi Press Under Attack From Authorities
Iraqi PM Expected to Ease Restrictions on Saddam's Party
US Building on Relationship With Iraqi Sheiks
Lawyer: Saddam Faces Assassination Plot
Italy vs. the US
Italy Blames Agent's Killing on 'Inexperienced' US Troops, Lack of Rules
Miscues at Roadblock in Iraq
Censored Parts of US Report on Agent's Death Deepen Dispute
Italian Minister: Iraq Killing Won't Harm US Ties
US Procedures at Iraqi Checkpoints in Spotlight
Attacks Continue
Iraq Death Toll Climbs Relentlessly
Monday: Bombs Kill 13, Wound 18 in Baghdad
One US Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
88th UK Soldier Killed
US Probe Finds New Data on Iraq Attacks
Hostage Crises
Romanian President Says Hostages in Iraq Are Alive
Australians to Work for Iraq Hostage Release
The New Iraq
Off the Meter
Iraq: Calls for Compensation After Mass Grave Discovery
Talabani Will Take Part in Arab League-South American Summit
East Asia
North Korean Missile Seen as Pressure on US
South Korea, Japan Play Down Significance of Missile Test by North Korea
China Seeing Rapid Increase in Trade With North Korea
Koizumi Urges EU to Keep Arms Embargo on China
Japan PM Apologizes Over World War II Dutch POWs
EU Hopes to Soften Japan Fears Over China
Taiwan's President Making Top-Secret Overture to China
Taiwan-China Peace 'In Reach'
Explosion of Hidden Arms Cache Kills 28, Injures More Than 70 in Afghan Village
Militants Beat Afghan Mother, Daughters to Death for Working With Loan Agency
Bomb Kills Two Afghan Cops in Kabul
India Begins War Games With 20,000 Troops
Indian Papers Want to Publish in Pakistan
Pakistan Wants International Help With Three Million Afghan Refugees
Pakistan Arrests Alleged Taliban Fighter
Top US Commander in Pakistan for Terrorism, Security Talks
Kashmir Leader's Nephew Killed
Japan Lifts Sanctions Against Pakistan
Turmoil Still Reigns in Nepal
Nepali King Frees Maoist Leaders in Attempt to Appease Critics
Report: Philippines Most Murderous for Journalists
UN Strikes Deal With Cambodia on Khmer Rouge Trials
In 3 Elections This Month, Voters Will Have a Say on Europe
Russian Nuclear Hunt Shifts Into Gear
MI6 and the Croatian General
Sixty Years On, German Women Vent War Grief
Sudan's Darfur Rebels Burn 15 Homes, One Killed: Report
For Americans in Sudan, Good Deeds Turn Sour
Sudan's Unbowed, Unbroken Inner Circle
War Legacy Strangles Hope for Sudan
Oxfam Predicts Darfur Long Haul
More Than 16,000 Flee Togo Ahead of Election Results
Sierra Leone Ex-Leader to Contest Election
Uganda Chief Hits Back at Donors
UN Envoy Says Liberia Mandate Too Weak
Setback for US as Chilean Takes OAS Helm
Rivals Turn Tiny Isles Into Big Issue
Former PM Refuses to Leave Haiti
Military Recruiting
Army Recruiters Face Investigation Over Fraud
High Court to Review Law Penalizing Schools That Bar Military Recruiters
Schools Involved in Recruiter Lawsuit
ROTC Cancels Wisconsin Recruiting Event in Response to Student Protest
Battle of Britain
Could Leaks Sink Tony Blair?
Fearing a Dip in Support, Blair Steps Up Campaign
Poll Says Blair Will Win Election Despite Iraq
UK: Iraq, the Issue That Won't Go Away
Blair Defends Decision for War With Iraq
Blair Fights Fresh Allegations Over Iraq
British Iraq War Widow Blames Blair
Mother Plans Court Action Over Blair's 'War Crimes'
Death of Guardsman Keeps Campaign Focus on Iraq
The War at Home
Students Occupy University of Hawaii President's Office in Protest of Navy Plans
Lobbyist for Tyrants Flamboyant to the End
Declassification Board: Named but Unfunded
Boeing, Lockheed Merge Rocket Divisions
Payback Time: Veterans Prepare for Senate Committee Visit
A Town Called to Duty
Homeland Security
Ex-Attorney General Ashcroft Starts Consulting Firm
Report: Airport Screeners Lack Training
War on Terror
FBI Protects Osama bin Laden’s 'Right to Privacy' in Document Release
State Dept: Other Extremists Pick Up al-Qaeda Ideology
Cheney Says al-Qaeda Is Still 'Very Active'
Ex-Inmates Share Guantanamo Ordeal
Lebanon Opposition Splits Over 'Freedom Camp'
US, France Urge End to 'Residual' Syrian Presence in Lebanon
US Determined to Keep Up Heat on Syria
Syria Brings in New Banking Laws to Stamp Out Terror Funding
Syria Detains 30 Suspected Islamists: Rights Lawyer
US Urges Punishment for Iran; Others Push Incentives
Stirring the Ethnic Pot in Iran
Annan Seeks Iran Nuclear Arms Restraint
ElBaradei: Iran Shouldn't Resume Nuke Enrichment
Israeli Settlers Talk Tough but Fight Is Fizzling Out
Gaza Settler Youths Refuse to Enlist in 'Uprooting Army'
Palestinian Politics
Gaza Buildings Bulldozed in Law-and-Order Drive
Fatah to Elect Candidates for Palestinian Poll
Palestinians Hold Hamas Militant
Lull in Israeli-Palestinian Violence May Collapse
Prisoner Who Said 'No Thanks' When Offered His Freedom
In Farewell Speech, IDF Chief Dubs Military Figures 'Snakes'
Family of UK Cameraman Demands Compensation From Israel for His Killing
Israeli Arabs: 'Unequal Citizens'
Israel Army Raid Leaves Soldier and Militant Dead
Turkey & Israel
Sharon: Israel, Turkey to Set Up Hot Line
Turkish Leader Visits Jerusalem Holy Site
Erdogan Offers Turkish Aid for Mideast Peace
Some Judges in Egypt Lend Voice to Chorus for Reform
Egyptian Militancy: Product of Police State?
Egypt's Suicide Bombers
Middle East
Kuwaiti Lawmakers Can't Come to Decision on Partial Voting Rights for Women
31 Coup Plotters Get Jail Terms in Oman
Political Gains for Mideast Women
Foreigners Rush for Saudi Citizenship Papers
Embattled Annan
US Senator: FBI Agent 'May Have Evidence' on Annan
Annan Doesn't Rule Out Resigning
Annan: Outdated Nuclear Treaty Is a Threat to Us All

Iraq: 'Mission Accomplished'?

Bush Administration Bluster Exacerbates Nuclear Proliferation

The Palestinian Gandhi

A Useful Whitewash

Nebojsa Malic
Whitewashing the Holocaust

Ilana Mercer
Yes, Some People Do Push Back

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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