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Updated May 6, 2005 - 9:59 PM EDT

More Charges in Pentagon Spy Affair?

Friday Attacks Kill 67 Iraqis

US Military Budget to Equal Rest of World's

Dems Threaten to Stall Bolton Vote

Israeli Official Linked to AIPAC to Leave Post

US Cites Signs of Korean Steps to Nuclear Test

US Marines Deny Patrolling Somalia Coast for 'Terrorists'

Berlusconi and Bush Renew Their Vows  by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst

Neocons Lay Siege to the Ivory Towers  by Saree Makdisi

Douglas Feith: A Little Learning
by Jeffrey Goldberg
An Open Letter to Howard Dean
by Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Iraq Vet: End the Occupation Now
by Kevin B. Zeese
The Gonzocon Terror Lie
by Martin Kelly

More Viewpoints

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Col. David H. Hackworth, 1930-2005

Lawmakers: No DHS Money Without Plan to Spend it

Cloud Cast Over AIPAC

US Officials Suspected of Embezzlement in Iraq

US: Syria Still Meddling in Lebanon

Rand Report Slams US Policies in Iraq

MI6 to Interview al-Qaeda Suspect in Pakistan


He's Baaack! UK Voters Return Blair With Significantly Reduced Majority

Iraq Today

Big Staff Turnover Plagues US Rebuilding in Iraq

Coffin Trade Thrives in Baghdad

Shortage of Drugs for Epileptic Children in Iraq

Private Firm to Protect NATO in Iraq

A Look Into Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraq Clerics Hold Key to Freeing Hostage

Occupying Iraq

Missing Iraq Rebuilding Money Prompts Criminal Probe

US Probes Zarqawi Hospital Visit

Bulgaria to Withdraw Iraq Troops

Iraqi Troops Yanked from Samarra for Looting, Burning Down Homes

How Safe Are US Military Vehicles in Iraq?

Rice Telephones New Members of Iraqi Govt

Pentagon Rushing 10,000 Bomb Jammers to Iraq

Violence Continues
Iraq Attacks Kill at Least 28

Iraq's Violence Sweeps Away All the Norms

More Carnage as Iraq's Ethnic Tensions Ignite

Blast Walls Go Up Against Car Bombs, Iraq Insurgents Hit Back With Bomb Belts

Remote Car Bombs on Rise in Iraq


Berlusconi Looks to Ease Iraq Tensions With US

Berlusconi: Troops Will Remain in Iraq

Middle East

Bush Tightens Economic Noose on Syrians, US Businessmen

Syria Plans to Modernize Military

Talabani to Visit Jordan on Saturday

Jordanian Airline Resumes Flights to Baghdad

Jordan's King Abdullah Replaces Powerful Spy Chief

Yemen Rejects Claim of Govt Involvement in Cole Attack

Egypt Arrests Hundreds of Protesters


Palestinians Give Fatah the Nod in Local Vote

Church Heads Expel Patriarch Over Sale of Land to Settlers

Mixed Results for Abbas in the Struggle to Calm Gaza


45 Killed in Fighting in Southern Afghanistan

Nine Afghan Soldiers Killed in Ambush

Woman Accused of Adultery in Rural Afghanistan Killed Under Tribal Law

Afghan Women Rally Against Violence

Outgoing US Ambassador Apologizes to Afghans for Mistakes


Nepal King Urged to Restore Civil Liberties

Nepal Says Poverty Down Despite Revolt, Turmoil

Nepal's Political Parties Plan to Restore Democracy

South Asia

Sri Lankan President Promises Aid Deal With Rebels

US Briefed on Pakistan's al-Qaeda Interrogation

Journalists in Islamabad Continue Protest Against Torture


US Offers Funds for Iran Opposition Groups

China and Russia Speak Up for Iran at Nuclear Meeting

Iranians Offer EU Nuclear Compromise

East Asia

Japan, US to Push UN for Embargo on North Korea

Orchestrated Anti-Japanese Protests Fizzle Abruptly in China

Second Taiwan Opposition Leader Goes to China

Terrorism Links a Growing Challenge for the Philippines

In Other News

Burundi Spy Chiefs Found Guilty of WHO Director’s Murder

Group Hopeful About Pope's Antiwar Stance

UK Election

Blair's Parliamentary Majority Cut to 66

Labour's Dismal Performance in London Casts a Shadow Over Win

For British Voters, Protest vs. Pragmatism in Battleground Districts

George Galloway in Comeback Defeats Labour Incumbent

Galloway's East End Street Fight

Antiwar Candidate Vows to Fight On

UK Defense Secretary Says Iraq Was Election Issue

Size of Blair's Majority Is All-Important

For Blair, Victory Is Not So Sweet This Time

'Until the Invasion I Had No Political Axe to Grind'

Soldier's Father Says Result Sends Clear Message About War

UK Vet: We Went to War on a 'Massive Lie'

Northern Ireland Vote Counts Start After the Other Counts Are Done

Abuse and Torture

Ex-Wife Tells of Bizarre Life With Graner; Children Disappointed at Short Prison Sentence

Report on Use of Psychological Torture by US Forces at Abu Ghraib

Poll: Prisoner Abuse Still Matters to Most Americans

Gen. Karpinski Demoted, but Cleared in Abuse Probe

What a US Army Sergeant Saw at Gitmo

Paying for War

A Look at House-Passed War Spending Bill

House Roll Call on $82 Billion Iraq Spending Bill

US Military

'Invincible' Soldiers Survive War, Then Die on the Roads

Army Sergeant Arrested as Deserter in Florida

Mental Health Funds Sought for Iraq Vets

Pentagon's Plan to Transfer Troops Is Faulted by Panel

The War at Home
House Approves $82 Billion for Iraq, Afghanistan

Navy Research Center Opponents End Sit-In, Triumphant

USA Today's Pentagon Reporter Resigns Over Plagiarism

Senate to Interview Powell Aide Critical of Bolton

Chertoff Floats Idea of Collecting Private Citizens' Information


Blasts Hit British Consulate in New York

Motive Unknown in Attack on NYC British Consulate

Bin Laden Aide Had Contacts in UK

Russia Says It Foiled Major Terrorist Attack

Burqa Trap Set for Terror Suspect

Stalin's Legacy

From Evil Tyrant to Wartime Savior, Stalin's Political Makeover Divides Russia

Kremlin: Soviet Union Never Occupied Baltic States

War Myths Exploited to Boost Imperial Posture in Russia

Trapped Between Hitler and Stalin: East Remembers the Day Europe Split

Putin Calls Stalin a Tyrant

Bush Goes to Moscow

Bush's Relationship With Putin to Be Tested During Trip

Russia Rebukes Bush on Baltic Remark

Bush Urges Free Elections for Belarus


Spain Threatens to Pull Troops From UN's Haiti Occupation

UN Contractors Kidnapped in Haiti

UN Says Former Haitian PM Jailed Illegally


Peru Suspends Trade Talks With Chile

Colombia Hands Over Troops to US Embassy

South America Set for al-Jazeera-Style Chávez-Backed TV


Larry Franklin
and the
Axis of Espionage

Slouching Toward Secession

Bush Administration Bluster Exacerbates Nuclear Proliferation

The Palestinian Gandhi

Alan Bock
A Useful Whitewash

Ilana Mercer
Yes, Some People Do Push Back

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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