War, Peace, and the State: Murray Rothbard
The Iran Crisis in Global Context: Hiro/Engelhardt
Strengthen the NPT – or Else: Gordon Prather
Crips & Bloods in Iraq: Derrick Jackson
Worse Than the Bomb: Martin Woollacott

One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one.
Agatha Christie
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Updated May 14, 2005 - 11:14 PM EDT
Iraq Border Assault Ends, 9 GIs Killed
Troops Kill 'Hundreds' of Uzbek Protesters
Pakistan Denies CIA Drone Killed al-Qaeda Officer
Koran Desecration Sparks Worldwide Protests
Pentagon: No Official Evidence We Ever Flushed Koran
FBI Questions Journalists in Pentagon-AIPAC Spy Case
US Urges Iraqi Leader to Answer Violence
China Says US Impeded North Korea Arms Talks
The Iran Crisis in Global Context
by Dilip Hiro and Tom Engelhardt
Is the Plame Investigation About Perjury?  by David Ignatius
Can We Count on the DMV to Foil Terrorists?  by Jacob Sullum
War, Peace, and the State
by Murray N. Rothbard
Strengthen the NPT – or Else
by Gordon Prather
Crips & Bloods in Iraq by Derrick Jackson

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The Uzbek Tinderbox
Iran and N. Korea: Headed for the Security Council?
Senate Wants $50 Billion More for Iraq, Afghan Wars
Report: US Makes Big Mistakes in Iraq
Thousands Flee Iraqi Town as Fighting Continues
Iraqi Leader Extends State of Emergency
Report: Ohio Squad Takes Heavy Hit in Iraq
Chalabi Wants to Be Cleared by Jordan, Not Pardoned
New Light on Bush's War Plans
Afghan Riots Bode Ill for
US Long-Term Plans
Today in Iraq
Zarqawi Leaflets Handed Out Outside Baghdad Sunni Mosque
Ethnic Divisions Laid Bare in Post-Election Iraq
Coalition Troops Kill Five Iraqi Civilians During Insurgent Attack
Iraqis Stone Police, US Troops After Blast
US Jets Blast Suspected Insurgent Safe-House
Police Arrest 5 in Baghdad Market Bombing
Attacks Continue
Explosives-Laden Car Rams Iraqi Troops
US Convoy Hit by Roadside Bomb in Baghdad
Cigarettes, Bombings Fill Violence-Tracker's Day
Iraqi Politics
Bush Wants More Sunnis in Iraq's Govt
Iraq Set to Take Major Step Toward Drafting Constitution
Top Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Calls for Purge of Former Ba'athists
Iraq's Ministries Struggle to Serve
The New Iraq
Lawless Iraq Is 'Key Drug Route'
UN Survey: Living Conditions Continue to Worsen in Iraq
Iraqi Barbers in the Firing Line as Fanatics Target Western Symbols
Saddam to Write His Memoirs From Jail, Report Says
Global Iraq Fallout
Washington Urges Italy to Keep Troops in Iraq
Report: Italy Sent Troops to Iraq to Secure Oil Deal
Iraqi Film at Cannes for First Time
US Iraq Oil Claims Target Chirac: French Senator
Japan's FM Makes TV Appeal for Safety of Security Guard Missing in Iraq
Uzbekistan's Iron Fist Crushes Rebels' Uprising
US Urges Restraint in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Has Makings for 'Perfect Storm' of Upheaval
Protesters Storm Prison in Eastern Uzbekistan
Many Doctors Summoned to Site of Uzbekistan Violence
Man With Fake Bomb Killed at Israeli Embassy in Uzbekistan
Uzbek President Returning to the Capital
Koran Desecration Fallout
Afghan Riot Death Toll at 15
Pakistani National Assembly Condemns Desecration of Koran
Saudi Ire at Koran 'Desecration'
Afghan Anti-US Demonstrations Over Koran Spread to Pakistan
US Told to Act as Desecration Reports Inflame Afghan Riots
Hamas Activists in Gaza Protest Alleged US Desecration of Koran
Arabs Angry at Impotence in Face of Guantanamo 'Desecration'
Ex-Guantanamo Inmates Held in Pakistani Jail
France to Extend Help to Pakistan in Nuclear Technology
Six Political Activists Killed by Police in India
India OKs WMD Bill
Thousands Protest Kashmir Attack
Nepal Emergency Withdrawn, but Democracy Remains a Far Cry
Nepal Police Arrest Over 30 Protesters
Nepal Police Arrest Refugees Demanding Food
Schools, Colleges Closed Down in Nepal
South Korean Intelligence Chief Dispels Nuke Test Rumors
Nuclear Talks May Resume Without North Korea
Another Taiwan Politician Breaks Bread in Beijing
Taiwan Opposition Urges President to Seek Peace With China
China Sweetens Overtures to Taiwan
Taipei's 'No' to Change in Formula
National Assembly Vote Watched Closely in Taipei
Kyrgyz Presidential Race Narrows
Japan to Honor Wartime Emperor
Drug Money Permeates Afghan Society
Aceh to Return to Civilian Rule
Measured Hopes for a Fledging East Timor
EU Constitution May Be Rewritten if Referendum Fails
X-Factor in Tony Blair's Agenda: French Voters
'No' Campaign Widens Gap in EU Referendum
Yushchenko Vows EU, NATO Vote
New Czech PM Wins Key Vote
Latin Strongman Rebels Against US-Centric News
Colombia Ex-Minister Arrested in Assassination Plot
In Other News
Vatican Pleads Again for World Free of Nuclear Weapons
UN Divided Over Proposal to Expand Security Council
Weekend Reviews
The Lure of Military Society
The Looting of the Iraq Museum
Book of Wartime Letters Reveals Impact of Battle, Effect of Time
Academia Abducted by Flying Sources
Must-See TV: Four From Frontline
New Book Asserts: Before Star Wars, the CIA Used 'The Force'
Base Closures
180 US Military Bases to Be Listed for Closure
Lawmakers Scramble to Save Bases
Major US Bases on Closure List
List of Bases Set for Closure (.pdf)
Military Is Consolidating Into Large Installations
Maryland Gains Under Base-Closure Proposal
Cries of 'Flat Wrong' Greet Pentagon's Base Closings List
Military Towns Fight Base Closure Plans
Three Chemical Weapons Bases Slated to Close
US Military
US Offers 15-Month Tour of Duty to Combat Recruitment Crisis
Troops Who Refused Iraq Duty Meet Different Fates in Court
War Resister Wins Surprise Court Victory
Marines Urged to Drop Iraq Murder Charges
John Bolton
Sen. Boxer Puts Hold on Bolton Nomination, Seeks Access to Papers
Bolton Set for Long Battle on Senate Floor
The Bolton File
Full Answers Elude Senators on Bolton's Requests for Names
A Black Eye for Bolton
Republican Moderates Increasingly Feel Heat
The War at Home
Daily Dose of Death
Arms Makers Find Being Cash-Heavy Is Mixed Blessing
British MP Formally Invited to US Congress Oil-for-Food Hearing
Committee Releases Oil-for-Food Documents
Torturing Justice
Colleague Takes Blame for Some Abu Ghraib Charges
Army Reservist: Attaching Wires to Abu Ghraib Prisoner Was 'A Joke'
Demoted General Details Alleged Shoplifting Incident
Abu Ghraib Picture Prominent in Abuse Trial
Homeland Security
How Could a Pilot Stumble Into White House Airspace?
'Protocols' Left Bush Out of the Loop
Mistaken Identity Diverts Jetliner
War on Terror
Intelligence Report Warns of Canadian Jihadists
Pressure 'Keeping bin Laden Quiet'
US Sends New al-Qaeda Evidence for German 9/11 Case
Muslim Antiterrorism Group Founder Hopes to Rally a Crowd
Iran Says Nuke Talks Not Dead Amid EU Warnings
Ministers Try to Defuse Iran Nuclear Crisis
Iran Works to Get Out the Vote, but the Disillusioned Aren't Biting
Iran Court Frees a Top Dissident
Settlers March Into Palestinian Villages, Sparking Clashes
Abbas Insists Elections Will Go Ahead on Time
Palestinian Militants Give Up Weapons in Jericho
Abbas to Meet Bush in Washington on May 26
Israel and Palestine Enjoy Lull in Violence; Can It Last?
Hezbollah Guerrillas Attack Israeli Posts
Israel Launches Lebanon Air Raids After Cross-Border Attacks
From Prison to Power
Egypt Referendum on Poll Change
Egypt Judges Demand Freedom
Middle East
Lebanon Opposition to Set Up Committee to Save Polls
Kurdish Rebel Leader in Turkey Eager for Retrial
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russian Parliament Votes for Reprisals if Georgia Acts on Bases
Russia Accuses 'Spies' Working in Foreign NGOs
Britain, US Deny Spies Use NGOs to Weaken Russia
Russia Fears Foreign Belarus Plot
Russia Plans Fresh Charges Against Khodorkovsky
DR Congo
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Congo Ambush
DR Congo Parliament Adopts New Constitution
Group of 11 AU Troops Kidnapped by Rebels in Darfur
Sudan Rejects Canada's Offer of Military Advisors
Darfur Rebels Set to Resume Talks With Sudan Government: Mediator
South Sudan's Ex-Rebels Want US to End Sanctions
Killings Put Darfur Aid at Risk
Self-Appointed Somali Parliament Begins to Drift Apart
US: Somali 'Govt' Must Be Brought Into Power to Prevent Terrorism
Ethiopians Reported Excited Ahead of Poll
Mercenaries' Release Delay Causes Alarm
Ivory Coast to Set a Date for Disarmament

Iraq Falls Apart

Tired of Empire?

The Once and Present War

True Patriots Should Worry More about Freedom at Home

Ran HaCohen
The Palestinian Gandhi

Ilana Mercer
Yes, Some People Do Push Back

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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