Uzbekistan's Nightmare: Justin Raimondo
Gagged, but Still Going Strong: Sibel Edmonds
Speed Bumps on Democracy Blvd: Pat Buchanan
Newsweek Got Gitmo Right: Calgacus
Bolton Means Bombs Away: Jude Wanniski

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.
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Updated May 16, 2005 - 11:09 PM EDT
Rebels Better-Armed Than US Expected
Rice: US Will Remain Until Iraq 'Can Defend Itself'
'Newsweek' Got Gitmo Right
Under Pressure, 'Newsweek' Retracts Koran Story
Karzai Warns Heavy-Handed US Troops as Riots Spread
Uzbek Troops Shut Off 2nd Town After Locals Expel Leaders
At Least 55 Bodies Found Over the Weekend in Iraq
Canada Allowed US to 'Test Bomb' Soldiers With Agent Orange
Speed Bumps on Democracy Boulevard  by Patrick J. Buchanan
A Welcome Parade of Seething Anger  by Dahr Jamail
The Bush-Bolton Plan to Bomb Bushehr  by Jude Wanniski
Gagged, but Still Going Strong
by Sibel Edmonds
Bush's Nutty Referral  by Gordon Prather
Bombs Won't 'Solve' Iran
by Joseph Cirincione

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Russia: Taliban Responsible for Uzbek Unrest
The Deserters: AWOL Crisis Hits the US Forces
Iran in Nuclear Climbdown Ahead of Talks
Bush Struggling to Convince Public on Iraq: Poll
Insurgents Leave 15 Dead in a Series of Attacks in Iraq
Report Critical of Rumsfeld Is Pulled After DoD Protest
US Sent 60-70 Terror Suspects to Egypt
Bodies in Kosovo Mass Grave Are Believed to Be Missing Serbs
'Literally Hundreds' of Bodies: Witnesses Describe Bloodbath Outside Uzbek School
Today in Iraq
Marines' Hunt for Foreign Insurgents Proves Frustrating but Deadly
Iraqi Rebels Breaking All the Insurgent Rules
Insurgents Greet Rice With Car Bombings, Murders, and Chaos
Kidnapped Iraqi Governor Released
Australian's Kidnappers Lift Ultimatum: Mediator
Iraq Kidnappers Show New Video of Aussie
Attacks Continue
Suicide Bombers Kill Five Iraqis in Baquba
Iraqi TV Reporters' Throats Slit
Iraqi Politics
Iraq Starts Battle Over Constitution
Rice Urges Iraq Leaders to Enlarge Sunni Role
Iraq at Cannes
UK Film at Cannes Says Terror Fears Exaggerated
Cannes Premiere of Star Wars Raises Questions of US Imperialism
 Star Wars Raises Questions on US Policy
Holy War Over Koran
Afghan Group Declares Jihad Against US Forces
US Response Urged Amid Afghan Protests
Karzai Urges Probe Into Afghan Unrest
Karzai Vents Frustration Over Afghan Violence
Muslim Clerics Condemn Koran Desecration
Islamic Groups: International Anti-US Protest Day to Be Observed on May 27
Afghan Opium
Afghanistan's New Jihad Targets Poppy Production
Afghanistan Not Ready to Legalize Opium Production
Pakistani Delegation Meets US Officials in Washington
Pakistan Police Brutality Claim
Nine Killed in Kashmir Violence
Nepalese Soldiers Free 600 Students Abducted by Rebels
Aid Workers Say Nepal Rebels Beat Them
US Sees 'Some Evidence' of North Korea Weapons Test
US Warns North Korea: Nuclear Test May Lead to Penalties
North and South Koreans Resuming Talks at Border Town
US Mulling 'Other Options' on North Korea
South Koreans Scuffle With Police Over US Missiles Deployment
A Quarantine: Definitions Differ in Seoul and the US
Japan Official Calls for N. Korea Sanctions
Young Overseas South Koreans Rush to Dodge Draft
Myanmar Blames 'Superpower' for Blasts
Myanmar Ups Bomb Toll
China & Her Neighbors
Taiwan Backs Chen, but Low Turnout Mars Election
Taiwan Vote Hard to Read, Analysts Say
Domestic Threats to China's Rise
China, Japan to Continue Talks
China, Japan Stuck on Compensation Issue
China Lambastes US Trade Limits
Three Hurt in Basque Bomb Blasts
Anti-Chirac Sentiment Could Hurt EU Referendum
EU Fails to Agree on New Budget
Council of Europe to Redefine Its Role
Hague Trials Shift Into High Gear
Former Chechen Separatist Leader Reportedly Killed in Grozny
Protest Turns to Massacre as Hundreds of Civilians Killed
Uzbekistan 'On Brink of Revolution'
Uzbeks Attack Border Patrol in Effort to Flee to Kyrgyzstan
Straw Criticizes Uzbek Ally as Former Envoy Demands Sanctions
Uzbekistan Slams Britain's Straw, Denies Anyone Fired on Demonstrators
Straw at Odds With US Over Brutality of Uzbekistan
Uzbek Violence Challenges Leader's Hard Line
Rights Group Blames Turmoil on Uzbek Regime
Kyrgyzstan Opens Camp for Fleeing Uzbek Refugees
Britain Urges Uzbekistan to Allow in Red Cross
Uzbek Relatives Search for Bodies
Is Azerbaijan Next?
The War at Home
FBI Questions Four Reporters in AIPAC Case
Senate: Oil-for-Food Benefited Russians
Briton Heads to US to Clear Name Over Iraq Report
Senators Say Bush Lags on Civil Liberties Board
As Military Realigns Bases, the South Wins
White House Letter: In Row Over Yalta, Bush Pokes at Baltic Politics
War on Terror
Back on Osama's Trail
UK Decides Not to Abandon Jury Trials in Terror Cases
Iran's Parliament Urges Resumption of Uranium Enrichment for Non-Military Use
Iran Urges EU to Seize Last Chance to Save Nuclear Talks
Presidential Hopefuls Wait for Nod From Iran's Clergy
Sharon Says Gaza Withdrawal the Toughest Decision Ever
Israeli Police Set Out to Thwart Road-Blocking Settlers
Israel to Discharge Officer Opposed to Gaza Pullout
In Gaza, Newly Elected Hamas Officials Attend to Basics
No Mideast Peace Without Palestinian State: Abbas
Abbas: Peace Requires Redress for Refugees
Four Israelis Hurt by Rocket in Rafah
Palestinians Mark 'Day of Catastrophe'
Egypt Frees al-Jazeera TV Crew
Mubarak: Comments on Son's Succession 'Inaccurate'
Middle East
Saudi Crackdown on Dissenters
Saleh Says Yemen's Rebels Waging Coup
Somali 'Govt' Divisions Widen as Speaker Leaves Kenya
Somali Warlords Hand in Arms
Ethiopian Opposition Leader Rejects Vote
Ethiopia Poll Prompts Protest Ban
Sudanese Jailed for Coup Attempt
Arrests Over Nigeria Clash
Burundi Rebels Agree to Truce
UN: Colombia Needs to Get Tougher With Right-Wing Militias
Chavez Says Venezuela Has Plan in Case He's Killed
Venezuela Seeks Cuba 'Bomber'
In Other News
US Rules Out a Veto for New Council Seats

Politics Steals the Thunder From Sri Lanka's Aid Parley


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