Uzbekistan: Revolution Betrayed: Justin Raimondo
Looking-Glass Wars: Alan Bock
An Iraq Correspondent Comes Home: Dahr Jamail
Bush's Worst Blunder by William Lind
Neocon Pets Accused of Torture: Jim Lobe

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Updated May 20, 2005 - 11:22 PM EDT

Another Bad Week in Iraq

US to Reassert Control of Iraq's Political Process

Russia to Use Force if US Starts Space Arms Race

Expert: US, Russia Still Face Mutual Destruction

Generals: US Troops Likely to Remain in Iraq for 'Many Years'

US Warns Iraqi Forces on Detainee Abuse

Iraqi Govt, in Statement With Iran, Admits Fault for '80s War
An Iraq Correspondent Comes Home  by Dahr Jamail and Tom Engelhardt
The Worst Blunder Bush Could Make  by William S. Lind
Clearing the Air on the PATRIOT Act  by Bob Barr
The Newsweek Scandal: Harm and Hypocrisy by Greg Mitchell
The Lies That Led to War  by Juan Cole
The Dead Who Walk Among Us
by Gideon Levy

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Security Missteps Spawn Quirky Cases

Observers Challenge US Claims About Iraq Siege

Neocons' Pet Iranian Revolutionaries Accused of Torture

US Protests Tabloid's Saddam Underwear Photos

British Memo on Iraq Continues to Vex US

House OKs $34 Billion Homeland Security Bill

In US Report, Brutal Details of 2 Afghan Inmates' Deaths

Koran Fallout Spreads to Iraq
The War Goes On

Zoellick Visits Iraq as Sectarian Violence Flares

US Offensive Causes Humanitarian Crisis, Nets Few Rebels

Senior Iraqi Oil Ministry Official Shot Dead in Baghdad

Putting a Name on the Endless Stream of Iraqi Dead

In Brothers, Two Faces of the Iraq Insurgency

Iraq Calls on Neighbors to Stop Insurgency

Three US Soldiers Die in Baghdad, Ramadi Attacks

Iraq Today

The End of Secularism in Iraq

Iraqis Endure Worse Conditions Than Under Saddam, UN Survey Finds


Iraq, Iran Stress Mutual Sovereignty

Iran FM Meets Sistani

Picking on Syria

Officials: Syria Undermining Iraq's Stability

US Official: Iraqi Terrorists Meeting in Syria


White House: Pollard Should Remain in Jail

Israeli Army Ordered to Shoot Suspects on Spot

Israel Threatens Response to Mortar Fire

Sharon Okays Gestures to PA Despite Renewed Shelling

Israeli Settlers Dig in for Battle Ahead

Local Israelis Don't Want Settler Projects Built in Town

Ex-Shin Bet Chief: Temple Mount Attack Would Trigger 'Total War'

Hamas Rejects Ruling on Gaza Election Results


Official: Iran Won't Give Up on Nuclear Technology

For White House, Cult Terror Group Is a Source of Intelligence on Iran

Iran Wants Significant Incentives for a Deal

Pakistan Backs EU Stand on Iran Nuclear Issue

Moscow May Help Resolve Iran Nuclear Dispute

Middle East

Christians in Lebanon Divided as Elections Draw Near

Egypt's PM Cites Bush Praise to Downplay Recent Criticism

Jordan: 'Chalabi Issue' Under Discussion

Bush Urges Egypt to Hold Free Elections


Briton's Tale of Torture Offers View of Saudi Justice

Saudis in San Francisco to Cement US Ties

Saudi Oil Board Returning to Houston


Britain's Galloway Turns Into Media Hero

Possible Bush EU Ambassador Pick Irks Neocons

Bombs Still Grow in Flanders' Fields

Greek PM Set to Meet With Bush

A Few Hundred Pages to Go at Russian Tycoon's Marathon Verdict Reading


No Plan B if French Reject EU Treaty

France Drafts Europe's Leaders, but Not Blair, to Plead for 'Yes' Vote

Top Official: Larger EU Is Win-Win

In France, Even Muslims Are Divided

France, Germany, Poland Join Forces to Endorse EU Charter


In Midst of Deadly Uzbek Protest, a Baffled Businessman

Foreign Pressure Increasing on Uzbek President

Uzbeks Retake Rebel Town as Death Toll Reaches 1,000


The Woman Killed for Pop Music

Afghan Woman TV Presenter Shot Dead

Taliban Officials Brought in From the Cold

Ex-Taliban FM Says He Will Run in Afghan Legislative Elections

In Afghanistan, Protests Signal US May Be Wearing Out Its Welcome

USAID Contractors Killed

Man Claiming to Have Abducted Italian in Afghanistan Issues Death Threat

Six Killed in Ambush in Southern Afghan Province

Japan Pledges Further Support for Afghanistan

Battle Over Bolton

Dems: Bolton Sought to Punish CIA Dissenter

Two Sides in Bolton Debate Take Positions for Next Stage of Fight

Religious Humiliation

Red Cross Told US of Koran Incidents

Rights Group: Religious Humiliation of Muslim Detainees by US Widespread

United States
US Charges Posada With Illegal Entry
Bush Proposes Corps to Prop Up Allies

Plan Would Broaden FBI's Power to Snoop in Business Records

Florida Sheriff Accused of Targeting Liberal, Antiwar Protesters

ACLU: FBI Uses Terror as Excuse for Improper Surveillance

US Weighs Consolidating Nuke Materials

US to Ask EU to Share Even More Flight Data

In From the Cold, to a Cold Shoulder

US Military

US Rejects Outright Ban on Women in Combat

Military Recruiters' Secret Weapon: 'No Child Left Behind'

Rumsfeld Pursues Space Vision

Iraq Veterans' Unspoken Epidemic

Army: US Soldiers Did Mock Executions in Iraq


FBI: Eco-Militants Are Greatest Terrorist Threat

Grads: Debt Scarier Than Terror

Al-Arian Juror Questionnaire


Sudan: We're Ready to Invade Somalia, but It's Too Dangerous

Sudan Military Blocks Aid Delivery

Mugabe Admits He Needs Food Aid to Feed Zimbabwe

Election Over, Zimbabwe Is Back to Bad Old Days


Secret US-N. Korea Meeting at UN Last Week

North Koreans on Brink of Total Starvation

Indonesia Lifts Emergency in Aceh

Rebels 'Planned Second Beslan'

Two US Citizens Return Home From Pakistan After Long Disappearance


Uzbekistan: The Revolution Betrayed

Looking-Glass Wars

Back to Kosovo

Media Coverage of Intelligence Manipulation Reflects Public Acceptance of Imperial Presidency

Ran HaCohen
The Palestinian Gandhi

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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