Bases, Bases Everywhere: Tom Engelhardt
Washington Is the Source of Terror: P.C. Roberts
Wreck It and Run: William S. Lind
Battle for Bosnia: Nebojsa Malic
God, Drunks, and America: Michael Scheuer

War doesn't make boys men, it makes men dead.
Ken Gillespie
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Updated June 2, 2005 - 11:29 PM EDT

May: Deadliest Month Since Invasion

38 Iraqis Slain in Multiple Attacks

Rumsfeld Warns Countries Not to Help Zarqawi

UK Evidence of War Lies Mostly Ignored in US

After Dutch Defeat, British EU Referendum to Be Shelved
Washington Is the Source of Terror
by Paul Craig Roberts
Think They'll Slam Their Poster Boy's Parents?   by Leonard Pitts Jr.
French Lessons for the European Union  by David Howell
Wreck It and Run  by William S. Lind
God, Drunks, and America
by Michael Scheuer
Building Hell in the Heavens
by Sean Gonsalves

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Three US Soldiers Die in Iraq

Iraqi FM Worried US Troops Will Leave

Rumsfeld Joins Cheney Attack on Amnesty 'Gulag' Label

Swiss End al-Qaeda Funding Probe, Urge US to Reassess Evidence

Wolfowitz Takes World Bank Helm

Wolfowitz: Combat Stymies Iraq Rebuilding

Amnesty Director Defends Study on US Abuses

US Antiwar Coalition Planning Major Protests


'Peaceful' Basra Now Out of Control?

Iraq Today

After Arrest, Sunni Leader Urges Unity

Talabani: Iraq Preparing for Saddam Trial

Iraqi Student's Killing Deepens Religious Divide

Wounded Iraqis Left Broken and Burdened

Iraq to Let Outside Watchdog Continue Monitoring Oil

Occupying Iraq

US Captures Former Saddam Spy

US Forces Issue Hi-Tech ID Tags for Insurgent Suspects

UK Plans South Iraq Security Handover in Months

Bosnia Sends 36 Troops to Iraq

The War Goes On

15 Wounded in Baghdad Airport Road Attack

Iraqi Soldier Dies, 12 Sickened by Poison Watermelon


NATO Expands Into Western Afghanistan

Bomb at Afghan Mosque Leaves Many Dead


Pakistani Senate Demands International Probe Into US Desecration of Koran

Strike in Karachi Over Violence

Kashmiri Separatists Travel to Pakistan

South Asia

Indian Oil Minister to Push for Iran-India Gas Pipeline Via Pakistan

17 Die in Kashmir Violence Ahead of Separatists' Visit to Pakistan

Central Asia

Protesters Clash at Kyrgyz Court

Uzbeks Have Little Middle Ground Left

Russia, China to 'Fight Destabilization' in Central Asia


Scores Killed in Ivory Coast Fighting

22,000 Held in Zimbabwe Blitz Against the Poor

UN to Resume Food Aid to Zimbabwe

Mugabe's Attack on Poor Leaves Millions Homeless

Southeast Asia

Amnesty: Burmese Army Attacks Civilians, Burns Villages

Indonesian Embassy in Australia Closed, Unidentified Biological Agent Found

Australian-Indonesian Relations Hurt by Attack

Cambodian Arrested in US Over Alleged Coup Plot


Israel Fumes Over El Salvador's Arafat Park

Oil Nationalization Protests Derail Bolivian Congress

Alabama Conference Advocates Trade With Cubans

Chávez Looks Like the New Castro

Venezuela Slams Bush Meeting With Chávez Opponent

US Lawmakers Visit Venezuela to Discuss Posada

Mexico Official Resigns to Seek Presidency


Think Tank: Haiti Faces 'Explosive' Situation

UN Troops to Stay in Haiti

French Envoy Shot as Haiti Violence Flares

East Asia

South Korea Urges New US Effort Toward North Korea

US and South Korea Meet on Nuclear Crisis

Japan Not Ready to Dismiss WWII Soldiers in Philippines as Hoax

US Military

After 30 Years, Draft Fears Rise

Wisconsin May Lower Minimum Drinking Age, but Only for Troops

University of Wisconsin Backpedals on ROTC Ban

US Recruiters in Fierce Battle to Hit Targets for Enlistment

Abuse and Torture

Abusive UK Soldier to Be Freed After Four Months

Kuwaiti Claims Psychological Torture at Guantánamo

United States

Top Watergate Figure Questions Deep Throat Revelation

Reagan Pardoned Deep Throat for Cointelpro Crimes

The Wild West of American Intelligence

PATRIOT Act Provision Lets Feds Grab Personal Records Secretly


Spanish Judge: UN Anti-Terror Mechanisms Useless

No Bail for US Citizens Accused of al-Qaeda Links

Friends Describe Terror Suspect as Well-Known New York Musician

Amnesty Takes on EU Over Anti-Terror Laws


Europe in Turmoil as the Dutch Vote No

Dutch Find 20 Reasons to Reject Treaty

Blair and Chirac Arm Themselves for Battle of Brussels

Deutsche Bank: French 'No' Threatens Europe's Economy

No-Vote Lobby Gains Ground in Usually Pro-Europe Luxembourg

France's New PM a Strong Critic of Iraq War

Profile: French PM Dominique de Villepin

Tit-for-Tat Trade War Flares as EU Files Complaint on Boeing Subsidies

Middle East

Saudi Prince Gives Reformists Hope

Yemen, Mauritania to Cooperate on Terror

Egyptians Protest Attack on Women Activists

Egypt Blocks Playwright From Entering Israel

Bush and the Arab Street

Algeria, Iran Agree on Military Cooperation


Army Chief: Israel 'Faces Fresh Terror Wave'

Settlers Renovate Abandoned Egyptian Villas, Hotel in Gaza

'We Have Been Brutal Conquerors'

Mossad Spied on Far-Right Austrian

Abbas Undergoes Heart Procedure in Jordanian Hospital

Israeli Forces Foil Jerusalem Double Suicide Bombing Plan


Syria Blames 'Criminals' for Murder of Outspoken Kurd Religious Leader

Anti-Syria Forces Square Off in Lebanon Elections

Syria Denies Meddling in Lebanon's Elections


North Ossetian Leader Says He Will Resign Over Beslan

Suspect: Beslan Bombs Went Off Because Russian Troops Killed Trigger-Holders

Oligarchs Tumble From Summit as Putin Inverts Power Pyramid

United Nations

First UN Sacking After Iraq Aid Scandal

UN Condemns Sexual Abuse by Its Troops


Follow That 'Revolution'

Battle for Bosnia

Avoid Threatening China Over Its Currency

Afghanistan: An Imperial Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
The Palestinian Gandhi

Praful Bidwai
India, Pakistan Take a Big Stride Forward

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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