US Loses Game in Iraq: Leon Hadar
The Hidden Costs of War: Ron Paul
Snuff Reality: Nebojsa Malic
Theocrats, Neocons Need Each Other: N. Solomon
Justice for Saddam and His Victims: Aaron Glantz

Although tyranny...may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people.
Hannah Areddt
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Updated June 16, 2005 - 11:28 PM EDT

House Votes to Curb PATRIOT Act

6 US Military, 8 Iraqi Police Killed

Dems Press for Timetable on Iraq Withdrawal

US Military: Al-Qaeda Leader in Mosul Captured
Sen. Specter: End 'Crazy Quilt' Gitmo System

GOP Senators: Cut Red Cross Funding for Reporting Gitmo Abuse

The Hidden Costs of War
by Rep. Ron Paul

A Cold Draft  by Marsha Sutton

Iran's Theocrats and America's Neocons Need Each Other
by Norman Solomon

Justice for Saddam and His Victims
by Aaron Glantz

Shi'ites: Game; Kurds: Set; Sunnis: Match; US: Loss  by Leon Hadar
The Last Laugh  by Joe Conason

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Fancy Fighter Jets a Useless Luxury in War on Shadows

As Public Tires of Iraq, Bush Plans Rhetorical Shift

The Downing Street Memo Comes to Washington

US Raids Test Iraqis' Patience

'Heathens' Not Welcome at Air Force Academy

Iran's Cynical Voters Look at Presidential Race

Sunnis Left Behind on Iraq Constitution

White House Has 'Increasing Doubts' North Korea Will Give Up Nuke Program


Deadliest Day in Iraq in 3 Weeks

Occupying Iraq

Poland to Cut Iraq Deployment by Up to 300

Two Bulgarian Soldiers Die in Iraq Accident

For US, Tal Afar Emerges as Test Case

Fatal Shooting of Teacher Illustrates Why Iraqis Fear US Convoys

Jordan Says US Troops Abusing Drivers in Iraq

Iraq's Unions: Attacked by Insurgents, Threatened by US

Iraq Today

Dispute Over Iraq's Constitutional Process Has Sectarian Tone

Report: Kurdish Politicians Sanction Kirkuk Abductions

Iraqi Kurds Arrest Arabs, Turkmen in Kirkuk

Iraq Flights to Europe to Resume This Month

New Radio Station for Iraqi Women Goes on the Air

Aussie Hostage Freed in Iraqi Military Operation


Seven Afghan Medics Gunned Down

Afghan Clashes Kill 14

Middle East

Arab League Seeks Permanent Security Council Seat

Saudis Resist Nuclear Review

Hezbollah Envoy Denies Iran, Syria Supply Weapons

Ahead of Rice Visit, US Notes Positive Developments in Mideast

Lebanon's Aoun Makes Dramatic Comeback

'The General' Seeks to Be Lebanon's Kingmaker


Egypt Leads Drive to Curb Hamas Poll Success

Egypt, Israel Move Toward Border Deal After Gaza Pullout

Mubarak May Visit Israel After Disengagement


Rafsanjani Poll Ratings Drop in Three-Man Race for Iran's Presidency

Front-Runner in Iran Praises Islamic Government, Embraces Reform

Trailing Hardline Candidate Pulls Out of Iran Vote

Iran Election: Conservative Candidates Play to an Electorate Gone Liberal

Iran Reformists’ Hopes Rise as Presidential Race Nears

UN: Iran Changes Story on Plutonium Experiments

Iran Issues Nuclear Black Market Warning


Israel Considers Leaving Jenin Ahead of Gaza Withdrawal

EU Renews Low-Level Meetings With Hamas


Hi-Tech Meets Low-Tech as US Trains Africa Troops

Thousands Arrested in Ethiopia After Violent Clashes

UK Halts Aid Over Ethiopia Deaths

Thousands More Lose Homes to Mugabe


46 Russian Troops Killed in Past Week

Report: Chechen Terrorists Planned Plane Attack on Kremlin Long Before 9/11

General Attacks 'Catastrophic' Level of Russian Army Suicides


Pentagon Officials Defend Practices at Guantánamo Prison

Critics of Guantánamo Urge Congress to Intervene

US: Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Returned to Fight

US Examining Reports of Abuses in Iraq

Army Zeroes in on Dog Handler in Abuse Scandal

US Military

Seven Antiwar Protesters Arrested at Army Birthday Celebration

Military Families Call for Truth Regarding Downing St. Memo

Army Deserter Back in US 40 Years Later

United States

Survey Finds Editorial Coverage of 'Downing Street Memo' Mixed

Bare Truths About the War, From a Small Paper

Deep Throat Twice Led Hunt for Himself

US Probing Passenger Screening Program

Information Handling at TSA Under Scrutiny


Spain Detains 16 Terror Suspects

Pakistan, Australia Sign Terror Pact

Raytheon Debuts Missile-Protection System for Airports


US: Peace Requires North Korea to Give Up Nukes

South Korea Urges North to End Their Cold War


US Raps Uzbeks on Massacre Probe

Uzbekistan Restricts US Military's Use of Air Base

Uzbeks Across Central Asia Secretly Picked Up, Jailed


Bolivia's President Names New Cabinet

UN: Turbulent Bolivia Is Producing More Cocaine

Venezuela Formally Asks US to Extradite Posada

Colombian Warlord Lays Down His Weapons

Bahamas to Open Embassy in Cuba

Genocide Charges Okayed for Mexico Ex-Leader

Border Police Chief Only Latest Casualty in Mexico Drug War

East Asia

Defector: China's Spies 'Colonizing' Australia

Taiwan to Talk With China on Travel and Trade

Japan's Lower House Passes Missile Defense Bill


French PM Suggests Freeze on EU Enlargement

EU Chief: Expansion Must Continue

EU Asked Not to Abandon Balkans Enlargement

Slovakia Spends Millions on MiGs

London Protest Ban Zone to Extend Half a Mile


Amnesty Says Weapons From Britain, US Fueling Rights Abuses in Nepal

Nepal Releases 50 Journalists

In Other News

Wolfowitz Calls for Western Farm Subsidy Cuts

OPEC Agrees to Higher Output Levels

Your Contribution to the Spanish-American War


Indictment Shows Washington Is 'Israeli-Occupied Territory'

Snuff Reality

The Quiet Occupation

A Make-Over to Disguise Ugly US Policy

Alan Bock
Shallow Thoughts on Deep Throat

Praful Bidwai
World Cannot Afford Failure on the Nuclear Front

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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