Withdrawal: Seize the Moment: Tom Engelhardt
Bush a Casualty of His Own War: Leon Hadar
The War Before the War: Kevin Zeese
IDF 'Getting Away With Murder': K. Stapp
The Rights of the Accused: Jacob Hornberger

All murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.
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Updated June 23, 2005 - 11:21 PM EDT
Bombs Awaken Baghdad, 38 Killed
Rumsfeld, Top General Reject Iraq Timetable
US Attacks Kill 76 Afghan Rebels

British Troops Out of Iraq as 'Quickly as Possible'

Senator Demands Documents on Feith, Iraq

Amnesty: G8 'Still Selling Weapons to Worst Regimes'

Bush Becoming a Casualty of His Own War  by Leon Hadar
The Real Significance of Downing Street  by David Corn
Does Britain Need Nuclear Missiles?  by Michael Portillo
Withdrawal: Seize the Moment
by Tom Engelhardt
The Rights of the Accused
by Jacob G. Hornberger
How Walter Jones Came Around
by Jan Frel

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More Memos: Brits Backed Sunni-Led Iraq

Reporters Press White House on Secret CIA Report on Iraq

Pentagon Creating Student Database

Senate Democrats Hang Tough on Bolton

Bitter Campaign Ends in Iran

US Survey: 'High Risk' of WMD Attack in Decade


Jaafari Avoids Shaking Women's Hands

The War Goes On
Retired General Estimates 20,000 Militants Are in Iraq

Iraq: Stats on Foreign Militants Show Saudis Dominate

Car Bombings in Iraq Kill 23, Injure 56

Roadside Bomb Kills US Soldier in Western Iraq

Three US Soldiers Killed in Combat West of Baghdad

Prominent Iraqi Sunni Lawyer Shot Dead

UN Pledges a 'New Iraq' as the Carnage Continues

7,000 Syrian Troops Fortify Desert Border With Iraq

Iraq Today

Fallujah Parallels in Ramadi

80 Countries to Weigh Solutions for Struggling Iraq

Iraqi Govt Calls for More Foreign Aid

US Aid to Iraq Remains Largely Unspent

Raising the Flag on Iraq Reparations

Iraqi Justice Minister: US Delaying Saddam's Interrogations

Worries Raised on Handling of Funds in Iraq

Iraq to Restore Ties With Four Countries


US Urges Investigation of Slaying of Anti-Syrian Politician

Climate of Fear in Lebanon After Latest Political Murder

UN Condemns 'Terrorist Acts' in Lebanon

Lebanon's New Parliament Reflects Old Traditions

Arrests Follow Beirut Assassination


The Syrian Route to Jihad

Syria Under Fire at Iraq Conference

Seal Border With Iraq, US Tells Syria

Middle East

Arabs Cool to Rice Visit

Report: Egypt Uses National Security to Stifle Dissent

Egypt Becomes First Arab Country to Name Ambassador to Iraq


House Panel Votes to Ease Cuba Trade Rule

Colombian Lawmakers Set Rules for Disarming Paramilitaries

Colombia Passes 'Paramilitary Peace' Bill

Indian Power Grows in Poor, Unstable Bolivia

Ecuador Shuts Down 'Hezbollah Drug Ring'

Canada Names First Ambassador to Post-Saddam Iraq

UN to Send 1,000 More Troops to Haiti

Mexico Arrests Man Suspected to Be Involved With People Believed to Be Connected to Groups Who May Have Carried Out 9/11...

...but Authorities Embarrasedly Admit He's Just a Tourist


Sudan FM Says Darfur Security Improving

US Encouraged by Efforts to Occupy Mogadishu

Run-Off Needed in Guinea-Bissau Election


German Court Backs Soldier's Anti-Iraq War Stance

Poland Postpones EU Vote

Despite Setbacks, Spain Plans to Stay EU Course

Italian Prosecutor: Nazi Troops Should Get Prison for 'Following Orders'

Eight Jailed in Spain for Alleged Plot to Aid Iraq Insurgents

US Military

Panel Finds No Overt Religious Intolerance at Air Force Academy

Pentagon Report: Christians 'Put US Cadets Under Pressure'

United States

Senator Asks for Iraq Constitution Ultimatum

Social Security Opened Its Files for 9/11 Inquiry

Scientists: US Borders Vulnerable

Texas Man Jailed for Islamic Center Firebomb Attack

Intelligence Bill Focuses on Basic Spying

Army Deserter Returns to Japan After First Trip to US in 40 Years


Election Hints at Fundamentalists' Renewed Strength in Iran

Opposition Unites to Keep Out Iran's Islamic 'Fascist'

Iran Front-Runner Faces Skepticism and Mockery

Reformists Look to Rafsanjani to Block 'Iranian Taliban'

Iran-India Gas Pipeline to Forge Ahead

Rare Look Inside Iran's Nuclear Power Plant

Iran's Nuclear Diplomacy Seen at Stake in Presidential Run-Off


Gitmo-Held Aussie Has 'Pretty Much Given Up Hope' of Trial

Lawyer: Al-Jazeera Cameraman Held at Gitmo Suffered 'Horrendous Abuse' 


Karzai Asks Musharraf for Border Help

Pilot of American U-2 Spy Plane Dies in Crash After Afghan Mission

South Asia
Bush Intervenes in Pak-Afghan Dispute

Tensions Rise as Norway Tries to Salvage Sri Lanka Peace Bid

Pakistan Seeks US Info on Mullah Omar's Whereabouts

Pakistani Pleads Not Guilty to Exporting Jet Parts

Two Killed, 15 Injured in Violence in Indian Kashmir


Report: Israeli Soldiers 'Getting Away With Murder'

Palestinian Militants Fire Warning Shots at Qureia

Israel Mulls Overland Links Between Gaza, West Bank

FM: Israel Could Re-Enter Gaza After Pullout

Israel to Preempt Potential Attackers

Sharon: If Abbas Acts Weak He Doesn't Deserve Help


South Korean President May Meet North Korean Delegates

Shooting Rampage Changes South Koreans' Attitudes About Military Service

North Korea: US Makes Nukes Necessary

US to Send 50,000 Tons of Food to North Korea


Uzbek Refugees Prefer Life With Scorpions to Home

Andijan Residents Claim Torture

Southeast Asia

Three Soldiers, Three Civilians Killed in Aceh Ambush

Catholicism Grows in Vietnam as Restrictions Eased

In Other News

African Vote Could Be Decisive in UN Security Council Expansion

Russian DM: Chechen Terrorists Pose Main Threat to Nuclear Facilities


Walter Jones, Patriot for Peace

Americans Are Finally Waking Up to the Failure of US Policy in Iraq

Snuff Reality

The Quiet Occupation

Alan Bock
Shallow Thoughts on Deep Throat

Praful Bidwai
World Cannot Afford Failure on the Nuclear Front

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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