Expensive Favor: Charley Reese
You Don't Need No Stinkin' Trial!: Thomas Eddlem
A Thirty Years War?: George Hunsinger
Where You Are, What You See: Kathy Kelly
Preaching Democracy, Supporting Tyranny: S. Zunes

The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.
George Orwell
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Updated June 25, 2005 - 11:29 PM EDT
Republicans Join Critics of War in Iraq
Americans Turning Against Bush Over Iraq
Iranian Hardliner Wins on Votes of the Poor
US Hawks Rooted for Hardline Iranian Candidate
Iraqis Fear Era of Relentless Chaos, Cruelty
Eight Killed as Insurgents Ambush Iraqi Police
US Admits Torture at Gitmo, Iraq, Afghanistan: UN Source
Pentagon's Student Database Raises Privacy Concerns
US Support for Uzbek Repression Belies Pro-Democracy Rhetoric
by Stephen Zunes
You Don't Need No Stinkin' Trial!
by Thomas R. Eddlem
ElBaradei Wins  by Gordon Prather
Expensive Favor  by Charley Reese
Where You Stand Determines What You See  by Kathy Kelly
Thirty Years War?  by George Hunsinger

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Socialists Lead in Bulgaria Elections
Italy Seeks Arrests of 13 CIA Agents in Alleged Rendition
Anti-Taliban Drive Ends, Commanders Uncaught
US Image Abroad Still Sinking
US Commander Contradicts Cheney, Rumsfeld: Insurgency Still Strong
Six US Troops Die in Fallujah Attack
Bodies of 28 Iraqis Found
Military Official: Baghdad Attacks Likely to Rise
One Year After 'Sovereignty' Restored, Nation Is in Crisis
Wall St Tumbles as Oil Hovers Near $60 High
UN OKs Record Military Budget
Car Bombings Kill 586 in 2 Months Since New Iraq Govt Was Announced
Today in Iraq
Bloodshed Shadows Iraqi PM's Trip to the US
Fallujah Is Shut Down After Marines Are Killed
Bloodiest Day for US Women in Iraq
Bush, With Iraqi Premier, Is Firm on No Timetable for Pullout
Jaafari: Time to Try Saddam
The Insurgents
Promises of Martyrdom and Fame Lures Western Recruits to Iraq
How Foreigners Flock to Join Jihad in Iraq
Iraq Insurgents Launch Bold Attack
The New Iraq
Insurgents Put the Brakes on Sale of Older Cars in Iraq
Stifling Baghdad Despairs as Water Cut Adds to Misery
Illegal Drugs Increasingly Common in Post-Invasion Iraq
Novel Written by Saddam to Be Published
Global Iraq Fallout
UN Approves $200m for Iraq Development
 US Caused More Deaths in Iraq Than Saddam, Says Antiwar Tribunal
Afghan Forces Pursue Taliban Through the Mountains as Fighting Wanes
Afghan Heroin Output Growing Rapidly, Russia Says
Australian DM: More Troops Possible for Afghanistan
Afghan Girls' School Burned
Nine Dead, 17 Wounded in Car Bomb Attack Near Kashmir Tourist Attraction
Maoist Attack in Bihar Shocks Indian Govt
Many Killed in India Rebel Attack
India Rebuffs Pakistan Minister
Pakistan's Largest City on High Alert After Sunni Cleric Shot Dead
Four Alleged Karachi Bombers Arrested
15 Killed in Nepal Violence
Nepal Rebels Take 12 Hostages
US Warns Against Unecessary Travel in Nepal
North Korea
North Korea Rebuffs Date for Nuclear Talks
North Korea Wins Aid but Leaves World Guessing About Nuclear Talks
North Korea Kidnap Families Protest
Army Harassment Compounds the Misery of Tsunami Victims in Aceh
UN, Aid Agencies Cease Indonesia Travel
Secretive US Panel Could Block China's Unocal Bid
Thousands Protest Against Arroyo in Manila
Sri Lanka Govt and Rebels Sign Aid Pact
Powers Swirl Around Uzbekistan
Russia Fears Attacks by Afghan, Pakistani Militants
NATO, Russia Clash Over Key Arms Control Treaty
Elections May End Fairy Tale in Bulgaria
If You Vote in Bulgaria, You May Win a Hyundai
Bulgarian PM Hopes Lottery Prizes for Voters Will Help Him Remain in Power
For Bulgarian Voters, Worries About EU Entry Date
EU to Present Road Map for Turkey's Entry Talks
Leaders of Europe's Socialist Parties Meet
IRA Admits Killing Schoolgirl in 1973, Apologizes to Family
Colombia Looks to Warlord for Peace
Colombia's Peace, Justice Law May Bring Neither
Canadian Military Accused of Lying About Agent Orange
Indigenous People See Growing Influence in South America
Brazil Backs More UN Troops for Haiti
Refusal of Gitmo Visit Request Raises Suspicions of Detainee Abuse
Cheney Says Guantanamo Prisoners Well Fed
Democratic Congresswoman Heading to Guantanamo Bay Prison
The War at Home
US Opinion Turns Against War
Simulated Oil Meltdown Shows US Economy's Vulnerability
White House Stands Behind Rove Comments
Rumsfeld Takes Flak as Lawmakers Criticize Handling of War
Military Brass Hit Kennedy for Saying War Is 'Quagmire'
Senator Levin Asks Ultimatum Be Given Iraq on Charter
Senate Democrats Urge Bush to Name Special Envoy to North Korea
California Peace Activist Acquitted of RNC Assault
US Military
Soldier Yelled 'I'm Going to Kill You' Before Being Shot
Combat Death Sparks Brother's Suicide
Sailors to Assist in Training of Iraqi Forces
Medical Care Budget for Vets Short $1 Billion
War on Terror
Billions in States’ Homeland Security Purchases Kept in the Dark
Pakistani Cleric in California Accused of Ties to Terrorism
US Bars Spanish Bid to Question al-Qaeda Suspect
US Official: Shi'ite Iran Protecting Sunni al-Qaeda
Iran Unwavering on Uranium Enrichment
US: Iran Vote Won't Change Their Pursuit of Nukes
Voting Extended in Iran Election
Under Pressure, Syria Adopts Conciliatory Tone
Rice: Iraq-Style Regime Change Not Appropriate in Syria
Rice Warns Syria on Militants in Iraq
France Joins US on Syria Demands
In Lebanon, Hariri's Rise Has Much to Do With His Name and Image
Thousands Attend Beirut Funeral of Slain Syria Critic
Israel Plans to Double Number of Settlers in Jordan Valley
Palestinian Security Hunt Militants in Jenin
Islamic Jihad Rallies in Ramallah Despite Palestinian Authority
One Israeli Killed, Four Hurt in West Bank Shooting Attacks
15 Arrested in Protest Against Israel's West Bank Barrier
G8 Foreign Ministers Urge Orderly Gaza Withdrawal
Anglican Group Pressures Firms Backing Israeli Occupation
African Union Rejects Action on Zimbabwe
Mugabe Defends Demolitions Drive
Mugabe Orders Army to Rebuild Shanty Homes
Rebels: Sudan Bombing Civilian Targets
Darfur Rebels Threaten to Quit Talks Over New Government Attacks
US to Begin Considering Lifting Sanctions on Sudan: FM
DR Congo
Call to Snub DR Congo Poll Move
Netherlands Halts Congo Returns
Somali Leaders Fail to Resolve Differences
Somalia's Welcome Warlord
Ethiopia Frees Poll Protesters
Fears for Ethiopia's Disappeared
More UN Troops on the Way as Ivory Coast Crisis Worsens
EU May Support Military Action Against Hutu Rebels
Cameroon Clashes With Nigeria
Guinea-Bissau Election Protesters Shot

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