Trading, Not Invading: Leon Hadar
Negotiations Not Enough: Ivan Eland
The Axis of Demagogues: Norman Solomon
Last Throes of US Dominance: Paul Craig Roberts
Why So Quiet, Howard?: Michael Blanding

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Updated June 28, 2005 - 11:12 PM EDT
Iraq: A Bloody Mess
As Insurgency Holds, US Prepares Long Iraq Stay

Poll: Bush 'Intentionally Misled' Public on Iraq

US Copter With 15-20 Aboard Down in Afghanistan
Bomb Kills Iraqi Assembly Member
Police Open Fire on Iraq Crowd of Demonstrators
Bogus Analysis Led to Terror Alert in Dec. 2003
Espionage or 'Business as Usual'?
From Tehran to Washington, Demagogues Rule  by Norman Solomon
Any Reason to Show Bush's Speech?  by David Corn
Six More Years in Iraq?
by Richard Reeves
The Last Throes of US Dominance
by Paul Craig Roberts
Why So Quiet, Howard?
by Michael Blanding
Let Steve Come Home  by Daniel Stoffel

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Korean Govt Cuts Off Funding for Neocon Think-Tank
From Memos, Insights Into UK's Doubts on Iraq War
Inside the Mind of an Iraqi Suicide Bomber
Allawi: Militants From Syria Not Backed by Damascus
Islamic Law Controls the Streets of Basra
In the South, a Bid to Loosen Baghdad's Grip
UK Government Under Fire Over Aid to Uzbekistan
Rights Groups Detail Growing Police State
Bush to Promise More of the Same
in Prime-Time Address
Talking With the Insurgents
US Commander Says No Talks Yet With Iraq Insurgents
Rumsfeld Says Officials Have Not Met With al-Qaeda in Iraq
Blair: Talks Ongoing With Pro-Insurgent Iraq Groups
Iraqi Security
Iraqis Put on Brave Face After Rumsfeld Remarks
Iraqi Leader: 2 Years Enough for Security
Attacks Stymie Bid to Rebuild Mosul Police Force
Jaafari: Attack 'Terror Camps' Abroad
900 Iraqis Dead in Six Weeks – Humanitarian Work Continues as Crisis Deepens
Attacks Continue
Baghdad Car Bomb Kills Four Civilians, 3 GIs Killed Elsewhere
US Copter Down in Iraq, Two Pilots Killed
Sunni Men in Baghdad Targeted by Attackers in Police Uniforms
Seven Iraqis Wounded in Restaurant Attack
Iraq Occupation
US Military to Expand Prisons in Iraq
Pentagon Stresses Political Action in Iraq
Halliburton Iraq Deals Described as Contract Abuse
The New Iraq
Iraq Reports Corruption Epidemic
Baghdad's Airport Reopens Amid Dispute With British Security
A Look at Iraq by the Numbers
Joint Isn't Jumping in Baghdad
Iraqi Politics
Top Shi'ite Hints at Wider Voting Role for Sunnis
Aziz Blames Saddam for Bloody Campaign to Suppress the Shi'ites
Global Iraq Fallout
Egypt Opposes US Withdrawal From Iraq
Iraqi PM in London for Talks With Blair
Blair: UK to Stay in Iraq Until 'Job Done'
'Tribunal' Urges Direct Action to Protest Iraq War
India's Afghan Nightmare
In Kabul, a Struggle to Rebuild a Fabled City
US Troops Shoot Gun-Wielding Man in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Government Charts Progress in Tackling Opium
73,000 Afghans Register to Vote
Pakistani Rape Case Goes to High Court
Waziristan Militants Warn 28 Tribal Elders Against Spying for US
Rebels Abduct 90 High School Students in Nepal
Nepal's Children Forced to Fight
US Mediator Visits Nepal
Arroyo Admits Lapse but Denies Rigging Election
Pressure Mounts on Philippine Leader After Election Phone Call Admission
East Asia
Call for Tokyo to Normalize Ties With Pyongyang
Japan to Raise North Korea Nuclear Issue at G8
China Scolds US for Blocking Israeli Arms Sale
Beijing Devoted to Weakening 'Enemy' US, Defector Says
Taiwan's Vice President Asks for US Support
Russian Air Force Chief Says Washington Still Fighting Cold War
Russia Spurns Estonia Border Deal
Russia's Putin Tosses Lifeline to Embattled PM
Bulgaria’s Socialist Party Fails to Win Majority
Bulgarian Coalition Weighed
European Union
France: EU Enlargement Should Be Halted
Eleventh-Hour Call for EU to Halt Its Talks With Turkey
Turkey's EU Hopes Slim, but Economy Better
EU Crisis Talks Shift to Poland
Schroeder Attempts to Sway US on Claim for UN Seat
NATO Chief in Ukraine Bid Talks
Countries Urge IRA to Reject Violence
Colombia Troops Mount Counterattack
Colombian Leader in Crisis Talks With Army
Colombia Re-Evaluating Anti-Guerrilla Tactics
US Hostages Forgotten in Colombian Jungle
Peruvian Rebels Ready to Send Troops to Venezuela
Venezuela Set to Prove Oil-Reserves Claim
US, Canada, Mexico Pledge Security
Why East and West Don't Meet in Bolivia
In Other News
Researchers: Warfare Waning Across the World
Caspian Sea Pipeline Has Its Origins in Turbulent Waters
Detaining Justice
Behind the Italian Order for Arrest of 13 CIA Agents
Experts Doubt CIA Operatives Will Stand Trial in Italy
A Year After Ruling, Gitmo Detainees Remain in Legal Limbo
Rights Groups Detail 'Kafkaesque' US Detentions
Pakistan Frees 17 Ex-Guantanamo Inmates
Former Guantanamo Prisoners Freed by Pakistan Allege Koran Abuse
US Resumes Production of Cold War Plutonium
Up Close, a Plutonium Pellet and a Minor Slip of the Tongs
US Military
California National Guard Targeted Mother’s Day Antiwar Action
Pentagon Halts Contract With Firm Under Investigation
Air Force Names Rabbi as Adviser on Religion
The War at Home
Mood Split in Military Town Where Bush to Speak
Supreme Court Rejects Appeal by Journalists in CIA Leak Case
Poll Details: Americans Feel Misled Over Iraq Intelligence
Democrats Criticize Undisclosed Payments to Halliburton
Downing Street Minutes 3rd Anniversary Events July 23
Homeland Security
Post-Sept. 11 Arrests Face New Scrutiny
Scores of Muslim Men Jailed Without Charge
ID Cards for Brits
Blair 'Confident' Over ID Cards
UK Home Secretary Keen to Speed Up ID Card Plan
Rising Cost of ID Card Plans Fuels Unease
Blair Plays Down Fears Over ID Card Costs
Oil Nears 61-Dollar Mark After Iran Vote
Iran's New Hand
On the Streets of Tehran, 'We Like America'
Bush Urges Schroeder to Push Iran on Weapons
Bush Asks EU to Warn Iran on Nuclear Arms
US Still Skeptical of Iran Nuclear Talks
Europe Fears Iran Nuke Talks Derailing
Israel: UN Must Halt Iran Nuke Ambitons
Nuclear Inspectors Back, Iran Reassures Worried World
Iran's President-Elect Is New Even to Iranians
High Turnout Showed That Iranians Cared
Lebanon Assembly Blocs Back Pro-Syrian as Speaker
Syria Denies It Fires on Israeli Positions
The Settlements
Settlers Won't Leave Razed Gaza Buildings
Gaza Pullout Opponents Set to Bring Chaos to Israeli Roads
Settlers Opposing Pullout Erect New Gaza Outpost
Palestinian Enclave Among Settlers Hopes for Relief
14 Injured in Troops-Settlers Clash in Gaza
Israeli Soldier Refuses Gaza Order
Arab Israeli Soldier Guilty of British Activist's Death
NZ PM: Apology Proves Israeli Spies Were in New Zealand
PA Urges Islamic Jihad to Commit to Truce
Israel's Labor Party in Election Brawl
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Backs OPEC Oil Increase to Lower Prices
Saudi Arabia Says Its US Ambassador Remains in Post
US Moves to Supply Egypt Air Defense Units
Egypt Presidential Candidate Blasts Regime
Middle East
Court Acquits Three Kenyans in 2002 Israeli-Owned Hotel Bombing
Arab Press Grows Bolder, but Blocks Remain
Inside Mugabe's New Horror
UN Envoy Fails to Halt Bulldozer Assault on Zimbabwe's Poorest
Blair Defends Decision to Deport Failed Asylum-Seekers to Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Asylum-Seekers on Hunger Strike
Blair Wants UN Security Council to Debate Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Tells Blair to Be 'Man Enough' to Visit Zimbabwe, Meet Mugabe
Sudan’s Proposed Constitution Ends Islamic Law
Dying in the Dust: A Story From Sudan

Sudan Files Complaint Against Eritrea With UN

UN Troops Fight Militias in Eastern Congo
Uganda Slams Kinshasa, UN Over East Congo Gunmen
UN Says Congo Fighters Used Women and Children as Human Shields
Somali PM Warns Regional Leaders
Nigerians Free to Hold Protests
Kenya Acquits Three on Terror Charges
Ex-Guinea-Bissau Leader Accepts Defeat

Biden's BS on Iraq

Negotiations with Iraqi Rebels Are a Good Start But Not Enough

Smoking Gun Misfiring?

Snuff Reality

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Praful Bidwai
World Cannot Afford Failure on the Nuclear Front

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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