The Seeds of Fascism: Ran HaCohen
US Cries Foul Over China Fair Play: Leon Hadar
Playing the Soviet Part: Charley Reese
Managed Democracy: Ramsey Baroud
'War of the Worlds': Chris Moore

O, it is excellent To have a giantís strength! But it is tyrannous To use it like a giant.
William Shakespeare
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Updated July 2, 2005 - 11:05 PM EDT
Iraq: No Military Solution
US Embassy in Iraq Won't Negotiate With Rebels
Pace of Troop Deaths Up in Iraq
Army Backtracks on Desertion Numbers, Not Up
US Investigators: 1979 Photo Not of Iran Chief
Suicide Bombs on Police Targets Kill 25 in Iraq
MSNBC Analyst: Docs Show Rove Is Source in Plame Case
Iraqi Ambassador: US Marines Killed Unarmed Civilian
FBI Puts Jordanian in Prison for Visiting 'Terrorist' Web Sites
Official: US Described Darfur as 'Genocide' to Please Christian Right
US Cries Foul Over China Fair Play
by Leon Hadar
Managed Democracy: Washington's Prospective Policy in the Mideast
by Ramzy Baroud

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Bob Burnett

'War of the Worlds'  by Chris Moore
Playing the Soviet Part
by Charley Reese
Re-Checking Saddam's List
by Gordon Prather

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Fears Grow for US Troops Missing in Afghanistan
25 Killed, Including 9 Tribal Elders in Afghan Attacks
Sistani's Aide Among 20 Dead in Iraq
Senior US Military Official Confirms Detainee Abuse by Iraqi Security Forces
FBI Searches Congressman's Home in Defense Contractor Payola Probe
Senate Keeps 'Bunker-Buster' Program Alive
Parting the Veil of Government Secrecy
China, Russia Warn of World Domination
Ahmadinejad Denies He Was Among Radicals at Embassy
Talking/Listening to Rebels
US Acknowledges Contact With Iraq Insurgent Intermediaries
US Says Insurgent Peace Feelers More Frequent
Zarqawi Group Releases Propaganda Tape
Attacks Continue
Guerrillas Kill Leading Shi'ite Cleric in Iraq
Irreverent Iraqi Television Anchorman Shot Dead in Mosul
Suicide Bomb Targets Iraq PM House, Bystander Dead
Still Open Season on Iraq Cops
Today in Iraq
Fire at Power Station Leaves Millions in Baghdad Without Water
Oil Riches Are a Curse for Iraq's Divided Kirkuk
Aid Group Sees Crisis Looming in Iraqi Desert
Iraq Constitution May Face Delay
UN OKs Final Claims for Kuwait Invasion
Iraq Occupation
US Army Seeks to Improve Intelligence Work in Iraq
Soldiers Fight Fear in Internet Cafe
Marines in Western Iraq Defuse Nine Roadside Bombs
Married National Guard Soldiers in Iraq Can't Hold Hands
Marine in Iraq Sees New Baby Girl on Web
Afghan Progress in Danger of Unraveling
Karzai Urges Mullah Omar to Come Out of Hiding
'Lucky Shot' Downed US Chopper
NATO Commander Meets With Afghan President in Kabul
Pakistan Expresses Concern Over India-US Defense Pact
Pakistan Nabs 3 With Alleged Terror Links
39 Prisoners Caught in Afghanistan Freed in Lahore
Kissinger 'Regrets' 1971 Comments on India
Nixon Wanted Publicity Campaign to Malign India During 1971 War
Suspected Rebels Kill Five in Indian Kashmir
Protesting Separatists Baton-Charged in Kashmir, Two Die in Attacks
Tight Security for Seventh Trans-Kashmir Bus Run
Nepal FM Radios to Defy Ban, Broadcast Protest Plans
Nepal's Largest Media Group Says They Have Received Serious Threats
Border Guards Say Nepal Maoists Not Involved in Bihar Attack
Nepal Communist Rebels Free Captured Students, Lift Education Strike
North Korea Reportedly Resumes Work on Two Nuclear Reactors
North Korea Wants US to Withdraw Remark
US Contact With North Korea Renewed but Impasse Remains
Top US Negotiator Could Visit North Korea: South Korean Minister
US Backs Seoul's North Korea Aid Plan
Philippine Opposition Keeps Up Pressure
In Manila, Scandal Becomes Way of Life
Mao's Long March Lingers Even as Dark Side Emerges
Call for Japan to 'Disenshrine' War Criminals
Indonesian Police Arrest Terrorist Suspects
UN: Uzbek Asylum Seekers Need Urgent Resettlement
Bombing Kills at Least 11 Troops in Russia
Putin Sends for Cossacks in Fight Against Terror
Russian DM Releases Data on 2005 Military Casualties
Most Military Departments at Russian Universities to Be Closed
Schroeder Gets His Wish for Early Election, by Losing Key Vote
Opposition Figure Could Lead Germany
Bosnians Spurn Straw's Plan for Reconciliation
Iraqi-Born Bosnian Gets Five Years for War Crime
Albanians Face Crucial Test in Election
200-Year-Old Military Draft Ends in Italy
Insider Brands Brussels 'Bureaucratic Nightmare'
Ukraine PM: Russia Still a Stalinist State
Venezuela Won't Let Colombia Hunt Rebels
Castro Venezuela Visit Shrouded in Secrecy, Spurring Rumors
UN Concern at Colombia Refugees
Thousands Affected by Fighting Near Colombia-Ecuador Border
Venezuela to Sell Off Exploration Blocks
Colombia Urges Ecuador to Help Fight Rebels
Colombia Attorney General Advises Against Uribe Reelection
Sandinistas Block Nicaragua Missile Plan, US Irked
US Senate Backs Central America Trade Pact
Bolivia Early Election Accord Fails, Protests Loom
Latin Leaders to Form Regional Force to Fight Crime, Terrorism
Italy vs. the CIA
Italy Tells US to Respect Sovereignty After Kidnapping
Berlusconi Protests Over CIA 'Kidnap'

Kidnap Drama Chills US-Italian Relations

CIA Methods Exposed by Kidnap Inquiry
US Military
Military Death Benefit Upped From $12,500 to $100,000
Military Exercises Start 5 Fires in California
Old Soldiers Back on Duty
Army Town Stunned by Afghanistan Deaths
House OKs Cash for Veterans Health Care
The War at Home
No Bounce: Bush Job Approval Unchanged by War Speech
Time, Inc. to Yield Files on Sources, Relenting to US
Congressman: Al-Jazeera Documentary 'A Tool for Terrorists'
As Usual, Rumsfeld Stares Down the Storm
Bush: US Economy 'Hooked' on Middle East Oil
Ariz. Court Rules Against Iraq Letter Suit
Antiwar Protesters Go Topless in San Francisco
Two Dozen Peace Activists in Reno Protest War in Iraq
Guantanamo Fuels Hatred, Boosts al-Qaeda: Report
Life at Gitmo to Be Revealed in UK Docu-Drama
War on Terror
White House Opposes Terrorism Coverage Law
Secret Students Major in Spying
US Citizen Sues DHS to End Detentions, Harrassment
Canadian Officer Suspected Arar Was Tortured
Report: Iran Leader Linked to '89 Vienna Killings
Denials Ahmednajad Was on Embassy Raid
US Demands Answers About Ahmadinejad's Role in Embassy Seizure
Iran VP Was Voice of 1979 Captors
'Who's Who' in Iran, 25 Years Later
Iran's Fervor Fades for Embassy Takeover
New Lebanese PM Faces Hezbollah Dilemma
Lebanon's Saniora Begins Work on Cabinet
Bomb Wounds Woman at Beach Resort South of Beirut
Suspected Militant Returns to Saudi From Lebanon
Israeli Opinion Moves Against Gaza Pullout Foes
Abbas Asks Hamas to Join Cabinet Ahead of Pullout
Foes of Gaza Pullout Targeted
Israeli Army Reopens Gaza to Nonresidents
Israeli Army Definitively Rules Out Kidnap Claim
Palestinians Say 2 Lost Soldiers Handed to Israel
Israel Expands Military Space Effort
Israel Kills Two Hezbollah Infiltrators, Searches for Third
Israeli Soldier, Six Activists Wounded in Anti-Wall Protest in West Bank
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Civil Disobedience
Witness Claims Coercion in Implication of Nour
Middle East
Syria Slams US 'Assets Freeze' of Two Officials
Suicide Bomber Shot Dead in Turkey
Kuwait Clears Terror Suspect
Rights Group Calls for Reform in Bahrain
Three More Die in Mugabe's 'Clean-Up'
Bush Urges South Africa to 'Intervene' in Zimbabwe
UN Criticizes Zimbabwe Slum Blitz
DR Congo
Congo's Opposition Says 24 Killed in Protests
Congo Opposition Vows More Pressure After Protests
Sudan Frees All Political Prisoners
Sudan Frees Islamist Leader
Sudan Preparing to Lift Emergency, but Not in Darfur
Nigerian President Meets With Darfur Rebels to Try to Unblock Peace Talks
Sudan's Beshir in Reconciliation Push
Sudan: Southern Forces Still Recruiting Children
Bush Plans to Double African Aid
Africa Wants Its Own Army From G8
Pirates Seize Ship Taking Aid to Somalia
Nigeria Poll Challenge Rejected
Ethiopia Begins Fraud Poll Probes
Red Cross: Staff Member Killed in Haiti
Violence, Delays Hamper Crucial Haiti Vote
Weekend Reviews
The Lies Behind the Lies
Black Virgin Mountain: A Return to Vietnam
Perils of Dominance
Dresden Mon Amour: Germans Revisit the War
Giving Chutzpah New Meaning
Biography Depicts Zarqawi, the Tattooed Criminal

How to End the War: Negotiations Now!

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Signs of Decline

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Negotiations with Iraqi Rebels Are a Good Start But Not Enough

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World Cannot Afford Failure on the Nuclear Front

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Laowai and Zibenren

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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Et Tu, Pat?

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