Saddam, Stalin, Hitler, and History: Leon Hadar
Calls to Prosecute Afghan Atrocities: Jim Lobe
Silver City: Nebojsa Malic
Charlie Wilson's War, Act Two: William Fisher
Gitmo Threatens You: Jacob Hornberger

To defeat the aggressors is not enough to make peace durable. The main thing is to discard the ideology that generates war.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated July 7, 2005 - 11:10 PM EDT
London Terror Blasts: 37 Dead, 700 Hurt
Israel: UK Warned of Terror Attacks on London
'Confusion' Over Israel's Warning
Al-Qaeda Group Claims Credit in London Blasts
Iraqi Police Open Fire on 1,000 Demonstrators
Al-Qaeda Claims Killing of Egyptian Envoy in Iraq
Iraqi FM: No Attack on Iran From Iraq

US Now Says 28,000 Terror Victims in 2004

West Mute as Saddam's Torturers Back to Work
No Middle-Echelon Officers to Staff the Iraqi Army? That's Bad
by William Marina
Bush Is Serving Up the Cold War Warmed Over  by Robert Scheer

Learning the Vietnam Lesson Again  by Joseph L. Galloway

Saddam, Stalin, Hitler, and History
by Leon Hadar
Charlie Wilson's War, Act Two
by William Fisher
Anatomy of a Neocon Smear
by William O. Beeman

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Calls Mount to Prosecute Past Afghan Atrocities

Legal Limbo Shadows Civilians in War Zone

NYT's Miller Jailed After Refusing to Name Source

Feds Probing California Guard Unit for Spying on Citizens

Oil Prices Top a Record $61 a Barrel

Five Americans Held as Iraq Insurgents

American Filmmaker and Navy Vet Held in Baghdad on No Charges Since May
The War Goes On

13 Killed in Car Blasts in Iraq

Security incidents in Iraq, July 6

Zarqawi's Pledge to Target Shi'ite Militia Fuels Tension

Iraq Today
Iraq Tries to Stop Exodus of Worried Diplomats

Head of Saddam Defense Committee Quits

Chafing Under the Occupation in Southern Iraq

Iraqi Economy Source of Friction With US

The Puzzle of Sunnis' Leadership Vacuum

Iraq Fallout

For US Troops, the Question Is 'Who Can You Trust?'

Dem Senator Predicts More Sunni Participation


Israel Refuses to Extradite Possible War Criminal

Sharon: Speed Up Work on West Bank Barrier

Lebanese Prisoner Asks Beirut to Get Him Freed From Israeli Jail

Evicting Settlers

Israel Wants US Aid for Pullout Plan

No Room for Settler Sympathy, Israeli Troops Told

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Militant Outside Gaza Settlement

Pullout Opponents Obstruct Work in West Bank Settlement


Hamas Tries Change of Image Ahead of Gaza Withdrawal

Senior Hamas Official: We Have Lost Faith in Abbas

Nablus Pop Concert Halted by Gun-Toting Militants

South Asia

Six Killed in Kashmir Violence

Kashmir Minister Escapes Assassination Attempt

Nepal Receives India Military Aid

Nepali Press Continues to Face Unprecedented Restrictions

Pakistan, Iran, India to Hold Pipeline Meeting

Pakistani Diplomat to Iraq Flees to Jordan

East Asia

Some Unocal Shareholders Reconsider Bid

South Korea Says 'Substantial' Talks on North Korea Possible

In Battle of 'Dollar Diplomacy,' Taiwan Losing Ground to China

Central Asia

Kyrgyz Diplomat Wants to Know When US Troops Will Leave

Russian Troops Kill Chechen Warlord

Police Kill Two in Dagestan Shootout

Southeast Asia

Indonesia, Aceh Rebels Near Deal

Burma Frees 249 Political Prisoners

Bush in Denmark

Denmark Forecast Is Chilly for Bush

Huge Protest Against Bush Visit to Denmark

United Nations

Annan Unveils UN Fund to Push Democracy

UN Seeks Tighter Controls Around Power Plants

Annan in the Firing Line From Inquiry Into Oil Scandal Before UN Summit


Mugabe Faces Attack From His Own Party

Mugabe Casts a Shadow as Africa Seeks Wider Relief

Judge Asks UK to Stop Deporting Failed Zimbabwe Asylum Seekers

UK FM Slams Zimbabwe Ahead of G8

United States
Papers Reveal JFK Efforts on Vietnam

New Ruling Will Allow Censorship of Campus Publications

Boxer Criticizes Iraq War in SF Speech

Former FBI Agent Rowley Formally Announces Bid for Congress

Wilson: Miller Is Collateral Damage in Smear Campaign

Plame Case Most Clearly Defined by Its Shadows

As Bolton Battle Continues, a Steady Hand at the UN
State Department Goes After Boeing

Bush: Gitmo Inmates Will Eventually Be Given a Fair Trial

The Gitmo Experiment

Psychologists Warned Not to Advise on Prisoner Abuse

Afghanistan's Communist War Criminals Still Hold Top Offices

Afghanistan Coaxing Mid-Level Taliban Into Fold

Australian PM Considers Sending More Troops to Afghanistan

US Hunts for Last Missing Soldier in Afghanistan

US Medical Team Attacked in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Says Al-Qaeda, Taliban Leaders Are in Pakistan


New Zarqawi Tape Emerges

Spain's al-Qaeda Trial Ends as Accused Insist on Innocence

Goofy Terror Warnings

Terrorists 'Might Target' College Stadiums or Railroads or Racetracks in Virginia

Kentucky University Offers Online Courses on How to Watch Out for Terrorist Attacks on Crops

Study: 100 Chemical Plants Could Be Terror Targets

Costly Simulations Attempt to Predict Terrorist Doomsday Scenarios


Iran Nuclear Negotiator Denies He's Resigned

Iran Wants to Break UN Seals to Test Atomic Parts

Fate of Iran Nuke Negotiator Questioned


Rice Offers Rare Praise for Syria

Syria Increasing Efforts to Seal Border With Iraq


Trial Delay Means Mubarak Foe Can Contest Egypt Vote

Egypt Protesters Urge Mubarak to Resign


Two Sentenced to Death in Morocco for 2003 Casablanca Bombings

Moroccan Preacher Said to Have Met With 9/11 Plotters


India on Security Alert After Temple Attack

India Convulsed by Sectarian Violence After Muslim Attack on Disputed Temple

Analysts: Militants Aim at Sparking Sectarian Powder Keg in India

Hindu Fanatic Will Face Trial Over Mosque's Destruction


Colombia Captures Another Rebel Leader

UN Troops Storm Slum in Haiti


AU Calls for Troops to Prop Up Somali 'Govt'

French-Ivorian Ties Worsen

France Unwilling to Answer Rwanda Genocide Charges

UN-Appointed Prosecutor: Taylor Is Africa's Hitler


London Terror Mystery

Silver City

Eyes Wide Shut, India Enters Military Alliance With US

The US Government Should Stop Meddling in the Oil Market

Ran HaCohen
The Seeds of Fascism

Alan Bock
Signs of Decline

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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