London Terror Mystery: Justin Raimondo
The Smash of Civilizations: Johnson/Engelhardt
Judith Miller, Drum Major for War: Norman Solomon
Terror Strikes Again: Alan Bock
Presidential War Powers: Thomas Woods

The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.
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Updated July 8, 2005 - 10:58 PM EDT

Britain Suffers Worst-Ever Terror Attack

Al-Qaeda 'Link' to London Hides Other Suspects

Motive: Britain's Support of US Policy?

Italy to Pull Troops Out of Iraq

103 Iraqi MPs Demand Withdrawal of US Troops

Iranians to Train Iraq's Military

UK Uses Bombings to Rush Emergency Arrest Powers

The Smash of Civilizations
by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt
Democrats Are More Hawkish Than Bush  by John Walsh
Who's Watching the Watch List?
by John Graham
Judith Miller, Drum Major for War
by Norman Solomon
Sharon Lit This Fuse  by Dan Ben-David
There's a Settler in Every Israeli
by Amira Hass

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London Hit as Skepticism Grows on 'Terror War'
Bush: The War on Terror Goes On

US Govt Fining Activists for Taking Medicine to Iraq

Bush Backs Away From Recess Appointment of Bolton

Predicted Bomb Attacks Reveal Impossibility of Prevention

Howard: London Attacks Good Excuse to Keep Troops in Iraq

Flashback: Blair Says UK Will Pay 'Bloody Price'

Terror Expert Says at Least One Person Tipped Off to London Attacks

Israeli Embassy Denies It Had Received Warning of Attacks

Iran Vows Support to Iraq Sovereignty

'In My Mind Was: Am I Dreaming?
It Was Surreal'

The War Goes On

3 Killed, 46 Injured in Mortar Strikes in Mosul

Iraqi Police Open Fire on 1,000 Demonstrators

Experts: No Good Options for Iraq

Terror Cell Discovered in Iraq's Interior Ministry

Iraq Govt: Senior Police Officers Plotted to Bomb Interior Ministry

EU Lawmaker Urges UN Force for Iraq, UK Sceptical

Iraqi Rebels Again Bomb Baghdad Water Pipeline at Height of Summer

Iraq, Iran Grow Closer

Iraq Calls for 'New Page' in Relations With Tehran

Iraq and Iran to Cooperate Over Defense

Tehran Asks Baghdad to Oppose Building of Foreign Bases

Iraq Today

Violent Shi'ite Morality Is Taking Hold in Basra

For Iraq's Top Judge, Security Tops the Docket

It's Stop and Go for Iraq's Charter Panel

Iraqi Diplomat Slams UN for Misuse of Funds

More Looting of Iraq's Riches

Reality Television Arrives in Iraq

Organ Trade Flourishing in Iraq, Despite WHO Objections

Egypt in Iraq

Abducted Egyptian Envoy Killed in Iraq

Egypt Closes Baghdad Diplomatic Mission


Gaza Settlers Ready for Compensation

Israel Leaves Palestinians Stranded in Egypt

Christian Group Slams Barriers Around Palestinians, Is Immediately Called Anti-Semitic

Israel Divestment Movement Picks Up Steam

Two Israeli Cops Jailed for Abusing Palestinians

Real Estate Prices in Gaza Strip Skyrocket

The Route Less Traveled


Taliban Claims to Hold Missing Seal

Stung in an Afghan 'Hornets' Nest'

Taliban Guerrillas Threaten to Execute Captured US Navy Seal

Govt: 60,000 Afghans Disarmed

Afghan Media Body Urges Karzai to Release Detained Reporters

Karzai Urged to Act on War Crimes

Evidence Suggests al-Qaeda's Return to Afghanistan

South Asia

At Least Six Maoists Killed in Nepal Clashes

Seven Militants Among 10 Killed in Kashmir

US Allays Pakistani Fears Over Defense Pact With India

Pakistan to Post 4,000 Extra Troops on Afghan Border

Central Asia

Uzbekistan to Reconsider Future of US Air Base

US Downplays Uzbek Withdrawal Call

US Has 'Grave Concerns' Over Kazakh Rights Activist's Arrest

After Months of Volatility, Kyrgyz Voters Hope for Calm


Philippines' Embattled Arroyo Losing Vital Support Within Church, Military

Philippines' Army Assurance May Not Mean Arroyo Is Safe

Arroyo Says She Won't Quit

Arroyo Asks All Ministers to Quit

British Embassy Denies Interfering in Philippines' Domestic Affairs

East Asia

Taiwan Attempts to Simulate Chinese Invasion

Roh: US Will Never Be Able to Use Arms on North Korea


Karadzic's Son Seized at Home by US Troops

Srebrenica Memorial Clouded by Desire for Bloody Revenge


Recruits Flock to Draft-Free Czech Army

Eastern Europe Reflects on Soviet-Era Abuses

Terror in London

London Under Attack

Terror Comes to London

Map of London Attacks

Attacks Bear Earmark of Evolving Al-Qaeda

Bush, Blair Renew Bonds Forged by Terror

Blair: 'We Will Bring the Terrorists to Justice'

Triumph Turns to Tragedy for Blair's Legacy

London Bombings Evoke Sympathy in Middle East

Officials: Unexploded Devices Discovered in London

Doubts Abound as to Identity of London Bombers

London Blasts Throw G8 Summit Into Crisis

Security Tops G8 Agenda After London Bombings

UK Muslims Told Not to Travel

Terrorists Can Mingle Unnoticed With Passengers

Camera Phones Lend Immediacy to Images of Disaster

Olympic Committee: Britain Will Still Hold 2012 Games

Madrid Sympathizes

Explosions Bring Haunting Memories of Madrid Blasts

London Attacks Spur Empathy, Alerts in Spain

London Attack Bears Similarities to Madrid

London Fallout

US Cities Step Up Security After London Blasts

US Raising Terror Alert Level for Rail Systems

DC Goes to Higher Alert Level

France Raises Terror Alert Level

Patterns and Lessons From London's Terror

Attacks Stoke US Debate About Who Covers Losses From Terror

US Travel Sector Considers Impact of Bombings

Analysts Weigh Economic, Political Impact of London Attacks

UN Security Council Calls Meeting on London Blasts

NATO to Hold Special Council Meeting After UK Blasts

US Stocks Lower After London Blasts

US Military

Lynndie England to Plead Not Guilty in Second Trial

Army Review Calls Abuse Cases Isolated

Pentagon: No Medical Abuse of Detainees

Judge Won't Budge in Lynndie England's Abuse Trial

Parents Fighting to Keep Kids From Military

48 Illegal Workers at Air Force Base Arrested

Sen. Warner Disputes Base Closing Plan's Legality

United States

Peace Groups Say National Guard Spied on Them

Conservative Talkers Taking Radio Shows on Road to Iraq

CIA Leak

Miller No Stranger to Being Part of a Story

Journalistic Drama Began With a Disputed Claim by Bush

More Trouble for Rove in CIA Leak Case?

Rove at Center of CIA Leak Controversy

Two Years Into CIA Leak Probe, No Charges

Middle East

Saudi Religious Edict Bans Sheltering Terrorists

Syria Hosts Meeting of Abbas and Palestinian Factions

Syria: Politics Has Nothing to Do With Border Delays

Syria-Lebanon Trade Slows

In Turkey's Kurdish Region, Feudal Bonds Sway Politics and Warfare

Bomb Derails Train in Turkey


UN Troops Kill Five in Attack on Haitian Slum

Peru Military Resists Civilian Trials

Venezuela Poised to Seize Bank's Reserves


Government Installation May Spark Somali Civil War

Burundi's Leader Stands Aside After Poll Trouncing


London Terror Mystery

Terror Strikes Again

Silver City

Eyes Wide Shut, India Enters Military Alliance With US

Ivan Eland
The US Government Should Stop Meddling in the Oil Market

Ran HaCohen
The Seeds of Fascism

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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