Iraq: The Phony 'Withdrawal': Justin Raimondo
Cyberstalking the Recruitable Teen: Turse/Engelhardt
Why Are They Killing Us?: Pat Buchanan
No Man's Land on Iraq-Jordan Border: Dahr Jamail
Another Blow to Bush's War on Terror?: Jim Lobe

War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.
General Smedley Butler
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Updated July 13, 2005 - 11:14 PM EDT
Police Say Suicide Bombers Were Brits
Israel Bombing – Rumsfeld Accuses Iran
Kurds: Iran Backing Ansar Al-Islam
US Can Pull Out of Some Cities, Iraq PM Says
Iraq Car Bomb Kills 27, Including Children and GI
Army Study: Lack of GIs May Force Cut in Mission Goals
Iraqi Organization: 128,000 Civilian Deaths Since Invasion
Cyberstalking the Recruitable Teen
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Turd Blossom Must Go
by Timothy Noah
Terrorism Comes With Empire
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Why Are They Killing Us?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Regime Libertarians  by Lew Rockwell
Halliburton Fails Upward  by Ari Berman

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South Korea Offers Energy-for-Nuclear Deal
Rice Warns North Korea Talks May Fail
Bolton May Accept Recess Appointment
Shi'ites Bring Rigid Piety to Iraq's South
Iraqi PM Warns Worse to Come From Insurgents
No Man's Land Along the Iraq-Jordan Border
Feith Admits Errors in Iraq Planning
Lebanon's Pro-Syrian DM Survives Blast, 2 Killed
Indonesia Court Ruling Could Set Back US Ties
Bombs in London Are Now Called Military Quality
Today in Iraq
Iraq Prime Minister Defends US Troop Presence
Saddam's Secret Police Still Have Long Reach
Iraqi Official Says Iran Will Not Train Troops
US Forces Arrest Iraqi Sunni Leader
Tough Times for 5th Brigade of Iraq's Army
Kurd Rebels in Iraq Vow to Keep Up Fight
Fighting the Insurgents
Iraqis Shrug, Steam at 'Operation Lightening'
State Dept. Official: Iraq Insurgency Needs Political Handling
Pentagon Says Key Zarqawi Operative Caught in Iraq
Gunmen Bound for Iraq Seized in Syria
Attacks Continue
Iraq Car Bomb Kills Three in Kirkuk
Gunmen Kill Human Rights Activists in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 12
The New Iraq
New Book Examines Occupation Through Iraqis' Eyes
Iraqis Sell Their Blood to Survive
Baghdad Away – More at Stake Than Just the Game
Afghanistan Vows to Root Out Foreign Spies in Government
Massive Manhunt for Escaped Prisoners in Afghanistan
At-Large Terror Suspects in Afghanistan Deemed Threat
Afghans Claim One al-Qaeda Escapee Recaptured
US Marine Dies in Afghanistan
Setbacks for US Forces in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Reveals Election List
Oil Supply to Afghanistan Disrupted
Australia to Send More Troops to Afghanistan
Australia Mum on Decision to Help US Special Ops in Afghanistan
More US Forces Headed to Afghanistan; Unit to Change Role
UN: Andijan Toll Heavier Than Uzbekistan Claim
UN: Uzbeks Troops to Fault in Uprising
UN Demand Over Uzbek Killings
Pakistan Disputes Claim of Terrorist Camps
Hardliners Introduce Taliban-Style Justice Bill in Pakistan
India and Pakistan Make 'Good Progress' in Talks on Iran Gas Pipeline
BJP Denies Advani Pressed to Quit
Nepal's Leaders Give Cautious Welcome to Maoist Offer for Talks
Bomb Kills Two Children in Nepal
Rice Again Warns North
Rice Supports Food Aid to North Korea
Koreas Agree on Economic Ties
Japan, US Vow United Stance on N. Korea
China Sees 'Bright Road' Ahead as Presidential Envoy Arrives in North Korea
China & Her Neighbors
US Hails Progress in China Talks
Bush Adviser Helped Law Firm Land Job Lobbying for CNOOC
China's Hu Calls on Taiwan to Rein in Pro-Independence Forces
Singapore Deepens Security Ties With US
No War Apology, No Food, China Cafe Tells Japanese
China Assails Australia on Defector
With Iraq Oil Deal Dissolved by War, Beijing Looks Elsewhere
Aceh Peace Deal 'Within Reach'
Indonesian Acquittal Has Shades of the Past
Calls for Arroyo's Resignation Withdrawn
Old Philippine Presidents Don't Fade Away
100,000 Rally to Demand Sri Lanka Elections
Leader Wins 88% of Vote in Kyrgyzstan
Armenian-Azeri Peace Deal Close at Hand
Army Threat to Fijian Government
Warsaw Underground Evacuated After Threat
Italy Official Proposes Anti-Terror Rules
60 Injured as Police Battle Protesters at Northern Ireland Orange Parades
Van Gogh Suspect Confesses Guilt
South Africans Denounce Zimbabwe Crackdown
Mugabe Rejects African Pressure
US Intervention in Somalia May Be Helping Terror Groups
Charity Issues Ultimatum Over Somali Ship
UN Confirms Massacre in Congo
Up to 100 Kenyan Women and Children Killed in Ambush
Freed Islamic Leader: Sudanese Unity 'in Jeopardy'
Uganda Leader Kicks Off Campaign
Swazi King Rejects Constitution
United Nations
US Firmly Rejects Resolution to Expand UN Council
UN Debates New Security Council
Annan Calls for Calm Over Reform of Security Council
Investigation in London
Arrests, Raids Made in London Bombings
Moroccan Outraged at Bomb Claim
'Sources': Terror Cells Are Tech-Savvy, Can Avoid Surveillance
Hunt for the Master of Explosives
Anxious Mother's Call Led Police to Her Bomber Son
Syria Ready to Help Britain Hunt for Bombers
Leeds Focus of London Bombing Probe
Passenger on London Bus Saw Man
Developments in British Transit Bombings
A Chronology of the Blasts, and the Confusion
Muslims in Britain
Saudi Dissident Feels Comfortable in Britain
Blair Vows to Promote Moderate Voice of Islam
British Muslims Become Scapegoats as Anger Boils Over Bomb Attacks
Britain's First Suicide Bombings
A Suburb Wakes Up to the Horror of Having Bombers in Its Midst
Bicycle Sales in London Jump After Bombings
Britain Reacts
Blair Denies War-Bombings Link
Britons Ask if Their Government's Support of the US Figured in the Attacks
UK Urges Terrorist Asset Seizure
UK Lib Dem Leader Says War in Iraq Has Increased the Terrorist Threat
Left-Wing MPs Challenge Blair Over Iraq
US Reacts
London Bombs Prod US Security Steps
US Military Retreats After Banning Troops From London
US Military
Soldiers Pushed to Discharge Before Medical Needs Met
Army Guard Misses Recruiting Goal Again
National Guard Chief Confident Recruitment Problems Will Pass
Plame CIA Leak Case
In CIA Leak Case, Eyes on Rove
Spokesman Says Bush Continues to Trust Rove Amid Allegations
Rove May Face Political Fallout, but His Legal Status Remains Unclear
Did Rove Leak Plame's Name?
Democrats Want Rove Fired
GOP on Offense in Defense of Rove
Legal Analysts Critical of Judith Miller's Stance in Leak Probe
Homeland Security
Homeland Security to Be Restructured
Parties Failing in Joint Effort to Review PATRIOT Act
House Bill Restricts PATRIOT Act Powers
Feds Seek Enhanced In-Air Internet Surveillance
The War at Home
NY Prosecutor Investigates UN Oil-for-Food Head
US Judge Limits Use of Fraud Law Against Iraq Contractors
Russia Sets Dates for Controversial Iranian Nuclear Plant
New Iran President Plans New Nuclear Ideas
Iran Says New President Won't Change Nuclear Policy
Iran Warns EU Ahead of Nuclear Talks
US Non-Committal on Israeli Request for Gaza Financing
Israel Seeks 'Semi-Secret' Arab Ties After Gaza Pullout
White House Renews Support for Israel Plan
Israeli Forces Can Fire on Settlers as Last Resort
Israel to Patrol North West Bank After Pullout
Palestinian PM Urges Calm During Gaza Pullout
Israel to Terminate Military Govt in Gaza
Israel Says Suicide Attack Will Not Put End to Withdrawal
Palestinians Fear Impact of Separation From Jerusalem
For Residents of Ras Hamis, the 'Separation Obstacle' Moves Ever Closer
3 Killed, 90 Hurt in Suicide Blast at Israeli Mall
Israeli Official: Netanya, West Bank Blasts Coordinated
Israeli Troops Raid West Bank Town, Kill Policeman
Gunmen Assault Palestinian Interior Minister Aide
Fatah Leader 'Categorically Confirms' Arafat Was Poisoned by Israel
Impressions From the Mid-Jerusalem Roadblock
Middle East
Saudi Woman Saves Husband by Getting Behind Wheel
Arab Media on British Terror
Testing Time for Mubarak Opponent
UN Council Condemns Bombings in Lebanon, Israel
Colombian President to Visit Bush's Ranch
Colombia President Seeks Help Against FARC Rebels From UK and Spain
Mexico's PRI Opens Presidential Primary to All
Ecuador Indians Protest Petrobras Oil Development
Venezuela Candidate Faces Tough Task
UN Supports Bolivia's Decision to Hold Elections in December

Iraq: The Phony 'Withdrawal'

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