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Updated July 15, 2005 - 9:22 PM EDT

Suicide Bomb Every Day in the New Iraq

Baghdad Suicide Bombs Kill 29; 2 GIs Killed
Top Chinese General Warns US of Nuclear Attack

Source: Rove Got CIA Agent ID From Media

Egypt-Born Chemist Nabbed, Claims Innocence Over London
Israel Resumes Targeted Hits, Kills Seven Hamas Men

US to Test Massive 'Bunker-Busting' Missile

3 Top Jags Challenged Interrogations Policy
General Contradicted His Sworn Testimony on Pentagon, Abu Ghraib
Iraq Looks Great – From Minnesota
by Greg Mitchell
How to Oppose a War  by John Nichols

Toward a Broader Counter-
Recruitment Movement
 by Rick Jahnkow

Hunting for Cops  by William S. Lind
Agee's Revenge  by Jesse Walker
'It Is All Israel'  by Amira Hass

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'Islamic Extremism' Alienates Most in Muslim World

Abuse Probes End With Single Reprimand

Pakistan Analysts Link London Blasts to Afghanistan

British Seek Egyptian-Born Chemist Connected to Attacks

Hillary Clinton Burnishes Hawkish Image

Feith Says Pentagon Overdid WMD Rationale

Judge Dismisses Navy Seal Suit Against AP

Data Shows Faster-Rising Death Toll of Iraqi Civilians


Londoners Gather in Defiance of Terrorism and War

The War Goes On

US Says It Captured Two Key Members of al-Qaeda in Iraq

Ten More Bodies Found Outside Baghdad as Sunni-Shi'ite Tensions Escalate

Bombers Strike Near Baghdad's Green Zone, 9 Injured

British Keep Out of Basra's Lethal Islamic Takeover

Iraqi Police Capture Failed Suicide Bomber

Britain's Armed Forces 'Under Legal Siege' on Iraq Prosecutions

Security Incidents in Iraq, July 14
Iraq Today

No, This Certainly Is Not Switzerland

New US Envoy to Rethink Iraqi Reconstruction

Iraqi Religious Minorities Fear Being Left Out Under Law

Dahr Jamail on Iraq Under Occupation

Corruption Threatens to Leave Iraq With a 'Ghost Army'

Suspect in Egyptian Envoy's Killing Nabbed

Kissinger: 'Don't Exclude' Military Action Against Iran

Iranian Diplomat: New Chapter to Open in Iran-Iraq Relations

Iran: US in No Position to Criticize Others on Human Rights

EU3 to Offer Iran Help With Nuclear Power

State Dept. Butts Into Iranian Affaris

Testing Limits of Dissent in Iran


Hamas Committed to Truce Despite IJ Suicide Bombing

Israeli Killed by Gaza Rocket

Israel Launches Air Raids Into Gaza

PA State of Emergency Declared After Battles With Hamas Erupt

Israeli Extremists Defy Ban on Gaza Protests

Gaza's Bedouins Want in on Evacuation

Sharon: One Pullout, Then Road Map

Six Soldiers Reject Order to Block Gaza


Democrats to Attack Trade With China

China Casts Long Shadow on US-Australian Ties

House Rejects Bill on Eastern European China Arms Sales

East Asia

China Slams Japanese Gas Deal

Okinawa Mayor Calls on US Military to Stop Live-Fire Training


Syria Exit Leaves a Messy Border

Lebanon's PM Seeks Government of Technocrats

Lebanon Hits Out as Syria Steps Up Border Controls

Saudi Arabia

US Moves to Freeze Saudi Group's Assets

US Govt Calls Saudis 'Significant Source' of Terror Funds

South Asia

Opium Trade Flourishing in Afghanistan

Indian Troops Kill Nine 'Intruders' in Kashmir

Al-Qaeda Escapees 'Safe in Taliban Haven'

Afghan Basketball Star Sabrina to Run for Parliament

Sri Lankan President Appeals for Calm as Violence Escalates

Sri Lankan Navy Kills Tamil Rebel

North Waziristan Tribes Warned of Offensive


Kidnapped Haitian Journalist Tortured, Killed

Ex-Haiti Police Chief Sentenced to Prison


Mugabe's Wreckers Enter the Suburbs

Mugabe Attempts to Defend Demolition Policy

Islamism Finds a Goldmine of Recruits in Africa

UN Steps Up Pace in Eastern Congo After Massacre


South Korea, US, Japan Hold Strategy Talks

Seoul Relies on Silence to Sway North Korea

China Mends Fences With North Korea

South Korea, Japan, US Discuss Extending Talks


Border Dispute Between Eritrea, Ethiopia Lingers

Ethiopian Leadership Under Fire

Investigation in London
Report: UK Blast Mastermind Identified

Painstaking Quest for the London Bomb-Maker

London Bombers Tied to al-Qaeda Plot in Pakistan

British Police Release Image of Bomber, Try to Reconstruct His Actions

Net Widens as al-Qaeda Bomb Link Is 'Confirmed'

Sleeper Cells: 2004 British Raid Sounded Alert on Pakistani Militants

CCTV Pictures Show London Bus Bomber

London Bombers

Bombers 'Wanted Burning Cross'

Bus Bomber and the 81 Missing Minutes

Why Four Young Men Turned to Terror

The 'Quiet, Likable' Bomber

Trail From London to Leeds Yields Portrait of 3 Bombers

'Ordinary British Lads'

Muslims in Britain

Muslim Leaders on Alert for Terrorist 'Handlers'

British Muslim Leader Says He Was Denied Entry to US

UK Police Scrutinize Extremist Islamist Websites

Britain Reacts

Fears of Backlash as UK Nationalist Party Seeks Political Capital

Brits Address the Causes of Terrorism

UK Home Office Prepares Several New Terror Measures

Britons Now Support Broad Anti-Terror Measures

London to Get Guide to Combating Suicide Attacks

Londoners Get Back to Business

Militants Banned From US Will Be Refused Entry to UK

Pakistan Reacts

Pakistanis Fear Backlash After London Bombings

Pakistan Govt: No Proof Attackers Visited Country

Pakistan Probes London Bombers’ Links

Europe Terrorized

How Far Will Europe Go to Stop Terror?

Muslims' Integration in Europe Is Urgent Challenge

Despite UK Insistances German Govt Still Opposes Some Police State Measures

Returned Iraq Fighters Under Close Surveillance

Italy Warned of Plan for Railway Terrorist Attack

Dutch Murders Result in Tighter Terrorism Laws

Ex-Cop Suspected in Warsaw Bomb Hoax


Report: Gitmo Inmates Were Abused and Degraded, but Not 'Tortured'

Senators Hear of 'Degrading' Interrogations

United States

Peace Groups Organize Giant September Antiwar Protests in DC

Americans Split on Deadline for Iraq Withdrawal
Lawmakers to Renew Restricted PATRIOT Act

Calif. Congressman, Under Probe for Defense Payola, Won't Seek Reelection

Military Mom Supports Troops, Opposes the War

Airliners May Get Missile Defenses

JAGs Recount Objections to Definition of Torture

Task Force Urges Single Nuclear Weapons Facility

'More Muscle' Proposed for Homeland Security

Plame CIA Leak Case

Wilson's Iraq Assertions Hold Up Under Fire From Rove Backers

Rove Was Correcting 'False' Charges in Unmasking CIA Employee

Republicans Anxiously Watching Rove Saga

Dems Call for Bill on Karl Rove's Security Clearance

Senate Does Battle Over Rove's Role in Plame Leak


Indonesia Offers Aceh Compromise

Call to Jail Accused Indonesian Bombing Accessory

In Other News

Poll: Support for bin Laden Falls in Muslim Countries

Putin Critic Targeted in Fraud Probe


Rove-gate: Who Leaked
to the Leakers?

In Search of a New Middle Eastern Paradigm


Why Did Terrorists Strike London?

Praful Bidwai
Eyes Wide Shut, India Enters Military Alliance With US

Ran HaCohen
The Seeds of Fascism

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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