An American Insurgent: Justin Raimondo
The Crock of Appeasement: Juan Cole
Plamegate: Dick Cheney's Role: Ray McGovern
Serious About a No-Nuke Korea: Gordon Prather
George W. Strangelove: Norman Solomon

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Updated July 20, 2005 - 11:13 PM EDT
House Votes Against Early Iraq Pullout
Iraq War Kills 34 Civilians Each Day
Mortuaries Swamped as Civilian Toll Hits 25,000
Draft Iraqi Constitution Backs Islamic Law
Three UK Soldiers Charged With Iraq War Crimes
Saddam Tribunal Shaken by Chalabi's Bid to Replace Staff
Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Recruits in Baghdad
London Bomb 'Mastermind' Was Victim of Name Confusion
'Top' al-Qaeda Figure Held Over London Attacks
Al-Qaeda Sets Deadline to Europe for Iraq Pullout, 'or Else'
Pakistan Arrests 82 Militants, Holds 7 in London Probe
Egypt: Detained Chemist Has No Links With London Bombs or al-Qaeda
Iraq's Dangerous New Friend
by Robert Scheer
George W. Strangelove and the Triumph of Nuclear Faith
by Norman Solomon
Getting Serious About a No-Nuke Korea  by Gordon Prather
The Crock of Appeasement
by Juan Cole
Plamegate: Dick Cheney's Role
by Ray McGovern
Iraq: Bush's Islamic Republic
by Peter W. Galbraith

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US Report: China Not Capable of Taiwan Attack
Pentagon: Chinese Buildup a Threat to Region
Rumsfeld: Russia Helping to Arm China
Six-Party Korean Nuke Talks to Resume July 26
Intelligence Report 'Linked Iraq to UK Terror Risk'
Iraqi Christians Find Safety in Syria
Britain Wrestles With Impact of War
How Iraq War Compares to Vietnam Conflict
US Chumminess With India Roils Strategic Waters
FBI Targets Bush Critics
Turkey Says US Has Ordered Kurdish Rebels' Capture in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Murder of Sunni Constitution Panel Members Deals Blow to Hopes of Early Iraqi Constitution
Iraq Attacks Rattle Talabani Hope of Early Constitution
Group Accuses Shi'ite-Led Govt of Killing Sunni Politician
Baghdad Hospital Doctors on Strike Against Soldiers
New Blood
Trying Saddam
Calls Mount From All Sides for Speeding Up Saddam's Trial
Talabani: Saddam Trial Will Lower Attacks
Iran Behind Gassing of Kurds, Shi'ite Massacre: Saddam Lawyer
Attacks Continue
13 Iraqi Workers Slain on Way to US Airbase
In Iraq, Sweet Promise Struck Down
Gunmen Assassinate University Professor in Southern Iraq
Iraq's Descent Into Bombing Quagmire
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 19
Iraq Occupation
US Military Looking at Two New Devices to Defeat Roadside Bombs in Iraq
'Teddy Troopers' Perform Airborne Mission in Iraq
The New Iraq
Media Too Free for Some Iraqis
Iraq’s War on Women
The Most Dangerous Civilian Job in Iraq
Iraq Reconstruction Projects Face Hurdles
Iraqi Show Jumpers Get Back in the Saddle
Iran-Iraq Rapprochement
Iran Signs Crude Swap Deal With Fuel-Hungry Iraq
Iran, Iraq Form Five Working Committees
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkey Claims Right to Enter Iraq
Iraq's Neighbors to Increase Border Control
El Salvador May Commit More Iraq Troops
Myers Praises Slovak Troops Serving in Iraq, Afghanistan
Former Iraqi PM Escapes Murder Attempt in Lebanon
Countries Seek Quick Justice for Saddam
Give Aid Now or Risk Instability, Iraq Tells World
Merkel Criticizes Sending Troops to Iraq
Bush, Howard Stand Together on Iraq, China
Aussie Opposition Calls for Iraq 'Quagmire' Exit Strategy
Afghan Police Thwart Rocket Attack on Dam
NATO to Add to Afghanistan Troops
Afghanistan Welcomes Arrests of Taliban
Suicide Bomber Kills Self in Afghanistan
US Shifts Nuclear Stand With India
Singh Asks US Congress to Lift Nuclear Ban
India Pledges Not to Spread Nuclear Technology
Concerns Voiced Over US-India Nuclear Agreement
India's Top Officer in Kashmir Says Pakistani Army Knows Militants Active
Pakistan Alleges Indian Ceasefire Violation
Pakistan Says India Frees Seized Kashmir
Six Male Family Members Among 10 Killed in Kashmir Violence
Kashmir Separatists Enter Talks With Displaced Hindus
Pakistan Rules Out Free Trade With India
Bush Says US 'Committed' to Diplomatic Solution With North Korea
Koreas Set Up Reunion Video Link
North Korea Defector Seeks Help From Bush
Rumsfeld: China Military Report Shows Importance of Arms Embargo
Japanese Court Rejects Chinese Germ War Claim
10,000 Protest Army Exercises at Camp Hansen, Okinawa
US to Return Airspace Rights to Japan by 2009
China Sets Up New Regional Antiterrorist Centers
Protesters in China Get Angrier and Bolder
Insurgency Takes Toll on Locals
Emergency Rule to Combat Thai Insurgents
Thai Muslims Fearful of Emergency Security Law
Editors' Alarm Over New Law
Thai Freedom of Speech Tested
Opposition Ready to Impeach Arroyo
Arroyo Announces Poll-Fraud Probe
German Opposition Leader Jolts the French Establishment
EU Makes Plans to Combat Terrorism
Islamic Rebels Tighten Grip on Dagestan
Chechnya Attack Kills 15 People, Mainly Police
Former Bosnian Croat Soldier Pleads Guilty at Tribunal
In Other News
El Salvador Asks US Help to Ward Off Terrorism
200 More Filipino Troops to Be Deployed in Haiti
Venezuela's Chavez Lashes Back at Cardinal
Guatemala Seeks Ex-Leader Arrest
S. American Nations Plan Gas Pipeline for Self-Sufficiency
London Bombings
Why Was Britain Targeted?
Militants Rounded Up in Pakistan as Police Retrace Bombers' Visit to Karachi
Karzai: London Bombers Had No Link to Islam
Investigators Still Searching London Underground Bomb Site
Officials Probe London Bombers' Finances
Muslims in Britain
Muslim Leaders in Britain Pledge Solidarity Despite Divisions
Blair Appeals to Muslim Leaders on Terror
Britain Mulls Extremist Mullah Ban
UK Muslim 'Task Force' Criticized for Being Too Establishment
Among the Young of Leeds, a Hardening Hatred
Britain Reacts
Blair: Iraq and Afghanistan Only 'An Excuse' for Terrorists
British, Italian FMs Reject Link Between London Bombings, Iraq War
British PM Tackles Terror 'Head On'
UK Military
UK Trident to Get £1bn Boost
UK Def Secy: Prosecutions Will Uphold Army Integrity
Detaining Justice
US Argues for Power to Detain Indefinitely
Padilla Detention Appeal Begins
Padilla Lawyer: Charge or Release Him
No Death Penalty Cases So Far in Military Tribunals
Pentagon Names New Chief Guantanamo Defense Lawyer
CIA Plame Leak Case
Justice Dept. Opposes Shield for Reporters
Memo Becomes Focus in CIA Leak Probe
Naming a Covert Operative
Valerie Plame's 'Nonofficial Cover' as a CIA Operative
The War at Home
Poll: Public Sees Bush as Less Trustworthy
Seymour Hersh: Bush Authorized Covert Plan to Manipulate Iraqi Elections
Scientists Issue Call for Reducing Nuclear Caches
Why Few Graphic Images From Iraq Make It to US Papers
Death Penalty for Hussein Urged in US Poll
Raise Your Right Hand and Swear to Tell the Truth ... on the Koran?
US Military
DoD Space Buys Leak Billions
Army Expects to Miss Recruiting Goal; Other Services on Track to Hit Targets
Uncle Sam Wants You – Even if You’re 42 Years Old
Panel Adds 3 Military Sites to Base-Closure List
Soldiers Cleared in Lindh Obscenity Case
First Time: Hezbollah Joins New Lebanon Cabinet
Anti-Syrians Dominate in Cabinet Lineup
Lebanon's Political Blues
Beirut Clashes Follow Christian War Leader's Amnesty
Israel Police on 'Red Alert' in Face of Gaza Pullout Opponents
Israeli Forces Surround Gaza Pullout Protesters
Gaza Tensions Rise on Many Fronts
Marchers and Military Head for Gaza Stand-Off
Agreement to End Factional Fighting Between Hamas and Fatah
Palestinians and Israelis Plagued by Infighting
12 Wounded in Palestinian Clashes as Protesters Demand Unity
PA Accuses Hamas of Attacking Police
Two Islamist Gunmen Killed by Israeli Troops in West Bank
Palestinian Local Elections Scheduled for September 29
Middle East
US Soldier Found Dead in Kuwait's Camp Arifjan
Egypt Presidential Poll Moved Forward to Sept. 7 as Opposition Candidate Bows Out of Race
US, Turkey Condemn Congressman's Remarks
Iran Will Not Bargain on Nuclear Enrichment: Khatami
UN Orders Saudi Opposition Group's Assets Frozen
Rice to Pressure Sudan to Take Action Against Rapes
In Sudan, Cautious Hope for Peace
South Sudan Governors Named
Sudan No. 2 Leader Dismisses Officials
Ethiopia: Ogaden Rebel Group Offers to End War
Djibouti Deports Ethiopian Pilots
Kenya Police Disperse Protesters
Zimbabwe Panel Refuses License to Banned Paper
UN Sex-Abuse Sackings in Burundi
Aid Cut Over Ugandan Transition
Bombings Kill Eight Farmers
Colombia Names New Attorney General
In Other News
Peacekeepers Still Fail in AIDS Protection
At Least 40 Injured After Nepal Protest

Patrick J. 'Bulldog' Fitzgerald, American Insurgent

US, India Open Can of Nuclear Worms

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Sascha Matuszak
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Matthew Barganier
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