Poisonous Misinterpretations: Horton/Robert Pape
GOP Opposition to Iraq War Growing: Kevin Zeese
PATRIOT Act a Threat to Liberty: Rep. Ron Paul
Tearing Up the NPT: Gordon Prather
Nobody's Fault: Charley Reese

We have all taken risks in the making of war. Isn't it time that we should take risks to secure peace?
J. Ramsay MacDonald
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Updated July 23, 2005 - 9:59 PM EDT
Egypt Resort Blasts Kill 88, Wound 200
Police: Fatal Subway Shooting Was Mistake
Another Bad Week for Iraq
Iraq Attackers Kill 16, Newlyweds Shot
Poll: 2/3 of Americans Say Bush Has No Iraq Exit Plan
Pentagon Proposes Rise in Age Limit for Recruits
North Korea Offers to Abandon Nukes for Peace Treaty
Poisonous Misinterpretations
Scott Horton Interviews Robert Pape
The Iran War Buildup
by Michael T. Klare
Republican Opposition to Iraq War Growing  by Kevin Zeese
Nobody's Fault  by Charley Reese
Tearing Up the NPT  by Gordon Prather
PATRIOT Act Is a Threat to Liberty
by Rep. Ron Paul

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Much at Stake on Eve of Six-Party Talks
House Vote on PATRIOT Act
NY Times: Israeli Agents Are in Iraq...Maybe
Pentagon Report Dashes Hopes of Troop Withdrawal
Pentagon Says War Is 'On Track'
Iraq's Constitution-Writing Hits Impasse
US Has Plans for Nuke Strike at Iran
Slain Man 'Not a Suspect' in London Bombings
London Suspect in Seattle? FBI Is Skeptical
Treaty Gives CIA Powers Over Irish Citizens
Disruption and Violence Begin to Dampen London's Stoic Attitude
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Troops Not Ready to Fight on Their Own: US General
Fallujah: Iraq's Former Hotbed Simmers Again
UN Body: Iraqi Women Alarmed by Reversal of Rights Gains in Draft Constitution
Postwar Iraqi Artists Find Themselves Less Free to Express Themselves
No Recent Reports of Iraq-Syria Border Shootings: US General
Experts on Iraq
Experts Offer Pessimistic Outlooks on Iraq
Rand: Not Enough Troops in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
Stressed US Troops in Iraq Turning to Drugs
Dust Storms, Sun Take Toll on Soldiers in Iraq
US Soldier Killed in Iraq Bombing
The New Iraq
Thorny Issues Said to Remain in Drafting of Constitution
Sunni Cleric Criticizes Kurdish Plan for Iraq
Iraq Sunnis Oppose Federalism, Favor Strong State
Targeting Diplomats
Iraq Insurgents Keep Envoys in Their Sights
Algeria Has No Word on Its Envoys Seized in Iraq
Iraq Police Search for Algerian Diplomats
Saddam Hussein
Testy Hussein Seen on Video Facing Iraqi Tribunal Judge
Prosecutors Hope Saddam's Past Returns to Haunt Him
In Saddam's Birthplace, Fond Memories of Uday and Qusay
Global Iraq Fallout
Australia Won't Send More Troops to Iraq
Syria Seems Ready to Help US on Iraq
Turkey Puts Pressure on Syria to Stop Infiltrations Into Iraq
Karzai Sets Goal to Control Afghanistan
Board Game Aims to Teach Peace to Afghanistan's Children of War
Rallies Against Pakistan Crackdown Fall Flat
Pakistan Continues Mass Arrests of 'Suspects'
Musharraf: Foreigners Won't Be Let in to Try to Catch Osama
Musharraf Urges Holy War on Terror
India Tightens Border Against Maoists
India Jails 'Plane Crash Plotter'
Teenager Among Seven Killed in Kashmir
Muslim Militants Ban Return of Kashmiri Hindus
North Korean Human Rights Will Be Excluded From Nuclear Talks
The Two Koreas Discuss Maritime Border
MacArthur Statue Sparks Debate Over Role of US Troops in South Korea
Georgian Grenade Suspect Not Tied to Russia Forces
Motive Sought in Bush Grenade Toss Case
Yuan Move Could Stave Off US Action Against China
Japan's Defense Chief Gets Okay to Shoot Down Missiles
In Manila, US Drawn Into Fight
Uzbek Rebel Leader Who Fled Massacre Threatens to Start Bloody Civil War
Former Myanmar PM Gets 44-Year Suspended Sentence
Dozens Flee Chechen Village to Escape Abuses
Russian Nuclear Subs Launch Major Naval Exercises
Spanish Court Considers Tit-for-Tat Response After Germany Releases al-Qaeda Suspect
Italy and France Boost Measures to Fight Terrorism
Prodi Says EU Constitution Won't Come Into Force
Bomb Joke Closes Part of Copenhagen Airport
Sources: Serbian Army Still Protects War Crimes Suspects
Kenyan Army Sent to Northern Border to Fight Cattle Rustlers
Kenya Constitution Backed by MPs
UN: Zimbabwe's Slum Destruction 'Unjustified'
Zimbabwe Government Defends Itself
Congo & Her Neighbors
Rwandan Rebels Kill 13 in East Congo: Official
Uganda Risks UN Ban Over Congo
Nepal Troops Jailed for Sex Abuse
UN Eyes Peace Deals This Year in East, West Sudan
Togo Poll Rivals in Peace Promise
Ethiopia to Rerun Elections in Some Areas
Mozambicans Strip in Poll Protest
Lebanese in Liberia Pressing to Be Allowed to Vote
Aid Group Detained on Way to Cuba, Equipment Seized
Cuba Detains 22 Dissidents, Rights Leader Says
Colombian Leader Orders Troops to Reoccupy
Rescued Police Files Hold Guatemala's Dark Secrets
39 Killed in Yemen Clashes Over Fuel Price Hikes
Yemen Troops Disperse Groups After Riots
Mubarak Touts Reform Ahead of Egypt Vote
Egypt to Supply Palestinians With Gas
Weekend Reviews
Rich Manís War, Poor Manís Fight
The Anti-Neocon
Squandered Opportunities to Debate Imperialism
Cry the Beloved Continent
Shooting-to-Kill in London
UK Police Shoot Downed Suspect Who Had No Bomb
A Man Chased by Police Ran on to a Train. Five Shots Later, He Was Dead
Shooting 'A Watershed for UK'
Shooting Deepens Sense of Uncertainty After New Attacks
Muslims Fear Officers Have Adopted 'Shoot to Kill' Policy
Israel Prefers to Take Bombing Suspects Alive
Shoot-To-Kill Guidelines for UK Police
The Investigation
Echoes and Theories, but No Solid Links in London Bombings
British Intelligence Services Caught Out Again
Race to Find the London Bombers Before They Strike Again
Police Issue Bomb Suspect Images
Faces of the Four Bombers
Police Hunting London Bombers Arrest Suspect
The Bomb & the Bombers
'Left Over' Explosives May Have Deteriorated
China Denies London Bombs Used Chinese-Made Explosives
London Bomber Longed for Suicide Mission
Passenger Tells of Brush With Terrorist
Muslims in Britain
Radical Cleric Predicted a Second London Attack
Londonís Muslims Feel Public Hostility
Bomb Scare at London Mosque
Arson Attacks Raise UK Muslim Fears
London Muslims Face Fear of Both Bombers, Backlash
Iraq War Promotes Radicalising of Young: Muslim Council of Britain
Britain's Many Faces of Islam
Britain Reacts
Shoppers Shun London High Street After Bombing
More Londoners Ride Bikes to Work
UK Official: Terror Attacks Will Continue Even After Iraq War Is Over
British Police Wait for Wider Anti-Terrorism Powers
Terror Seen as 'Most Important Issue' in UK
Pound Falls on Terrorism Worries
Tube Drivers 'May Refuse to Work'
Journeys Made With Quiet Determination, but Tinged With Fear
Homeland Security
Congress Unanimously Supports Paul Amendment to Protect Civil Liberties
DC Considers Following New York's Example, Starting Random Searches
Privacy Rights Are at Issue in New Policy on Transit Searches
Bombs Force West to Raise Alert
Abusing Justice
White House Files 11th Hour Papers Blocking the Release of Photos and Video of Abu Ghraib Torture
Gitmo Afghan: Koran Abuse Stopped After Guards Were Ordered to Stop
Gitmo Aussies Had Met Previously, in Pakistan
Gitmo Prisoners on Hunger Strike to Protest Degrading Conditions
Military Lawyers Honored by ACLU for Challenging GuantŠnamo Policies
ACLU Blames Govt for Abu Ghraib Delay
US Military
Wayward Moose Breaks Into 'Secure' Colorado Military Base
Details of US Microwave-Weapon Tests Revealed
US Missile Defense Being Expanded, General Says
Rights Group Urges US to Destroy Stockpile of Unsafe Cluster Bombs
Coast Guard Official Faces Tough Questions on Fleet Overhaul
Accusations of Kickbacks at Tampa VA Hospital
The War at Home
Poll: Many Fear Iraq Hurting Terror Fight
Ex-CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak
'Raging Grannies' Want to Enlist, Go to Iraq
Oakland Pays $500,000 to Injured Antiwar Protester
Chirac: Iran's Nuclear Plan May Lead to Sanctions
Iranian Reformists Fear Era of Repression
Family of Iranian Dissident on Hunger Strike Says Hospital Worse Than Prison
Shell Says It Faces Sanctions in Iran
Beirut Blast Wounds 12 in Busy Street
Rice Calls on Syria to Unblock Lebanon Border
Rice Pledges Support to Lebanon on Surprise Visit
Lebanon's Predicament
US Official Says Syria Trying to Strangle Lebanese Economy
Rice Meets Sharon on Final Push Over Gaza Pullout
Abbas 'Left in Dark' on Israel's Plans for Disengagement
Two Israeli Soldiers Retract Refusal to Take Part in Pullout Preparations
US Court Rejects Pollard's Appeal Over Life Sentence
Israel Raids Jenin Amid Rice Visit
Hamas Agrees to Stick With Pact
Hamas Follower Dies From Wounds After Israeli Strike
Hamas Rebukes Dahlan for Coup Comment in Interview
Two Israeli Soldiers Wounded in Hebron Shooting Attack
Masked Fury at West Bank Barrier Protest
Where Homeland Means Humiliation
Anglican Church to Oppose Investing in Companies That Support Palestinian Occupation
Middle East
Kurd Rebels Claim Downing Helicopter, Turkish Army Reports 'Incident'
US Must Press Saudi Arabia on Terrorism, Senator Says
US Hopes PR Campaign Will Change Arab Views
Tunisian Govt Puts Financial Squeeze on Press to Curb Freedoms

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US, India Open Can of Nuclear Worms

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