Hollywood Joins the War Party by Justin Raimondo
Democracy, Terrorism, and Nukes: Stephen Zunes
Dubya & the Duke of Alba: William Lind
Reality Bites Back: Alan Bock
Casting Aside Justice: William Norman Grigg

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Updated July 29, 2005 - 11:22 PM EDT
Poll: Majority 'Were Misled' on War
30% of Returning GIs Have Mental Problems
State Dept Says Bolton Gave Inaccurate Answers
'All 4' London Bombing Suspects Held
London Suspect Linked to Shoe Bomber
Further Attacks Likely, Says London Police Chief
Pakistan to Expel All Foreigners From Madrassas
Suicide Bombing Kills 25 in Northern Iraq
US Dismisses North Korea Request for Bilateral Talks
Turkey Threatens Action Unless US Troops Tackle Kurdish Rebels in Iraq
Democracy, Terrorism, and Nukes
by Stephen Zunes
85% of Brits Are 'Fellow Travelers of Terrorism'?  by Andrew Murray
Discouraging Lessons From Imperial Spain  by William S. Lind
Is Iran Being Set Up?  by Gary Leupp
The Israeli Love of Law and Order
by Amira Hass
All Hail the Great White Father
by William Marvel

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State Dept and Dems Tangle on Bolton
Basra Oil Co. Spokesman: Iran Is Running Iraq
Possible Timing of Cuts in Iraq Outlined
Memo: GIs Use Excessive Force Because They're So Poorly Equipped
Officials: Bush May Appoint Bolton Next Week
Ukrainian Media Tests Boundaries of Media Freedom, Angering President
US: Iranian Cadre Training Hezbollah
Gaza Will Be 'Vacated but Still Occupied'
Police: Same Man Built All London Bombs
Sgt. Benderman Acquited of Desertion, Convicted of 'Missing Movement,' Sentenced to 15 Months
Today in Iraq
'We Regard Fallujah as a Large Prison'
US Military May Protect Foreign Diplomats After Three Envoys Slain
Investigator Says Millions of Dollars of US Money Missing in Iraq
Life in Baghdad Looks Greener Inside the Zone
Talabani Vows to Protect Saddam Court From Anti-Ba'ath Purges
US Bombing Kills Nine Insurgents in Iraq
RAF Unit Keeps Basra Raiders at Bay
Iraqi Constitution
Iraq Constitution Delay Decision Left to Last Minute
Shi'ite Leaders Say Charter Will Solve Iraq Woes
Attacks Continue
Six Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Clashes
Roadside Bomb Kills Two US Soldiers
One Dead in Iraq Oil Train Blast
Security Costs Sap Iraq's Rebuilding Funds
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 29
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 28
The New Iraq
In Iraq, a Grim Job in the Service of Allah
Iraq Builds Up Military, Police Forces
Global Iraq Fallout
In Jordanian Case, Hints of Iraq Jihad Networks
Iraq Urges Neighbors to Stop Infiltrators
Iraqis Fire Shots Into Kuwait to Protest Border Barrier: Report
Algeria Mourns Diplomats Killed in Iraq
UN Rights Chief Muzzled on Uzbekistan at UN Meet
Members of 130th Headed to Uzbekistan
Uzbek Refugees Await Asylum Airlift
Canada Accepts 50 Uzbek Refugees
Chinook Helicopter Destroyed by Fire in Afghanistan
Afghan Women Put Lives on Line to Run for Office
US Seeks to Strengthen Sanctions Against al-Qaeda, Taliban
Official Says Afghanistan Set for Vote
UN to Help Prosecute Afghan Drug Cases
Pakistan Connection Seen in Taliban's New Tactics
Pakistani Frontier Women to Defy Islamists' Men-Only Ballot
Pakistan Soldiers Accused of Rape
Course of India-Pakistan Wooing Doesn't Run Smooth
Advani Charged With Ayodhya Riots
Firms Plan Landmark India-Pakistan Business Deal
Bush, Musharraf, Discuss War on Terror
US Criticizes Nepal Ex-PM Jailing
Nepalese Maoists 'Willing to Work Democratically'
US Concessions Bring North Korea Deal Closer
US Offers North Korea Evidence That Nuclear Secrets Came From Pakistani's Network
North Korea Talks Yield 'Elements' of Final Agreement
US, North Korea Struggle to Agree on Basic Terms
Uranium Issue Put Aside for North Korea Talks
In Seoul, Roh Proposes Alliance to End Rivalries
China Launches Campaign to Counter US Critics
China's Push Abroad Gathers Pace
Japanese War Shrine Causes Controversy
Hiroshima Memorial Defaced
15 Abductees Alive in '91, Spy Tells Diet
Ten Killed in Thai South in Worst Violence for Months
Emergency Decree Still Worrying Thais
Thai PM to Give TV Talk on South
Russia Denies Destabilizing Ex-Soviet Neighbors
Young, Patriotic, and Bullied to Death
Beslan Mothers Threaten Trial Boycott
Irish Republican Army
IRA Says Armed Campaign Is Over
Full Text of IRA Statement
Blair Hails IRA Statement, Others Stay Cautious
White House Praises IRA Statement
Spotlight on IRA’s Illicit Financial Empire
30 Years of War With IRA
The IRA's Farewell to Arms
IRA: The War Is Finally Over
The Cost of Peace in Ulster
Facts, Figures About Irish Republican Army
Sinn Fein's Political Journey
IRA Bomber Paroled by Britain
Germany Debates Domestic Army Deployment
US Meets With German Opposition and Claims 'New Start'
Prosecutors: CIA Agents Left Trail
Italians Discuss Purported CIA Case
Mafia Lessons Help Italy Fight Terror
Karadzic's Wife Urges Him to Surrender to UN 'For His Family'
Socialists Defeated in Bulgaria
Will Croatia Make the EU?
Belarus-Poland Row Escalates
Morocco Reopens Its Waters to EU Fishermen
Uganda Poll Seen as Museveni Power Move
Ugandans Ignore Multi-Party Vote
DR Congo
More Indian Troops May Go to Congo
Refugees Refuse to Return to Congo
Crucible for Islamic Extremism
Clashes as Ex-Army Ruler Wins Guinea-Bissau Presidential Poll
Zimbabwe 'Slum Clearance Ended'
South Africa Urged to Save Ivorian Peace
Militia Leader Eyes Sierra Leone Poll
Ethiopia Election Rows Resurface
Sudan's Real-Life Rebel Music
United Nations
UN Reform Fight Descends Into Rancor
UN to Vote on Adding 11 to Security Council

Japan Says Aid to UN Could Be Affected if Denied Security Council Seat

Investigation in London
As 3 Nations Consulted, Terror Suspect Eluded Arrest
Neighbor 'Spotted Bomb Suspect'
'Ball-Bearing Bombs' Aimed to Cause Mass Casualties
12 More Arrests in London Bombing Probe
London 'Concerned' About Bomb Photos Leak
For Friends, Bomber Hard to See in Sporting Young Man
Police Chief: London Bombers Made Just One Mistake
Muslims in Britain
Faith-Hate Crimes Rise After Bombs
Muslim Fears Grow Over Dramatic Rise in Abuse Against Since Bombings
MP Calls for UK Mosque Chairman to Resign Because He Doesn't Trust the Government
Blair Hopes to Avoid Probe Into Whether Bomb Attacks Could Have Been Prevented
Commuters Rush to Buy Terror Survival Kits
British Majority Backs Sweeping Anti-Terror Laws
UK Home Office Digs Up Dirt on Slain Brazilian
UK War on Terror
London Announces Largest Transport Police Deployment
Anti-Terror Operation Seeks to Reassure Commuters
6,000 Officers Deployed Just in Case of Another Thursday Attack in London
UK Vet Jailed for Plot to Take Kidnapped Children to Libya
US War on Terror
Ressam Judge Decries US Secret Tribunals
FBI Director: US Far Safer Since 9/11
The 'Rebranding' of the War on Terror
Top Spy's No. 2 Tells of Changes to Avoid Error
Ex-CIA Officer Suing Over Agency Squashing of bin Laden Book
Court Reinstates Anthrax Defamation Suit Against New York Times
US Jails Yemeni Cleric for 75 Years for Financing Terrorists
Renewal at Los Alamos Weapons Lab Resurrects Deeper Debate
Gonzales Urged to Rescind FOIA Rules
Woman Faces Prison After Run-In With Airport Screener
US Military
Family of Soldier in Afghanistan Receives Dreaded Call
Iraq War Causing US Recruiters Difficulties
Widow Warns of Postwar Stress Issues
State-of-The Art Rehab Hospital Planned for Troops
Senate Panel Approves Scaled-Down Veterans Benefits Package
The War at Home
Leak Investigation Tests Bush, Rove Relationship
US Military and Administration Clashed Over Guantanamo
Senators Doubt Troops Could Begin Iraq Withdrawal by Spring
Grannies Rage Against the Machine
Iraq War Veteran in Uphill Fight for US Congress
Democratic Candidates Tout Iraq War Experience
Guilty Plea on Saddam Photo Threat
Korean War Vets Call for Peace
Activists Speak Out for Peace at Antiwar 'Movie Feast'
Yesterday, 1965: US Orders 50,000 Troops to Vietnam
Egypt Detains 25 in Bombing Investigation
Egyptian Police Narrow Focus of Hotel Attackers Search to Locals
Egypt Identifies Suicide Bomber
Egypt's Mubarak Launches Reelection Bid
Mubarak Taking an Abrupt Turn
Officials: EU Set to Make Deal With Iran on Nuclear Fuel
White House: Iranian Leader Led Movement
US Can't Link Iranian to 1979 Photos
Arab 'Rioters' Detained in Southwest Iran
Lebanon Should Disarm Hezbollah: US Diplomat
US Officials Say Syria Bought $3.4 Billion of Iraqi Oil Before Invasion
US Lawmakers Demand Syria Return Oil Money to Iraq
Sharon Criticizes Syrian Support for Hamas
Chirac Slams Syria for Trying to 'Destabilize' Region
Israel Plans High-Tech Barrier Around Gaza
Police: Disengagement Protesters Will Not Wear Us Down
Gaza Settlers to Don WWII Death Camp Uniforms for Pullout
In Israel, an Old Twist on Resisting to the Death
Israel Vows to Help Gaza Economy Post-Pullout
Palestinians Prepare Flags for Empty Settlements
Two Gaza Families Given Keys to Alternate Housing
Peres Calls for Donations to Upgrade Gaza Border Crossing
Vatican Denounces Some Israeli Retaliation
Protestants Call on Israel to Raze Wall
Palestinian Factions Pledge to Work With PA
Armed Palestinian Group Abducts PA Security Official in Gaza
Israel Vows Full Cooperation With UN Probe of Ivory Coast Arms Sales
Israeli Committee Chair: Oversight US Demands Could Hurt Israel's Military Industries
Israeli Defense Chief Cancels US Trip
Israel Row Over Sharon Curse Film

Israeli Troops Kill West Bank Man Suspected of Assisting Bomber

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Says King's Health Improved
Saudi Arabia: Court Confirms Jail for Reformers
Princess Rejects 'Misperceptions' of Saudi Women
Middle East
Bombed Red Sea Resort to Host Summit
Kuwait Govt Firm on Reform, Says Minister
UN Promises to Investigate Mounting Evidence Troops Killed Unarmed Civilians in Haiti
Report: UN, Haiti Do Little on Violence
UN Seeks SWAT Team, Spies, Road Projects in Haiti
Opponents Want Bush Barred From Summit
US Names 'Cuba Transition Coordinator' to Speed 'Castro's Exit'
Colombia Ready for Talks With Rebels
Toronto Subway Shuts Briefly After Threat

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