Disengagement's Foreplay: Ran HaCohen
A Costly Education for America: Chris Moore
In Praise of Kevin Benderman: Norman Solomon
Is America's War Winding Up?: Pat Buchanan
No Stinking Badges: Gordon Prather

All men having power ought to be mistrusted.
James Madison
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Updated July 31, 2005 - 10:52 PM EDT
North Korea Talks Turn Stormy
Islam Likely Basis for Iraq Constitution
Constitution Panel Vows to Meet Aug. 15 Deadline
Basra: Restrictive Religious Rule Dismays Many
Five US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad Bombings
Suspect Caught in Rome Admits to Carrying Bomb on Train
Surprise! Many GIs to Have Pay Immediately Reduced
Is America's War Winding Up?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Four Powers Behind the 'al-Qaeda Conspiracy'  by Matthew Parris
Pouring Gasoline on the Fire of Global Terrorism  by Bob Herbert
A Costly Education for America
by Chris Moore
In Praise of Kevin Benderman
by Norman Solomon
No Stinking Badges  by Gordon Prather

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Iran Demands EU Nuclear Proposals by Monday
London Police Arrest Seven More in Blasts Probe
UK Police: Terrorists Still Pose Threat
Unintended Consequences in Iraq
Radical Shi'ites Collect One Million Signatures on 'US Out' Petitions
Judge Orders FBI to Tell How They Spy on Americans
Federal Judge Rules PATRIOT Act Provisions Still Too Vague
Pakistan Says It Will Expel All Foreigners From Madrassas
Today in Iraq
Iraqis Hit Back Over Kuwait's 'Border Grab'
Defense Team Says Saddam Attacked; US Denies It
Outspoken Sunni Official in Iraq Fired
US Checkpoints Try to Halt Rebel Passage Into Iraq's Fallujah
Iraqi Constitution
Key Issues Still Under Dispute as Deadline for New Iraqi Constitution Nears
Disputes Delay Approval of New Iraq Constitution
Issues in Dispute for Iraq Constitution
Fallujah Sunni Chiefs Fear Constitution Will Lead to Iraq Breakup
Attacks Continue
Roadside Bomb Kills Two British Contractors in Iraq
Sophisticated Strikes Threaten British Withdrawal From Iraq
Official Kidnapped, 11 Killed in Iraq Attacks
Car Bomb Explodes Near Iraqi National Theater in Baghdad, Killing 7
Officials: Some Recruits Hit by Gunfire in Northern Iraq
Seven Beheaded Bodies Found Near Iraqi Capital
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 31
Security Incidents in Iraq, July 30
The New Iraq
Worry Grows as Foreigners Flock to Iraq's Risky Jobs
New Rule: No Alcohol in Baghdad Airport
Iraqi Paints to Find Shelter From Horrors
Americans Keep Dying
Marine (OH) Never Got to Hold Infant Daughter
Father of Two (WI) Dies in Humvee Accident
Soldier (IN) Who Was Twin Dies in Iraq
A Soldier's Sacrifice in Afghanistan, a Family's Heartache (NE)
Soldier (AR) 'Believed He Needed to Be There'
Detroiter (MI) Killed in Iraq Wanted to Be FBI Agent
Minnesota Marine Killed While Patrolling Roads in Iraq
Wisconsin Loses 2 Soldiers in Iraq
First Fond Du Lac (WI) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Bakersfield (CA) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Sgt (FL) With Virginia Ties Dies in Afghanistan
Navy Corpsman (GA) Dies in Iraq
Round Rock (TX) Marine Dies in Iraq
Soldier (TX) Who Grew Up in Missouri Is Killed in Iraq
Worth County (GA) Guardsman Killed in Iraq
Opelika (AL) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Bomb Kills Parkston (SD) Soldier
Valdosta (GA) Soldier Killed
Georgia Guardsman Killed in Iraq
Explosives Seized Near Afghan Border on Eve of Musharraf Visit
Regional Leader Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan Roadside Bomb Hurts 2 US Troops
Pakistan Plans to Deport 1,400 Students
Students Aim to Block Pakistan Expulsion
Pakistan Islamic Groups Protest Move to Send Home Foreign Koranic Students
Arrests at 800 as Pakistan Presses Islamic Militants
Pakistani Courts Face Huge Backlogs After Crackdown
Pakistani Arrested Over Prayer Ritual for Suicide Bomber
Balochstan Police Foil Bombing Bid
Maoist Rebels Kidnap 7 Officials in Restive Nepal
Maoists Eye Multiparty Democracy in Nepal
Nepal Peaceful for Tourists Despite Maoist Rebellion
North Korea Nuke Talks
US, North Korea to Hold Sixth Day of Nuclear Talks Sunday
Further US-North Korea Private Talks
Japan Stockpiles Plutonium as Threat of Nuclear Escalation Spreads Across Asia
Japan: Thousands Gather in Support of Retaining Pacifist Article 9
Group to Open Japanese War Crimes Museum
Two Indian Soldiers Among Four Dead in Kashmir Gunbattle, 25 Wounded
Companies Turn to Private Navies to Combat Pirates of the Malacca Strait
Indonesia Denies Human Rights Abuses
Philippines Blasts Wounds Four
Uzbek Refugees Given Sanctuary in Romania
First Russian Troops Quit Georgia
Liberal Youths Challenge Putin
Irish Republican Army
US Presses IRA Over Foreign Operations
Let's Talk, Sinn Fein Negotiator Tells Northern Irish Foe
Leading German Parties Launch Campaign
Spain Sentences ETA Kidnap Pair
Milosevic May Be 'Allowed' to Spend Rest of His Life in Russian Prison
Serbian Patriarch Backs Party Led by War-Crimes Suspect
Ten Years On, War Victory Still Weighs on Croatia
A Suspect Talks in Rome
Terror Suspect Gives First Account of London Attack
Bombing Suspect Interrogated in Italy
Report: Terror Suspect Angry About Iraq War
London Bombing Suspect Will Fight Extradition From Italy
Two Month Delay as Italy Set to Ignore Fast-Track Extradition for Suspected Bomber
Extraordinary Admission to Interrogators by London Bomb Suspect Osman Hussain
London Blast Suspect Said Calm at Hearing
The Investigation Continues
Why the Search for the London Bombers Is Still Far From Over
Police Investigate Saudi Link to London Attacks
The Attacks on London: The Arrests
Two Women Arrested at London Train Station
Zambian-Held Suspect's Family Fears He May Face Torture in US
Bomb Suspects Face Interrogation in 'Grim' London Police Station
Muslims in Britain
Youth Wing of UK Muslim Group Calls for Jihad
Bombings Divide British Muslims
British Bombers' Rage Formed in a Caldron of Discontent
UK War on Terror
Is Britain Braced for a Possible Third Wave?
Scotland Police Chief Orders Armed Officers to Major Railway Stations
Shooting-to-Kill in Britain
Anger Over 'Shoot to Kill' Policy Grows
Sources: Some of the 'Police' in Shooting of Innocent Brazilian Were Actually British Soldiers
Brazil Mourns London Victim 10,000 Attend Funeral for Man Mistaken for Suicide Bomber
CCVT Film to Aid Fatal Shooting Inquiry
London Police Order Independent Review of 'Shoot-To-Kill' Policy
US to Release Seven Yemenis From Guantanamo Jail: FM
Carter Blasts Guantanamo Detention Camp
US Military
Military Roleplays Occupations in Rural Louisiana
On Farthest US Shores, Iraq Is a Way to a Dream
Colonel Offers a Helping Hand
The War at Home
Bolton Not Truthful, 36 Senators Charge in Opposing Appointment
Congressman: Anti-Terror Dollars Going to Pork-Barrel Projects
Carter: Iraq War 'Unnecessary and Unjust'
Senator: GOP Not Doing Enough for Troops
Bush Vows to Pursue Killers of Algerian Diplomats
Sinai Bombings Renew Old Tensions Between Bedouins and Egyptian Authorities
Suspicion Falls on Bedouins in Red Sea Resort Bombings
Riot Police Beat Cairo Protesters
Egypt Presidential Campaign Ignites 'War of the Crescent'
School Dropout Who Had a Dream Runs for Egypt Presidency
Leading Candidate Pledges to Defeat Mubarak in Polls
Egypt Releases Opposition Figures
Britain Denies Deadline on EU's Iran Nuclear Offer
New Iran Leader to Address UN
Iran: US Failure Behind Ahmadinejad Accusations
Thousands of Police to Deploy to Stop Pullout Foes' March
Palestinians Pledge to Ensure Quiet During Gaza Pullout
Israeli AG Orders Probe Into Group That Offers Money to Soldiers Who Refuse Pullout Duty
Disengagement Envoy: Palestinians Can Keep Gaza Rubble
'Commando Girls' Fight Gaza Pullout
Middle East
Lebanon PM Wins Confidence Vote Ahead of Syria Visit
US Warns Citizens in Kuwait of Terror Attacks
Saudi Arabia to Pardon Several Prisoners
UN Extends DR Congo Arms Ban
Influential Algerian Islamist Leader Questioned
US Oil Firm Returns to Libya
Ethiopia's Electoral Investigation Well Conducted: EU
Colombia Flies Food to Blockaded City
Rebels Tighten Their Grip on a Colombian State
Outspoken Latin America Envoy Resigning
Probe: Canadian Govt Was Aware of Torture in Syria Before Arar Arrest
Cuba Slams US Naming Official to Promote Democracy on the Island
Cuba, Venezuela Dominate Caribbean Unity Summit Despite Leaders' Absence
Chavez Supporters Block Venezuela Protest March
Brazil Leader Works to Save Presidency
Weekend Reviews
Middle East Paradigm Shift
Henry David Thoreau and 'Civil Disobedience'
Tim Robbins at War

Over There Hollywood Joins the War Party

Disengagement's Foreplay

Reality Bites Back


Ivan Eland
Rolling the Dice on India

Praful Bidwai
US, India Open Can of Nuclear Worms

Sascha Matuszak
Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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