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A couple of years ago, you could write the word "neocons" and very few people would know what the heck you were talking about. These days, however, it's a different story – thanks in large part to An editorial, dated April 30, 1999, described the neoconservatives as

"A sect that is small in numbers but hugely influential in the media and in Washington. The neoconservatives, or 'neocons,' have never amounted to more than a few dozen intellectuals and publicists, nearly all of whom seem to be newspaper columnists, magazine editors, and foundation officials."

Fanatically devoted to war, this bunch, we noted, is dangerous:

"The death of Communism did not even break their stride: they were on the job warmongering full-time weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall, looking alternately at Islamic fundamentalism and the Chinese as potential stand-ins for the Kremlin."

We had some inkling, at the time, of the danger they posed – but was pretty much alone in pointing to it. For years, right up until 9/11, it was a pretty lonely crusade. Yet we continued to pound away at this theme, planting a "meme" the meaning and significance of which is, today, all too apparent.

A recent Wikipedia entry credits us with passing the following memes into general parlance: "Chickenhawk," "101st Fighting Keyboarders," and "laptop bombardiers." While we can't take credit for originating these concepts, it was that popularized these key phrases and made them a part of the vocabulary of the ongoing debate over the war and foreign policy issues in general.

We've accomplished a lot in the 10 years of our existence – yes, this December is our 10th anniversary. A decade of telling it like it is, and giving you the most up-to-the-minute news on the Internet. And now we're turning to you for the support we need to do our job.

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Updated August 3, 2005 - 11:09 PM EDT
14 More Marines Killed, 21 in 3 Days
Envoys Discuss Iraq Security Handover
63% of Americans Say US Too Quick to Go to War
American Journalist Found Shot Dead in Basra
Pentagon Denies US Marine Captured in Iraq
Third Prosecutor Slams Gitmo Trials, Walks Out
2 Aides to Rove Testify in CIA Leak Inquiry
Citing Iraq, US Warns Americans About Travel Overseas
Iraq: Hundreds of Millions Wasted on Useless Equipment
15 Years After Invasion, Iraq Accuses Kuwait of Stealing Oil
Hundreds of GIs Return From Iraq With Deadly, Drug-Resistant Infection
A Young Man's Death in Iraq
by Tom Engelhardt and Chris Christensen
Origins of the Species Neocon
by Roger Morris
National Defense for a Republic
by William S. Lind
They're 'Desperate,' Get Used to It
by Susan Taylor Martin
War and Foreign Policy
by Murray N. Rothbard
The Tragic Meaning of London
by Doug Bandow
Panic in the Face of Fanatics Is Making Britain Dangerous   by Simon Jenkins

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US Signals Painful Progress in North Korea Talks
US Official Says Iran Blinks in Nuclear Standoff
Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs
Worry Grows as Iraq's Defense Ministry Falls Short of Expectations
Iraq, Turkey, US Set for Talks on Measures Against Armed Kurdish Rebels
Before War, CIA Trained Iraqis to Aid US
Iraqi Oil Ministry Says Fuel Rationing Will Begin Soon
Armed Forces Seize Power in Mauritania
As 7 More Marines Killed, Number of Americans Returning Home for the Last Time Passes 1,800
The Selling of Brand Kurdistan
Old Enemies' Wargames Send a Powerful Message to the US
Iraqi Constitution
Iraqis Continue to Fail to Solve Constitution Woes
Iraq: US Ambassador Announces Seven-Point Plan for Country
Issues Blocking Deal on Iraq Constitution
Iraq Constitution Chief: Compromises Key to Meeting Deadline
Iraqi Women Turn to US Envoy Over Charter Rights
Attacks Continue
At Least 47 Killed in Iraq Attacks
Bodies of 22 Slaying Victims Reportedly Found in Baghdad
Insurgents Using More Powerful Roadside Bombs
6 Marines From Same Ohio-Based Unit Killed in Iraq
Embedded Military Reporter Hurt in Iraq
Army Times Reporter Describes Attack
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 2
The New Iraq
Saddam and Lawyers to Boycott Trial After 'Assault' on Ex-Dictator
Iraq Leaders Must Win Hearts and Minds to Defeat Insurgents: US Ambassador
Power Shortage Drives Iraqis to Frustration, Fury
For Iraq's Motorists, It's Abundance by the Drop
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq to Build Airport With Help From Iran
66% of Australians Say War in Iraq Raised Terror Risk
Seoul Feels Heat on Iraq Force
Rights Group Denounces Iraqi Insurgents
US Uzbekistan Base May Be Stationed in Azerbaijan
Uzbekistan Sets January Deadline for Withdrawal From Base
Prominent Afghan Clerics Targeted by Taliban, Authorities Say
18 Wounded in Afghan Violence
Estonian Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan
Runway Damaged in Landing Mishap; Could Delay Canadians' Arrival in Afghanistan
Madrassas Ask for Foreign Support
Pakistanis Face a Watchdog's Growl
India Shelves Kashmir Troop Pullout Plan
DM: Military Pact With US Won't Compromise India's Security
Protests Continue in Nepal
Amnesty Says Nepalese Vigilantes Cause Increasing Civilian Casualties
Nepali Insurgency Not Affecting Tourism
Battle in Nepal's Schoolrooms
North Korea Says No Progress in Nuclear Talks but Commits to Another Day
Delegates Pessimistic as Korean Nuclear Talks Stretch Into Second Week
North Korea Talks May End Without Agreement
North Korea Sets Conditions for Disarmament
Chinese Drop Bid to Buy US Oil Firm
Ill Will Rising Between China and Japan
Japan to Speed Up Missile Defense
Sri Lanka's Tamils Want Separate State
Thai Cabinet Undergoes Reshuffle
3 Nations to Join in Malacca Air Patrols
Indonesian Draft Intelligence Law Violates Basic Rights: Rights Group
Russia Won't Renew ABC-TV's Accreditation
Kasparov Makes Opening Move in Quest for Russian Revolution
France Wants Tougher Terror Sentences
WWII Bomb Found in French School
Sudan Violence Rages as Death Toll Hits 84
New Civil War Feared After Sudan Leader's Death
Khartoum Moves Quickly to Secure New Vice President
New Southern Sudan Leader Calls for Calm
Quiet Mourning for Garang in South Sudan Bush
Two US Diplomats Will Attempt to Keep Sudan Peace Process on Track
World Rushes to Save Fragile Sudan Peace
Zimbabwe Drops Treason Charge Against Opposition Leader
Zimbabwe's Embattled White Farmers Vow to Press On
Lawsuit Claims Chevron Paid for Deadly Raids on Two Nigerian Villages
South Africa to Follow in Zimbabwe's Footsteps?
Aid Group Closes DR Congo Clinics
War on Terror
US Official: Cyber-Terrorists Using Hacking Methods to Target Governments
Bin Laden 'Offered Cease-Fire' to UK
Jihad: Who's Joining, and Why?
London Bombs Aftermath
London Bus Fire Causes Alert
Britain Aims to Get London Bombing Suspect 'Quickly' Back From Italy
New EU Arrest Warrant Faces Test in Italy
Italians in No Rush to Hand Over Bomb Suspect
Londoners May Face New Tax for Terror Cost
Call for Terrorism Protection in Loan Contracts
UK Military
Film Leads to UK Army Bullying Probe
Britain’s Oldest Aircraft Carrier HMS Invincible to Be Retired
US Military
Pentagon Bans Use of Anonymous Quotes in Press Releases
Pentagon Poised to Resume Production of Antipersonnel Mines
Shortfalls in Space
US Army Deserter Fled Iraq for New Life in Canada
Torturing Justice
It's That Pesky Prisoner Abuse Scandal Again…
Detainee Alleges Abuse En Route to Guantanamo
Suspect's Tale of Travel and Torture
Guardsman at Center of Abuse Controversy
Bolton to the UN
Newly Appointed Ambassador Bolton Arrives at UN
Much of Bolton's 'Do List' Already Achieved at UN
Media Weigh in on Ambassador Bolton
Recess Appointment Is Logical but Risky
Homeland Security
Probe of Nuke-Detection Efforts Sought
Security Cameras Back in Demand
The War at Home
Columnist Hints Book Was Source That Led to Use of CIA Officer's Name
Bush Bypasses Senate for Pentagon Appointment
Iraq Vet Barely Loses Congressional Seat
Other Iraq Vets Running for Office
Lawyers Seek New Legal Protections for Reporters
Debate Over What to Call Iraq War Delays Shelby Township Memorial
Iraq Veteran Arrested in Killing
Saudi Arabia
Princes and Presidents Mark King Fahd's Passing
Cheney Heads Delegation to Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's Not-so-New Leader
A Saudi Reign of Riches, Paradox
EU3 Tells Iran Talks End if Nuclear Activity Starts
Ahmadinejad Assumes Iran's Presidency Amid International Scrutiny
Israel Warns of Iran Nuclear Plans
Prominent Iranian Judge Shot Dead
Russia Will Help Iran Despite Nuclear Moves
Small Blast Hits British Airways, BP Offices in Iran
Israeli Settlers Vent Fury Against Sharon at Mass Anti-Pullout Demonstration
Israel Begins Preparations for Gaza Plan
Egypt, Israel to Sign Gaza Border Deal
Fatah Sets Up 'Popular Army' to Cope With Gaza Pullout
Though Some May Resist, Gaza Settlers Are Packing Up
Gaza Settlers Face Defeat, Disillusion
Israeli Jew Charged With Helping Suicide Bomber
Israel's Stranglehold on Jerusalem Arabs Could Spark Uprising
Small Blasts Hit Turkish Resort
New Obstacle Blocks Turkish Road to EU
France Warns EU Over Turkey Bid
Turkey Affirms Anti-Cyprus Stance for EU Talks
Middle East
Tension Grows Ahead of Egypt Poll
Interest Grows in Islamic Bonds in the Gulf
Colombia Wants More US Aid to Fight Drugs
Colombia Taps Former President to Be US Envoy
2,000 Colombian Paramilitaries Give Up Their Guns
Activists See No Justice in New Colombian Law
Mexico Vows Tighter Border Security After US Move
Bolivian Minister Resigns Over Remarks on Cuba and Venezuela
In Other News
Governments Hold Most of World's Oil Reserves
Hiroshima Mayor Seeks Antinuclear Committee at UN

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