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They lied us into war – and, if there's any justice in this world, they have to pay for their crimes.

The War Party lied about "weapons of mass destruction." They lied about Iraq's "links" to al-Qaeda. They lied about Saddam's nonexistent nukes.

They lied about everything – and then scrambled to cover their tracks. In doing so, they committed a number of crimes along the way – outing a CIA agent, covering up a forgery, committing perjury, engaging in a criminal conspiracy, and perhaps even enabling espionage.

These thugs belong in jail. Won't you help us put them there?

For years we've been writing about their crimes, investigating the facts, and giving you the news you don't get in the "mainstream" media – and now that these multiple scandals are finally breaking, we are turning to you, our readers and supporters, for the help we need to stay online.

Way back in October 2003, we nailed Dick Cheney's office as the nesting place of the culprits and wrote that the Plame affair "throws the spotlight on an even bigger crime" – the fabrication of the case for war. We named names, and kept naming them, without fear or favor, and with a scrupulous attention to the facts.

Now it looks like federal prosecutors are taking up where the investigative journalists left off. For once, it's just possible that justice will be done: we have a chance to take back American foreign policy from the perpetrators of a criminal war, who have no sense of either legality or morality. But we can't do it without your help. Let's keep the pressure on!

Your contribution is absolutely essential – and now is the time to make it.

In the first three days of our drive, 403 of you gave a total of $22,290. We are falling behind in trying to reach the goal of $60,000 to keep running for the next quarter. Please help.
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Updated August 4, 2005 - 11:22 PM EDT
New Charges in Pentagon Spy Probe

Iraq Rebels Using More Powerful Bombs

Four More US Soldiers Killed Today in Iraq
Settler Lynched After Killing 4 Druze on Bus

Bush: Marines' Deaths 'Grim Reminder' of War

US Lays Groundwork for Iraq Withdrawal

Al-Qaeda Threatens More UK, US Attacks

Armed Forces Seize Power in Mauritania

Chalabi's Top Aide Assassinated in Baghdad

Islamic Jihad Head: We May Recognize Israel

Bush Bypasses Senate to Name Pentagon Official

World Movement for Democracy: Made in the USA  by Tom Barry
Media Flagstones Along a Path to War on Iran  by Norman Solomon
Labor Takes Its Stand Against Empire  by Jack Ross
Preempting Cheney  by Ray McGovern
The New Know-Nothings
by Arianna Huffington
Uncle Sam's Iron Curtain of Secrecy  by James Bovard

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Bush Makes It Clear Phrase Is 'War on Terror'

Via Telephone, Rumsfeld Reaffirms War on Terror

New Rules in Global Rivalry for Oil

Marine Killings in Iraq Send New Warning Sign to Bush

CIA Men Botched Pre-War Iraq Infiltration

Report: US Secretly Held Two Yemeni Prisoners

Bolton Has Package of Carrots for 'Axis of Evil'

20 Local Marines Killed in 2 Days:
Iraq Military Losses Crush Ohio Town
The War Goes On

14 Marines, Interpreter Killed in Northwestern Iraq

In Iraqi Town, Rebels and Locals Alike on the Run

Oil Installation Guards Attacked in Iraq

Iraqi Insurgents Learn Deadly New Tricks

Poland Apologizes for Damage Troops Inflicted on Babylon

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug 4
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug 3
Iraq Today

Iraq Army Crippled by Logistic Problems

Unofficial De-Ba'athification Process Targets Sunnis in Basra

Turkey Urges Closure of PKK-Linked Office in Northern Iraq

Iraq Housing Problems Increase as Conflict Hits Hearth and Home

US Seeks Rights for Iraqi Women

Killed Journalist

US Reporter Murdered in Iraq Had Written His Own Epitaph

Tragic End to a War Reporter's Bracing Story

Journalists Who Have Died in Iraq


Mauritania's 'Pro-US' President Overthrown

Mauritanian Army Officers Announce Successful Coup

Oil Wealth Triggers Mauritanian Army Coup

President Diverts to Niger After Coup in Mauritania

AU Chief Condemns Coup in Mauritania


Iran Gets New President Amid Tension With the West

Ahmadinejad Vows a Pure Islamic Path

Iran to Resume Uranium Conversion

Iran Backtracks on Threat to Restart Nuclear Conversion

Iran Calls Decision on Uranium 'Irreversible'


Red Cross Says 84 Dead in Violence in Sudan Capital

Sudan Rebel Leader's Group Asks for International Probe Into Death

Rioting Subsides in Sudan

People Flee Central Khartoum


Attack on Gaza Protest Backfires, Kills Palestinian Boy

Israel May Sue Settlers Who Resist Evacuation

Israeli Army Doubts Report That al-Qaeda Is Operating in Gaza

Islamic Jihad Denies Report It Will Halt Qassam Rocket Fire

Egyptian Officers Arrive in Gaza to Help Train Palestinian Police

UK Helped Israel Get Nuclear Bomb


Italy to Take Command of International Force in Afghanistan

Austria Deploys 93 Non-Combat Troops to Afghanistan

Taliban Allegedly Targeting Afghan Clerics

Gunmen Kill Nine in Afghanistan

Afghan Women Show Greater Interest in Elections

Middle East

Two Killed in Istanbul Blast

British Businessmen Claim Torture in Dubai

Three Islamic Gunmen Killed in Algeria

Jordan's King Urges Palestinian Unity Ahead of Disengagement

Egypt Opposition Stages New Anti-Mubarak Demo

Russia/Central Asia

Russia May Take Over US Airbase in Uzbekistan

Putin Barred From Beslan Tribute

US to Move Airbase to Azerbaijan?

East Asia

Taiwan Softens Stance on Air Links With China

Japan, China Bring Old Grievances Into New Era

US Optimistic Over Military Ties With Indonesia


US Military Presence in Paraguay Stirs Speculation

Colombian President to Press for More Aid at Bush Summit

Miami Exiles Get Their Man Named to Cuba Post

US Says Venezuela Backs Colombia Rebels


Warning on Islamists Sparks Controversy in Australia

Officials Say Terrorist Cells at Work in Australia

Ohio Mourns

In Ohio, War Becomes 'a Little More Personal'

Ohio Marines Killed This Week in Iraq

London Bombs Aftermath
Lawyer of London Bombing Suspect Hopes to Trade Cooperation for New Identity

Failed Bombing Suspect Says Device Was Flour Bomb

From Refugee to Thug to Suspect in London Plot

Terrorism Takes Priority Over Murder for UK Police

London Police Overstretched in Wake of Terror Attacks

London on Alert as First Man Is Charged Over Terror Attacks

No Evidence London Bombers Visited Pakistani Religious Schools

Home Office May Scrutinize Passports of Everyone Leaving Britain

NYPD Officials Reveal Details of London Bombing

Amateurism of UK Strikes Does Not Rule Out Danger

Britain Braces Itself for Another Thursday

Muslims in Britain

Young UK Muslims Work to Bridge Islam, West

Hate Crimes Soar Since London Bombs

As Hate Crimes Rise, UK Muslim Leader Urges Women to Stop Wearing Headscarves

In Britain, Growing Objections to Multicultural Society

Britain's Muslim Scapegoats


Tougher Terror Laws Pushed in Scandinavia

Danish Radio Host Faces Charges After Call to 'Exterminate' Muslims Fanatics

Imams Facing More Scrutiny in Europe

Impromptu Terrorists 'New Nightmare'

UK Minister Admits ID Card Benefits Were Exaggerated

Belarus Jails Polish Group Leader

Return of Lenin Statue Leaves Berliners Divided

US Military

Guard Troops Home After Year in Afghanistan

Soldier Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Weapons From Iraq

War and Peace Corps: Are Pentagon Ties Endangering Volunteers?

After 10-Year Hiatus, Pentagon Eyes New Landmine

United States

Police Chiefs Group Bolsters Shooting Policy on Suicide Bombers

New Documents Show FBI Targeting Peaceful Protesters in Colorado as Potential Terrorists

CIA Supports 'Secret' Spy Scholarships

Maryland Woman Accused in Fla. Anthrax Hoax

Customs Official Says FBI Delayed Terrorist Probe

Libraries at the Center of Efforts to Change PATRIOT Act

NY Times Reporter Is Among Many Notables at Va. Jail

Iraq Vet Loses House Bid


Ex-Detainees to Sue US Over False Imprisonment at Gitmo

US Analyst Says Fair Trial for Gitmo Detainees Unlikely

Third Prosecutor Quits 'Rigged' Gitmo Trials


Legacy of Japan's Chemical Warfare Still Alive in China

Why the Chinese Dropped Their Bid for Unocal

Christians May Outnumber Communists in China

Chinese Cyber-Dissident Given Five Years

China's Nuclear Might Under US Scrutiny After Taiwan Threat


North Korea Nuclear Talks Rest on Final Draft Agreement

US: North Korea Nuke Talks Nearly Over

China Battles to Save Korea Nuclear Talks


9/11 Panel Members Say Pakistan Lax in bin Laden Hunt

F-16 Sale to Pakistan Highlights US Policy Contradiction


Zambia to Deport London Bombing Suspect

Treason Charges Dropped Against Mugabe Foe


With Friends Like This…

Remembering the Storm

Free the Diplomats

The Politics of Troop Withdrawal

Ran HaCohen
Disengagement's Foreplay

Alan Bock
Reality Bites Back

Praful Bidwai
US, India Open Can of Nuclear Worms

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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