No Sympathy for the Neocons: Justin Raimondo
Iranian Ironies: Michael Schwartz/Tom Engelhardt
The Sheehan Effect: Teresa Whitehurst
Foreign Lobbies Imperil America by Chris Deliso
Bigger Than AIPAC: Robert Dreyfuss

It takes twenty years or more of peace to make a man; it only takes twenty seconds of war to destroy him.
King Baudouin I of Belgium
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Updated August 10, 2005 - 11:20 PM EDT
Coup in Baghdad
US: Bombs From Iran Found in Iraq
'Nobody Knows' When Iraqis Will Take Over
6 More GIs Killed in Iraq, 44 Dead in 10 Days
Rumsfeld: Insurgency Could Get Worse
Female Circumcision Surfaces in Iraq
Bush Names Edelman to Defense Post, Bypassing Senate
9/11 Panelists Ask Congress to See if Pentagon Withheld Files on Hijackers
Freed Egyptian Chemist Says He Knew Two of the London Attackers
How Foreign Lobbies Imperil America  by Christopher Deliso
Angry Mothers and Trembling Grizzlies: The Sheehan Effect
by Teresa Whitehurst
No Group Holds the Patent on Terrorism  by Susan Taylor Martin
Iranian Ironies
by Michael Schwartz and Tom Engelhardt
FBI, Please Protect Us From Terrorists & the ACLU  by Anthony Gregory
No Letup to the Occupation
by Aluf Benn

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A Formal End to the Korean War?
Iran Has New Proposal as UN Agency Meets
Bush Warily Backs New Iran Nuclear Talks
Fresh Attacks Kill 22 Iraqis
History of Israeli Settlements
Fifth US Soldier in a Week Killed in Afghanistan
Chertoff Differs With Military Over Domestic Control
Oil Price Close to $65 Mark
Insurgent Attacks Kill 28 People in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Aussie, UK Advisers Limited GIs Killing Civilians During Invasion
Al-Qaeda 'Documentary' Depicts Attacks on US Troops
Aziz Says Will Not Testify Against Saddam
Lack of Abu Ghraib Abuse Charges Against Civilian Contractors Queried
Iraqi Constitution
Iraqi Leaders Race Against Time in Treaty Talks
Federalism Delay to Be Proposed in Iraq
Iraqi Women Face Up in Protest Over New Constitution
Assembly Faces 18 Difficult Steps
Bush's Afghan Warrior at Heart of Iraq Negotiations
Attacks Continue
9 US Troops Die in Separate Incidents in Iraq
US Soldier Killed in Iraq; Attacks Kill 28 Iraqis
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 10
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 9
The New Iraq
Subsidized Fuel Is Spirited Out of Iraq
Baghdad Elite Flees Iraq
Iraqi Women Press for Rights
Why Baghdad Must Make Do With Takeout
$20 Billion Needed for Electricity Projects in Next Five Years
GI Dead in Afghanistan Clash
16 Suspected Rebels Killed in Afghanistan
Efforts to Build Afghan Road Illuminate Challenges, Possibilities
Musharraf: UK Bombers 'Home Grown'
Pakistani Govt, Opposition Unite Against 'Western Extremism'
Pakistani PM: Gwadar Port Has No Military Purpose
Pakistani Militant Suspect Had City Maps
Six Arrested Over Karachi KFC Attack
India, Pakistan Talk to Remove Trade Barriers
India to Set Up Military Spy Satellite System by 2007
Kashmir Shuts Down to Demand Lifting of Death Sentence, Seven Die in Unrest
India Riot Inquiry Sparks Protest
Nepal Says Bodies of 40 Troops Found After Attack
More Than 140 Nepal Soldiers Missing After Clash With Rebels
Nepal Under Close Watch for Rights Violations
North Korea Says US Alone Is Holding Up 6-Nation Nuclear Talks
  North Korea Reiterates Call for Peace Treaty
US Envoy Unsure if Korean Nuclear Deal Likely
US to Seek 'No Ambiguity' From North Korea
North Korea Insists on 'Peaceful' Nuclear Development
US, North Korea Might Have New Direct Contacts: US Negotiator
Powers to Meet Separately Ahead of Korea Talks
Newfound Support for Koizumi Surfaces
Nagasaki Urges US to Give Up Nukes 60 Years After Last Atomic Bombing
Nagasaki at 60: The Bombers and the Bombed
Nagasaki Remembers
Healing Blast Survivors' Bodies and Souls
Mathematician Reveals Flaws in Japan's War Code
China Protest Turns Ugly as Demonstrations Spread
China Grows More Wary Over Rash of Protests
Australia Could Export Uranium to China
Votes Tallied in 'Fraud-Tainted' Philippine Polls
Indonesian Parliament Endorses Aceh Peace Deal
Cambodian Military Court Jails Opposition Lawmaker
Gunmen Fire on Car in Chechnya
Criminal Probe Opens in Russia Sub Case
Russia to Buy Rescue Subs
Suspected Bosnian Serb War Criminal Caught in Argentina Agrees to Face Tribunal
Court Hears Complaints About Schroeder's Election Moves
US Denies Venezuela Spy Allegations
US Threatens to Pull Venezuela Drug War Certification
US Plays Both Venezuela Sides
Chavez Heats Up Anti-US Rhetoric
Bogota Intent on Extraditing 'Colombia Three' From Ireland
'No Deal Done' on Colombia Three
Colombia Unearthing Plight of Its 'Disappeared'
US to Help Colombia's Demobilization Effort
New Disappeared Charges in Chile
Aristide Party Faction to Run in Haiti Elections
In Other News
Oil-for-Food Inquiry Claims Sevan Took $150,000 in Payments
Australian Coalition Strengthens Its Hold
London Bombings Probe
London Bombings Predicted in French Report
British Police Question Bombing Suspect in Rome
Muslim Radicals in Britain
Brief Biographies of Muslim Clerics in Britain Who May Face Treason Charges
UN Expert: Extremists Who Are Deported Will Be Tortured
I Shall Return to Britain, Vows Radical Imam Omar Bakri
Journal of a British Jihadi
UK War on Terror
Police: Attack on London Financial Center Inevitable
UK Considers Secret Terror Court Plans
Tory Leader Attacks Courts on Terrorism
Britain Plays Down Treason Talk
US War on Terror
Early Intelligence on Atta Draws Scrutiny of 9/11 Panel
Are Terrorist Cells Still in the US?
US Court Reverses Cubans' Spying Convictions
US Holding Talks on Return of Gitmo Detainees
Bar Association Slams Parts of PATRIOT Act

US Military

Army Relieves Four-Star General of Duties
Talking Wounded
Morale Woes Rattle Guard
Fatal Shooting of Fellow Soldier Ruled Self Defense
The War at Home
Most Americans Say Iraq War Has Made US More Vulnerable to Terrorism: Poll
Military Families to Join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford
Sen. Levin Blocking Nominees in Bid for War Documents
Proud to Be 'The Barking Moonbat'
Musicians Take Antiwar Message to DC
Activists Object to Navy as Concert Sponsor
Contamination From Los Alamos Found in 4 States
Informant Says Iran Has Made 4,000 Centrifuges Without UN Noticing
Iran Says Will Drop Nuclear Pledges if Attacked
US Mulls Visa Ban for Iranian President
Iran Agrees to Talk About Nuclear Plans
Russia Asks Iran to Halt Activity
Iran Says It Increased Range, Accuracy of Its Shihab-3 Missile
Four Iran Police Killed Fighting Kurd Separatists
Iranian Journalist Breaks Hunger Strike
Iran, Afghanistan to Work on Joint Plans for Tourism
Lebanon Assigns Body to Draw Up New Election Law
Syrians Call for Revamping Election Laws
Syria Demands Answers on Missing Nationals
Palestinians Seek to Fortify Relationship With Lebanon
Israeli Army Chief: Refusal Could Create 'Militias Within the IDF'
Abbas: Palestinians Must Allow Orderly Gaza Pullout
How Israel's Gaza Withdrawal Is Meant to Happen
Israel, Palestinians Agree on Removing Rubble From Gaza Settlements
Gaza Settlers Ordered to Leave
Prosecutor: Avoid Detaining Under-Age Pullout Opponents
Israeli Pullout Is Result of Rocket Attacks: Hamas
Gaza's Palestinians Poised for Life With Fewer Limits
Israel, Palestinians Agree on Plan to Raze Gaza Settlements
Security Concerns Growing in Gaza Strip as Withdrawal Nears
Netanyahu Trounces Sharon in Poll of Likud Members
Netanyahu Seeks Fancy Office, Car, Staff
Foe of Sharon to Run for Israel's Likud Leadership
Abbas: Palestinian Vote to Be Held in Jan., 6 Months Late
Hamas' Political Option: Vote, Baby, Vote
UN Official Plays Down Palestinian 'Return' Quest
Two Israelis Hurt in Drive-By Shooting Attack in West Bank
Civilians Injured in Kuwait Training Area
Kuwait Emir Returns Home After Surgery in US
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Raises Security at Foreign Embassies
Arabs Divided on Emergency Summit
Egypt Prepares for Key Role in Gaza After Israel's Pullout
Diplomats Give Cautious Support to Mauritanian Junta
Ex-Mauritania Leader Asks Military to Give Him His Country Back

AU Seeks Mauritania Junta Talks

Ethiopian PM Wins Disputed Poll
Mugabe Gives Farms to Military
India to Send Troops to Sudan
Somali Hostage Deadline Expires

No Sympathy for the Neocons

The Failed 'War on Terror'

Europe Plays Nuclear Poker With Iran

Constitution: How's Chances?

Nebojsa Malic
Remembering the Storm

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Ran HaCohen
Disengagement's Foreplay

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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