9/11 Revisionism, Revisited: Justin Raimondo
Insurgency: Neighborhood Watch: Gary Brecher
Prosecuting the Plame Case: Vega/Engelhardt
No End in Sight in Iraq: Bob Herbert
Ukraine's Summer of Discontent: Chris Deliso

...the role of the military is to fight and win war and, therefore, prevent war from happening in the first place.
George W. Bush
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Updated August 12, 2005 - 11:22 PM EDT
Death Toll Soars for Part-Time Troops
No Clear Finish Line in Iraq
Shi'ites Demand Autonomous State in South
Sunni Arab Leaders Reject Shi'ite Proposal
Alleged bin Laden Contact in Iraq Govt
US Officials Warn of Possibility of Attack Around Sept. 11
3-Year Fight Looms to Deport UK Extremists Held After Raids
Afghans Say 4 Died When US Plane Bombed Their Village
South Korea: North Has Right to Peaceful Nuclear Program
No End in Sight in Iraq
by Bob Herbert
Revolution Industry, Phase 2: Ukraine's Summer of Discontent
by Christopher Deliso
A Grieving Mother Waits for an Answer  by Margaret Carlson
How to Prosecute the Plame Case
by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
Oil Will Pay for Rebuilding Iraq? No, Wrong Again  by Marie Cocco
Omnes Viae Romam Ducunt
by John Laughland

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Philippine Report Shows Plots Against US, UK
Bush, Under Pressure to Cut Iraq Troops, Faces Dilemma
Bush: Iraqi Constitution Will Be on Time
Iraq's Prime Minister Tries to Calm Political Maelstrom
Is Iraq War Fueling Persian Gulf's Economic Boom?
Bush: Leaving Iraq Would Be Bad Signal
9/11 Panel Ignored Facts on Hijackers
Those Linked to London Transit Attacks
No Relief in Sight for Gasoline Prices
Today in Iraq
Audit: Fraud Drained $1 Billion From Iraq's Defense Efforts
Saddam Could Be Tried and Executed Over Minor Case
Saddam Trial Could Start Within Two Months
Syrian Packmules Accused of Funding Insurgency
UN Extends Aid Mission in Iraq for Another Year
Attacks Continue
Rebels Kill 16 Across Iraq
Bombs Bad Enough, but Guns Worse in Baghdad
US General Says Car Bombs and Suicide Attacks Are Dropping
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 12
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 11
The New Iraq
Christian Enclave Ties Future to Life Outside Iraq
Iraqi Women Struggle to Keep Freedom
Al-Najaf Base to Be International Airport: Iraqi Transportation Minister
Iraq Looks to Diversify Into Non-Oil Industries
Rebels Kill US Soldier in Afghanistan, 6th Killed This Week
10 Rebels Killed in New Afghanistan Violence
Taliban Commander Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
Using Donkeys and Helicopters, Afghans Gear Up for Elections
No Sealing Border With Afghanistan: Pakistan
Afghan Refugees Defy Pakistan Order
Pakistan Tests Cruise Missile, but Didn't Warn India
US: Unannounced Pakistani Missile Test 'Not Provocative'
Musharraf Lauds Successful Cruise Missile Test
Pakistan, India Both Eye Central Asia
Indian PM 'Bows Head in Shame' for Riots
UK to Ease Nuclear Export Controls to India
Sri Lanka
Kalashnikovs, Karate? Tamil Rebels Offer Training
How One Sri Lanka City Stays Above the Ethnic Fray
Nepal Army Searching for Missing Troops
Nepal Rights Body to Investigate Claims of Maoist Killings
Radio Stations Resume News Broadcasts Despite Govt Ban
S. Korea, US Feud Over NK Nukes
Money Rears Head in North Korean Nuke Debate
Security Official Warns of 'Threats' of Chinese IPOs
US Report Warns of China Sub Threat
China Working on Counter-Terrorism Law
Two Bombs Injure 26 in Southern Philippines
Japan War Movie Sounds Nationalist Call to Arms
Bali Bombers Months From Firing Squad

Assaults Sour Poland-Russia Ties

Protesters Cut Fence, Walk Unchallenged Through US Base in Germany, Hang Banner
Uganda Threatens to Close Newspapers That Question Official Story on Garang Death
Former Rebel Chief Sworn in as Sudan VP
Sudan Hits the Pause Button
Somali Leader Plans War, MPs Say
South Africa's Deputy President: Copy Zimbabwe's Policies
Woman Eyes Liberian Presidency
Kenya Gets New Military Chief
Witnesses: Five Aristide Supports Killed After Haitian Police Brought Lynch Mob With Them
Haiti Justice Minister Urges Release of Prisoners
Spy Case Cubans Win Retrial Outside Miami
Cuba Condemns US Protection of Terrorist Groups
Suspected War Criminal in Argentina Rejects Serbs' Warrant
Peru PM Quits as Rival Appointed
Venezuela, Uruguay Sign 25 Year Oil Deal
Middle East
Saudi Official Sees Drop in Terror Threat
Turkey Nabs Man Who Planned Attacks on Israeli Ships
Arab Gulf Oil Wealth to Be Spent on Foreign Assets
Egypt Poll Candidates Confirmed
Oil Up
US Energy Costs Surge as Oil Breaks $67
Non-OPEC Nations Fail to Pump More Oil
Roundup in London
Britain Arrests 10 Foreigners for Deportation
Days of Anxiety for Muslim Londoners
Jordanian Cleric in British Custody Is Alleged to Be al-Qaeda's Front-Man in Europe
British Cleric Won't Be Allowed to Return for Heart Surgery
Sheik Has Alleged Links to Radical Groups
UK Cleric Bakri Arrested in Beirut
UK War on Terror
Blair's Power to Go to War Comes Under Assault on Two Fronts
Human Rights Watch: Proposed Anti-Terrorism Measures Threaten Fundamental Rights
British Muslims Accused of Failing to Help Police
Jihad Agitators 'Tried to Recruit Teenagers for Training Camps'
US War on Terror
Oklahoma Man Held Before Boarding Plane With Bomb
Senator Voices Objection to FBI Promotion
Flyers Passing Through US Have Few Rights, Arar Judge Told
US Urges Dismissal of Canadian 'Extraordinary Rendition' Lawsuit, Citing State Secrets
Recruitment Crisis
Protesters Respond to Overzealous Military Recruiting
Parent-Trap Snares Recruiters
Reserve Components Still Struggle to Meet Recruiting Goals
US Military
US Accidentally Bombs Aussie Training Base
Soldiers' Blogs Bring Iraq Home
Money Woes on Home Front
Oregon Mom, Daughter Both Deployed to Kuwait
Veterans Returning From Iraq With Problems Too Serious for Local Help
Pentagon Defends Base-Closing Plan
Iraqi National Buried at Arlington
60 Years Later: Atomic Vets Still Trying to Get US to Recognize Injuries
A Mother vs. A President
Bush to Mother Who Lost Son in Iraq: 'I Grieve'
Vigil Threatens to Put President in Tough Spot
Grieving Mother's War Protest Draws Notice
A Mother's Vigil
Brush-Off for Mother in War Protest
Mother of US Iraq Casualty Vows to Follow Bush
Peace House a Center of Dissent in Crawford
The War at Home
Probe Poses Issue of What Rove Told Bush
City to Release Oral Histories of 9/11 Friday
Report: Bay of Pigs Was Predicted to Fail
A Round of Soul-Searching Among Muslims
Rolling Stones: Neocon Song 'Not Aimed at Bush'
Pair Want Reporter's Pulitzer for '45 Story on A-Bomb Revoked
'Hiroshima Flame' Reaches First Nuke Test Site
Acts of Antiwar: Operation Ceasefire Will Bring Music to the Mall
American Graffiti: Signs of the Times
Lutheran Synod Considers Denouncing Israeli Attacks on Civilians, Seperation Barrier
Miscues Set Up Nuclear Crisis
US Leaves Tough Talk on Iran to Others
US Likely to Let Iran's President Visit UN
Iran Unlikely to Export Nuclear Plant Output
Envoys: Iran Faces Sept. Deadline on Nukes
UN Nuclear Regulators and Iran Spar Over Fuel Program
US: Resolution Shows World United on Iran Nuclear Program
Exodus Begins for Gaza Settlers as Withdrawal Plan Gathers Pace
100,000 Protest Pullout in Tel Aviv
Israel Clamps Down on Permits to Enter Gaza
Israeli Army Bans Press From Entering Gaza Homes Being Evacuated
Yesha Calls on Protesters to Bring Children to Gaza
Gaza Plan to Ensure Jewish Majority Elsewhere
Abbas Denounces Sharon Over West Bank Settlements
Hamas Militants Make Flags to Fly Over Settlements
Israel and PA Step Up Security Coordination for Pullout
Gaza Settlement Becomes Ghost Town
Israeli Soldier Jailed for 8 Years for Killing British Activist
'Big Bang' Could Redefine Israel Politics
Palestinian Authority, Hamas Reach Deal

9/11 Revisionism, Revisited

The Failed 'War on Terror'

Europe Plays Nuclear Poker With Iran

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Free the Diplomats

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Disengagement's Foreplay

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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