No-Win War: Charley Reese
A Time for Moral Outrage: William Frey
Cindy Sheehan's Alternative: Norman Solomon
Israel's Nuclear Puzzle Resolved: R. Baroud
What the Neo-Crazies Knew: Gordon Prather

The constitution supposes, what the History of all Governments demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch of power most interested in war, and most prone to it.
James Madison
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Updated August 13, 2005 - 10:31 PM EDT

Bush Hints at Attacking Iran

Rafsanjani: West Can't Push Iran Around
Doctor: US Kills 15 Iraqis, Including 7 Children

Americans: Iraq War Increased Terror Risk

Cmdr: Iraq Roadside Attacks Have Doubled

Bush Backtracks on Pentagon Troop-Reduction Remarks

A Time for Moral Outrage
by William Frey
Cindy Sheehan's Moral Alternative to Bush and Dean  by Norman Solomon
Israel's Nuclear Puzzle Resolved: But To What End?  by Ramzy Baroud
'Support Our Troops' – Bring Them Home Alive  by Al Neuharth
No-Win War  by Charley Reese
What the Neo-Crazies Knew
by Gordon Prather

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FBI Warns of 9/11 Anniversary Bombs

Fraud in Iraq Costs $1 Billion

Poll: Iraq Going Badly, More in US Ponder Withdrawal

US Bucked on Issue of Civilian Nuclear Rights

US Energy Costs Surge as Oil Breaks $67

Israeli Hawks Circle Iran's Nuclear Plants

Man Gets Probation, Fine for Helping Send Money to Iraq

Who Funded the $60 Billion Settlements? Nobody Knows

Airline Security May Be Relaxed for Scissors, Razors


Cindy Sheehan: Media Starts to
Take Notice

The War Goes On

Blast Near Iraq Mosque Kills Four

US Soldier Killed by Explosion North of Baghdad

US Loses Spy Drone as Iraqis Make Off With Wreck

Death of 'Everyday Guys'

Robot Army Ready for Duty

Apache Crashes Near Kirkuk

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 13

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 12

Iraqi Politics

US Steps Up Role in Iraq Charter Talks

Iraqi Leaders Race to Meet Constitution Deadline

Sunnis: Iraq Charter May Be Delayed

Sunni Arab Leaders Reject Shi'ite Proposal

Envoy Delivers US Vision for Iraqi Constitution

Iraq Split on Role of Tribal Custom in Constitution

Sunnis Reject Federalism in Iraq

Bones of Contention on Iraq Constitution

Federalism Could Change Political Future of Basra

Iraq Today

Sadr Group Frees Hostages in Iraq

El Salvador Sends More Rebuilding Troops to Iraq

In Baghdad, Women Weaving New Image for Iraqi Carpets

Iraq's Maysan Province Mixes Peace and War

Ousted Baghdad Mayor Says Gun, Not Vote, Rules Iraq

Iraq Terror Suspect Loses Detention Challenge

Iraqi Kurdistan a World Away From War

Gaza Pullout

History of the Gaza Settlements

Demographics Scale Back Zionist Dreams

Countdown to Day of Reckoning in Gaza

After Decades of Disappointment, Gazans Are Preparing to Rejoice

Palestinians in Gaza Strip Have Lived in Limbo for Decades

Thousands in Gaza Celebrate Coming Israeli Pullout

In Gaza, One Mom Packs, Another Resists Inevitable Departure

Sharon's Long Path From Settlement Builder to Dismantler

Palestinians to Get Gaza Settlement Greenhouses

Hamas Will Keep Their Guns After Pullout


Female Israeli Soldier Detained After West Bank Wall Protest

Armed Settlers March Through West Bank Palestinian Villages

Sharon: Israel May Eventually Leave More West Bank Settlements

Egypt to Deploy Along Gaza Border as Early as Next Week

Syrian Charged in Plot to Attack Israeli Ships

Caracas vs. Washington

US Pulls Venezuelan Military Visas After Drug Spat

Venezuela Says Americans Could Be Denied Visas


Officials: Bolivian Leftist Uses US Aid for 'Terrorist Dictatorship'

Chávez Blames Brazil Left's Scandal on Right Wing


35 Killed in Latest Haiti Unrest

Haiti Frees Rebel Leader Blamed in Deaths

US Envoy Criticizes Release of Haiti Rebel


Peru President Sacks Government

Peru's PM Resigns in Protest Over Coca Production

Weekend Reviews
Stuck in the Sands of the Middle East
Presidential Aggressor
CIA Commander: We Let bin Laden Slip Away
From Hiroshima to Armageddon: A Reading List
Conflicting Emotions
Cindy Sheehan

Bush Using Helicopter to Enter, Leave Texas Ranch to Avoid Sheehan

Bush Motorcade Passes War Protesters

Cindy Sheehan's Pitched Battle

Sheehan In-Laws Belittle Cindy, Back Bush


Diplomats Win Time Over Iran Nuclear Crisis

Iran Angry at Warning on Nuclear Plant

No Evidence of Iran Leader in 1979 Takeover


Angry Widow Calls for New 9/11 Panel

9/11 Reports Released

Washington Post Will Drop Sponsorship of 9/11 March if It Turns Pro-War

Trouble in Britain

Two Sets of London Bombers Not Linked

Myths About the Bombings

Pakistan Denies Links to London, Egypt Attacks

UK Extremists Using National Parks for Indoctrination

Hawks Agree With Liberals – Blair's Laws Are Too Much

Expulsions and Extraditions

Jordan Wants British Cleric Extradited

UK Cleric to Be Deported to Jordan

Lebanon Frees Radical British Cleric

Syria Seeks Islamist's Extradition from Lebanon

Italy to Expel Muslim 'Extremists'


Taliban Behead Four Afghan 'Spies'

Suspected Taliban Leader Killed in Afghanistan

US War on Terror

Oklahoma Man Says He Forgot He Had Bomb in His Luggage

California Man With Guns, Gas Arrested Outside UN

US Steps Down Threat Level for Mass Transit Systems

US Military

Two US Soldiers Detained in Germany for Arson

Justice Department Backs Pentagon on Air Guard Changes

US War at Home

Officials See Risk in the Release of Images of Iraq Prisoner Abuse

Antiwar Activists Decry Media's Role in Promoting Pentagon Event


South Korea Scrambles to Downplay Rift With Washington Over North Korea

Arroyo: Philippines Facing 'Desperate Resurgence of Terrorism'

Koizumi to Avoid Shrine to War Dead

Pakistan to Support Japan's Bid for UN Security Council

China to Watch Indian Military Exercise

South Asia

12 Maoists Killed in Nepal Clash

Kashmir Militants Rule Out Ceasefire With India

Sri Lankan FM Assassinated


Taiwan Deploys Cruise Missiles Aimed at China

Isolated Taiwan Launches Fresh Bid to Join UN


Congo Militia and Rwandan Rebels Kill 4, Kidnap 10

Mugabe 'Lost Grip' on Reality


Serbia Charges War Crime Suspects

Belgium to Decide on Trying 14 Terror Suspects

Belarus Polish Chief Jailed Again

Former German Spy Chief Sentenced for Tax Evasion

In Other News

CIA Ceremony for Ex-Spymasters Sparks Puzzlement

Minister: Australians 'Have Joined Al-Qaeda'


9/11 Revisionism, Revisited

The Failed 'War on Terror'

Europe Plays Nuclear Poker With Iran

Constitution: How's Chances?

Nebojsa Malic
Remembering the Storm

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Ran HaCohen
Disengagement's Foreplay

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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