In Defense of Cindy Sheehan: Justin Raimondo
Dispatch From Camp Casey: Amy Branham
Smearing Cindy Sheehan: Farhad Manjoo
Begging to Be Lied To: William Marvel
A Constitution Without Independence: Aaron Glantz

The mere act of believing that some wrongful course of action constitutes an advantage is pernicious.
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Updated August 17, 2005 - 11:26 PM EDT
Americans' Doubts Grow About Iraq War
New Poll Reflects Growing US Worry Over Iraq
43 Killed, 88 Hurt in Baghdad Blasts, 2 GIs Killed
Iraq Morgue Receives 1100 Dead in a Month
Brazilian Killed by UK Cops Didn't Run Away
Israeli Terrorist Kills 3 Palestinians in West Bank
Divisions Continue Over Iraq Constitution
US Desperate for Deal Before Its Influence Wanes
Officer: Pentagon Blocked Atta Investigation
Pentagon: Fears of Backlash Kept Pre-9/11 Data From FBI
US Was Warned of bin Laden Threat in 1996, Docs Show
Begging to Be Lied To
by William Marvel
A Constitution Without Independence  by Aaron Glantz
Political Pilgrims and Iraq's Constitution  by Lew Rockwell
Smearing Cindy Sheehan
by Farhad Manjoo
Dispatch From Camp Casey
by Amy Branham
Iran: Crisis of Choice  by Thomas Graham

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US Policy Against 'Axis of Evil' Foundering
Disengagement May Be a Disappointment
AIPAC Lobbyists, US Analyst Plead Not Guilty of Disclosing Classified Data
Cracks in the Fortress Around Judith Miller?
New Abuse Photos Could Spark Riots, US General Warns
Tribes to Boycott Iraqi Polls if Demands Not Met
26 Iraqi Workers Wounded as US Troops Mistake Them for Rebels
Police Say US Troops Hold Children Hostages in Northern Iraq
Japan Voters Could Deal US a Blow in Iraq
Official: No Link Found Between London Blasts
Parents of Fallen Marine Make Plea to Bush
Crosses Vandalized at Antiwar Mom's Texas Camp Site
Iraqi Constitution
Can Iraq Resolve Constitutional Divisions in a Week?
Failure to Meet Constitution Date Worries Iraqis
Behind Constitution Talks, Iraq's Troubles Loom
Iraq Leaders Play Blame Game Over Failing Constitution
Rumsfeld Calls Iraqi Political Delay 'Not Helpful'
White House Confident on Iraq Constitution
While Politicians Project Optimism, Differences Remain on Iraq
Concerns Iraq Constitutional Process Will Stall
US Ambassador Downplays Iraq Constitution Delay
Iraqis Voice Their Opinions on Constitution Delay
US Scrambles to Keep Iraqi Political Process on Track
Constitution? What About Our Basic Needs, Demands Iraq Press
Fallout of Iraq Charter Delay Is Uncertain
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Kurds Say They Don't Plan to Secede
Iraq: Arab Champion or Cauldron of Civil War?
Expectations for Iraq Downshifting
US Military Shows Off Iraqi Insurgent 'Chemical Weapons Plant'
First Post-Saddam Executions Soon: Jaafari
Attacks Continue
Kidnapped Iraqi-Canadian Businessman Found Dead in Baghdad
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 17
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 16
Iraq Occupation
Military Planning to Hand Over Control of Abu Ghraib Prison to Iraqis in 2006
Detainee Dies in Abu Ghraib Prison
Morale Tents Gutted in Iraq Fire
Swiss Demand Guarantees for Iraq-Bound Tanks
The New Iraq
In Mosul, a Shaky Iraqi Police Force Tries Again
Sabotage and Budgets Hobble Iraqi Power
IMF Slashes Growth Forecast for Iraq
Despite Insurgency, IMF Claims Iraq's Economy Is Stable
Psychological Trauma Widespread in Iraq
Kurdistan Looks to Lead Way for Investment in Iraq
Iran Home Appliances Exports to Iraq Reach $27 Million
Two Helicopters Crash in Afghanistan, Killing 17 Spanish Troops
Attack Not Ruled Out in Afghanistan Crash: Spain
36 Including Taliban Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Annan Says Objective of Stability in Afghanistan Remains to Be Met
Afghanistan: Debate on Justice Reform
Afghanistan Faces More Taliban Violence: UN Report
Lebanon Seeks to Free Afghanistan Hostage
Troops Guard Pakistan Local Polls
Pakistan Bans Three Magazines for Preaching Hatred
Two Militants Shot Dead in Kashmir
Bombs Injure Three Soldiers in Kashmir
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka to Extend Emergency After Assassination
Vow of Peace in Honor of Sri Lankan Slain Minister
North Koreans Visit South's Legislature
Former South Korean President Invited to North
North Korea Attempts a Charm Offensive
Nukes Take Back Seat in Inter-Korean Meetings
Amnesty for Aceh Rebels as Peace Deal Ends Insurgency
Aceh Peace Deal Enters the Delicate Phase of Implementation
Militant Cleric, 17 Other Convicted Bali Bombers to Get Sentence Reductions
Dutch Withhold Apology in Indonesia
Three Nations Coordinate Flights to Spy on Malacca Pirates
China and India Vying for Kazakh Oil Company
Malaysians Get Tough on Mobiles Over Terror Threats
Maoist Rebels Bomb Police Post in Nepal
Junta in Myanmar Tightens Its Controls
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russian Court Overturns Radical Party Ban
Russia and China Meld Muscle for War Games
Two Dead After Bomb in Chechnya's Capital
Jordan Key Partner in Tackling Islamic Extremism: Russia
Guard Forces to Train at Fort Hood for Kosovo Mission
'Colombia 3' Strain Ireland's International Relations
'Vote Again,' Austria Chief Tells French
Bulgaria Parliament OKs New Prime Minister
Schroeder, the Underdog, Plays an Old Card With a New Face: Iran
French Intellectual: Britain Dragging Down EU's Socialism
Washington Opens Talks With Mauritania Coup Leaders
Qatar Asylum 'Offer' to Mauritania's Ousted President
Boycott Threat for Ethiopia Poll
US Lawmaker Urges Ethiopian Opposition Not to Boycott Parliament
Zimbabwe to Resume 'Clean-Up' Blitz
South Africa Fears Zimbabwe 'Failed State'
Morocco Breaks Terrorist Cell Tied to Algerians
First Step Toward Congo Democracy: A Five-Hour Wait in the Sun
Electoral Panel Says 22 Can Run for Presidency of Liberia
A Mother vs. a President
Man Charged for Crushing Crosses at Crawford Protest Site
Destruction of Crosses Angers Fallen GI's Mother
With Offer From Local Supporter, Sheehan to Move Campsite Closer to Bush Ranch
State Senator, FBI Whistleblower to Join Vigil at Bush Ranch
Tensions Mount at Protest Camp Outside Bush Ranch
Sheehan Feeling the Glare of the Spotlight
A Shooting in London
Leaked Documents in Brazilian Shooting Allege London Police Error
Fears Over Menezes Death 'Leak'
Death in Stockwell: The Unanswered Questions
Muslims in Britain
Don't Demonize Our Religion, Muslim Groups Tell Blair
UK Terror Fight Adds to Arab Fears
Muslims Warn Blair of 'Mark of Dictatorship'
Deportations of Asylum Seekers Back to Iraq Stepped Up
Rights Group: Britain's Planned Deportations Are Illegal
UK War on Terror
British Police Test E-Mail Terror Alert
Demand for Business Security Advice Soars
Four Arrested in UK Under New Terror Laws
US War on Terror
'Sneak-and-Peek' Law Helps More Than War on Terror
Southern California Terrorism Probe Yields Third Arrest
California Muslim Cleric Agrees to Deportation to Avoid 'Shame'
US Military
Soldier in Afghan Case Said Ill-Trained
Judge Reduces Term in Iraqi Teen Killing
US Allows New Zealand to Join Military Exercise After 20-Year Standoff
The Pentagon's Bid to Militarize Space
Ballistic Missile Defense: A Successor to Gen. Schriever Needed
US Veterans' Invisible Wounds
Congress Urged to Get Details on Global Troop Realignment
The War at Home
Bush Administration Watches Iraq Closely
Goss, 8 Ex-Chiefs of CIA Mark Old Post's Passing
Miller's Lawyer Won't Rule Out Criminal Contempt Charges
Ohioans Urge US Escalation or Pullout
Gas Prices Fuel Inflation Jump
Voices in the Wilderness Refuses to Pay $20k Fine for Bringing Aid to Iraq
US Jewish Leadership Declares Support for Disengagement
Small New York Demonstration Against Gaza Withdrawal
9/11 Money Causes Rift in Va. Family
More Than One Iranian Weapons Cache Found in Iraq: Rumsfeld
Iran Nuclear Chief Vows to Press on With Fuel Work
Israeli Spy Chief: Iran Will Have Nukes in Three Years
Two Iranian Dissidents Abducted in Capital
Syrian Kurds Clash With Police
Syrian Police Arrest Kurds After Riot
Syria Denies Truck-Flow Crisis on Borders With Lebanon
Gaza Evictions Begin
Israeli Police Seize Gaza Flashpoint
Israeli Forces Clash With Settler Activists
Over 200 Israelis Arrested in Gaza Settlement Clashes
Israel Aims to Complete Gaza Evacuation Within 10 Days
Israel Hopes the Pain Is West Bank Gain
Israeli Soldiers Smash Entry Gates to Main Gaza Enclave
Israeli Army Says Can Evacuate Enclave Within 24 Hours
Resisting Disengagement
Militants Ready for Stand-Off as Troops Go in to Clear Gaza's Biggest Settlement
Biblical Ties Drive Gaza Holdouts
In Neveh Dekalim, Even Rabbis Are a Target for the Extremists
Settler Fanatics Use Violence to Slow Eviction
Gaza: 'We're Not Packing. The Army Must Take Us Out'
Hunt on for Jewish Extremists in West Bank
Settlers Turn on Waterworks, Appeal for Sympathy
Palestinians After Pullout
PA and Hamas Prepare for Struggle Over Settlement Bloc
New Settlement Puts Pressure on Jerusalem Palestinians
Gaza Citizens Spruce Up City Streets for Israeli Departure
Palestinians Return to Battered Homes Near Settlement
Life in the World's Most Lavish Refugee Camp
Can Gaza's Economy Be Revived?
US Gives in to Israel on China Arms Deals
Senior US Official Visits Gaza
Abbas Sets Election Date to Keep Hamas in Check
Egypt's First Contested Presidential Campaign Kicks Off
With No Status as a Party, Egyptian Group Wields Power
Middle East
Police Seize Russian Uranium in Istanbul
Arabs See Withdrawal With Mixed Feelings
Yemen Trial Delayed After Protests
Governors Criticized for Cuba Visits
Cuba Agrees to Purchase $17 Million in Agricultural Products From State of Nebraska
Rumsfeld Targets Bolivia on Latin America Trip
Rumsfeld Meets With Paraguayan President Amid Concerns Over Cuba, Venezuela
Colombia: FARC Turns Down Hostage Talks
Chile Ends Pinochet-Era Seats for Military in Senate

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