Why We Fight: Rep. Ron Paul
Iraq: the Sunk-Cost Fallacy: Barry Schwartz
Nothing to Refer: Gordon Prather
Military Occupation in America: Anthony Gregory
Bin Laden's Second Term: Michael Tomasky

America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy.
John Quincy Adams
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Updated September 10, 2005 - 11:15 PM EDT
US General: Iraq Hurt Katrina Response
Only 34% Approve of Bush's Handling of Iraq
US, Iraqi Forces Sweep Into Tal Afar
Contractors 'Run Loose' in Iraq
Flood Survivors Handcuffed as Forcible Evacuation Begins
Court: US Can Hold Citizens Indefinitely Without Charges
Why We Fight, and Why We Shouldn't  by Rep. Ron Paul
Military Occupation in America and the Prospects for Liberty  by Anthony Gregory
Israel's Use of the Art of Realpolitik
by Ramzy Baroud
Iraq: the Sunk-Cost Fallacy
by Barry Schwartz
Second Amendment Nixed in New Orleans  by Kurt Nimmo
Nothing to Refer  by Gordon Prather

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FEMA Chief Relieved of Katrina Duties
Brown Doesn't Know Why He Was Removed
Tight Constraints on Pentagon's Freedom Walk
Bush Approval Hits 40% in the US
Bush Links 9/11 to 'Challenge' Posed by Katrina
UN: No Regard for Human Rights in Iraq
Amended Iraq Constitution Awaits Final Approval
Mubarak Wins Fifth Term but Most Voters Stay Away
'Orange Princess' Defects to Ukrainian Opposition
Judge Rules vs. US in PATRIOT Act Case
Govt Secrecy Carries a Hefty Price
After 4 Years, New 9/11 Revelations
Today in Iraq
Talabani Appeals to US Not to Quit Iraq Early
Iraq to Bring Private Armies Under Control
Iraq Is 'The' Post 9/11 Terror Battleground: Analysts
Lack of Funds Grinds Iraqi Reconstruction to a Halt
  Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 10
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 9
Iraq Occupation
Four Illinois National Guard Units Kept in Iraq
Diversity in Iraq's Armed Services Is US General's Goal
US Could Use Energy Weapons in Iraq Next Year
US Indicts Dutch Suspect in Iraq Plot
Calif. Guard Sergeant Gets Year for Abuse
The New Iraq
Families in Fear of Baghdad's Tit-For-Tat Killers
Iraqi Troops Take Over Baghdad Airport Security
Baghdad Airport to Reopen After British Workers Strike
Iraq: Fallujah to Get $46 Million Hospital
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkey, US Discuss Combating Kurdish Rebels in Iraq
Malaysia's Ex-Leader Assails US and British Role in Iraq
Bulgaria to Withdraw Iraq Troops
Rice Wants Nations to Send Iran a Message
Rice Says Iran's Referral to UN Security Council 'Reasonable Option'
EU Ready to Call for Iranís UN Referral
Iran Cleric Says Atomic Work Will Go Ahead
Israel Court Gives OK to Raze Gaza Synagogues
Israeli Army Blows Up, Packs Up in Gaza
Abbas, Hamas Differ on Gaza Pullout
Gaza Pullout 'May End on Monday'
Palestinians Rejoice as Hated Gaza Bridge Falls
Apartments Being Built in the West Bank
Loyalists Cry Vengeance at Gaza Strongman's Burial
Plans Abound to Tap Gaza's Economic Potential
Israel Not Sure Whether to Push US for More Aid
US Rules Out Contacts With Elected Hamas Members
Trail of 'Targeted Killings,' Repeated Threats Stirs Suspicions of Israeli Hand in Arafat's Death
Killing of Arafat's Cousin Triggers Turmoil
Palestinian Charged With al-Qaeda Links

EU to Back Loan to Aid Palestinian Business

Musharraf Says Sharon 'Courageous' for Ordering Gaza Withdrawal
Abbas Says Welcomes First Israel-Pakistan Talks
Talabani: No Ties With Israel Until Palestinian Statehood
Middle East
Al-Jazeera Launches Children's Channel to Teach Tolerance
Saudi Arabia Says Five Slain Militants Belonged to al-Qaeda
Envoy Warns of Continued Afghan Violence
Taliban Kill Six Afghan Police in Attack on Army Arms Depot
Facts and Figures About Afghanistan's Elections
EU Pledges to Curb Afghanistan's Opium Production
NATO Eyes Front-Line Role in Afghanistan
US: Pakistani Extremists Aid Terrorists
Musharraf: Blast Suspect Was in Pakistan
Bomb Suspects Arrested in Lahore
Pakistani Army Mounts New Campaign in North Waziristan
Poor Response to Pakistan Strike
Three Killed in Pakistan Violence
Woman Killed, Son Injured at North Waziristan Checkpoint
Pakistan to Release 435 Indian Detainees
British Extradition Treaty With Pakistan Edges Nearer
India Briefed on Patriot Missile
Indian Troops Kill Three Suspected Rebels Along Disputed Kashmir Border
Five Killed in Kashmir Clashes, Grenade Blast
Blair Says World Was Reluctant to Recognize Kashmir Terrorism
Nepal King Dismisses Maoist Truce, Accuses India of Meddling
Nepal Arrests 200 Protesters
US Rights Envoy Suggests Food Aid Weapon Against North Korea
Rice Denies US Using Food as Weapon Against North Korea
Peaceful Nuclear Use Expected to Dominate North Korea Talks
US Adopts Tough Stand Ahead of Nuclear Talks With North Korea
US: North Korea Must Give Up Civilian Nuclear Reactors
North Korea Hungry for Control
US Promotes South Korea Electricity Offer for North
Weekend Reviews
Night Draws Near: Iraq's People in the Shadow of America's War
Two Important Books on Journalists in Iraq
In Other News
Disputes at UN Threaten Fate of Joint Declaration
Law Society: Australia's Proposed Terror Laws Infringe on Basic Human Rights
US Warning Against Nicaraguan Coup
Katrina's Aftermath
New Orleans Death Toll May Be Far Less Than Expected
Katrina Damages Estimate Upped to $125b
A Barrier That Could Have Been
Crude Oil Supplies Overwhelm Refineries
Hurricane Katrina Effects Seen in 2004 Simulation
Fearful Southerners Buy Firearms at Torrid Pace
Watchmen Stand Vigil in New Orleans' Wealthiest Homes, Protecting Investments
Disasterous Managing
Political Issues Snarled Plans for Troop Aid
Is the Govt Trying to Stem the Tide of Images From New Orleans by Threatening Journalists?
Cops Trapped Survivors in New Orleans
FEMA Attempts Media Blackout in New Orleans
Standing in the Way of a Good Story
A Select Few Get FEMA Debit Cards
Police Made Storm Misery Worse for Two Visiting Paramedics
Three FEMA Contractors Arrested for Looting in Plaquemines Parish
FEMA Leaders Lack Disaster Experience
Top FEMA Jobs: No Experience Required
How Reliable Is Brown's Resume?
Some Guards Return
Guardsmen Return From Iraq to Ravaged Louisiana
Louisiana Guardsmen Return to a Disaster Area
La. Guardsmen Depart Iraq to Find Families
Most Louisiana Guards Returning From Iraq Opting Out of Hurricane Work
Iraq War Soldiers Now Doing Hurricane Katrina Duty
Americans' Reactions
Colin Powell Slams Katrina Aid
Two-In-Three Critical of Bush's Relief Efforts
Katrina: No Unity as With 9/11
Global Assistance
Grumblings as Some Countries Left Hanging After Offering Katrina Aid
Venezuela Prepares 1 Million Barrels of Gasoline for US Hurricane-Stricken Areas
UN Pledges More Relief for Hurricane
NATO OKs Plans to Deliver Hurricane Aid
UK War on Terror
MI5 Not Surprised by 7/7 Bombings
MI5 Director: Defeating Terror May Require Giving Up Freedoms
Civil Liberties and National Security Prove a Difficult Balance to Strike
MI5 Chief Warns on Increasing Intelligence Sharing
The Jihadist Who Needed No Brainwashing to Blow Up Aldgate Train
US Military Is Tube-Feeding Gitmo Detainees Who Refuse to Eat
Guantanamo Fast in Second Month
US Military
Panel: Pentagon Overestimated Base Savings
More Cash for Human Ray-Gun Tests
The War at Home
9/11 Recovery Loans Loosely Managed
Congress to Investigate 9/11 Loan Abuses
Analysis Sees Deficits Growing Under Bush
Toledo Peace Display Vandalized
US Urges Citizens to Travel and Study Abroad to Help Improve Overseas Image
Bush Confidante Takes Over as Top US Image-Maker
Cabinet Splits Leave the Orange Revolution in Tatters
Ex-PM Says Yushchenko Jeopardizes Ukraine's Future
Yushchenko Acts Quickly to Re-Form Government
German Airport Security Staff Strip Passenger in Public
Polls Suggest Schroeder Surge
Dresden Could Be Tipping Point in German Election
Croatia Says Army Can Teach About '91 War
Italy Cabinet OKs Reform on Phone Taps
Moroccan Dane Held on Terror Charge
Sudan Rebels Set for Darfur Talks
Priest Accused of Inciting Rwandan Genocide
Diplomat Escapes Kidnap Attempt in Venezuela
Venezuela Challenges US on Anti-Drugs Program
15 Killed in Colombia, Two Are Young Girls

Colombia Proposes Prisoner Exchange Talks With Rebels

Koizumi Leads Opposition in Japan Vote
Profiles of Japan Leader, Election Rival
Key Points in Japan Parliamentary Vote
Japan: Chinese Warships Spotted Near Disputed Gas Fields
Report: Asian Militants Trying to Raise Mideast Funds for Attacks
Moderates Fear for Sri Lankaís Faltering Peace Process
Bangladesh Police Seize Bombs in Raid
Aceh Peace Deal Monitoring Mission Underway
UK Envoy Walks Out on Mahathir Rights Speech

A Time for Action

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Will the Government's Abysmal Response to Katrina Recur During a Terrorist Attack?

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Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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