Why We Fight: Rep. Ron Paul
Iraq: the Sunk-Cost Fallacy: Barry Schwartz
Nothing to Refer: Gordon Prather
Military Occupation in America: Anthony Gregory
Bin Laden's Second Term: Michael Tomasky

True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.
Clarence Darrow
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Updated September 11, 2005 - 11:27 PM EDT
US Moves for Preemptive Use of Nukes
Katrina Cost May Exceed 4 Years of War
American al-Qaeda Member Warns of Attacks
US Troops Sweep Into Empty Insurgent Haven
Members of Guard Unit Weary of Role in Iraq
Feds Won't Enforce Evacuation of New Orleans
Blackwater Mercs Deploy in New Orleans: Who's in Charge?
Mississippi Guardsmen Who Lost Homes Refused Leave
Louisiana Police Blocked Bridge, Forced Evacuees Back at Gunpoint
Why We Fight, and Why We Shouldn't  by Rep. Ron Paul
Military Occupation in America and the Prospects for Liberty  by Anthony Gregory
Israel's Use of the Art of Realpolitik
by Ramzy Baroud
Iraq: the Sunk-Cost Fallacy
by Barry Schwartz
Second Amendment Nixed in New Orleans  by Kurt Nimmo
Nothing to Refer  by Gordon Prather

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Newsweek Poll: Bush at New Low
Firms With Bush Ties Snag Katrina Deals
Judge Supports CNN Request to Cover Katrina's Toll
'This Is Worse Than Iraq,' Say Marines
Iraq Contractors Blamed for Shootings
Secret UK Plan to Ration Fuel on the Forecourt
Diary of a UK Man on Hunger Strike in Guantanamo
51st US Soldier This Year Is Killed in Forgotten War
Soldiers Try to Kill Afghan Defense Minister
National Guard Stretched Too Thin
Army Did Not Tell Mother About Son's Accidental Death in Iraq for a Year
After 4 Years, New 9/11 Revelations
Today in Iraq
Iraq Seals Border With Syria
US Army Blocks the Iraqi Army From Iraq's Airport
Iraq's Rival Groups Head for Showdown
Officials Says More Than 140 Rebels Killed in Tal Afar
Troops Blitz Iraq's 'Funnel of Death'
Iraq Govt Takes Aim at More Rebel Towns
Attacks Continue
Mayor, Six Other Iraqis Killed in Rebel Attacks
Car Bombs Kill 5 Iraqi Troops in Tal Afar
French News Cameraman Hurt in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 11
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 10
The New Iraq
Baghdad's Airport Reopens After One-Day Closure Over Pay
UN Human-Rights Report Spreads Blame in Iraq
Saddam's Translator Emerges From Obscurity
Rescued American Flies Home From Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Iran Says Continuous Riots in Iraq Threaten All Countries
Jordan PM in Historic Iraq Visit
Kuwait, Iraq in Contact Over Saddam War Crimes
Fresh Georgian Troops Leave for Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Two Georgia GIs Killed in Iraq
Army Medic (IL) Killed in Iraq
Two Miami (FL) Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
Knoxville (TN) Soldier Killed in Vehicle Accident in Baghdad
Navy Corpsman (AZ) Dies in Accident in Iraq Rollover Crash
Alabama Native Killed in Baghdad
Alaskan Killed in Ramadi
Winston-Salem (NC) Man Is Killed in Iraq While on Security Patrol
Franklin (WI) Marine Dies From Gunshot Wound in Afghanistan
Bomb Kills Eagle River (AK) Soldier in Iraq
Attempt to Kill Defense Chief Raises Tension in Afghanistan
30 Militants Killed, 60 Captured in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Army Copter Crashes After Takeoff
Afghan Opium Thriving Despite EU Plan
Japan to Send Afghan Poll Monitors
Nepal Maoist Leader Accuses King of Trying to Sabotage Truce
Maoists Kidnap 100 Kids in Nepal
UN Torture Expert in Nepal Visit
South-Central Asia
Twelve Killed in Militant Attacks in Indian Kashmir
Court Orders Closure of Calif.-Based Media Watchdog in Uzbekistan
Azeri Opposition Rally for Poll
East Asia
Koizumi's Party Heads for Landslide Win
Main Issues in Japanese Elections
Japan's Rivalry With China Is Stirring a Crowded Sea
Yahoo Says It Gave China Internet Data That Helped Convict Journalist
China Shocked at Border Officer's Acquittal
Yushchenko Faces Tough New Rival After Break With Sacked PM
Trouble Was Brewing for Ukraine Coalition
Kosovo Serb Policeman Wounded in Ambush in Village, UN Reports
Blasts Near Chechnya, Gas Pipeline Hit
Washington Hopes to See Karadzic and Mladic Arrested by November
Surge of Support for Reluctant Schröder as German Election Battle Turns Bitter
Violent Clashes Erupt in Belfast
United Nations
UN Reform Hopes Hit by Annan Crisis
Britain Throws Weight Behind Annan in Bid to Salvage Reforms
Japan Will Propose Cutting UN Contributions
Four Years Later
Terrorism Could Hurl DC Area Into Turmoil
Beleaguered Bush Tries to Evoke Spirit of 9/11
Four Years On, New York Is Still Bickering About Ground Zero, and Burying Its Dead
Pentagon Opens 9/11 Crash Site to Public
Katrina Aftermath
Brown Move Fails to Convince
Disarray Marked the Path From Hurricane to Anarchy
Bush Tries to Rebound From Public Opinion Slide
Troops Returning From Iraq Must Pick Up Pieces, Too
Many Returning Troops to Skip Katrina Duty
US Won't Ban Media From New Orleans Searches
Illegal Immigrants in La. Get No Assurances
New Orleans Executives Plan Revival
In New Orleans, Some Business Begins to Stir
In Storm's Ruins, a Rush to Rebuild and Reopen for Business
Global Relief
German Plane Carrying Katrina Aid Turned Back
94 Nations, From Afghanistan to Iran, Offer to Help With Katrina
Foreign Aid to US for Katrina Relief
The War at Home
More Americans Dissatisfied With Bush’s Handling of Iraq
An Iraq Veteran Speaks Out
Opponents of DC Antiwar Rally Launch Web Site
Cindy Sheehan Criticizes Sen. Feinstein's Stance on Iraq
After Duty in Iraq, a New Transition to Being the Nonfighting 69th
Pennsylvania Soldier Dies While on Leave
UK War on Terror
Terror Plot Targeted Blair, Says Ex-British Police Chief
Al-Qaeda 'Link to 7/7' Found in Iraq
Militant Islamists Are Infiltrating Britain's Top Companies?
Pakistani Mobile Phone Link to London Bombing
Victims' Families Told: Try Suing Bombers
Israel Likely to Nix Razing of Gaza Synagogues
Israel: Palestinians May Enter, Exit Gaza
Israel Warns Gaza on Any Future Attacks
Egyptian Troops Deploy Along Gaza Border
As Israelis Pull Out, the Question Lingers: Who'll Control Gaza?
Ex-Settlers Still Protesting, Still Facing Eviction
Palestinian Leadership Blames Hamas for Assassination
Gaza's Hated Landmarks Go
Good Riddance to Gaza, Many Israelis Say
Gazans Protest Against Poverty
Palestinian Riot Police Order Halt to Gaza Protest
Gaza: Impoverished Smaller Half of Future Palestinian State
Gunmen Open Fire at Palestinian Ministry
Italian Journalist Released in Gaza
Barak Expected to Withdraw Candidacy From Labor Primaries
Palestinians to Press Settlement Issue at UN
Mubarak Wins Vote, Loses Confidence
Rivals Denounce Egypt Poll Result
Egypt Election Row Sparks Protest
White House Says Egypt Vote a Step to Free Elections
Middle East
US: Syria Is Still Meddling in Lebanon Affairs
Saudi Arabia Will Not Enforce Aspects of Anti-Israel Boycott
US Wants Iran on UN Front Burner
Dubai Opens Door Wide to Media, but Journalists Note a Catch
Czech Soldiers Hurt in Kuwait
Weekend Reviews
Night Draws Near: Iraq's People in the Shadow of America's War
Two Important Books on Journalists in Iraq

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Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
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