Next Stop: Syria: Justin Raimondo
Baghdad Traffic Jam: Aaron Glantz
Beyond the 'Vietnam Syndrome': Norman Solomon
The Unraveling of the US Military: Zia Mian
Will Katrina Bring an Isolationist Revival?: Jim Lobe

A belligerent state permits itself every such misdeed, every such act of violence, as would disgrace the individual.
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Updated September 14, 2005 - 11:13 PM EDT

Baghdad Attacks Kill 169, Wound 542

US Opens Iran Offensive at UN

Talabani: Without US, Neighbors Would Invade

US May Start Afghan Pullout Next Spring

Amended Iraq Charter Finally Sent to UN

FAA Alerted on al-Qaeda in '98, 9/11 Panel Said

Will Katrina Bring an Isolationist Revival?

Iraq, Not Katrina, Is Bush's Achilles Heel  by Peter S. Canellos
Beyond the 'Vietnam Syndrome'
by Norman Solomon
The War of Unintended Consequences  The Guardian
Baghdad Traffic Jam  by Aaron Glantz
It's Accountability Time  by Scott Ritter
The Unraveling of the US Military
by Zia Mian

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More Americans Believe Iraq Conflict Was Wrong

Bush, Talabani Remarks

Norway: Winning Coalition to Pull Troops Out of Iraq

9/11 Panel Slams Katrina Response

Katrina Spills Into Senate's Iraq War Debate

Marine on Leave Says Being in Iraq Was Like Being in Hell

North Korea, Iran Will Continue Nuclear Efforts

Gitmo Cases May Go to Civilian Courts

Bush Meets With President Talabani; They 'Agree' on No Pullout Timetable
The War Goes On

US Forces Attack Haditha, Another 'Rebel Stronghold' in Iraq

Troops Go House to House in Iraq Town

In Tal Afar, a Brawl to Blow Off Some Steam

Insurgents Shell Green Zone in Baghdad

Al-Qaeda Group Says Chemical Arms Fired in Baghdad

Associated Press Cameraman Shot by Iraqi Soldiers

US Commander: Iraq Fighters Use Torture

  Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 14

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 13

Iraq Today

NATO to Open Military Academy Near Baghdad

In Iraq's Marshes, British Learn Complex Tribal Customs

Iraq: New Traffic Regulations Hurt Free Movement, Say Residents

Sunni Arabs Seek UN Guarantees on Iraq Referendum

Employer of Lebanese Iraq Hostage Heeds Kidnappers' Demands

Three Kidnapped Turkish Engineers Freed in Iraq


Afghanistan Tops NATO Mission Brief

Rumsfeld Sees Broader NATO Afghanistan Role

European Nations Balking at New Afghan Role

British Defense Secretary: 'Deploy More Troops in Afghanistan'

5,000 More Pakistani Troops Sent to Pak-Afghan Border

Afghanistan Rejects Pakistan's Fence Proposal

Six Militants Killed in Afghanistan

Bomb Wounds Two US Soldiers in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Election FAQ


Bush: Iran Has Right to Civilian Nuclear Program

New Iranian Leader Heads for US

Middle East

Bush: Syria Facing Isolation Over Iraq, Lebanon

Assad Frets as Hariri Focus Shifts to Syria

Saudi Arabia Possible UN Security Council Member


The Significance of Sino-Russian Military Exercises

Reports Australia Will Recall Iraq Troops Irks Japan

Jakarta Embassy Bomber Sentenced to Death

Individuals Wrest Control of Chinese Economy From the State

Grenade Attack on Grozny Interior Ministry Injures Ten


Musharraf Confirms: Centrifuges Were Sent to North Korea

South Korea Plans to Cut Troop Levels

Northern Ireland

Britain Rules Truce Over in Northern Ireland

Cease-Fire Appears Doomed in Riot-Hit Northern Ireland


Bosnian Serb War Crimes Suspect Surrenders

Orange Revolution's Bitter Aftertaste Worries Business

Center-Left Bloc Wins Norway Poll

Armed Men Kidnap Daughter of Accused Dutch Chemical Weapons Dealer

Italian High Court Allows Extradition of London Bomb Suspect

No-Frills Candidate Aims for Germany's Top Spot

Poll Shows No Parties Will Win German Parliamentary Elections

South Asia

Police Hold 500 Nepal Protesters

Monitors: Tamil Rebels Violating Ceasefire

India Moves to Replace Border Troops in Kashmir With Federal Police

In Other News

Arrest of American Reopens Criticism of Australian Detentions

Journalists Released in Haiti

War on Terror

Fabled Danger?

Hundreds of British Terror Suspects Are 'Under Surveillance'

Britain Sees Terror Threats as Continuing Battle

Karzai Urges Terror War Rethink

Unease in Australia Over Terror Threat

Aussie Civil Libertarian Group Slams New Anti-Terror Plans

Katrina's Aftermath

Bush Takes 'Full Responsibility' for Katrina Blunders

Cindy Sheehan Joins Veterans in Ongoing Effort to Aid Hurricane Victims

Helpers Stream Into New Orleans While Govt Points Its Guns

Guardsmen Return Home From Iraq to Face Katrina

Hundreds of Reservists Yet to Check in After Katrina

FEMA to Blow $5 Billion on Trailers

FEMA Convoy Gets Ice to Cities Not in Need

United States

After Pause for Katrina, Bush Gets Back to Running the World

FBI Hit in Handling of Secret Informers

Chicago City Council Panel OKs Call for Iraq Pullout

Videos: Pittsburgh Police Taser, Use Dogs on Antiwar Protesters

United Kingdom

Iraqi Says British Troops Beat Him Senseless

London Police Chief: Shoot-to-Kill the 'Safest Option'

Cluster Bombs for Sale at London Arms Fair

Panic at the Pumps Continues in Britain

Blair Prepares to Dispatch Army to Stop Fuel Protesters

Gaza Connects

Egypt, Gaza Residents Freely Cross Border

Border Thrown Open, Palestinians Get Cheaper Goods in Egypt

Borderless Rafah Revels in Moment of Freedom

New Freedom in Gaza: A Day's Stroll Into Egypt

Party's Over: Egypt, PA Officials Agree to Seal Gaza Border


Poll Suggests 'Optimism' in Gaza

Israeli Renouncement of Gaza Not Enough for Palestinians

Abbas: Gaza Pullout Does Not End Occupation

PA Official: Abbas Aims to Begin Disarming Militias

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Near Hebron

Palestinian Leaders Demand End to Looting in Gaza

Tens of Thousands Gather for Hamas Rally


Israeli DM: West Bank Settlements Will Be Further Developed

Sharon 'Expected' Palestinians to Torch Gaza Strip Synagogues

Israeli Police, Rabbi Warn Jews Off Mosque Revenge Attacks

Panel Okays Full Compensation for Resistant Gaza Evacuees

Sharon Taking UN World Stage After Image Makeover

Israel Impatient to Join UN Security Council

Israeli General Avoids UK War Crimes Arrest


Thousands Welcome Political Exiles Home to Mauritania

Burundi Rebels Reject Peace Talks

Africa's Peace Seekers: Petronille Vaweka

Timeline: the March to Peace in Congo

United Nations

UN Scales Back Plan of Action

UN Soldiers Outgunned as Missions Mushroom From Haiti to Africa

Suspicion of US Stalls UN Summit

UN Summit Faces Fiasco Amid Threat to Reforms


Next Stop: Syria

Sarai State of Affairs

Katrina and 9/11: Criminal Incompetence

That Sinking Feeling

Praful Bidwai
India Outfoxed as Pakistan Plays the Israel Card

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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