Nuke 'Em if Ya Got 'Em: Oregon Register-Guard
Gaza Withdrawal Is Not Enough: Charley Reese
Neocrazies Foiled: Gordon Prather
Sheik Brutalized in 'New Iraq': Aaron Glantz
Syria: A New Iraq in the Making: Ferry Biedermann

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Updated September 18, 2005 - 10:56 PM EDT
UK Plan to Cut Troops in Iraq Scrapped
Iraqi Lawmaker Killed as Final Draft OK'd
20 Bodies Found in Tigris Near Baghdad
Iran Tells UN: Mind Your Own Nuclear Business
Putin Won't Support UN Action Against Iran
US Says Syria Aids Terror in Iraq, Israel, Lebanon
China's North Korea Proposal Hits Snags
Germany in Political Limbo After Knife-Edge Election
War and Occupation Fuel US Air Base Construction
Sheik Beaten, Blinded, Tasered Then Released  by Aaron Glantz
Cold War Drags on – Forever
USA Today
Go Away, Recruiter!
by Linda Schrock Taylor
Iraq: No Exit?  by Robert Dreyfuss
Gaza Withdrawal Is Not Enough
by Charley Reese
Neocrazies Foiled  by Gordon Prather

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Sharon Launches His Campaign for a Third Term ... in New York
Widespread Hunger Strike at Guantánamo
Only 37% Say Iraq Invasion Was Worth It
Tony Blair 'Relished' Sending British Soldiers Off to War
Even in Najaf, Cited as Model, Efforts to Rebuild Iraq Falter
Deadly Week for Shi'ite Iraqis
Polls Close Amid Violence in Afghanistan
5,800 Afghans With Many Agendas Seek Office
Security Is Prime Concern for Afghanistan Election
Today in Iraq
Residents Flee Iraq's Samara City
Clerics Try to Cool Tensions Between Muslims in Iraq
US: Two al-Qaeda Leaders Captured in Mosul
Massive Security for Shi’ite Pilgrimage
Iraq: Displaced Talafar Families Living Rough
Iraqi Politics
Liberal Party Alliance Formed in Iraq
Iraqi Parliamentary Committee Demands New UN Resolution on Foreign Troops
Iraqi President Extends Hand to Opponents
Iraq Offers UN Rosy Picture of Its Progress
Petition Started to Free Saddam's Jailed Number Two Aziz
Iraqis Being Bombarded With Propaganda
Attacks Continue
At Least 52 More People Killed Saturday in Iraq
Car Bomb Kills 30 in Iraq Market Town
Nine Iraqis Found 'Executed' in Baghdad
Suicide Car Bomb Hits US Military Convoy West of Baghdad
Insurgents Attack Around Abu Ghraib Jail
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept, 18
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept, 17
Global Iraq Fallout
Iran's Top Cleric Blames US for Iraq Killing Wave
No Withdrawal of Australian Troops From Iraq
Pope Denounces Attacks in Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Texas Guardsman Died After Volunteering for Duty in Iraq
Slain Shreveport (LA) Soldier Laid to Rest
Military Police Officer (NY) Dies in Iraq
Palmer (AK) Sergeant Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
Family Grieves Over Fallen Soldier (FL)
Soldier of Generosity (MI) Is Mourned at Arlington
Kirkland (WA) Marine Dies in Attack in Iraq
Kaneohe (HI) Marine With Wisconsin Roots Killed in Afghanistan
Fallen Hero (GA)
Britain: The War at Home
Blair Relished 'First Blooding' in Iraq, Claims No. 10 Diary
Blair Attacks BBC for 'Anti-US Bias'
British Special Force Trainers Denounce 'Gung Ho' Armed Police
Critical World Bank Report Could Cripple Britain's Debt Relief Plan
Refugees Told: Pack Up and Go Back to Iraq
UK Muslims Back Blair's Bid to Throw Out Fanatics
Katrina Aftermath
Bush’s Key Aide 'Missed' Katrina
Louisiana Emergency Officials Indicted Before Katrina Hit
Money Earmarked for Evacuation Redirected
Sudan's Former Rebels Threaten International Arbitration Over Cabinet Dispute
Egypt to Boost Support for South Sudan
Forgotten War Rumbles on in South Congo Province
Carter Endorses Ethiopia's Disputed Election
Frustrated US Finds Few Willing to Join Anti-Chavez Coalition
Chavez: US Plans to Invade Venezuela
Venezuela Denies Drug Smuggling Charge
Venezuela Says US Drug Criticism Is Political Ploy
Zapatista Rebel Leader Unveils Mexico Tour Plans
Evidence Grows That Canada Aided in Having Terrorism Suspects Interrogated in Syria
Afghanistan Votes
Fresh Pre-Election Violence Leaves 12 Dead
Guide to the Afghan Elections
Afghanistan Vote Poses Challenge for US
Former Warlords Defend Right to Participate in Afghanistan Elections
Afghanistan Sees New Elections, Old Faces
Donkeys and Drug Barons on the Road to Democracy
Uproar Likely in Afghan Parliament
Seeking Office by Shedding Taliban Past
You Stink: Afghan Electorate Gripped by High Politics
Warriors of Bloody Afghan Past Fight for Votes
Afghanistan: War Without End
Twenty Militants Arrested Trying to Blow Up Massive Afghan Dam
Australia May Send 200 More Troops to Afghanistan
Pakistani Troops on Alert by Afghan Border
Uzbekistan Gives Afghans No Reason to Stay
Canada Urged to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan
Iranian Nuclear Dispute Takes Center Stage at UN Summit
Iran Offers to Bring Foreign Firms Into Nuclear Program
Iran's New President on Iraq, Nukes, and Terrorism
Palestinians Reject Israeli Statement on Hamas Elections Participation
Tens of Thousands of Hamas Supporters Rally in Gaza
Palestinian Security Forces Move to Seal Off Egypt Border
Gaza Puts Egypt in Dilemma
Palestinians Start Repairing Damaged Homes
Sharon Has Rare Meeting With Jordan's Abdullah
Middle East
Syria to Allow UN Murder Probe
Saudi Arabia, UAE Open to OPEC Decision to Increase Oil Output
Saudi Arabia Sees End to Dispute With Libya
Kashmir Panel Wants India-Pakistan to Speed Up Talks
Kashmir Enjoys Nights Out After a Generation of Violence
Shifts in Pacific Force US to Adapt Thinking
China Tackles 'Threat' of Voting Spreading
Aceh Rebels Exceed Peace Deal Weapons Turn-In Target
Sri Lankan Rebels Call for Immediate Truce Talks
Japan Opposition Party Elects New Leader
The High Price of Standing Up to Putin
Russia Hounds Human Rights Group That Gets US Help
Fears Over North Caucasus Violence
Six Police, Top Rebel Killed in Chechnya
German Candidates Break Election Tradition as They Continue Campaigning
Key Issues in Germany Election Campaign
US Relations May Warm After German Election
Ukraine President’s Aides in Murder 'Cover-Up'
Impasse on Turkey-Cyprus Row
United Nations
Rice Urges 'Revolution of Reform' at UN
Bolton and UN Are Still Standing After His First Test
Annan Warns World of Nuclear Brinkmanship
Japan Claims Right to Permanent Security Council Membership
Terror Summit Failure Blamed on US

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Praful Bidwai
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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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