Anthrax Attacks Still a Mystery: Justin Raimondo
The Rights of Detainees: George Hunsinger
The Antiwar Movement Goes on Trial: Leigh Saavedra
Prelude to an Exit Strategy: Ari Berman
Democrats Ignore the Public: David Sirota

It is in war that the State really comes into its own: swelling in power, in number, in pride, in absolute dominion over the economy and the society.
Murray Rothbard
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Updated September 19, 2005 - 11:20 PM EDT
North Korea to Halt Nuke Programs
Bush Pushes Military Law Enforcement
Shifting Global Conditions Confound Bush
Brits Use Tanks for Basra Jailbreak of Comrades
NYPD Unplugs Cindy Sheehan
Now UK May Increase Number of Troops in Iraq
Britain Rules Out Attacking Iran
US Claims Success in Iraq Despite Onslaught
New York Times Reporter Slain in Iraq
Envoy: Bush Will Back Israeli Settlements in West Bank
Prelude to an Exit Strategy
by Ari Berman
The Rights of Detainees: Who Is Protecting Whom From What?
by George Hunsinger
Today, the Antiwar Movement Goes on Trial  by Leigh Saavedra
Finally, the Iraqis' Side of the Story
by Gary Kamiya
Students Can Opt Out of This War
by Amy Pincus Merwin
War, Nationalism, and the Pledge
by Benedict D. LaRosa

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Pentagon May Have Doubts on Preemptive Nuclear Moves
Why bin Laden Is Still at-Large
Iran's President Raises Doubts on Nuclear Program
Iraq: Now, the Bad News
US Envoy to Iraq Predicts US Will Go Into Syria
Poll: Fewer Americans Trust Bush on Iraq
Bush Katrina Ratings Fall After Speech
New Twist on Iraq Aid: US Seeks Donations
Kurdish MP Assassinated as Constitution Is Finalized
Iraq Invasion Radicalized Saudi Fighters: Report
Gitmo Hunger Strike Has Commanders Worried
FBI Stymied in Efforts to Solve Anthrax Case
Rice Rules Out Resorting to Force Against Syria
Afghanistan: Slow Ballot Transport and Slow Counting Means at Least a Month-Long Wait for Results
Today in Iraq
Relentless Rebel Attacks Test Shi'ite Endurance
What Has Happened to Iraq's Missing $1 Billion?
Militia Protests Basra Detentions by British Soldiers
Shi'ite Pilgrims March to Karbala 'Ready for Martyrdom'
Six Insurgents Killed in Northern Iraq
Time: Saddam Conducted 'Rebellion by Mail'
Iraq: A Year of Crucial Missteps
Attacks Continue
20 Bodies Found in Tigris Near Baghdad
GI Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 19
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 18
The New Iraq
Baghdad Spies Live on Edge
New Iraq Spy Agency Has Troubled Start
Terror Takes Toll on Sunni-Shi'ite Intermarriage in Iraq
Restoring Iraq's Beehives Worth Risks for Teacher
Carrying a Torch for US Troops
Global Iraq Fallout
Syria Reiterates Offer to Help Stop Violence in Iraq
Putin: Date Should Be Set for Iraq Pullout
Church of England Bishops Want to Apologize for Iraq War
Downing Street Furious as Official's Diary Accuses Blair of 'Relishing' Iraq Invasion
Britain Urges Australia to Send More Troops to Afghanistan
World Bank Considers Sending Staff Back to Baghdad
War on Terror
Bloodcurdling al-Qaeda Threats, in English
Experts: Google Earth Threatens Britain's National Security
UK: Moderate Muslims Raise Voices to Influence the Young
Five Guantanamo Detainees Handed Over to Yemen
US Military
Pentagon Makes Concrete Plans as Priorities Shift East
Changing Domestic Role for the Military?
Recruitment Pressures Draw Scrutiny to Jr. ROTC
Guard Units Stretched Thin
Troops Seek FEMA Benefits
The War at Home
John Bolton Visited Judith Miller in Jail
Army Recruiting Protesters Face Federal Trial
Antiwar Protesters Face Years in Prison
DC Police Prepare for Next Weekend's Antiwar Rally
Poll: Americans Want Focus on New Orleans, Not Iraq
American Jews, Muslims Pledge Peace
In Cambridge, Crowd Cheers on Sheehan
Turmoil in Germany as Two Candidates Claim Mandate
Germany Left in Limbo as Election Too Close to Call
Germany Appears Headed for Right-Left Coalition
Russia Said Won't Resume Cold War Rivalry
Eleven Soldiers Shot Dead by Chechen Separatists
Four Antiwar Protesters Arrested at Irish Airport
Street Clashes in Central Athens
EU Split Over Reply to Turkey on Cyprus
Political Crisis Pushes Somalia Closer to War
Somalia's 'President' Tours US
Somalia Urges UN to Lift Arms Ban
Sudan Demands UN Punish US Over 1998 Bombing
Mugabe Defends Urban Demolitions
Plan Colombia Fails to Stem Cocaine Supply
Haiti to Decide in 3 Weeks Who Can Run for Office
Nicaraguans Relieved After Political Crisis Averted – for Now
Afghanistan Votes
Polls Close Amid Violence in Afghanistan
A Day at the Polls, Afghanistan-Style
Taliban Claim 51 Attacks Launched During Election
Joy, Confusion, and a Little Guesswork as Afghans Vote
Bullets, Ballots, and Burqas as Afghans Vote
French Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Judges and Mullahs, Taliban's New Targets
Afghanistan: Rocket Hits UN Warehouse
1 Killed, 5 Injured in Landmine Blast in East Afghanistan
US Assures Afghanistan of Long-Term Security Support
Taliban Get Inspiration From Iraqi Insurgents
New Iran President Makes a Splash at UN
Iran Bids to Redefine Nuclear Limits
EU Powers Start Work on Iran Nuclear Resolution
US-Europeans Plot Iran Strategy
Iran Calls on UN to Probe How Israel Acquired Nuclear Weapons
Iran Warns UN Nuclear Agency Against Security Council Referral
Britain Pushes for UN Sanctions Against Iran
Palestinians Say Gaza Border Is Closed
Egypt Completes Troop Deployment Along Gaza Border
Hamas Politicians Maneuvering in Gaza Strip
Hamas Gunmen Defy Abbas With Rare Show of Force
British Arrest Warrants
Sharon Snubs Blair Over War Crime Warrants
British FM Thinks Sharon Can Probably Visit Without Prosecution
Israeli General Not Safe From Arrest
Israel Wants UK to Tighten Law on War Crimes Suits
Sharon: Likud Radicals Mustn't Be Allowed to Run Israel
Israel Will Not Indict Police Over Arab Deaths in 2000 Riots
Sharon Threatens to Hamper Palestinian Elections Over Hamas Role
Abbas Tells Israel Not to Interfere in Hamas Vote Row
The Divestment Snowball
Middle East
Kuwaiti Paper Claims Syria Ready to Cut Deal With France Over Hariri Investigation
OPEC May Lift Quotas
Women to Bike for Peace Across Middle East
Reform Likely to Come Slowly in Egypt
Uzbeks 'Live in Climate of Fear'
Uzbek Refugees in Romania Fear for Relatives Left Behind
Indian Troop Reduction in Kashmir Vital to Peace, Says Musharraf
Report: KGB Bribed Indira Gandhi
Advani to Step Down as BJP Leader
Musharraf Denies Rape Comments; Tape Says Otherwise
Musharraf at US Jewish Congress
Nepal Govt Supports Talks Only After Maoists Surrender Arms
15 Journalists Detained in Nepal
North Korea
US Lauds Chinese Proposal on North Korea
UN to End Food Shipments to North Korea
Aceh's Rebels Give Up Guns, Warily
Indonesia Begins Aceh Exit
In Other News
Rice Too Busy for Women Foreign Ministers' Dinner
For Chinese Media Baron, Signals Are Mixed
New Zealand Parties Begin Coalition Talks
BBC Denies Anti-US Bias

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