A Torturous Silence: Ray McGovern
Get Used to Rogue Nukes: Ivan Eland
Top Democrats Flee Peace Protests: Joshua Frank
Case Closed, Condi: Gordon Prather
Democracy Won't Stop Terrorism: Vox Day

Where is the justice of political power if it...marches upon neighboring lands, killing thousands and pillaging the very hills?
Kahlil Gibran
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Updated September 27, 2005 - 11:14 PM EDT
Insurgents Seize 5 Towns Near Syria
Baghdad's Sadr City Erupts Anew
Lynndie England Gets 3 Years for Prison Abuse
Bush Wants to Lift Ban on Domestic Military
Senate Panel OKs $50 Billion More for Wars
Britain to Fire and Replace Police Force in Basra
Iraqi TV: Sistani Won't Say How to Vote on Constitution
Iraq Constitution Seen Worsening Insurgency: Report
22 Bodies Discovered in Eastern Iraq
Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Police Recruits in Baquba
Gunmen Dressed as Police Kill Five Shi'ite Teachers in Iraq
Democracy Won't Stop Terrorism
by Vox Day

Top Democrats Flee Peace Protests
by Joshua Frank

Time to Bring Our Troops Home
by Todd Huffman
The Empire Fears You  by Lew Rockwell
Taiwan Should Defend Itself
by Justin Logan
Case Closed, Condi  by Gordon Prather

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Iraq Withdrawal Debate Gathers Momentum
Sheehan Arrested During Protest at White House
Lynndie England Convicted at Abu Ghraib Trial
Generals Make More Sober Iraq Assessments
Only 22% Say Blair's Iraq Policies Are a Success
US Offers Low-Enriched Uranium to Keep Countries From Making Their Own
IAEA Approves ElBaradei as Chief Despite US Opposition
Israeli Missiles Hit Gaza; Militants Say Truce on Again
Calls Mount for Prisoner Abuse Commission
Sharon Stuns Netanyahu, Wins Vote Against Early Primaries
Today in Iraq
US to Free 1,000 From Abu Ghraib as Ramadan Gesture
Allawi Says Militias Worsening Iraq's Plight
Iraq's Foreign Fighters: Few but Deadly
Second Reuters Cameraman in Iraq Held Without Charge
US Forces Kill Top Lieutenant to Zarqawi in Iraq
Officer Uses Carrots, Sticks in Iraqi Town
Trashed: Some Myths About Iraq
Attacks Continue
Attacks Kill 16 Iraqis, 3 US Soldiers
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 27
Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 26
The New Iraq
Baghdad Neighborhood's Hopes Dimmed by Trials of Occupation
Ambulances Scarce in Iraq
Baghdad in the Dark as Power Cuts Continue to Blight the City
Missteps Hamper Iraqi Oil Recovery
Global Iraq Fallout
Aussie Defense Chief Says Troops May Leave Iraq by May
Koizumi Quiet on Extending Iraq Pledge
Saudis Worry About Splintering Iraq
Saudi Cost of Securing Iraq Border Reaches $1 Billion
Denmark Plans to Send Three Helicopters to Iraq
Battle of Britain
Britons Want Troops Pulled Out of Iraq: Poll
Basra Clash Spurs War Foes in Britain
Blair: I Won't Be Rushed Out of Office
Enter the Likely Heir to Britain's Blair
US Military Says War in Afghanistan Far From Over
Afghan Official Predicts Long Terror Fight
Hadley Urges Teamwork on Afghan Attacks
Afghan Rebels Change Tactics Amid Losses
Afghanistan Urged to Fast-Track Legalization of Opium Crop
Afghanistan Rejects Legalizing Opium
Afghanistan: Taliban Says It Brought Down US Helicopter
Four Killed in Afghanistan Bomb Blast
Dutch Prosecutor Demands Sentences of Up to 12 Years in Afghan Torture Case
Afghanistan: Vote Count Continues, Partial Results Emerging
Central Asia
Senior US Official to Discuss Base Issue in Uzbekistan
Kyrgyz Politicians Nervous After Murder
Pakistan Police Arrest Seven in Bombings
'Dead Women' Elected in Pakistan
Pakistan Stops Short of Condemning Israel Raids on Gaza
Indian Troops Kill Two Rebels Ahead of Kashmir Assembly
Canada, in Reversal, Agrees to Help India on Nukes
North Korea
China a Key Player in Korean Poker Game
Top US Envoy to Hold Direct Nuclear Talks With North Korea
Reactor Plan Haunts North Korean Disarmament
Japan, US Plan Joint Command Center
Japan Alarmed as Cost of Missile Defense System With US Triples
Taiwanese March to Support Arms Deal
Taiwan to Boost Submarine Force
Alleged al-Qaeda Cell Leader Jailed for 27 Years in Spain
2 of 3 Spain Suspects Acquitted of Involvement in 9/11 Attacks
Reporter Jailed for bin Laden Interview
Spain Jails 18 al-Qaeda Operatives
Northern Ireland
Inspectors Confirm IRA's Disarmament
IRA Destroys All Its Guns to End 35 Years of Bloodshed
Protestants Doubt IRA Disarmament
Blair Hails 'Important' Report on IRA Disarmament
A Glance at Recent IRA History
Berlusconi Cleared in Party Funding Case
Poll Shows Collapse in Berlusconi Support
Merkel Sets Conditions for Talks With Schroeder
Schroeder Looks Likely to Give Up Chancellery
Center-Right Parties Set to Form Polish Coalition
Ukraine Ex-PM Warrant Canceled
France Detains Nine in Anti-Terror Sweep
Protesting the War
Cindy Sheehan Among 370 Arrested Protesting Iraq War in DC
White House Shrugs Off Antiwar Demos
Iraq War Opponents March on White House
Spirits High During Anti-Iraq War Rallies
Actor Jessica Lange Speech at Antiwar Protest in DC
Military Families Joined Hundreds of Thousands of Antiwar Protesters Rallying in Washington
Activists Convicted in Bloody Flag Case
US Military
Bush Offers Pentagon as 'Lead Agency' in Disasters
Pentagon Seeks Flashy Robots for Combat
For Guard, Equipment Falls Short
Guard Driven by 'Sick Humor' at Abu Ghraib
The War at Home
Most Americans Now Say Iraq War Was Wrong
GOP Plans PR Blitz, but No Budget Cuts
Bush: Govt May Tap Petroleum Reserve
War on Terror
Sibel Edmonds v. Department of Justice: A Patriot Silenced, Fighting to Keep America Safe
Purported al-Qaeda Newscast Debuts on Internet
After 9/11, UK Arrested Man FBI Insisted Was Innocent
Nun Terrorized by Terror Watch
California Prison Inmate Pleads Not Guilty to Terrorism Plot
Bail Ordered for Lodi Father in Terror Case
Civil Rights Observers Worry About Rise of Surveillance Post-9/11
Doctors in Training Miss Bioterror Diagnoses
White House Warns Iran About Referral
Iran Says UN Referral Would Raise Middle East Tensions
Iran Maintains Nuclear Defiance With UN Body
Negotiation or Escalation? That Is the Question in Iran Nuclear Crisis
India Defends Iran Nuclear Vote, Denies Sellout to US
India Told to Withdraw Iran Nuclear Condemnation
Russia in a Hurry to Sell Weapons to Iran
Report: Russia Woos Iran on Weapons
Hamas to Quit Using Gaza to Stage Attacks on Israel
Israeli Labor and Fatah Officials to Meet in Sweden Over Future of Gaza
Israel Arrests 82 Militants in West Bank
Israel Fires Missiles at Three Targets in the Gaza Strip
Gunmen Kill Palestinian 'Collaborator' in West Bank
Peres Complains About Pace of British Gaza Rebuilding
In Egypt, Hughes Defends US Policy
Egyptians Tell Hughes: Policy, Not PR, Affects US Image
Egypt Tells US Lifting Emergency Laws Needs More Time
US Envoy Hughes' Message to Muslims: We Care
Lebanon Vows to Tackle 'Terror' After TV Anchor Targeted
Lebanon Struggles to Find Bombers
Middle East
Syria Not Doing Its Part to Fight Terrorism: US Official
US Envoy Frowns on Saudi Rights Record
Yemen Asks US to Remove Cleric's Name From Terror List
Jordanian Terrorism Trial of 17 Begins
Attacks Ahead of Algeria's Vote
Algerians to Vote on Burying Past
DR Congo to Deport Uganda Rebels
Nigeria Oil Flow Stations Reopen as Tensions Ease
Eritrean Armed Opposition Unites
Ethiopia Opposition Members Held
Up to 500 Killed in Togo Electoral Violence
'Culture of Impunity' in Darfur
Rice Plans Haiti Visit to Support Election Process
Ready or Not, Haiti Preps for Vote
Haiti's Rejected Presidential Candidates Turn to Court
Colombia Softens Stance on Leftist Guerrilla Groups

US Condemns 'Assault on Democracy' by Nicaraguan Assembly

'Australian Taliban' to Be Tried November 18
Australian PM Reluctant to Include Sunset Clause in Terrorism Laws

The Antiwar Majority

US Must Resign Itself to 'Rogue' State Nukes

Before It's Too Late

Theater of the Absurd

Praful Bidwai
India Outfoxed as Pakistan Plays the Israel Card

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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