AIPAC and Espionage: Guilty, by Justin Raimondo
Skeptical on Bush's Democracy Crusade: Jim Lobe
A Teachable Moment: Tim Lee
Our Imploding President: Tom Engelhardt
Why Iran Isn't a Global Threat: Ray Takeyh

Will . . . the threat of common extermination continue?. . . Must children receive the arms race from us as a necessary inheritance?
Pope John Paul II
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Updated September 30, 2005 - 11:23 PM EDT
Army's Recruiting Lowest in 26 Years

US Fears Chaos if Iraqi Charter Killed

US Generals: Iraqi Troops' Readiness Declines

Public Skeptical of Bush's Democracy Crusade
Pentagon Revokes Clearance for 'Able Danger' Officer
Freed NYT Reporter Judith Miller Appears in Court
13 Killed as Iraq Market, Police Targeted, 100 Killed Yesterday
Pentagon Keeps Soldiers Waiting for Body Armor Reimbursements
Our Imploding President
Tom Engelhardt interviews Cindy Sheehan
The Handover They Should Be Talking About in Brighton  by Simon Jenkins
US Has Sanctioned Torture for Too Long  by Jennifer K. Harbury
A Teachable Moment  by Tim Lee
Time to Go on Record Against Permanent Occupation  Rep. Barbara Lee
Why Iran Isn't a Global Threat
by Ray Takeyh

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Public Skeptical About Bush's Democracy Crusade

US Jets to Patrol Baltic Skies, to Russia's Chagrin

FBI Chief Seeks Faster Extraditions From Europe

Pakistan PM: Nuclear Links With North Korea Over

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

Pentagon Analyst to Plead Guilty in AIPAC Spy Case

The Return of Moqtada al-Sadr
The War Goes On

Roadside Bomb Kills 5 GIs in Iraq

Iraq's Relentless Tide of Murder

Insurgents Play Cat-and-Mouse Game With American Snipers

US Raids Homes of Leading Sunnis, Officials Say

Marine Recounts Deadly Incident in Iraq

US General Says Number of Capable Iraqi Battalions Drops to One

Human Error Blamed in US Chopper Crash in Iraq

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 30

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept. 29

Iraq Today

Sunnis Say No Chance for Iraq Constitution Deal

Sunnis Risk Lives Over Iraq Constitution

Iraqi Ambassador Calls for Expansion of Ties With Iran

US Hands Over Holy Shi'ite City Karbala to Iraq

Lack of Access Leaves Hussein Defense in Chaos as Trial Nears

British Hand Over Control of Basra to Iraqi Forces

Basra in the Balance

High Oil Allows UN to Speed Gulf War Compensation

Mandali: Iran and Iraq Between the Wars

Iraq Fallout

White House Talks Up Iraq War

Military Faces Congressional Questions on Iraq

Rumsfeld to Address Reporters' Safety in Iraq

Negroponte: US Trying to Understand Iraq Insurgency

Poll: Americans Keep Gloomy Views on Iraq War

Stifling Iraq Dissent Backfires for UK Labour

Poll: Security Situation in Iraq Worsening, Say Britons

Middle East

US Official Urges Egypt on Democracy

Gamal Mubarak Moves Closer to Control of Egypt

France Opposes Syria Destabilization Over Hariri Probe

FBI's Involvement in Lebanon Probe Could Rile Syria

Saudi Women Resent Media Distortion

In Turkey, a Clash of Nationalism and History


High Turnout as Algerians Vote on Peace Charter That Would Amnesty Killers...

...or Few Vote in Algerian Referendum

Key Points of Algeria Referendum

Algerians Vote, Weighing Grief Against Peace


Refugees Burned Alive as Violence Returns to Darfur

US Rejects UN Calls for More Troops in Congo

Kidnapped Oil Workers Freed in Nigeria

Warrant Issued for Ex-Chad Leader

Somaliland Seeks Global Recognition


Uzbeks Opt Out of US War on Terror

EU Imposes 'Smart' Sanctions on Uzbekistan

Nepal: Army Officers Avoid Jail Time for Torture, Murder

Burma 'Holding 1,100 Dissidents'

US: EU Slow to Freeze Terrorist Assets

EU Calls Emergency Talks Over Turkey Impasse

Spain to Deploy Troops in Morocco Enclaves

An Unlikely German Coalition Now Seems to Be More Likely


Russia to Supply Syria With Ammunition, Train Officers

Poll: Majority of Russians Would Reelect Putin

US Military

Wife: GI Disagreed With War

Military Families Bring the Cost of War to Students

Guard Chief: Relief Equipment Scarce, Outdated

Review Leads to Upheaval in Spy Satellite Programs

Pentagon Gives OK to Osprey Production

United States

Feingold's Antiwar Appeal

Top Officials Told They Must Testify in Muslims' Suit Against Ashcroft

Former US Marine Joins al-Jazeera as Reporter

American Legion Member Faces Hearing for Opposing War

US Border Protection Chief Resigns

Bush Policies Remain Obstacle for Hughes

Enough UN Reform to Satisfy Congress?


UN Curbs Staff After Kabul Bomb

Afghanistan Fears Iraq-Style Militant Attacks

Taliban Intensifies Activities in Post-Election Afghanistan

Afghan Officials Investigate Blast

Afghanistan's Communist-Era Intelligence Chief Set to Go on Trial


Iran to Play Cards Carefully in Nuclear Dispute

Iran Committed to NPT for Time Being: Top Negotiator

Iran Says Gas Deal With India Still On


US and China Clashing Over UN Statement on North Korea

Rights Group Calls on China to Stop Censoring Internet

US Slapping More Sanctions on Chinese Defense Companies


Pakistan, India Seek to Nudge Peace Process

Five Govt Employees Shot Dead in South Waziristan

Fighting Erupts as Pakistani Troops Move Into North Waziristan

Militant Leader Arrested in Pakistan


Seven Dead in Kashmir Clashes, 20 Hurt in Mall Blast

'Militant' Surrenders in Kashmir


Abbas Visits Mubarak, Calls for Intervention to End Violence

Sharon-Abbas Summit Shelved

Israeli Troops Kill Three in West Bank

Al-Aqsa Brigade Ends West Bank Truce

Fatah Pulls Ahead in Palestinian Local Elections

West Bank Vote to Gauge Hamas

Palestinians Enforce Weapons Display Ban

Hamas Hits the Campaign Trail Despite Renewed Israeli Pressure

Hamas Challenges Fatah at Ballot Box

Palestinians Vote Amid Israeli Offensive

United Kingdom

Brazilian Family: Tapes Prove London Police Lied

Scotland Yard Chief Calls for National Debate on the Shoot-to-Kill Policy

Blair Leads Party Apologies to Peace Activist

Cuba: Posada Ruling Belies US Anti-Terror War

Venezuela Accuses US of 'Double Standard' on Terrorism

Colombia Suspends Right-Wing Warlord's Extradition

US Slams Colombia for Offer Not to Extradite Paramilitary Leader


AIPAC and Espionage:
Guilty as Hell

Laughable Sycophancy

India Ditches Iran and Nonalignment

US Must Resign Itself to 'Rogue' State Nukes

Alan Bock
Before It's Too Late

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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