Bush's Satanic Verses: Justin Raimondo
Chemical Weapons, Nuclear War: Jorge Hirsch
Bush Raises the Stakes in Terror War: Jim Lobe
The Real Pat Tillman: Dave Zirin
The Purest Neocon: Tom Piatak

We must get away from the idea that America is to be the leader of the world in everything.
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Updated October 7, 2005 - 11:06 PM EDT

Iraq War Costs Could Hit $570B in 5 Yrs

Three Arrested in Iraq Over NY Subway 'Plot'
6 US Marines Slain in Roadside Bomb Attacks
Bush Raises the Stakes in Terror War
General: US 'Lacks Moral Authority' in Iraq

US Increases to 152,000 Troops for Iraq Vote

Bush Repeats Threat to Veto Torture Ban

Bush Says US Foiled 10 al-Qaeda Plots

Brits Blaming Iran for Weapons in Iraq

Democrats' Strategy on Iraq:
Hit the Gas  
by David Sirota
Chemical Weapons, Nuclear War
by Jorge Hirsch
Hurricane Karen's Impact Minimal at Best  by John Brown
The Real Pat Tillman  by Dave Zirin
War, Peace, and the State
by Murray N. Rothbard
Oust Assad – Then What?
by Ehsan Ahrari

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Israel: We Didn't Know Franklin Was Spying for Us

Tip: 19 Operatives Deployed to Attack NYC Subways

Al-Qaeda Plots White House Claims It Foiled

IAEA Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Israel Shrugs Off Franklin Plea Bargain

Senate Set to Give Bush $50 Billion More for War
  US Forces Bomb Iraq's Euphrates Bridges

Dutch PM Scolds FM: Against Govt Policy to Question Iraq Invasion

Rove to Testify in Plame Probe; May Be Indicted

Poll: Bush Ratings Hit New Low

US Claims It Has Zawahiri Treatise

A Bad Omen? Free Copies of Iraq Constitution Dumped by Nervous Distributors
The War Goes On

At Least 21, Including GI, Killed in Iraq Violence

Iraq: Thousands Flee US Military Onslaught on Haditha

US Says Western Iraq Operations to Run Until Election

Germany-Based GIs Depart for Yearlong Deployment in Iraq

Gunmen Target Iraqi Oil Ministry Workers

Iraqi Police Discover 22 Bodies in Southeastern Iraq

British Troops Stranded in Iraq by Grounded Planes

Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 7

Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 6

Iraq Today

US Seeks Support for Baghdad

Army Says Troops Levels in Iraq Are Sustainable

Talabani: Iraq Withdrawal 'Catastrophic'

Talabani Rejects Call for Jaafari to Step Down

Iraqis Find Refuge in the Mournful Strains of Their Countrymen's Songs

Where the Charter Is Least of Worries


Jaafari Defends Iran Against Fresh Allegations

Russia and IAEA Discuss Iran's Nuclear Program

Russia Won't Join Iran Nuclear Talks

US Seeks Ways to Pressure Iran on Nukes


NATO to Send 10,000 More Troops to Afghanistan

German Troops Will Remain in Afghanistan for at Least Another Decade

Pakistan to Consider Handing Taliban Spokesman to Kabul

Afghanistan Wants More Taliban Arrests in Pakistan

Ballot Count Completed in Afghanistan

First Winners Announced, 299 Stations Excluded From Afghan Vote for Fraud

US Back to the Drawing Board in Afghanistan


US Offers $10 Million for 2002 Bali Bombers

Indonesian Army to Join Police in Hunt for Bali Bombers

Australia Will Be 'Angry' if Indonesia Reduces Cleric's Sentence


Japanese Parliament Debates Amending Pacifist Constitution

Poll: 62% of Japanese Oppose Removing Antiwar Clause From Constitution

Rumsfeld Cancels Japan Visit Over Base Spat


North Korea Insists on Reactor From US

US Congress Sceptical Over Nuclear Accord With North Korea

Rights Activist: Uzbek Muslim Leader Died in Prison of Torture

Diary of a Vietcong Doctor

South Asia

Bomb Blast in Sri Lanka Capital

EU Delegation: Nepal Risks Political Collapse

Three Killed, 12 Hurt in Rebel Attacks in Indian Kashmir

India Calls Maoists a Serious Threat


Nicaraguan Opposition Conservative Party 'Outraged' by US Comments

Venezuela Shutters Local US Businesses

Cubans Mark Posada's Airplane Bombing Anniversary

Unrest, Violence Continue in Haiti

Small Bombs Target US Interests in Argentina Ahead of Bush Visit

Court: Canada Can Strip Citizenship From War Criminals

Colombia Paramilitaries Halt Peace Process

Colombia Hopes Compensation Will Bring Peace

In Chile, Soldiers Brave Death to Remove Border Landmines

Fujimori to Contest Peru Election


Liberians Ready to Head to Polls After Open, Competitive Campaign

Liberia's Ex-Fighters

Sierra Leone War-Crimes Court Running Out of Money

Nigerian Rebel Who Led Oil Protests Is Accused of Treason

UN Issues Arrest Warrants for Ugandan Rebels

Ugandan Rebel Push Threatens Neighbors


For Turkey, a Long Road Ahead to Join EU

Ukraine Told That EU Door Is Open

US, Bulgaria Discuss Use of Bases

Raids on Yukos Affiliates Presage New Charges

Bush Saves the World
BBC: Bush Claimed God Told Him to Invade Iraq, Afghanistan

White House Denies Bush Claimed God Told Him to Wage War

Bush: Iran, Syria 'Enemies of Civilization'

Bush Tries to Sell Skeptical Public on War in Iraq

Bush Says War Is Excuse for Hatred of US

Bush Sees Threat From 'Imperialists of Terror'

Bush Begs for Support to Fight 'Evil Radicals' Waging War on Humanity

Bush: Militants Seek to Establish Empire

Bush: Islamists Wage 'War on Humanity'

Transcript: President Bush's Speech

War on Terror

Now Hiring: Al-Qaeda

UK Home Secretary's Document May Jeopardize High-Profile Terror Trials

Britain Waters Down Anti-Terror Law After Criticism

UK Terror Proposals Condemned as Breach of Human Rights Laws

Ex-FBI Chief Rails Against Clinton's Terror Record

US Military

US Army Soldiers Test New Weapons in Germany

US War Games Test Air Force of the Future

Army Reorganizes to Boost Its Combat Power

Ballistic Missile Defense: Space Defense Budget Mess

Surge in Troops Losing Limbs Has Pentagon Scrambling to Improve Prosthetics
The War at Home

Sheehan Returns Home to Hero's Welcome

Student Brutalized by Cops, Right-Wing Students, for Protesting Recruiters At George Mason University

San Francisco Cop Fired for Breaking Antiwar Protester's Arm

Dems Aim to Boost National Security Image

Buffalo High School Automatically Enrolls Freshmen in ROTC

A Son Gone Too Soon


Former Army Chaplain on Gitmo Abuse, Wrongful Imprisonment

22 Gitmo Hunger-Strikers Hospitalized, Fed Through Tubes

Gitmo Aussie's Lawyers Push to Speed Up British Citizenship Bid

United States

Iraq Contractors Get Katrina Work

FEMA Promises to Correct No-Bid Contract Abuses

US House Passes $30.8 Bln Domestic Security Bill

Prosecutor 'Not Finished' With Judith Miller Yet

Torture Petitions Test Beliefs of Faithful

Woman Kicked Off Airplane for Wearing Anti-Bush Shirt

Researchers, Advocates Slam CDC 'Data Hoarding'

The First-Ever Case Alleging a 'Mole' in the White House

Philippine Spy in DC

FBI Examines Computers in Cheney's Office

FBI Agent Helped Philippine Opposition in Bid to Remove Arroyo

Manila Says Espionage Case Is US Business

Fmr. Phillipine President Supports Spy Allegations


Israeli Military Banned From Using Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields

Israeli MPs Slam Ban on Human Shields

Egypt-Israel Ties Slow to Warm After Intifada

Israel Protests EU Meeting With Hezbollah Official in Lebanon

Peres Rejects Calls to Quit Israeli Government

Was 'First Druze Terrorist' Label a Cover-Up for Trigger-Happy Israeli Troops?


Abbas Vows to Bombard Sharon With Demands in Upcoming Talks

Israeli Soldiers Beat Palestinian at Nablus Checkpoint

Israeli Wall Runs Straight Through Palestinian School's Playground


Gunmen Kidnap Palestinian Professor, Hamas Leader

Sister of Suicide Bomber 'Encouraged Him to Attack Israeli Target'

World Bank Advocates Sunken Road From Gaza to West Bank

Egypt Warns Hamas Over Weapons

Hamas Would Ban Men and Women Dancing

Fatah Gunmen Shoot Senior Palestinian Official

United Kingdom

Proposed Powers Would Allow British Police to Temporarily Close Mosques

British Opposition Leader Quits


Bush's Satanic Verses

The Revolution Wasn't

Time to Fire Karl Rove and 'Scooter' Libby

Posse Comitatus: Remembering Why

Praful Bidwai
India Ditches Iran and Nonalignment

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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