Staying or Leaving: Rep. Ron Paul
The Police State Is Closing In: Paul Craig Roberts
FBI Penetrated; Again!: Sibel Edmonds/John Cole
Saving Face: Gordon Prather
WWI: Root of All Wars: Charley Reese

We Americans have no commission from God to police the world.
Benjamin Harrison
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Updated October 8, 2005 - 9:13 PM EDT
Iraq Heats Up Before Referendum
Passage of Constitution No Guarantee of Peace
Ex-Marine Says He Committed Atrocities
Thousands Feared Dead as Quake Hits South Asia
Three Arrested in Iraq Over NY Subway 'Plot'
Subway Terror Threat: Is an Attack Imminent?
UK Troops Seize 12, Including Police, in Basra
Two US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Senate Approves $445B Defense Bill, Bush May Veto
Al-Qaeda Letter Warned Zarqawi Against Attacks on Civilians
The Police State Is Closer Than You Think  by Paul Craig Roberts
FBI Penetrated; Again!
by Sibel Edmonds and and John M. Cole
The War to End All Wars That Started Them All  by Charley Reese
Staying or Leaving  by Rep. Ron Paul
A Mess of President Bush's Own Making  by John Nichols
Saving Face  by Gordon Prather

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Rove Says He Wasn't Involved in CIA Leak
Reporter Finds Earlier Notes in CIA Leak Case
US Generals: Civil War, Not Terrorists, Greatest Danger in Iraq
Brits Losing Control in Basra
US Wraps Up Iraq Anti-Rebel Sweep, Killing More Than 50
US Wants More Robust Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan
US Troops Kill Four Afghan Police With 'Friendly Fire'
US Denies Rising Insurgency in Afghanistan
Guantanamo Hunger Strike 'Serious'
Are Govt-Linked Shi'ite Death Squads Behind Iraq Killings?
Today in Iraq
Top Sunni Seeks Iraq Truce as US Pushes Attack
Pentagon: bin Laden Deputy Complains About Money, Iraq Tactics
Troops Arrest Iraqi Mayor, Giving Rise to Peaceful Protests
Zarqawi: Killing Civilians Fine So Long as They're Infidels
Attacks Continue
Six Marines Die From Roadside Bombs in Iraq
Dozens Killed in Iraq Fighting
539 Bodies Found in Iraq Since April
Chronology of Bodies Found in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 8
Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 7
Iraqi Politics
Iraqi Interim Govt Ministers Face Corruption Charges
Many Sunnis to Vote No in Iraq Referendum
Major Provisions of Iraq's Proposed Constitution
Q&A: Iraq's Constitutional Referendum
Despite Earlier Reports, Saddam Trial Date Unchanged
Global Iraq Fallout
Demonstration in Warsaw Demanding Polish Troops Back From Iraq
Bulgaria to Popstpone Iraq Troop Pull-Out Until After Election
Iran Denies Blair Iraq Charge
Nobel Peace Prize
IAEA, ElBaradei Win Nobel Peace Prize
Nobel Peace Prize Decision Described as 'Warning' to Iran
Nobel Prize 'Will Help Tackle Nuclear Weapons'
ElBaradei: the Man Who Took on Bush and Won
ElBaradei Locked Horns With US on Iraq
United Nations
Former UN Inspector: Blair and Bush Guilty of Engaging in Aggressive Warfare
UN Procurement Scandal: Secret Information Was Leaked to a Bidder
Unicef Bombs the Smurfs in Fund-Raising Campaign for Ex-Child Soldiers
Afghan Warlords Still Clinging to Power
Warlord Critic Wins in Afghanistan
US Probes 'Friendly Fire' Killing of Afghan Police
Mass Grave Haunts the Afghan Election
Taliban Claim Credit for Roadside Bombing, Abduct Two Afghans
8 Killed, 19 Wounded in Pakistan Mosque Shooting
Pakistan Rulers Claim Poll Boost
Indian PM Says No Compromise in Terror War
Kashmir Will Remain Integral Part of India: Govt
One Killed, Seven Injured in Kashmir Gunfire
Five Hurt in Kashmir Blast
US Congress Blasts India’s Caste System
India Boosts Security Along Nepal Border
North Korea
US Envoy 'Willing' to Visit North Korea
Deserter's Memoirs Published in Japan, Saw Many Abductees in North Korea
58 Years Later, Japan Unrenounces War
Koizumi's Ambitious Final Agenda
Bali Terror
Cops: Bali Bombing Mastermind Escapes Raid
Officials: Bali Bomber 'Hiding in Philippines'
Indonesia Grapples With Terror Threat
Bali Bombs Point to New Style of Mayhem
Thai PM Describes Southern Militants as 'Terrorists' for the First Time
Bomb Explodes in Southern Thailand Town
Philippine Govt Opens Inquiry in FBI Spy Case
Kyrgyzstan Races to Find Missing Radioactive Matter
Sri Lankan Presidential Race Too Close to Call
Uzbek President Thanks Putin for Support After Andijan Crackdown
Merkel Set to Replace Schröder as German Leader
Germans Try to Resolve Political Crisis
Defense a Sticking Point at Caspian Sea Talks
Annan Calls for Start of Kosovo Final Status Talks
Australians Anxiously Await Terror Attack
Australia Hopes Video Game Will Reverse Falling Recruitment Numbers
Weekend Reviews
New Book Cites US Brutality in Iraq
Robert Kaplan's Imperial Grunts
New Benigni Film Finds Love, Laughs in Iraq War
Authors Offer Different Views of What Led the US to Invade Iraq
Robert Fisk's New Book
How the World Was Duped: The Race to Invade Iraq
The Victims of War, a Conflict of Interest and the Story of Staff Sergeant Nolde
Who Did You Shoot in the War, Daddy?
Shock and Awe: The Night Baghdad Burned
When I Tasted Fear
The Choirs of Kandahar
Finding Osama
Venezuela, US Talk Over Drugs Cooperation
Venezuela to Boost Poll Security
Homeland Security
Memo: NYC Attack Was Scheduled for Sunday
Subway Terror Warning Emanated From Iraq, New York Times Says
Bloomberg Defends Decision to Put NYC on Alert for 'Non-Credible' Threat
Bush Says New York Officials Exercised Own Prerogative in Announcing Subway Terror Threat
Police Searches, Hoax Mark NY Return to Subway
New York's Penn Station Reopens After Soda Bottle Scare
DC Police Evacuate Washington Monument
Libraries Lose Supreme Court Bid: Won't Be Allowed to Participate in Congressional Debate Over PATRIOT Act
Highlights of Homeland Security Budget
US War on Terror
How a Bad US Visit Influenced 'Osama's Brain'
Pentagon Seeks Leeway to Approach Citizens Without Identifying Themselves
Pentagon Seeks US Informants on Insurgencies
Goss Says US Must Overcome 'Language Deficit'
UK War on Terror
UK 'Shocked' at Intel Gap on July Bombs
London Police Commander Who Oversaw Shooting of Brazilian Could Be Charged With Manslaughter
UK Home Secretary Defend Terror Crackdown at the Expense of Civil Liberties
UK Terror Proposals Branded 'Unlawful'
US Military
A Glance at Senate Military Spending Bill
Defense Travel Cuts Defeated in Senate
Graduate Sues Air Force Academy for Trying to Force Cadets to Convert to Christianity
Troops May Remain in New Orleans for Six More Months
Marines Activate Foreign Military Training Unit for 'Phase-Zero' Nations
The War at Home
Poll: Bush's Job Approval Remains Low
Trouble for Rove Adds to Air of Crisis
Bush Plan Shows US Is Not Ready for Deadly Flu
Robert Dreyfuss on Franklin's Guilty Plea
Senator Allard: Banning Torture Would 'Tie the Hands' of the Military
46 States Eligible for Katrina Relief Funds
Silent Campus Antiwar Protest Draws 100
Iran Moves to Curb Hard-Liners
Thousands Rally in Tehran to Support Nuclear Program
Syria Frets UN Verdict
Syria Growing More Isolated
Assad: Syria Wants to Close Its Border to Militants, but US Is Doing Nothing to Stop Fighters
Lebanon to Abolish Security Services Branch in Shake-Up
Palestinian Guerrillas on Alert as Lebanon Tightens Grip on Refugee Camps
Lebanon Palestinian Camps Encircled
Lebanon and Palestinians Square Off Over Guerrilla Arms
Palestinian Politics
Palestinian Police Arrest 30 in First-Ever Raid of Hebron
Abbas to Demand West Bank Pullout
Kidnap of Hamas Militants Claimed by Unknown Group
Palestinians Release Abducted Hamas Militants Unharmed
Palestinian Vigilante Killings on the Rise
Protests Against West Bank Barrier Now a Weekly Event
Labor Willing to Stay in Israeli Government: Peres
Israel, PA Move Ahead on Gaza Border Provisions
Gaza Evacuees to Stay in Hotel Another Week Despite Eviction
Israelis, Palestinians Prepare for Summit
Cyprus Issue Could Snag Turkey's EU Talks
Turkish-Armenian Journalist Sentenced for Article About Massacres
Kuwait Papers Propose Normal Ties With Israel
American Rights Activist Imprisoned by Order of Kuwaiti PM
Middle East
David Frost Joins al-Jazeera TV
Political Reform 'A Necessity': Saudi Official
Rebel Infighting Hampering Darfur Peace Deal

Integrating South Sudan Militias Into the Army

Ugandan Top Rebel Leader Indicted
World Court Issues First Arrest Warrants for Uganda Rebels
Net Tightens Around Brutal Ugandan Rebels
UN Warns Uganda on Congo Invasion
Uganda's Children of War Camp
Reports: 30 Die in Somalia Land Clashes
Arms Flows to Somalia Soar, Despite UN Embargo
African Union Decides Ivorian Leader Can Stay in Office Past End of Term
Zimbabwe Police Swoop on Traders
US Delegation to Monitor Liberia Vote
Ethiopia, Eritrea Warned on Reigniting War
Congo Soldiers on Trial for Rape
Colombia Paramilitaries Pull Out of Peace Talks
Colombia Defends Jailing Paramilitary Head

Justin Raimondo
Bush's Satanic Verses

Nebojsa Malic
The Revolution Wasn't

Ivan Eland
Time to Fire Karl Rove and 'Scooter' Libby

Alan Bock
Posse Comitatus: Remembering Why

Praful Bidwai
India Ditches Iran and Nonalignment

Ran HaCohen
Stop Your Sobbing

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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