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Iraq by the Numbers: Charles Peña
Bush's October Surprise: Tom Engelhardt
Cheney and the 'Nuclear Threat': Jim Lobe
Dresden – Budapest – Tbilisi – Baku: J. Utley
Saddam's Missing Charge: K. Afrasiabi

You can wipe out your opponents. But if you do it unjustly you become eligible for being wiped out yourself.
Ernest Hemingway
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Updated October 27, 2005 - 11:02 PM EDT

NYT: Libby to be Indicted, Rove Maybe

Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers to Senate
Lawyer Says Prosecutor Has Secured Indictment
DC Buzz: Karl Rove Looking for a Plea Deal

CIA Leak Charges Expected Friday

White House Nervous About 'Bulldog'

Washington Debates Meaning of 2,000 Deaths
3 US Soldiers Killed, 4 Wounded by Insurgents

Daily Death Fear for Soldiers in Iraq

19 Killed in Sunni-Shi'ite Militant Clashes in Iraq
Hundreds of Protests Mark 2,000th US Fatality in Iraq
How Cheney Twisted Intel on the Road to War
Bush's October Surprise
by Tom Engelhardt
Thinking About Hillary
by Cindy Sheehan
The Missing Charge at Saddam Hussein's Trial  by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
A Capitalist Peace?  by Doug Bandow
Dresden – Budapest – Tbilisi – Baku
by Jon Basil Utley
The Rise of the 'Patriotic' Journalist
by Robert Parry

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Yellowcake Dossier Not the Work of the CIA

UN Probe: 2,200 Firms Paid Bribes to Saddam

UN Reports Rising Flow of Arms From Syria Into Lebanon

Envoy: US May Reduce Troops in Iraq Next Year
Bush Nominee for Pentagon Is Under Attack

Iraq's Top Cleric Won't Back Jaafari

German Magazine: Iran Harboring al-Qaeda

Iran President Wants Israel 'Wiped Off the Map'

Almost 70 Percent of US Casualties in Iraq Under Age 30
2,000 and Counting

2,000 Dead: As Iraq Tours Stretch On, a Grim Mark

Papers, Ignoring Pentagon Plea, Mark 2,000th US Death in Iraq

A Deadly Surge in Iraq Fatality Rate

Peace Activists to 'Die Symbolically' Outside White House

Iraq Death Toll Hits Home

Map: Fallen Troops' Hometowns

Casualties of a War a World Away

Iraqi Politics

Iraqi Sunni Arab Parties Form Coalition Ahead of December Election

Iraq Sunnis Seek US Pullout as Deaths Mount

A New Sunni Strategy in Iraq

The New Sunni Jihad: 'A Time for Politics'

Sadr, Sunnis Join Hands to Contest Polls

Iraq Today
The Baghdad Hotel Attack: The Real Targets

Analysts Warn of Effects of Iraq Civil War

Saddam Lawyers to Boycott Court

In a Reclaimed Village, Kurds' Future Unclear

Possible Fraud Seen in Iraq Contracts: US Report

Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 27

Security Incidents in Iraq, Oct. 26


Afghanistan: Radio Journalist Killed in Bomb Attack on Military Convoy

Strongmen to Score Big in Afghan Vote

Two British NGO Workers Killed in Kandahar

14 Taliban Extradited From Pakistan to Afghanistan

Japan Extends Afghanistan Naval Support Mission


Excerpts From UN Report on Lebanon

Lebanese Troops Surround Militant Base Near Syrian Border

Lebanon Army Besieges Palestinian Militants After Killing

Australia Considers Lebanese Extradition Request

South Asia

Pakistan Will Welcome Indian Relief Supplies

Car Bomb Targets Kashmir Troops

US Congress Cautious on India Nuclear Deal


US Agrees to Japanese Request to Move Okinawa Base

US Military Retreats Over Japanese Base After Protests by Islanders


US Approves $280 Million Missile Sale to Taiwan

US to Train Taiwanese Fighter Pilots


Kyrgyz Leader Says He May Sack Govt After MP Killed

Militants Launch String of Raids in South Thailand

Chinese Exporter Linked to Missile Scheme

North Korea Sends a 'Message to the World'

'Harassed' BBC Shuts Uzbek Office


Ecuador Alleges Rebels Trained in Venezuela

Rice Warns Canada: Rhetoric in Trade Dispute Could Harm Relations

Plame Investigation

Bated Breath and a Shortage of Loose Lips

Bush Team Sought to Snuff CIA Doubts on Iraq

Timeline in Probe Into CIA Leak

US War at Home

Sheehan Sets Her Sights on Hillary Clinton

Kerry Calls on Bush to Withdraw 15% of US Troops From Iraq

Karpinski Admits Violating Geneva Conventions at Abu Ghraib

US Army Activates New Missile Defense Command

New Intelligence Strategy Emphasizes Spreading Democracy

Soldiers Sentenced for Smuggling Arms

Syria, Iran Under Pressure

US: Syria, Iran Play 'Unhelpful Roles'

Israel: Iran a 'Clear and Present Danger'

Russian FM Brushes Off Israeli Call for Quick Action Against Iran

China, Russia Oppose Threat to Punish Syria at UN

Arab League Opposes Syria Sanctions Over Hariri

Hariri Son Opposes Syria Sanctions

Syria Battles to Stave Off Sanctions

Syrian MP Urges Reforms to Deflect US Pressure

UN: Arms Still Coming Over Syrian Border Into Lebanon

Lebanon Charges Two in Hariri Murder


Suicide Bomb Kills Five Israelis

Israeli Army Pounds Gaza Targets After Rocket Attack in Sderot

Israel Still in Control of Gaza, Says Envoy

Israeli Right Blames Attack Upsurge on Disengagement

Islamic Jihad Claims Suicide Bombing That Killed Five

Suicide Bombing Adds to Strain on a Fragile Truce

Rice Urges Relaxed Palestinian Restrictions

Israel to Open Gaza-Egypt Border

Israel Planning to Evacuate Four New Illegal West Bank Outposts

Shalom Announces Reopening of Israeli Embassy in New Zealand


Abbas Warns Militants After Israel Vows Zero Tolerance

Abbas to Palestinians: Stop Giving Excuses to Israel

UN Official: Conditions in Gaza, West Bank Grim

Abbas Rejects Cabinet Reshuffle

US Ambivalent on Hamas Running in Palestinian Elections

War on Terror

Judge Orders Notification of Lawyers if Gitmo Detainees Are Force-Fed

Jury Faults Port Authority in '93 WTC Bomb

French Anti-Terror Bill Ignites Controversy

German Court Convicts Four on Terror Charges

UK Home Secretary Hints at Retreat Over 90-Day Terror Bill Detention

British MPs Back Terror Bill but Urge Changes


Kenya Sends Troops to Sudan

Two Ugandan Aid Workers Killed

Amnesty: French Troops Used Excessive Force in Ivory Coast

Libya Cuts Off International Telephone Calls to Defy Italy


Four Russian Servicemen Shot Dead in Caucasus

Serbian Who Shot Down US Stealth Fighter in 1999 Finally Speaks

France and Italy to Miss US Passport Deadline


Justin Raimondo
Background to Betrayal

Charles Peña
Iraq by the Numbers

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Ivan Eland
Critics on Iraq Policy Come Out of the Woodwork Too Late

Alan Bock
Interval of Uncertainty

Praful Bidwai
Playing Politics as Quake Toll Rises

Nebojsa Malic
Exposed Agendas

David R. Henderson
What Game Theory Can Tell Us About Terrorism

Sascha Matuszak
Free the Diplomats

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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