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Updated November 11, 2005 - 11:03 PM EST
Chalabi's Impact on the War
Rice Makes Surprise Visit, Appeal to Iraqi Sunnis

Angry Assad Says Syria Will Cooperate in Probe

Hopes Fade of Trapping Insurgents in W. Iraq
Five US Troops Killed in Iraq
Senior Saddam Aide Dies: Report

CIA Had Doubts About Prewar Intel on Iraq

Poll: Iraq War Is Top Concern for Americans
Rice Denies Report of US-EU Nuclear Offer to Iran

Senate Votes to Limit Detainee Access to Courts

Peretz Insists Labor Will Leave Israeli Cabinet

Al-Qaeda Claims Hotel Blasts as Jordan Nets Suspects
The Myth of Zarqawi
by Loretta Napoleoni
Who's Misinforming Whom About White Phosphorus?  by Mark Rothschild
The Niger Uranium Deception and the 'Plame Affair'  by Gary Leupp
A Name That Lives in Infamy
by Mike Marqusee
Poddy's Shoddy Spiel  by Kevin Drum
Democrats and the War  The Nation

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Poll: Iraqi Constitution Will Not Change Much, Say Americans

Fox Poll: President Bush's Ratings Continue to Suffer

Report: GOP Memo Touts New Terror Attack as Way to Reverse Party's Decline

White House Lashes Out About Justification for War

Calls for Shift in Iraq Strategy Growing

Official: Attack on USS Cole Foreseen

Controversial WMD Reporter and NY Times Divorce

Jordanians Protest Outside Hotels:
'Burn in Hell, Zarqawi!'
The War Goes On

2 Iraq Bombs Kill 45, 27 Bodies Found Elsewhere

UN Plea for Aircraft in Iraq Going Unanswered

Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 11

Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 10

Iraq Today

Hussein Trial to Go On, Iraq Insists

Iraqi VP Sees 'Terrorists' Shifting to Other States

French Official: US Iraq Presence Fuels Radicals

UN: Widespread Depleted Uranium Pollution in Iraq a Threat to Public Health


ElBaradei Says Hopeful of Iran Atomic Deal in Days

US, Europe Ready to Compromise With Iran Over Nuke Plans


7 Police Killed in New Afghan Violence

Trans-Afghan Gas Pipeline Project Likely in 2006

Inclusion of Afghanistan in Trade Group SAARC Now Doubtful


Chirac Warns of Possible Sanctions Against Syria

Assad Lashes Out at West, Insists on Syria's Innocence

Assad: US Sabotaging Syria-Iraq Ties

Rice: Syria Stonewalling on Hariri Probe

Defiant Assad Hits Back at Foreign Pressure

Britain and Iraq Demand Syria Stop Flow of Militants

South Asia

India Delays Opening of Third Kashmir Crossing

Top Indian Army Official Killed in Kashmir Gunbattle

Indian Terror Suspect Extradited by Portugal


US: China Hotel Terror Alert Was False Alarm

Indonesian Police Identify Two Bali Suicide Bombers

Death of Bali Bombmaker Confirmed

N. Korean Criticism Casts Pall Over Talks

Report: China Not Using Full Pressure on North Korea

No One Quite Sure Why Myanmar Government Fled to Secret Mountain Compound


US Official Tours Damage in Darfur

US to Sudan: We Can't 'Clean It Up'

US, Darfur Official Have Shouting Match


Poverty Pulls Zimbabwe to Civil War, Says Opposition

UN Patrols Curtailed Between Ethiopia, Eritrea

Ethiopia Releases Poll Protesters

Treason Charges Against Ethiopian Opposition Leaders

International Court Pursues Fugitive Uganda Rebel Leaders

Liberia's 'Iron Lady' Claims Win


US Military Eyes Paraguay

Japanese Officials Visit Fujimori

Peru Yanks Ambassador to Japan Over Fujimori


Aussie Cleric Downplays Links to Terror Suspects

Australia 'May Deport Militants'

In Other News

Egypt Opposition Head Loses Seat

Soviet Spy Chief Is Back – on a Pedestal

Iraq Spills Over Into Jordan

Al-Qaeda in Iraq 'Explains' Jordan Bombings

King Abdullah Cancels Trip to Israel After Amman Bombings

Zarqawi Bites Land That Freed Him

Survival Test for Young King Viewed as Too Pro-Western

Analyst Says Attack May Be 'Warning Sign'

Bloodied Kingdom

Attack Decimates Family

Jordan Attacks Claim 17 From One Family

The Wedding Inside the Bombed Jordanian Hotel

Wedding Party Took Brunt of the Amman Bombings

Chalabi Goes to Washington

Fury as US Opens Arms to Chalabi

Chalabi Outlines Election Platform During US Visit

Chalabi Back in US, Strives to Rebuild Reputation

Congressman Weighs in on Iraq's Chalabi

War at Home

Cheney Presses on Despite Diminished Clout

Key Rove Aide May Testify

Sheehan Urges Students to Protest

Veterans Lash Out at Loss of Voice on Capitol Hill

Colorado Soldier Founds Antiwar Group

Antiwar Opera Double Shot

Vegas Sweats Under PATRIOT Act

US Military

Colonel Pleads Not Guilty in SOCom Scam

Rummy's Scapegoat Speaks Out

US to Establish New, Slightly More Independent Democracy Foundation

A Nervous Eye on Defense Firms

Detention and Torture

Former CIA Man: Hard to See Why US Sent Arar to Syria

Rice: US Abides by International Rules in Detainee Treatment

Who Are the Guantánamo Detainees?

Trial of Gitmo Detainees to Resume

Senate Votes Gitmo Detainees Cannot Challenge Detention in US Courts

UK Terror Law Smackdown

Blair on Offensive After Terror Bill Defeat

Blair Clout Is Battered by Doubts on Iraq War

Blair Insists MPs Are Out of Touch With Public

Cabinet Rallies to Defiant Blair as Criticism Mounts

British Government Used Police Chiefs to Lobby for Terror Laws

Muslim Leaders Blame Iraq War for London Bombings


Sharon Faces Collapse After Labor Elects New Leader

Labor's New Leader Pledges to Pull Out of Israeli Coalition

Israeli Lawmakers Gird for Early Elections

Peres Hints of Fraud in Primary Challenge

If He Forms a New Party, Does Sharon Need Peres?

Political Earthquake for Israel's Labor Party

After Stinging Defeat, Peres Says Mulling Retirement From Politics

Abbas Questions Israel's Desire for Peace


Germany to Readjust Its Foreign Policies

Chirac Admits Riots Had 'Exposed Inequality'

European Rights Court Backs Turkey's Headscarf Ban

For Public Figures in Netherlands, Terror Becomes a Personal Concern

Justin Raimondo
Their Terrorism, and Ours

Sascha Matuszak
German Gloom, Chinese Boom

Charles Peña
New York's Subway Search Program Earns a Failing Grade

Nebojsa Malic
A Viceroy Departs

Ivan Eland
Surveillance Society

Alan Bock
Anatomy of a Disaster

David R. Henderson
Who Is 'We'?

Praful Bidwai
India Abandons Global Nuclear Disarmament

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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