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The Weekly Standard's War: Scott McConnell
Al-Qaeda Worse Than Before: Ivan Eland
Hillary in the Holy Land: Joshua Frank
Other Parties? Whoops!: Gordon Prather
Mr. Bush, Meet Mr. Taft: Michael Tomasky

Vietnam should remind conservatives that whenever you put your faith in big government for any reason, sooner or later you wind up an apologist for mass murder.
Karl Hess

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Updated November 15, 2005 - 11:09 PM EST
Senate Republicans Block Iraq Timetable
Senate Votes to Require 'Progress Reports'
Yellowcake to 'Plamegate'
Blast Rocks Downtown Karachi KFC, 3 Killed
US-Led Assault Meets Resistance Near Border
White Phosphorus, Fallujah, & Burning Questions
'I Treated People Who Had Their Skin Melted'
Rice Brokers Deal on Gaza Border Crossings
Iraqi Businessmen Say US Troops Threw Them in Lions’ Den
US-Iraq Troops Raid Govt Jail Where Abuses Are Alleged
UN Report Cites Allied Forces in Iraq for Violating Int'l Law
The Weekly Standard's War
by Scott McConnell
'We Do Not Torture' and Other Funny Stories  by Frank Rich
National Security Letters Put Privacy at Risk  by Robyn Blumner
Hillary in the Holy Land
by Joshua Frank
Bush Rewrites History  by David Corn
Other Parties? Whoops!
by Gordon Prather

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Chalabi Meets Cheney, Rumsfeld
Rice, Sharon Blast Iran for Threat to Israel
AIPAC Judge: I'll Decide What's Harmful
Senators Reach Gitmo Detainees Compromise
Blair Confirms Support for 2006 Pullout From Iraq
Bush to Show 'Commitment' to Asia
Bush's Vision Fails to Win Over Middle East
Firm Helps US Mold News Abroad
Congress Sends Mixed Signals on Detainee Rights
Southern Iraq Gets Hotter for British Troops
Today in Iraq
US Says 50 Insurgents, 2 Marines Killed in Iraq Battle
Talabani Wants Pullout Even Later
UN Slams Brutal Conditions in Iraqi-Run Jails
Fresh Report Paints Dark Picture of Iraq
Iraqi Official Probes Torture Allegations
Saddam Defense Lawyer Flees Iraq
Izzat Dead or Alive?
America Will Still Pay $10m for the Body of Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri
US, Iraqi Troops Conduct Search for Izzat, Dead or Alive
Attacks Continue
Roadside Blasts Kill 12 in Iraq
Blast Kills Two South Africans in Baghdad
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 15
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 14
The New Iraq
Internet Use Spreading Throughout Iraq
In Iraq, These Peacemakers Shun Guns
Global Iraq Fallout
Bulgaria Informs Allies Over Iraq Withdrawal Plans
Arab League Invites 100 Iraqis to Meeting
Red Cross Launches Appeal to Help 350,000 Iraqis
US Asks for More European Help in Iraq
Watchdog Group Urges UN to Keep Oil-for-Food Data
US Inquiry Over Burned Afghan Bodies Completed
UK Army Prepares for Afghan Buildup
NATO Soldier Among 3 Killed in Kabul Suicide Attacks
Portugal to Downgrade Military Presence in Afghanistan
Women Defy Odds in Afghan Polls
NATO Military Backs Command Deal for Afghanistan
Afghanistan Sings Same Old Song While Officials Bicker Over National Anthem
Afghanistan: The War With No End
Maoist Rebels Storm Jail in East India, Free 350
Alert After India Rebel Jailbreak
India and Pakistan Open Fourth Kashmir Crossing
Four Die in Kashmir Gunbattle
Indian Police Surround Militants After Deadly Kashmir Attack
Ordinary Pakistanis Jam Highways in Rush to Volunteer
Ex-Afghan President Accuses Pakistan of Supporting Taliban
Russia-Uzbek Military Pact Allows Mutual Use of Bases
Heavy Jail Terms in Uzbekistan Revolt Trial
Uzbek Crackdown Reaches Into Russia
Andijan 'Show Trial' Fails to Convince
US Condemns Uzbek Terror Verdicts
North Korea Offered Not to Test Nuclear Arms: Seoul
Bush Wants Unity With Allies on North Korea
US Issues Terror Alert to Citizens in South China
China to Give Memorial Rite to Hu Yaobang, Purged Reformer
Kyrgyzstan Threatens to Limit US Access to Air Base
Bush in Asia: Friendly Turf
Indonesian Islamic Leaders to Issue Fatwa Against Bomb Schools
Judges Killed in Bangladesh Blast
Azerbaijani President Fires Third Governor Over Election Fiasco
Merkel's Party Easily Approves Coalition
Germany's Grudging 'Grand Coalition'
Ugandan Party Leader Charged With Treason
Uganda Riots Over Treason Charge
Ethiopian Women Seek News on Missing Men
Ethiopia's Capital, Once Promising, Finds Itself in Crisis
Sudan Rejects US Peace Initiative
Mystery Attacks on Chad's Army
Zimbabwe Opposition Party Is Set for Split
Kenya Police Summon MPs
Burkina Faso Leader Wins Reelection
CIA Torture Prisons
EU Says States Could Face Sanctions for CIA Jails
EU Examines 'CIA Prison' Claims
Spanish Court Hears of CIA Use of Mallorca Airport
Time: CIA Covered Up Torture Evidence
War on Terror
Terror Cases Stretch FBI's Space in Detroit
Senate Puts Chertoff on Notice Over Borders
9/11 Commissioners Fault Administration
Sydney Reactor on Terror List, Say Police
How Should Britain Tackle Terror?
US to Press Ahead With 'Australian Taliban' Trial
The War at Home
Mother Quietly Protests War as Son Clings to Life
A Reminder of How Debate Over Prewar Intelligence Continues to Shadow Bush
Bush Ratings Hit New Low in Poll
Pentagon's Fuel Deal Is Lesson in Risks of Graft-Prone Regions
Secrecy Order in CIA Leak Case Challenged by Media
McNamara: Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons
Bush Fires Parting Shot at Iraq Critics
Unemployment Rate Skyrockets Among Recent Vets
Top Intelligence Nominee Faces Senate Confirmation
Jordan Links Woman in Bombing Case to Iraqi Insurgents
Anger, Joy, Skepticism Over Bombing Confession
Living Bomber Key to Zarqawi
Iraq's Neighbor Endures Rise in Terrorism Since War's Start
Women Bombers Break New Ground
Bombs Made Jordan's Fears a Reality
EU Against Sanctions on Syria, for Now
Iran Lends Support to Syria Over US Pressure
UN Inquiry Spreads Fear Through Syria's Elites
Lebanon Detains Cleric Over Attacks
US Atomic Expert Doubts Report of Iran Weapons Work
Iran Faces More Heat to Agree Atomic Deal
Behind the Headlines, UN Labs Test for Nuclear Violations
Former Iran President Speaks Against Nukes
Iran's Ahmadinejad Pulls Out of UN IT Summit
Hamas Military Chief Killed by Israeli Troops
Hamas Vows to Avenge Death of West Bank Chief
Islamist Gunmen Order Closure of Gaza Strip Election Office
Charges of Fraud and Abuse Follow Egyptian Vote
Islamists Take on Mubarak's Party in Egypt Vote
European Parliament Reports Violations in Parliamentary Race
France Cabinet Extends State of Emergency
Chirac Says French Riots Reveal 'Identity Crisis'
Chirac in New Pledge to End Riots
Russians Held in China Spy Probe
Russian Official: US Bases Pose Threat to Russia
Putin Ally in Prime Position to Take Over
EU to Build Network of Spy Satellites
Serb Arrested for Alleged War Crimes
Venezuela and Mexico
Venezuela Refuses to Apologize to Mexico
Mexico, Venezuela Recall Diplomats Over Chávez Words
Mexico Leftist Election Favorite Likened to Chavez
Chilean Court Delays Ruling on Ex-Peruvian Leader

Peru Vice President Wants to Cut Japan Ties

Colombia and Ecuador
Ecuador Demands Colombia Explain Air Incursion
Colombia's Uribe Faces Possible Curse of 2nd Term

Justin Raimondo
Don't Blame the Italians

Ivan Eland
The New al-Qaeda: More Dangerous Than the Old Version

David R. Henderson
An Economist's Case Against an Interventionist Foreign Policy

Alan Bock
Second-Term Blues and the War

Sascha Matuszak
German Gloom, Chinese Boom

Charles Peńa
New York's Subway Search Program Earns a Failing Grade

Nebojsa Malic
A Viceroy Departs

Praful Bidwai
India Abandons Global Nuclear Disarmament

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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