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Libby Case Opens Can of Worms: Stephen Zunes
India's Nuclear Deal Takes a Turn: Praful Bidwai
A New Federal War on Dissent? James Bovard
Due Process at Guantanamo: Brian Foley
It's Not Just Judy: Russ Baker

Any forces that would impose their will on other nations will certainly face defeat.
General Vo Nguyen Giap (Vietnam)
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Updated November 17, 2005 - 11:29 PM EST

Bush Risks Alienating GOP Over Iraq

Top Hawk House Dem Calls for Immediate Pullout
Senators Threaten to Hold Up PATRIOT Act

House PATRIOT Act Deal Preserves Most Powers

Senate Begins to Flex Muscles on War Issues

Attorneys: Hadley Was Woodward's Source

Ten US Troops Dead From Attacks in Iraq

Few Foreigners Among Insurgents in Iraq
Unrepentant Chalabi Celebrates Return With His Neocon Pals

Cheney Says War Critics 'Dishonest, Reprehensible'

Bush Backs Cheney: Questioning War Not Patriotic, 'Irresponsible'

McCain: Pentagon Spending 'Unsustainable'
Due Process at Guantanamo
by Brian Foley
Libby Indictment May Open Door to Broader Iraq War Deceptions  by Stephen Zunes
Propaganda Nightmare of Chemical Hypocrisy  The London Times
The 'No Exit' Strategy  by Ari Berman
First the Lying, Then the Pardons
by Alexander Cockburn
Germ Boys and Yes Men
by Jeremy Scahill

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Bush Seeks Unity Against N. Korea

60% Now Say Iraq War Not Worth It

Iraqi Torture Practices Could Be More Widespread

Former Israeli PM Wants US to Pull Out From Iraq

Massive Bid-Rigging Scam Alleged in Iraq

Iran Presses Ahead With Uranium Work

Vietnam Archive Offers Parallel to War in Iraq

Documents Show Nixon Deception on Cambodia

US 'Relying on Private Companies to Counter Cyber-Terrorism'
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel:
It Is Unpatriotic Not to Question Fatally Flawed Policies
The War Goes On

In a Battle of Wits, Iraq's Insurgency Mastermind Stays a Step Ahead of US

Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 17

Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 16

Iraq Today

Toy Guns, a Burned Taxi, and Daily Life in Baghdad

Iraqi TV: Court Workers Beat Up Saddam

White Phosphorus

UK Confirms Using White Phosphorus in Fallujah

Incendiary Weapons: The Big White Lie

Iraq Probes US Phosphorus Weapons

Pentagon Defends Use of Incendiary Weapons in Fallujah

World Reacts to White Phosphorus Revelations

Torture Jail

Iraqi Rift Grows After Discovery of Prison

Sources: Iraqi PM and US Forces Knew About Torture Jail

Iraq Begins Inquiry Into Alleged Torture

Sunnis Demand Iraq Torture Probe

UN Expert Urges Iraq Torture Probe

US Raids Iraqi Prison, Hopes to 'Score Points' With Sunnis

Iraqis Say US Troops Caged Them With Lions

Iraq Says Abused Detainees From All Sects

Guard Shows No Remorse Over Iraq Bunker Prisoners: 'They Were Terrorists'

Former US Army Interrogator Describes Detainee Abuse in Iraq

Secret Prison Adds to Divisions in Iraq


Former President: Regime Purge Damaging Iran

Iran's Judiciary Plans Amnesty for Jailed Students

Iran Now Says Satellite Can Spy on Israel


Kandahar Suicide Bomb Kills Four

DM: Al-Qaeda Smuggling Weapons Into Afghanistan

Afghan Leader Plays Down Latest Attacks


Four Iraqi-Australians Detained in Syria for Boarding Plane With Gun Parts

Syria Proposes UN Offices in Golan as Venue for Hariri Probe

Turkey Pushes Syria to Cooperate With UN Probe

Russia Says Syria 'Actively' Cooperating With Hariri Probe

US Advocates for Jailed Syrian

Middle East

Saudi Arabia Silent on Trade With Israel

Palestinian Groups Source of New Lebanon Tension

Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Supported in Egypt Poll

South Asia

Car Bomb Kills Five in Kashmir

Grim Mystery Slowly Unfolds in Indian Kashmir

Communist Rebels Abduct at Least 55 High School Students in Nepal


'Treason' Rises in Africa

43 Killed in Congo Fighting

Twenty Die in Jailbreak in Ethiopian-Occupied Somali Town


UN Takes Over Violent Haiti Slum After Clash

Colombians Flee to Ecuador to Escape Upsurge in Violence

US Envoy to Venezuela: No More Conspiracies, Please

Guatemalan Anti-Drug Official Trapped, Indicted in Us

New Bill Would Allow Canadian Police Access to Info Without Warrants


Peruvians Rally Against Fujimori

Fujimori Arrest Eases Peru-Chile Tensions

War at Home

PATRIOT Act Deal Would Renew Provisions, Curb FBI

Democrats Face Struggle to Win Support for Iraq War 'Lie' Claim

Iraq Policies May Split Congressional GOP

Clinton Says Iraq Invasion Was a Big Mistake

White House Counter-Attacks Critics Over Iraq

Sheehan Demands Trial for Arrest

Cindy Sheehan's Going Back to Crawford

Federal Terrorism Insurance Extended for Two Years

US Military
Female GI Stands Against War as She Faces Deployment

GAO Blasts Pentagon Spending

Marine Acquitted in Iraqi Shootings Will Publish a Book

Fewer War Wounds Suffered in Iraq Are Fatal

Bill Would Order Probe of 1962-1974 Toxic Exposure

Shortfalls in Counterterror Command Cited

CIA Leak Case

New Disclosure Could Prolong Inquiry on Leak

Woodward Apologizes to Post, Knew About Plame Before Libby Did

Ben Bradlee Defends Woodward's Actions in Plame Case

Woodward Could Be a Boon to Libby

Text: Bob Woodward's Public Statement


King Claims Iraq Fuels Jordan Terror

Jordan's King Shakes Up Security Services


Australian DM: Troops Likely Will Stay in Iraq Longer Than Planned

Australian Military Employee Accused of Selling US Stealth Bomber Technology

Tight Security and Protests to Greet Rumsfeld in Australia

United Kingdom

SAS Man Threatens to Quit Over Delay in Iraq Shooting Case

British Police Admit 'Shoot to Kill' Mistakes

UK Home Secretary Orders Terror Suspect Extradited to US


Wolfensohn Threatens to Quit as Mideast Envoy After Being Outdone by Rice

Netanyahu Blasts Cabinet for Not Choking Gaza to Death for Israel

EU to Send Monitors to Gaza Border Soon

Joy and Impatience on Gaza Frontier

Abbas and Israeli FM Meet in Tunisia

Sharon Ally Hints at Early Elections in March


Rice Says Jury Out on North Korea Nuke Issue

Islamic Militants Kill Thai Villagers

Left Over Anti-Tank Mine Kills 14 in Cambodia

Rice Slams Myanmar

Chinese Build a High-Tech Army Within an Army

US Troops Downsize in Asia

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia to Host Military Exercises With India in 2006-2007

Azerbaijan Opposition Eager to Mount Revolution

Winning by Rigging in Post-Soviet Era

Russia's Nightmare: Cocktail of Chemical Weapons and Terrorists


Europeans Probe Secret CIA Flights

Milosevic Trial Suspended Again

Ex-Bosnian Army Chief Acquitted

Cash-Strapped Greece Cuts Arms Purchase

Three Charged Over Plot to Kill Iraqi PM in Germany

In Other News

Reporter Held in Contempt in Wen Ho Lee Civil Suit

Global Deal Averts Internet Showdown

Perpetrators of Ancient War Crime Sought


Justin Raimondo
The Senators' Rebellion

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Ivan Eland
The New al-Qaeda: More Dangerous Than the Old Version

David R. Henderson
An Economist's Case Against an Interventionist Foreign Policy

Alan Bock
Second-Term Blues and the War

Sascha Matuszak
German Gloom, Chinese Boom

Charles Peņa
New York's Subway Search Program Earns a Failing Grade

Nebojsa Malic
A Viceroy Departs

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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