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A Fractured Antiwar Movement: John Walsh
A Loyal Opposition Can't Stop the War: J. Scahill
Unforgivable: Charley Reese
Woodward's Revelation: Vega/Engelhardt
More Wheels Spin Off Iraq Policy: Jim Lobe

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison
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Updated November 19, 2005 - 11:27 PM EST

House Rejects Immediate Iraq Pullout

Bush: We Will Stay in Iraq Until 'Victory'
Bombs Hit Baghdad Funeral, Market; 49 Killed
5 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Roadside Bombings

Casualties Soar Again in Iraq

Pentagon Plans for Troop Drawdown in Iraq

Congress in Stalemate on PATRIOT Act Renewal

CIA Leak Case Going to New Grand Jury

CIA's Harsh Interrogation Techniques Lead to Death

Three Days That Transformed America

This War Cannot Be Stopped By a Loyal Opposition  by Jeremy Scahill
Unforgivable  by Charley Reese
Woodward's Revelation: Bombshell or Smokescreen?  by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
Our Monsters in Iraq  by Robert Dreyfuss
Keeping Secrets in Jordan
by William M. Arkin
Without Discrimination
by Gordon Prather

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More Wheels Spin Off Iraq Policy
That Iraq Feeling Comes to Syria
The Politics of Pushback

Rumsfeld: Iraq Several Years Behind Afghanistan

Forget Iraq: Congress Tackles the Important Issue

Senate Approves $50 Billion for Iraq, Afghanistan

Bush Likens Iraq to Korea

Sources Who Identified Hadley as Woodward's Source Dismiss Denials

Howard: Australian Troops Will Leave Iraq if Asked

UN: Int'l Probe into Torture in Iraqi Prison Urgent
Nearly 100 Die in Attacks on Iraq Mosques, Hotel
The War Goes On

Iraq: Another Week of Carnage

Six Feet From Death as Iraq Descends Further Into Hell

Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 19

Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 18

Iraqi Outrages

'Ok, There Were Signs of Torture,' Iraqi Interior Minister Says

'I Am More Scared of the Ministry of Interior Than I Am of the Insurgents'

US Army Rules Say: 'Don't Use White Phosphorus Against People'

Iraq Today

Zarqawi Plans to Spread Terror Net

Barzani: Iraqi Kurds Will Proclaim Independence in Case of Civil War

Baghdad's Poor Struggle to Survive


Iran, Iraq Sign Security Cooperation Agreement

Iran Hands Over Suspected Atom Bomb Blueprint: IAEA

UN: Iran Got Nuclear Info on Black Market

UN Worries About Human Rights in Iran

US Urges Iran to Reconsider Russia Nuclear Proposal

Iran Given 'Nuclear Weapon' Data by Pakistani Scientist


Syria Welcomes Election of Amir Peretz as Leader of Israel's Labor Party

Peace Advocates Criticize US Pressures Against Syria


Blast Kills Portuguese Soldier in Afghanistan

Suicide Attacks, Assassinations: Shades of Iraq in Afghanistan

Two Soldiers Face Court Martial Over Afghan Abuse

Middle East

Neocon Perle Wants to Cut Friendly Ties With Saudi Arabia

Israeli Says Iranian Rockets Shipped to Hezbollah

Bomb Kills One in Turkey

Sri Lanka

Battered by War, Sri Lankans Elect Hawkish President

Concerns for Sri Lanka Ceasefire as Hardliner Squeezes Into Power

South Asia

Nepal Opposition in Maoist Talks

India Holds War Games Near Pakistan Border


Militant Website Shows Attack Tactics for Jakarta

Indonesian Video Threatens West


Five African Countries Form Joint Military Force

Ex-Mayor Admits Genocide

US Opens New Consulate in Juba, Sudan

African Union Reinforced as Darfur Violence Spirals

Ugandan Judge's Fury at Military

South Africa to Work With Zimbabwe's Spies
United Nations

UN Envoys See Loss of Steam for Expanding Security Council

Japan to Resume Security Council Bid

South Korea

In South Korea, Another Blow to Bush's Efforts in Iraq

Cracks Emerge in US-South Korea Unity on Iraq, Other Issues


Ultra-Right Russian Nationalists Revive

Revival of Cossacks Casts Muslim Group Out of Russia to US

Kremlin Imposes Harsh Restrictions on Human Rights Groups

War Debate Gets Nasty

An Unlikely Lonesome Dove

Bush Turns to Political Base as War Support Wanes

GOP Calls for Ethics Investigation Into Iraq War Critic

Jewish Group Asks Bush to End War

Cheney Unleashed

Iraq Questions Follow Bush Overseas
CIA Leak

Fitzgerald Offers Compromise in Media Access for CIA Leak Case

Fitzgerald Sees New Grand Jury Proceedings

Why Woodward's Source Came Clean

Woodward Downplayed CIA Leak Case Despite Involvement

War at Home

Antiwar Protest at University of Wisconsin Recruiting Station

IRS Reviews Church's Status After Antiwar Sermon

Intel Chair Wants to Declassify Iraq Docs

Suspect in Iraq Graft Is No Stranger to Fraud

14 Arrested Protesting at CIA Airport in North Carolina

Lawmakers Focus on Daily Brief in Prewar Intelligence Debate

Ex-Halliburton Worker Gets 15-Month Jail Sentence

US Military

US Draws Up Plans for New Nukes

Bus Overturns, Kills US Soldier in Kuwait

Three More Charged in VA Kickback Scandal

Vital Military Jobs Go Unfilled, Study Says


Zarqawi Threatens to Kill Jordan's King

200,000 March in Amman to Condemn Blasts

Al-Qaeda 'Sorry' for Muslim Dead in Jordan

War on Terror

From Tapes, a Chilling Voice of Islamic Radicalism in Europe

CIA, Foreign Agencies Establish Joint Anti-Terror Network

US to Spend $500 Million to 'Secure' Sahara Desert


Three Arrested in Protest of Rumsfeld in Australia

Australian Gitmo Inmate Denied British Citizenship


UN Experts Reject US Guantánamo Invite

UN Rejects Guantánamo Visit Offer


Americans See China as Less of a Threat

China Commemorates Leader Whose Death Set Off Demonstrations

Fear of a 'Color Revolution' Behind China's New Clampdown on Free Media

Hu Orders Dissidents Placed Under House Arrest for Bush Visit


Israeli Troops Shoot Palestinian Teen Playing With Toy Gun

Vanunu Held After West Bank Visit

Labor Party Leader Shakes Up Israeli Scene

Sharon Mulls Breakaway Party

Palestinians Postpone First-Ever Fatah Primaries

West Bank Wall Seen as New Obstacle to Peace


German Parties Sign Coalition Deal

Nordic States Probe 'CIA Flights'


Justin Raimondo
'A Conspiracy So Vast…'

Alan Bock
Rehashing the Intelligence

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Ivan Eland
The New al-Qaeda: More Dangerous Than the Old Version

David R. Henderson
An Economist's Case Against an Interventionist Foreign Policy

Sascha Matuszak
German Gloom, Chinese Boom

Charles Peña
New York's Subway Search Program Earns a Failing Grade

Nebojsa Malic
A Viceroy Departs

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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