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The Zarqawi Dilemma: Charles Peņa
Bush Wanted al-Jazeera Gone: Jeremy Scahill
Lesser Neocons of L'Affaire Plame: Chris Deliso
From Cairo, Hope: Ray McGovern
Bush: The Lord North of Today: Leon Hadar

The basic problems facing the world today are not susceptible to a military solution.
John F. Kennedy
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Updated November 24, 2005 - 11:28 PM EST
Talk of Plans to Pull Out 60,000 Troops
US Says Insurgents Can Be 'Part of Solution'
UK Gags Media on 'Bush Bombing al-Jazeera'
30 Iraqis Killed Hospital Bombing, 6 GIs Killed
14 Iraqis Killed in Suicide Bombing in Hilla
Iraq Conflict Still in Its Early Stages: Report
Bush Informed in 2001 of Lack of Iraq-al-Qaeda Ties
UN Envoy Convinced US Hiding Truth About Guantanamo
Doubts Grow Over US Afghan Strategy
I'll Go to Jail to Print Truth About Bush and al-Jazeera  by Boris Johnson
Lesser Neocons of L'Affaire Plame
by Christopher Deliso
Bush: The Lord North of Today
by Leon Hadar
Beyond That Memo: Bush Wanted al-Jazeera Gone  by Jeremy Scahill
From Cairo, Hope  by Ray McGovern
Against the Tide  by Steven Greenhut

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Padilla Indictment: No Mention of al-Qaeda or Plot to Attack US
Shift on Padilla Is Linked to Role of al-Qaeda Figures
Rice 'Pressured NY Times Before War'
Report Drops Fallujah Bombshell
Life Goes On in Fallujah's Rubble
US Morale in Iraq Is Marked 'Fragile'
Germany's Merkel Vows to Stay Out of Iraq
Russian MPs Vote to Ban Work of Foreign Charities
Bush Orders Zimbabwe Officials' Assets Frozen
Trial to Resume Next Week as Iraqi Court Reaches Deal With Hussein's Lawyers
Today in Iraq
Up Close: The Reality of Iraq's Hidden War
Iraq al-Qaeda Denies Zarqawi Killed
US Forces Closing in on Zarqawi: General
Iran to Aid Iraq With $1 Billion Loan to Help Tackle Insecurity
Iraq's Female Leaders-In-Waiting
Iraq's Child Labor Crisis Worsens
Attacks Continue
Gunmen Dressed as Iraqi Troops Kill Sunni Tribal Leader
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 24
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 23
Global Iraq Fallout
Italy Mulls 2006 Iraq Withdrawal
Another Former Blair Aide Speaks Out Over Going to War in Iraq
Blair Branded 'Bush's Lapdog' by Parents of Slain Soldier
Three Police Killed in Afghanistan
Dutch Want Guarantees for Afghan Prisoners' Rights
Indian Kidnapped in Afghanistan Found Dead
Uzbekistan: No More Help on Afghanistan
Uzbekistan to Ban Some NATO Overflights
Uzbekistan's New Foreign Policy Strategy
Myths and Madrassas
Seven Die as Kashmir Rebels Reject India's Offer of Assistance
How China Learned to Say No to Bush
China, Togo to Further Enhance Military Ties
Consortium to Pull the Plug on New Reactors for North Korea
Nepal Govt Attacks 'Unholy' Pact Between Parties and Maoists
US Ready to Arm Indonesia Again
Australian Police Raid Tamil Homes, Don't Arrest Anyone
Rights Groups Plan March on Aussie Parliament on Monday to Protest Terror Laws
Grass-Roots Activism Faces Setback in Russia
Three Russian Soldiers Killed in Chechnya
Hopes for Stability in Chechnya Vote
Russia Kicks Off Anti-Terrorism Military Exercise
Belgian Town Turned Into Terror Hub
Kosovo Serbs Warn UN Envoy on Independence
Research Halves Bosnia War Death Toll
Merkel Calls for Stronger US Ties
Germany Will Try to Revive European Constitution
France Presents Tough Anti-Terrorism Bill
Algerian-Linked Terror Arrests in Spain
British Gov't Defends IRA Fugitive Plan
Polish Press in Belarus Protest
Sudan Extends LRA Rebel Deal With Uganda
Local Darfur Settlement Sought
UN Report Highlights Upsurge in Darfur Killings
UN Assembly Rejects Resolution on Sudan Human Rights
UN Security Council Threatens Sanctions Against Eritrea-Ethiopia
60,000 Flee in Southeast DR Congo After Army Offensive
'Iron Lady' Named Liberian Leader
Kenya's Entire Cabinet Dismissed
No Deal Over New Ivorian PM
Chavez Gives Cheap Oil to Massachusetts
Venezuela's Chavez Says Arms Deal With Spain to Go Ahead Despite US Objections
Venezuela to Mexico: Don't Expect Apology
Pinochet Arrested in Chile on Tax Fraud Charges
Brazil's Police 'Execute Thousands' Each Year
Canada Report Calls for Focused Federal Inquiry Into Air India Bombing
Islamists' Strength Puts Egypt Rulers on Back Foot
Islamist Gains in Egypt Give US Pause
One Killed, More Than 20 Wounded in Egypt Poll Violence
Second Phase of Egyptian Polls Sees Higher Turnout
21 Detained Over Egypt Vote Violence
Be Not Afraid of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Vice President
CIA Torture Flights
Tennessee Office Linked to CIA Renditions
More EU Countries Investigate Possible Links to CIA Flights
Austria Joins Probe of Secret CIA Flights
EU Steps Up Inquiry Into Secret CIA Flights and 'Terror Jails'
Guantanamo Detainee Sues to Get Bible
Hicks' UK Citizenship Bid Continues
US Military
UK Denied Waiver on US Arms Technology
Army Drops Charges Against Soldier Charged With Abusing Mentally Retarded Afghan
Military Opt-Out Interest Increases
Mass. Guard on the Hunt for Recruits
Air Force Reminds Central Florida of Minuscule Contribution to Economy
The War at Home
Confidence in Iraq Stability Falls to 32% in US
Protesters Arrested Near Bush's Ranch
Antiwar Protesters Gather Again Near Bush's Ranch
Hillary Clinton Takes 'Wait-and-See' Stance on US Troop Pullout From Iraq
Lieberman: Failure in Iraq Would Be 'Catastrophic'
Sacramento City Council Stands Fast on Antiwar Resolution
Wisconsin Peace Group Plans Antiwar Referendum
Bombing al-Jazeera?
Fury Over Gagging Threat 'To Spare Bush's Blushes'
Al-Jazeera Staff to Hold Protest Against Alleged Bombing Plan
Qatar Shock at al-Jazeera Bombing Report
Al-Jazeera London Bureau Chief Responds to Report of British Memo Alleging Bush Wanted to Bomb Network HQ in Doha
US Says Documents Detail Iran's 'Nuclear Ambition'
Iran Lawmakers Reject Another Oil Nominee
The West Signals Patient Approach on Iran
Iran Referral to Security Council Seen Unlikely
Iran Confirms Likely Resumption of Talks
Iran Announces Full Cooperation With Afghanistan
Iran Vows to Withstand Nuclear Pressure From West
China Closer to Supporting US on Iran
UN Chief Annan Not 'A Negotiator' Between Mehlis and Syria
Syria Seeks to Limit UN Probe of Hariri Murder
Muslim Brotherhood Says No Plans for Power in Syria
Israeli Politics
State Comptroller: Sharon Gave Millions to Military Without Okay
Top Labor Politician Defects to Sharon's New Party
Israeli Right: Purists vs. Pragmatists
Palestinians Optimistic as Sharon Leaves Likud
Netanyahu Fires First Volley Against Sharon
Sharon's New Party Recognized: Officials
Sharon Saying Little About Peace Plans
Israel Shelves 'Drastic Steps' to Halt Building of Illegal Settlements
Hebron Emerges as a Test of Israel's Pledge on Settlers
Israeli Army Went Into Lebanon to Rescue Hang Glider, Provoking Hezbollah Battle
PA Parliament Rejects Proposal to Postpone Election Date
Most on Israeli Right Ignoring Call to Refuse Combat Posts
Israeli-Hezbollah Clashes Erupt Again
Top Islamic Jihad Militant Surrenders to Israel
Gaza to Reopen Window to Outside World
Hamas: No Plan to Renew Truce
Palestinian Killed by Israelis During Jenin Incursion
Standoff Between Palestinians, Israeli Troops Continues in Jenin
Watchdog: Jordan's Pro-US Stances Fueling Terror Attacks
Jordan Presents 10-Year Reform Strategy
A Son's Jihad Reaps Only Bitter Teardrops
Middle East
US Warns About Piracy Off Somalia, Yemen
Maimed Lebanese Journalist Appears on TV
Turkish Army Denies Link With Bookstore Bombing
Kuwait's Ailing Emir, Crown Prince Stay Put

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The Zarqawi Dilemma

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Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

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An Economist's Case Against an Interventionist Foreign Policy

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A Viceroy Departs

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The Quiet Occupation

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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