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A Feast of Scandal: Justin Raimondo
Beginning of the End: Alan Bock
A News Revolution Has Begun: John Pilger
We Won't Shut Up: Tibor Machan
American Ziggurats: Tom Engelhardt

Our country is now geared to an arms economy bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and an incessant propaganda of fear.
General Douglas MacArthur
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Updated November 25, 2005 - 11:15 PM EST
Over 200 Iraqis Killed in the Past Week
76 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Since Nov. 1
Some Iraq Insurgent Groups Want to Talk
Syria Agrees to Let UN Quiz Officials
EU Back Off Taking Iran to Security Council
Thanksgiving in the CIA's Secret Prisons
Romania Base Is Focus of Secret Prison Probe
Were My Captors Worse Than the Guantánamo Jailers?  by Terry Waite
Why Reward Failure?  by Timothy Lynch
Why the White House Should Make Its Case Against Jose Padilla, but Won't  by Matt Welch
American Ziggurats  by Tom Engelhardt
A News Revolution Has Begun
by John Pilger
Sorry, Mr. President, We Won't Shut Up  by Tibor R. Machan

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Public Taking Hard Look at Iraq
Iraq Policy Debate Looms in Britain
Padilla Case Not Closed
Indictment Portrays Padilla as Minor Figure in a Plot
Experts Criticize Rotation of Top Military
Bush Was Concerned About What al-Jazeera Would Report About Fallujah
Al-Jazeera Asks if It's a Target
UK Troops' Impact on Insurgents
Serbian President Proposes Kosovo Division
Antiwar Protest Continues Near Bush Ranch
Detainees in Iraq
Lost Amid the Rising Tide of Detainees in Iraq
Iraqi Detainees Tell of Torture
Iraqi Prisoner Is Released Despite Evidence of Role in Bombing
Today in Iraq
Al-Qaeda Posts Video of Baghdad Hotel Blasts
Saddam Trial Faces Big Challenges
In Baghdad, Capital Vistas Gradually Shrink With Insecurity
For Many Iraqis, Homecoming Is Short-Lived
Baghdad Neighborhood Becomes Trouble Spot
Iraq Army Seizes Booby-Trapped Toy Dolls
In Iraq, One Woman's Agonizing Search
Attacks Continue
31 Iraqis Killed in Hospital Bombing; 22 Die in Other Violence; 6 GIs Killed Elsewhere
14 Iraqis Killed in Suicide Bombing in Hilla
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 25
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 24
Global Iraq Fallout
Italian Troops Plan to Withdraw From Iraq by End of 2006
UK Families Go to Court to Demand Public Inquiry on Iraq War
Australian DM Visits Iraq
Iraq Urges Japan to Continue Aid Mission
Japan Signs Accord to Waive Loan Repayments From Iraq
Dutch Think Again About Sending Forces to Afghanistan
Canadian Soldier Killed, 4 Injured in Afghan Crash
Two Killed in Afghan Bomb Blast
Germany Looking for Alternatives to Uzbek Base for Afghan War Support
Nepal Politicians Say King in 'Panic' Over Pact With Maoists
UN Welcomes Nepal Deal to End Civil War
Intel Sources Say Bali Mourners Were Terror Target
Indonesia, Pakistan Seal Counter-Terrorism Pact
China: Koizumi's War Shrine Visits an 'Urgent Political Issue'
The Sword Is Mightier Than the Pen in Bangladesh
Russia Beset by Foreign Spies: Official
Putin Defends Bill Cracking Down on NGOs
Moroccan Prosecutor Charges 17 Islamists
Morocco's Rising Islamist Challenge
Algeria, Morocco MPs Tackle Western Sahara Conflict
Ethiopia 'Breached UN Zone'
Tensions Escalate Between Ethiopia and Eritrea
Ugandan Opposition Leader Charged With 'Terrorism' in Military Court
Kenyan Parties Demand Fresh Polls
Amnesty for Congo's Ex-PM
In Other News
US May Block Spain's Sale of Boats to Venezuela
Muslims Want Islamic Free-Trade Zone
China, European Space Agency Sign Deal on Space Co-Op
Thanksgiving at War
Thanksgiving in Iraq Is No Holiday for US Troops
GIs Celebrate Third Thanksgiving in Iraq
US Marines Mark Thanksgiving in Iraq

Thanksgiving in Iraq Brings Turkey, Border Patrols

Just Another Day in Iraq
War Protesters Plan Iraqi Meal for Thanksgiving
Torturing Justice
Germany Poised to Check on Secret CIA Flights
Allies Warn US Over CIA's Secret Jails
FM: 'Spain Acted Legally in Allowing CIA Flights'
MI5 Was Given Secret Prisons Data
Torture Claims 'Forced US to Cut Terror Charges'
Utah Religious Leaders Endorse Anti-Torture Bill
Three US Clergy Face Prison After Protesting Use of Torture
The War at Home
Bush Faces Dual Challenges on Iraq
The About-Face of Hawkish Democrat Murtha
Report Blasts Missile Defense Program
St. Petersburg Republican Takes Charge of 'Scooter' Libby's Legal Defense Fund
Freedom of Information Logs Shed Light on Media's Military Curiosity
US Goes Ahead With Anthrax Plan
Nixon 'Privately Fretted' at Prospect of Nuclear War
Syria Says 400 Mossad Agents in Lebanon
Syria Airs Frustration With UN Probe
Euromed to Send 'Clear Signal' to Syria on UN Cooperation
Russian Plan for Iran Unites IAEA
China Opposes Bringing Iran Before UN
EU: Iran Papers Solely for Making Nukes
Iran: A-Bomb Data Available on Net
Iran's President Urged to Compromise Over Oil Post
Jordan's King Urges All-Out War Against Islamic Militancy
Jordan Govt Quits, New PM Appointed
Likud Sets Dec. 19 Date to Elect Sharon Replacement
Israel Agrees to Return Bodies of Three Hezbollah Militants
Israelis Abroad Warned of Terror Kidnapping Threats
Israeli Court Gives Mofaz 10 Days for Plans to Demolish Illegal Outpost
EU Critical of Israelis on East Jerusalem
Israeli Arab Indicted for Contacts With Hezbollah
Settlers See Next Battlefield in West Bank
Gaza Border Crossing Open for Business on November 27
Longing for Tito in Sarajevo
ETA Calls for International Help to Start Talks
Pinochet Charged Over Dissidents
Colombia's Uribe to Meet With Chavez
Bolivia Denounces 'Interference' by Venezuela
Latin America Faces Year of Change

Justin Raimondo
A Feast of Scandal

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David R. Henderson
An Economist's Case Against an Interventionist Foreign Policy

Nebojsa Malic
A Viceroy Departs

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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