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The Poverty of Empires: David R. Henderson
Scooter's Motive: Justin Raimondo
Is Defeat Now an Option?: Pat Buchanan
Al-Jazeera, Serbia, and Liberal Amnesia: B. O'Neill
Bush's Expanding 'Fallen Legion': Turse/Engelhardt

The war...was an unnecessary condition of affairs, and might have been avoided if forebearance and wisdom had been practiced on both sides.
Robert E. Lee
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Updated November 28, 2005 - 11:14 PM EST
US to Ask for Iran's Help to Secure Iraq
US May Use Air Strikes as Substitute for Troops
White House Claims Ownership of Pullout Plan
Video of Brits Shooting Iraqis Prompts Probe
Saddam Trial Adjourned Again Amid Rancor
Supreme Court Rejects Sibel Edmonds' Appeal
Hawk Congressman Admits Taking Defense Firm Bribes
Talabani Delays Crackdown to Negotiate With Insurgents
Two Congressmen Injured in Iraq When Vehicle Overturns
Secrets, Lies, and Truth About the Assault on Fallujah
Under Duress, Egypt's Islamist Party Still Surges at Polls
Al-Jazeera, Serbia, and Liberal Amnesia  by Brendan O'Neill
Targeting al-Jazeera
by Linda S. Heard
Unravel Scandal? It's Rough Just to Get One Record  by Susan Taylor Martin
Is Defeat Now an Option?
by Patrick Buchanan
The Murtha Moment  The Nation
Bush's Expanding 'Fallen Legion'
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt

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Video of Contractors Shooting Iraqi Civilians
Iraqi President Attacks Allawi's Abuse Claim
First Job Out of College: Combat-Zone Commander
Behind Iraq Prewar Debate
Suicide of Military Ethicist in Iraq Raises Concerns
Afghans Confront Surge in Violence
2nd Time Reporter to Testify in Plame Leak Case
Iran-North Korea Talks May Harden US Stance
US Military Denies Running Secret Kosovo Detention Center
Egyptian 'Democracy': Police Block Voters in Opposition Strongholds
Today in Iraq
Private Security Crews Emerge as Another Feared Element in Baghdad
In Lebanon, Arab Fighters Are Ready to Die in Iraq
US Politicians Urge More Security Duties on Iraq
Pro-Saddam Insurgents Embracing Holy War
Electioneering Heats Up Despite Rebel Attacks
Iraqis Abroad Can Vote: Poll Panel
Can Fallujah Be Rebuilt?
Iraqi Prostitutes Now Live in Fear for Their Lives
Trying Saddam
Eight Held Over 'Plot to Murder Judge at Trial of Saddam'
Former US Attorney General Joins Saddam Defense
Old Concerns Will Rise Again When Saddam's Trial Resumes
Saddam on Trial: Ten Reasons Justice May Not Be Served
Hussein Set to Argue Iraq Isn't Sovereign
Saddam Lawyers to Seek Adjournment
Saddam's Trial Dividing Factions in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Four Western Aid Workers Kidnapped in Iraq
Briton Who Went to Iraq on Peace Mission Is Kidnapped
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 28
Security Incidents in Iraq, Nov. 27
Battles of Britain
Video Shows UK Marine Being Beaten Unconscious
British DM Launches Investigation Into Marine Bullying Video
No Charges for Police Who Shot Menezes
Driver's Killing in Afghanistan: Indian Official Points Finger at Pakistan
Extension of Peacekeeping Mission in Afghanistan: NATO Countries Reluctant to Send Troops
Rocket Attack Kills Official in Afghanistan
Afghan Vote Process Ends; Upper House Results Finalized
Afghan Court Slipping Back to Taliban Ways
Afghanistan: Drug Agency Anticipates Increased Opium Production
Two Taliban Militants Killed in South Afghanistan
Surgeon's Scalpel Is New Weapon in US Battle for Hearts and Minds
Afghanistan to Present 5-Year Plan at London Conference
Nepal Police Seize Equipment, Arrest Journalists to Block Rebel Interview
Maoist Rethink on Nepal Monarchy
Japan's Increasing Reliance on US Wins Few Friends in Jittery Region
Tokyo Evacuates 4,000 After WWII Bomb Find
Battleship Film Revives Japan's Pride in Wartime Generation
Struggle for Influence in Central Asia
Indian Air Force, in War Games, Gives US a Run
Tamil Tigers Set Deadline for Peace Deal
In Philippines, Watchful Eye on Converts
Suspected Militant Leader Arrested in Indonesia
Thai Military Detains 86 Cambodian Muslims
Burma Reportedly Extends House Arrest for Opposition Leader
One Killed, Three Wounded in Bangladesh Bomb Attack
The War at Home
As Calls for an Iraq Pullout Rise, Two Political Calendars Loom
Sen. Warner: Bush Should Broadcast Iraq Updates
Democrats Recruiting War Veterans for Midterm Elections
Poll: More Americans Starting to Believe War Criticism Hurts Troop Morale
Uncle Sam Lures More From Rural Michigan
Bruce Willis Says He Will Make a Pro-War Film
Pulling US Troops Would Lead to 'Disaster' – Kissinger
EU Accepts Iran's Call for Fresh Nuclear Talks
Iran Seeks Guarantees on Nuclear Fuel
Iran Leader's Radicalism Angering Allies
Palestinian Election
Fatah Set to Play Barghouti Trump-Card to Counter Hamas
Fatah Old Guard Loses Ground in Palestinian Primary
Young Activists May Help Fatah Party
Sharon Set to Appoint Allies to Vacant Cabinet Posts
Israel Jails Palestinian Lawmaker
Gaza Greenhouses Herald Economic Revival
Israeli Prosecutors Say Charity Cash for Palestinian Poor Was Siphoned to Suicide Bombers
Palestinians Assert Control of Frontier
Israeli Deputy PM Urges Palestinians to Disarm Hamas
Palestinians: Settlers Cut Down 200 Olive Trees Near Nablus
Jordan Swears in New 'Security' Cabinet
Zarqawi Death Sentence Sought
Middle East
Saudis Say They Brokered UN-Syria Deal
Historic Saudi Arabia Vote
Arabic Press Anger at al-Jazeera 'Plot'
Kurdish Rebels Launch Missile Attack on Turkish Police Building
Mubarak: Only Sharon Can Get Deal With Palestinians
Yemen Executes Suspected al-Qaeda Ally
UK Warns Citizens on Traveling to Kuwait
Chechen Elections Mocked by Rebels as 'Pseudo-Ballot'
Russian Billionaire Gaidamak Intends to Found New Party
Euro-Med Summit Battles to Agree on Terrorism Code
Summit Undermined by Muslim No-Shows
UN Envoy Warns of Difficulties in Sensitive Kosovo Talks
Bosnia: Haven for Islamic Radicals?
Spain Launches UN Initiative to Fight Radical Islam
Mugabe's Party Wins Zimbabwe Poll
Most Zimbabwe Voters Shun Election
Kenya Outlaws Opposition Rallies
Top Sudanese Rebel Leaders Agree to Work Toward Peace
Chavez Applauds Spain for 'Resisting' US on Arms
Rebels Cut Power to Colombian Towns
Major Rally Scheduled in Australia Against Proposed Terror Laws

Justin Raimondo
Scooter's Motive

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Nebojsa Malic
A Desert Called Peace

Alan Bock
Beginning of the End

Charles Peña
The Zarqawi Dilemma

Sascha Matuszak
Who's the Boss?

Ivan Eland
The Failure of Nation-Building in Bosnia and Iraq

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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