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Bush's 'Great Leap Forward': Justin Raimondo
How (Not) to Withdraw from Iraq: Tom Engelhardt
The War on al-Jazeera: Jeremy Scahill
A Pathetic Performance: Alan Bock
Trophy Video Could Prove Costly for Aegis: T. Griffin

Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.
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Updated December 2, 2005 - 11:18 PM EST
10 Marines, 4 US Soldiers Die in Iraq
Much of Ramadi Under Rebel Control
Iraqi Insurgents 'Strong and Could Get Stronger'
Two US Allies Leaving Iraq, More May Go
Kurdish Oil Deal Shocks Iraq's Political Leaders
Report: Israelis Training Kurds in Northern Iraq
Sharon: Iran Nukes May Require Military Response
Senate Summons Pentagon to Explain Planted News Stories
Profusion of Rebel Groups Helps Them Survive in Iraq
Is the US Training Iraqi Death Squads to Fight Insurgents?
Where's Hillary on Iraq?
by Jimmy Breslin
A Government Game of 'Gotcha'
by Elaine Cassel
Wrong Weapon in the Wrong Place
by Jonathan B. Tucker
The War on al-Jazeera  by Jeremy Scahill
If America Left Iraq  by Nir Rosen
The Path to Peace  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Yemen 'Dissuaded' US From Occupying Aden After Cole Attack
Newly Released Documents Cast Further Doubt on Vietnam War Claims
Trophy Video Could Prove Costly for Aegis
US Army Colonel Arrested for Contract-Rigging in Iraq
Non-Iraqi Arabs Banned From Iraq
In CIA Leak, More Talks With Journalists
Poll: Most Doubt Bush Has Plan for Iraq Victory
US Admits Iraq Propaganda Drive
Today in Iraq
Sunni Groups Want US Out of al-Anbar
Pentagon Urged to Explain 'Planted' Iraqi News Reports
Paid Iraq Stories Concerns White House
Iraqi Panel Wants Ba'ath Candidates Banned
US Downplays Attack on Iraq Base
General: Iraq Bombings Fell in November
Human Rights Inspector in Iraq's Interior Ministry Dismissed in Torture Case
Iraq Blames Americans for Torture Probe Failure
New Strategy in Iraq?
'Oil Spot' Replaces 'Whack-a-Mole' Strategy
US Offers Allies Ways to Cut Iraq Commitments
Plan Hinges on Local Security Forces
US General Vows Not to Run Out on Iraqi Forces
Iraqi Adviser Predicts Looming Pullout
Attacks Continue
Four US Soldiers Killed in Separate Iraq Incidents
Candidate From Allawi's List Killed
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 1
Hostage Crises
Iraqi Rebels Again Seizing Foreigners
One Group Eyed in Two Iraq Kidnappings
Germany Wants to Make Contact With Iraq Kidnappers
Germany: No Ransom for Iraq Kidnappers
Antiwar Activist Going to Iraq to Try to Secure Release of Hostages
Iraqi-American Member of Muslim Peacemaker Team Speaks Out for Four Kidnapped Colleagues
US Demands Immediate Release of Iraq Hostages
Iraq-Belgium Bomb Link
Local Tie to Baghdad Blast Shocks Belgium
Belgium Holds 14 Over Iraq Bombing
Suspects' Wives Eye Suicide Bombings
Girl Next Door Who Became a Suicide Bomber
From Baker's Assistant to Baghdad Bomber
Battles of Britain
British Police Don't Want Power to Close Mosques
British Civilians to Have Role in Military Law
Deadly Attacks in Afghanistan Spur Fears of Foreign Support
Security Threat Has Changed in Afghanistan, Says French Army Chief
US Aid to Afghanistan to Top $5 Billion Over Next Five Years
Kazakh Opposition Cries Foul
Slain Kazakh Opposition Leader Shot Three Times, Ruled Suicide
Musharraf Seeks US Support on Kashmir
Pakistan Won't Extend NATO's Quake Mission
Pakistan Militants Killed by Own Explosives
India and Russia to Sign Four Treaties on Defense and Space
Maoists Kill Policemen in India
UN Rights Chief Warns of Threat of Full-Scale Conflict in Nepal
Nepal Rebel Leader Hints at Extending Cease-Fire
UN Urges Nepal King to Join Truce
Bangladesh Blast Kills One and Hurts 100
US Open to Rescheduling Disputed North Korea Briefing
Shift Seen in China's Attitude on Torture
Uzbekistan Holds Closed Trials Over Killings
UK Embassy Lied Over Fate of Timor Journalists
Bangladesh Judiciary Was Terror Target
Prisoners Reveal Horror of Torture in Burma
Venezuela Election Boycott Widens
Chavez Blames US for Election Boycott
Venezuela Voter Boycott to Hand Chávez Easy Win
Venezuela Touts Cheap Fuel to US as Bush Takes Heat
Rethinking the War
Murtha Says Army Is 'Broken, Worn Out'
US Mission Has Evolved Since 2003 Declaration
Democrats Struggle to Find Common Iraq Policy
Bush Officials Withheld Key Information on Iraq, Former Senator Says
US Generals See War as 'Winnable,' but Probably Not in Reasonable Time Frame
Bush Courts Old Friends on Iraq
Top General: Military Must Do More to Explain Progress in Iraq
CIA Torture Prisons
Flight Logs Reveal Hundreds of CIA Flights to Europe
Ahern: US Denies Irish CIA Role
Demand for Probe Into CIA 'Torture Flights'
Blair Faces Allegations of Complicity in Torture
European Lawmakers Want Answers on Prisons
NATO Rejects Claims US Camp in Kosovo Harbored CIA Prison
Homeland Security
Ashcroft Back and Pushing PATRIOT Act
Abramoff, Lobbyists Linked to Troubled Multibillion-Dollar Homeland Security Contract
Pentagon Moves Ahead in Trial of Canadian Teenager
US Military
Return of Mandatory Anthrax Inoculations Sought
Military Develops a Star-Trek–Like Phaser
Maimed Soldiers Give US Paralympic Team a Recruitment Boost
The War at Home
Few Know of World War II Massacre in Utah
Neocon Media Mogul Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud Charges
ABC's Nightline Debates Iraq Without Opposition Voices
How Murtha's Call to Exit Iraq Plays Back Home
Syria Demands New Look Into Hariri Killing
Syria May Hand Hariri Suspects to UN
Lebanon Asks UN to Extend Inquiry
New Sharon=Old Sharon
Sharon Rules Out West Bank Pullout, Barghouti Release
Sharon 'Sees Wall as Israel's New Border'
Sharon Rules Out Syrian Talks
Sharon Says Main West Bank Settlements to Stay
Palestinian Politics
Barghouti's Win Creates Dilemma
Fatah Gunmen Storm Gaza Offices
West Bank Barrier Designed to Expand Settlements
Settler Population Seen Growing 4.3 Percent in 2005
Moving Into East Jerusalem
Dig Into Jerusalem's Past Fuels Present-Day Debates
Yossi Sarid, Leading Parliamentary Dove, Retiring From Israeli Politics
Three Israeli Border Police Officers Likely to Be Tried for Beating Palestinian
Israeli Troops Arrest al-Jazeera Reporter in Hebron
End of the Road for the Bedouin
Egyptian Police Fire on Opposition Voters, One Killed
Police Block Polling Stations in Egypt
Islamists Complain of Restrictions in Egyptian Vote
Middle East
US Asks European Nations to Curb Trade With Iran
Jordan Uncovers 'Militant Plot'
UAE Announces First Election
EU Anti-Terror Plan Approved
For Oil Fields, Soviet-Era Secrecy
Algerian Linked to Terror Attack Is Extradited to France
A Ukrainian Revolutionary Charts a Comeback
UN: Ethiopia May Pull Back From Disputed Eritrea Border

Gunmen Raid Ivory Coast Barracks

US Military Presence in Paraguay Irks Neighbors
Candidate Sues Bolivian Leader for Sending Missiles to US

Justin Raimondo
Bush's 'Great Leap Forward'

Alan Bock
A Pathetic Performance

Nebojsa Malic
Brave New Numbers

Ivan Eland
US Can Head for the Exits in Iraq, but Shouldn't the Flames Be Doused?

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Charles Peńa
The Zarqawi Dilemma

Sascha Matuszak
Who's the Boss?

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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