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Condi to Europe: 'Trust Me': Paul Craig Roberts
TSA Treats for Holiday Travelers: Ivan Eland
No Timetable, No Zarqawi: Gareth Porter
Total Transparency: Gordon Prather
Bad News About the Good News: William Fisher

The time not to become a father is eighteen years before a war.
E. B. White
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Updated December 6, 2005 - 10:49 PM EST
Iraqi VP: Big Setback in Force Training
Saddam Vows Not to Return ‘to an Unjust Court’
Rice Tells Europe: Shut Up About Secret Jails
Rumsfeld Blames Contractor for Buying News
Bombers Kill 43 Police, Wound 73 in Baghdad
Tribesmen: US Missile Killed Boys, Not al-Qaeda Leader
Rumsfeld Warns of Islamic Superstate if US Leaves Iraq Early
Italian Officials: CIA Lied About Abduction
ABC: Top al-Qaeda Figures Held in Secret CIA Prisons
No-Timetable Policy Rules Out a Deal on Zarqawi  by Gareth Porter
The Revolt of the Generals
by Alexander Cockburn
Hidden in Plane Sight
by Norman Solomon
Condi to Europe: 'Trust Me'
by Paul Craig Roberts
The Iraq Index  by John S. Friedman
Total Transparency  by Gordon Prather

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Iranian Military Plane Hits Building, 128 Killed
The Bad News Is That the Good News Is Fake
Ex-CIA Station Chief in Milan Asks for Immunity
Contracting Probe Could Extend to CIA
After Scathing 9/11 Report, White House Points Fingers
Rumsfeld: Death Tolls, News Don't Reflect Iraq 'Success'
Army Drops Charges in Killing of Iraqis
White House Tries to Trim Military Cost
The US in Iraq: One War, Many Rationales
Disruptions at Saddam's Trial Further Erode Court's Credibility
Today in Iraq
Campaign Activity, Insurgent Violence Rise in Iraq
Iraq VP Disputes Bush on Training of Forces
Shia in War of Words as Elections Draw Near
Iraq's Sunni Candidates Attacked on All Sides
Iraq Stock Exchange Hopes to Spark Recovery
Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam: 'I Am Not Afraid of Execution'
Defending Hussein, Clark Seeks to Set Historical Record Straight
Lawyers Walk Out, Saddam Shouts at Judge During Stormy Session
Saddam’s Prime Minister Dies in US Custody
Excerpts From Arguments in Saddam Trial
Iraq Witness Recounts Torture, 'Meat Grinder'
Attacks Continue
Another US Soldier Killed in Iraq
Gunmen Kill Local Election Official in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 6
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 5
Hostage Crises
Gunmen Abduct French Engineer in Iraq
Utahn Says Aid Worker Had Fears
Muslim Groups Urge Iraq Captors to Free Westerners
UK Foreign Secretary Urges Iraqi Kidnappers to 'Get in Touch'
Global Iraq Fallout
East European Support Waning in Iraq
Japan Signals Iraq Mission Extension
France Warns Against Travel to Iraq
Saudi Prince Says US Iraq Policies a Mistake
Iraq 'Henchman' Converts
'Enemy Fire' Forced Down US Helicopters in Afghanistan
Roadside Bomb Wounds 3 US Soldiers in Afghanistan
12-Nation Meet Prioritizes Power for Afghanistan
EU Monitors: Kazakh Election 'Not Democratic'
West Blasts Fraud in Kazakhstan President's Landslide Win
Kazakhstan Leader Vows Cleaner Vote
Pakistan Building High-Security Prisons for Terrorists
US on the Scent of Terror Money in Pakistan
Pakistan Steps Up Search for Militants in North
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Army Warns Rebels as Attacks Rise
Rebels Threaten to Expel Sri Lankan Military From Northeast
Sri Lanka on Alert After Violence
Pyongyang Demands US Troop Pullout From South Korea
China Kills Summit With Japan, S. Korea
North Korea: No More Talks in '05
South Korea Seeks Direct US-N. Korea Talks
Hong Kong
US Asks China to Provide Quick Timetable for Democracy in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Democracy Movement Gets New Life
Philippine Troops, Muslim Rebels Rescue Hostages
Philippine Communists Denounce EU for Putting Them on Terror List
Nepal's Government Should Back Rebels' Truce Extension, UN Says
Indonesian Islamists Denouce Suicide Bombing
Uzbek Islamist Exposes Terror Network in Central Asia
Burma Rulers Promise Democratic 'Road Map'
Russia Reins in 'Foreign Influence'
Alleged Islamist Radical Goes on Trial in France
US to Block Assets of Eight in German Jails
Dutch Terrorism Trial Opens in Confusion as Witness Stays Silent
British Army to Stop Training in Kenya
Dispute Threatens Sudan Peace Accords
Separatists Shut Down Southeastern Nigeria
Ivorians Hail 'Peace-Making' PM
Venezuela 'Landslide' for Chavez
Chávez and Allies Enjoy Clean Sweep
Chávez Claims Boost From 'Landslide' Victory
Voters Few, Confidence Low in Venezuela: US
Chile, Peru Clash Over Fishing Grounds, Rekindling Old Feuds
Peru Party Picks Woman Hopeful
CIA Torture Prisons
Rice: Secret Renditions 'A Lawful Weapon'
Germany Confirms List of CIA Flights
German Ex-Minister Under Fire Over CIA Abduction
US-German Relations Undermined by CIA Flights
British MPs Dismiss US Denials as 'Disingenuous' and 'Beyond Belief'
Rumsfeld Seeks Rules for Witnessing Abuse Abroad
Tough Words From Rice Leave Loopholes
'Rendition' Does Not Involve Torture, Says Rice
US 'Saving' Europeans, Rice Asserts
CIA Faces Fresh Allegations of Secret Europe Flights
America Can't Take It Anymore
An Innocent Man's Five Months in CIA 'Salt Pit'
The Questions Condoleezza Must Answer
Human Rights Watch: Rice Miscasts Policy on Torture
Amnesty: 800 Secret CIA Flights Into and Out of Europe
US Mocking World Law Over Secret Jails - Amnesty
Shadowy CIA-Linked Plane Landed in Canada
Al-Qaeda Hit?
Questions Raised in Pakistan Attack
Pakistan Insists al-Qaeda Operative Dead
US Intelligence Believes al-Qaeda Operative to Be Dead: US Official
Al-Qaeda Figure Finally Gains Attention
War on Terror
9/11 Commissioners: US at 'Great Risk' for More Terrorist Attacks
Justice Dept: FBI Bungled Fla. Terrorism Investigation
Communications Break Down During Connecticut Scare
Women of al-Qaeda
For Travelers, New Rules and New Anxiety
UK Terror Laws Run Afoul of Human Rights Act
UK Anti-Terror Police Arrest Three
The War at Home
White House Problems Stick to the 'Velcro Veep'
Most Americans Disapprove of Bush’s Handling of Iraq
Battle for Public Opinion on Iraq
Dean: US Won't Win in Iraq
Recruitment & Counter-
Clash Over Military Recruiters on Campus
Counter-Recruitment Day Sweeps US Colleges
Army Recruiters Thrive in Rural United States
Supreme Court to Decide if Law Schools Can Bar Military Recruiters
Best Resource for GI Conscientious Objectors
Iran Signals Some Flexibility in Nuclear Ambitions
Tehran Issues Mixed Message Over Talks With US on Iraq
Drudge, Jerusalem Post Sensationalize Story About Nuclear Iran
Russia Confirms Sale of Missiles to Iran
State Dept. Criticizes Russia on Arms Sale to Iran
US Army War College Report: Israel Can't Stop Iran Nukes
Iran Warns Israel Not to Attack
Iran Plans to Build Two More Reactors
Syrians Quizzed in Hariri Probe
Hariri Son Accuses Syria of Trying to Sway UN Probe
Israeli Politics
Sharon Wants to Name Peres Peace Minister
Israeli Blast Shakes Political Landscape
Netanyahu Gets Boost for Rightist Party Leadership
Saudi Prince Gives Sharon 'Benefit of Doubt'
Suicide Bombing in Israeli Mall Kills 5, Wounds 50
Israeli Army Ordered to Hit Islamic Jihad
US Condemns Israel Bombing
Israeli DM Prepares to Launch 'Several Weeks' of Attacks in Northern Gaza
Bomb in Israel Sets Back Peace Hopes
Hamas Election Campaign to Focus on 'Clean Govt' Promise
Israel Orders Two Discount German Submarines
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Flexes Muscles
Egyptian Opposition Leader Held
US 'Concerned' Over Detention of Egyptian Opposition Leader
US Accused of Mocking Democracy in Egypt
Australia to Rush Through Anti-Terror Laws Today
Australia to Adopt Anti-Terror Law 'As Terrifying as Terrorism Itself'
Aussie Senators Slam Lack of Debate on Anti-Terror Laws

Justin Raimondo
'Urban Myth' – or Treason?

Ivan Eland
TSA Treats for Holiday Travelers

Alan Bock
A Pathetic Performance

Nebojsa Malic
Brave New Numbers

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Charles Peña
The Zarqawi Dilemma

Sascha Matuszak
Who's the Boss?

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Ran HaCohen
The Quiet Occupation

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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