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Putting America Last: Justin Raimondo
Democracy and Colonialism: Ran HaCohen
Cheney at the Alamo: Christopher Deliso
Prospects for Democracy in Iraq: Charley Reese
War Crimes Made Easy: Brecher/Smith/Engelhardt

The Department of Defense is the behemoth...With an annual budget larger than the gross domestic product of Russia, it is an empire.
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Updated December 7, 2005 - 10:56 PM EST
Bloody Day Leaves 75 Iraqis Dead
Passenger Who Made Threat Killed by Marshal
CIA 'Emptied Secret Jails' Before Rice Trip
Rice Admits to 'Mistakes' in War on Terror
Lieberman Calls for Formation of 'War Cabinet'
Fitzgerald Presents New Info to Grand Jury
US: Syria 'On the Side of Terrorists'
Abuse 'Widespread' in Iraqi Prisons
Trial Resumes Without Saddam, Adjourned for 2 Weeks
Gunmen Attack Iraq Hospital, Free Insurgent, Kill 3 Police
Military Revises Account of How 10 Marines Died
Not Guilty Verdicts in Florida Terror Trial Are Setback for US
War Crimes Made Easy  by Jeremy Brecher, Brendan Smith, and Tom Engelhardt
Dubya and Dick Getting Desperate
by Steve Chapman
Will Pay for Good News
by William Fisher
Cheney at the Alamo  by Chris Deliso
Prospects for Democracy in Iraq
by Charley Reese
The Torture-Go-Round  by Lila Rajiva

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US to Take Over Bases in Romania
Skepticism Erodes Europeans' Faith in Rice
Tapes Show Terror Attack on US Consulate in Saudi
US Admits Botched Detention, Merkel Says
Rendition Not Foolproof
German Man Alleges CIA Torture in Lawsuit
Election Tensions: Allawi-Sadr War?
Iraq Shi'ite Leader Wants Small Parties Out
Bush to Deliver Speech to CFR – but No Questions Allowed
Florida Professor Acquitted of Funding Islamist Group
Today in Iraq
Ahmed Chalabi Claims He 'Liberated Iraq'
Marines Killed in Fallujah Were at Promotion Ceremony
Campaign Numerology
Iraq Oil Production on the Decline
Pregnant Iraqi Women Fearful of Baghdad's Dangerous Roads
Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam Trial Outbursts, Heard but Not Seen
Saddam's Brother Tries to 'Out' Prosecutor
US Officials Fear Saddam Is Sending 'Signals' From Court
Saddam: US, Israel Want Me Dead
Saddam Invites Court to 'Visit My Cage' After Witnesses Tell of Torture
Woman Testifies About Torture Suffered Under Saddam's Regime
Read Between the Pinstripes: Saddam Still Cuts a Figure
Saddam Nephew Jailed
Attacks Continue
US Soldier Dies in Iraq Mine Blast
Al-Qaeda Says It Caused Iraq Police Academy Attack
Police Say 20 Bodies Found in Western Iraq
Four Kurds Killed in Attack
Suicide Bomb Attack Hits Baghdad Coffee Shop
Allawi Office Attacked in Iraq
Iraq's Version of Hatfields and McCoys
Backstory: One Family in a Suicide Bomber's Wake
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 7
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 6
Hostage Crises
Aid Group Pins Hopes on Muslim Pleas to Captors
Iraqi Rebels Claim Abduction of US Security Man; Video Shown by al-Jazeera
Mounting Dread and More Pleas as Murder Threat Hangs Over Iraq Hostages
Hostages Urge US, Britain to Leave Iraq
Extended Iraq Hostage Video Aired
Bush Says No Ransom, but Will Try to Free Americans Held in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Kickbacks Poured in as Aussie Navy Led Iraq Blockade
Iraq Stretches UK Army Ranks
Indian FM Quits Over Iraq Oil Scandal
9 Taliban Killed, 6 Arrested in South Afghanistan
3 Killed, 2 Injured in Taliban Attack in S. Afghanistan
Kazakh President Garners 91 Percent Win in Final Election
Kazakh Vote Challenges Western Policy
Watchdog Urges Pakistan to Find Missing Reporter
Pakistan Orders Bush Poem Deleted From School Book
Sri Lanka
Tamil Tigers 'Waging Stealth War'
Sri Lanka on Brink of Civil War After Blast Kills Soldiers
North Korea Demands US Lift Sanctions
North Korea Threatens to Walk Out on Talks
US, South Korea Discuss Changes to Security Alliance
China/Hong Kong
China Tells US to Butt Out of Hong Kong Politics
China Denies UN Torture Report
India Joins Nuclear Fusion Club
Nepalese Army Dismisses Maoist Ceasefire as Ploy
More Jail Sentences Over Andijan
Armenia Warned Against Recognizing Nagorno-Karabakh's Independence
Azerbaijan's Main Opposition Bloc to Boycott New Parliament
Indian Ocean Islanders Booted Off Land for US Base Seek Justice
In Capitalist Asia, Philippines Still Grapples With Communists
US Criticizes Venezuelan Vote
Routed at Ballot Box, Venezuelan Opposition Regroups
Colombian Rebels Agree to Talks
New Charges for Chile's Pinochet
Official of Aristide's Party Kidnapped in Haiti
Ecuador Abandons Reform Vote
CIA Torture Prisons
Dutch FM Says US Hiding Prisons, Threatens to Withdraw Troops
Agents Say Secret Jails Were Shut in a Hurry
A Murky World of Secret Abductions and Torture
War on Terror
Al-Jazeera Admits bin Laden Tape Claim Error
US Moves Ahead in Two Guantanamo War Crimes Trials
Australia Passes New Counter-Terror Powers
Moussaoui Prosecutors Ask to Limit Testimony
US Border Patrol's Newest Tool: A Drone
Human Rights Warning on Terror Legislation
US Military
Lawyer: Accused Officer’s Troops Poorly Trained
Before High Court, Law Schools v. Military
Marine Jet Crashes Off Coast of Florida
The War at Home
Democrats Fear That Antiwar Remarks Could Backfire
Four in Ten Americans Would Exit Iraq Immediately
Former CT Gov. May Return to Politics Over Lieberman's Support of War
Antiwar Activists Set to Hound Hillary Clinton
Suit Decries New Secrecy in Government
Cheney Says Withdrawal From Iraq 'Unwise'
White House Slams Howard Dean's Comments on Iraq
Overseas Security Advisory Council Turns 20
Report: Al-Qaeda Organizing in Lebanon
Syria Attacks Evidence as UN Case Turns More Bizarre
UN Investigator Stepping Down From Hariri Probe
Syria Girds Itself for Sanctions
Mubarak: Hariri Interviews With Syrians Could Last a Year
Syrians Home After UN Quizzing
Syria Holds Up Israel's Red Cross Plans
Lebanon to Probe Mass Graves
Russia Plan Could End Iran Talks Impasse: ElBaradei
Putin: UN Agency Should Take Iran Lead
Iranian Military Plane Hits Building, 128 Killed
Israel Says Iranian Militants in West Bank
Israel Targets Islamic Jihad in Wake of Suicide Bombing
Israel Cracks Down After Mall Bombing
Israel Closes Palestinian Territories
Billion-Shekel Culture Shock for Gaza's Settlers
IDF Opts for Targeted Killing Over Large-Scale West Bank Operation
Former Shin Bet Chief: Evacuate All Settlements Beyond the Fence by 2010
Islamic Jihad Gunmen Shoot at Palestinian Policemen in Jenin
Sharon Presses for Fence Across Sinai
Israel Urges Citizens Avoid Travel to Egypt's Sinai
Egypt Election Marathon Winds Up
Egypt Arrests Islamists Before Last Voting Round
US Blasts Egypt Over Elections
Middle East
Middle East Not Swayed by Bush’s Democracy Pledge
Islamic Summit to Counter al-Qaeda's 'Anti-Islam' Campaign
Dubai Conference Highlights Lack of Media Freedom
Deadly Clashes in Nigerian City
Military in Lagos Flats Showdown
Jailed Uganda Opposition Leader Set to Run in Poll
Congo: Suspect Arrested for Murder of UN Troops
Russia Opens Hearing in Journalist's Death
Resignations Rock Russian TV
Rice Pressured EU Over Internet Control
Police Try to Fathom Belgian's Path to Terror
Cypriot Capital to Stay Divided
Bosnia's Most Wanted 'Out of Reach'
Five Small Blasts Hit Madrid as ETA Threatens RPG Attack on Airport

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The Zarqawi Dilemma

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Who's the Boss?

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Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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