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Shark-bit World: Tom Engelhardt
We'll Miss Saddam: Charley Reese
Referring Nuke-Threats to the UN: Gordon Prather
Not Even to Save Our Lives: Mike Ferner
Comply and Submit – or Die: Will Grigg

If God is just, I tremble for my country.
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Updated December 10, 2005 - 10:38 PM EST
US Feared Jet Attack Prior to 9/11
US Military Set Up 'Press Club' to Buy Coverage
Poland Was Main CIA Euro Detention Base
Attacks Kill 5, Wound 11 US Soldiers in Iraq
Hostages Were Gathering Evidence of Abuse in Iraq
Eugene McCarthy Dies, He Challenged LBJ on Vietnam War
Suspect 'Lied About Links With Iraq to Avoid Torture'
No Torture of Terrorist Suspects? No Guarantee, Says Rice
Israeli DM: We Need 'Non-Diplomatic' Solutions to Iran
If It's Not Torture, Then Let's Use It on Cheney  by Kirk Caraway
Toward a Greater Air War on Iraq?
by Ron Jacobs
A Twist in the Rove-Plame Mystery
by Robert Parry
Shark-bit World  by Tom Engelhardt
We'll Miss Saddam  by Charley Reese
Referring Nuke-Threats to Security Council  by Gordon Prather

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Wolfowitz Tries to Distance Himself From Bush
Lieberman Meets With Rumsfeld Amid Retirement Speculation
Lieberman Wins GOP Friends With Support for War
US Stalls Some Deployments to Iraq
US Military Pays 'Press Club' to Cover Stories
Protesters Say Police in China Killed Up to 20
Time Reporter Testifies in Leak Case
Israel Threatens 'Economic Siege' on Gaza
Not Even to Save Our Lives
Merkel Gaffe Forces US Into Damage Limitation Mode
Violence Continues
Rumsfeld: 20,000 Troops Could Leave Iraq After Elections
US Investigates Iraq Car-Shooting Video
Shi'ite, Sunni Groups Sign Pact for US Withdrawal Timetable
Saddam's Trial Witnesses Faulty, Says Lawyer
Shi’ite Cleric Wants Saddam Lawyers Arrested
Najaf, Iraq's Shi'ite Capital, Seeking a Higher Office
Iraqi Election
Kurds Wary of Shi'ite Islamists in Election
Clerics Use Friday Prayers to Urge Big Iraqi Vote
Iraq's Sunnis Determined to Vote Despite Fears
Security Tops Iraq Election Manifestos
Iraq Enters Critical Phase With Election
Iraq Occupation
US Military Still Paying for 'Good News'?
Hercules Crew Were Not Given Vital Warning That May Have Saved Them
US: Baghdad's Highway of Death 'Now Safe'
101st Airborne Prepares to Be Invisible During Iraqi Elections
Security Eats Up 22 Percent of US's Iraq Reconstruction Budget
Al-Qaeda Figure Arrested in Ramadi
'Graduation' for Iraqi Troops
Attacks Continue
12 Die in Iraq Violence
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 10
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 9
Hostage Crises
Prominent Sunnis Urge Release of Hostages
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Calls for Release of British Hostage
US: 'No Information' on Hostage's Fate
Canadian Envoy Admits No Contact With Iraq Kidnapers
Calls Grow for Release of Hostages Held in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Poland Links Bid for US Aid to Presence in Iraq
Eastern European Troops Sent to Iraq for 'Diplomatic Benefits' With US
Bulgaria to Keep Non-Combat Unit in Iraq
Lawyers Say No Evidence Tying Dutchman to Halabja
Battles of Britain
A Casualty of Free Speech
Tarnished UK Soldier to Be War Crimes Case Witness
No Charges Against Briton for Fake Photos
UK Marine Who Was Beaten Unconscious: 'It's Just Marine Humor'
Two Christian Aid Partners Killed in Afghanistan
Second Swedish Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
Dutch Postpone Afghanistan Troop Decision
Karzai Makes Parliamentary Appointments
Bangladesh Arrests 30 Islamists for Bomb Attacks
Bangladesh Attack Brings Fear of Militancy
South/Central Asia
Sri Lankan Army Prepares for War
Thousands Rally Against Nepal King
India Renewing Anti-Maoist Offensive
Uzbekistan to Boycott NATO Meeting
Southeast Asia
US Won't Take Part in Southeast Asia Summit
Military Coup Rumours Cause Panic in Thailand
Muslims Plan to Guard Indonesian Churches on Christmas
Manila Gives US Troops Deadline in Rape Case
East Asia
China Cancels Meeting With Japan, South Korea in Shrine Row
China Says Stressed 'Peace Strategy' in US Talks
IAEA's ElBaradei Says North Korea to Invite Him Back
Human Rights Experts Urge North Korea to Stop Abuses
Kosovo: Solana Says Changes to Serbia's Borders Are Possible
NATO to Keep 'Robust' Force in Kosovo During Status Talks
EU Urged to Prepare Possible Kosovo Police Mission
US Seeks to Reassure Russia Over New Romanian Military Bases
Putin Backs Down on NGO Restrictions
Spanish Terror Probe Nets Seven
Spain: Croatian Suspect Traveled Widely
War Crime Suspect Nabbed at Dinner
United Nations
Annan Defends Human Rights Chief
UN Grounds Aid Flights in Darfur After Escalation of Violence
Key Sudanese Islamist Sets His Sights on Return to Political Stage
Uganda's Crackdown Casts Doubt on Key US Ally
Chad Forces Open Fire on Pupils

Al-Qaeda Delivering Threats to Morocco Leadership

CIA Torture Prisons
CIA Abduction Came After German Tip: Report
Did Europe Turn Blind Eye to CIA Flights?
UN: US Base in Kosovo a 'Secret Prison'
NATO Satisfied With US 'Rendition' Answers
UK Police to Meet Rights Group Over CIA 'Torture' Flights
Europe Still Worried About Torture Reports
Dark Days in Prisons at Home and Abroad
Condoleezza Rice Battles Skeptical Media, Politicians During European Trip
Torture: US Reaction
McCain Continues Drive to Ban Torture by US
Feinstein Calls for Answers on Treatment of Detainees
Former Senior CIA Officials Back Anti-Torture Amendment
Detaining Justice
US Bars Access to Terror Suspects
Red Cross Renews Demand to See All Detainees
Justice Department: Padilla Can't Challenge Detention
Retired US Judges Urge Congress Not to Limit Court Review of Gitmo
Pentagon Moves Forward on Hearings for Two Guantanamo Detainees
OSCE Invited to Visit Guantanamo
US Activists Trek Toward Guantanamo
War on Terror
Key Torture Ruling Could Let UK Terror Suspects Go Free
Report: Officers Could Face Charges in Menezes Killing
ACLU: Protesters Placed in Terror Files
Miami Shooting Stuns Neighbors
White House Defends Miami Shooting
Two Top City Officials Stole 9/11 FEMA Aid, Feds Charge
Judge: Man Acquitted in 9/11 Fraud
US Military
Single Mother Called Back to Active Duty in Iraq
Researchers: Alcohol Misuse, Divorce Rates Higher Among Returning Troops
Navy's Last Two Battleships May Become Museums
The War at Home
Bush Speaking With New, Albeit Limited Candor About Iraq
70% Say Bush Has No Plan for Iraq
Bush’s Approval Rating Rises to 42 Percent
Poll: Iraq War Remains Most Important Problem in US
Defense Contractors Involved in San Diego Bribery Case Cultivated Political Ties
Valerie Plame Said to Leave Job at CIA
ElBaradei: World's Patience Running Out Over Iranian Nuclear Program
ElBaradei Warns Against Military Strike on Iran
Ahmadinejad Courts Radicals With New Israel Outburst
US Official Says Iran 'Very Aggressive'
Israel Calls Iran's President 'Very Dangerous'
Iran Leader's Remarks Draw Ire From Saudis
Syria Denies Reports of Peace Talks With Israel
Hezbollah Official Escapes Lebanon Stronghold Blast
A Taste of Syria's Past in Discreet Splendor
UK Accused of Selling Key Nuclear Component to Israel
Sharon Party Surges as Labor Flags: Poll
Hamas 'Mother of Martyrs' Runs in Palestinian Poll
Israel Rounds Up 19 'Militants'
Hezbollah Accuses Israel of Failed Assassination Attempt
Mideast Arms Race Fears as Israel Ups Iran Pressure
Hamas Says Truce With Israel Intact Until End of the Year
Israel, Palestinians Bury Dead From Latest Violence
Israel Continues Crackdown on Palestinians
Muslim Brotherhood Victory Worries Egypt
Egypt Islamists Ready to Talk With Washington
Nobel Laureate Hails Islamist Success in Egypt
Mubarak's Party Says Egypt Experiencing 'Marvelous Awakening'
Middle East
Muslim Leaders Warn of 'Crisis'
Six Killed as Rebels Attack Turkish Military
UN Admits Its Troops Shot Police in Haiti
Haiti Says US Millionaire Can Seek Presidency
Venezuela Vote Sparks Debate Over Political Future
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Grand Theft Pentagon
The World Israel's Barrier Made
The Red States' Most Visible Antiwar Album
Author Offers Fascinating Look at Our March to Iraq

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