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Shark-bit World: Tom Engelhardt
We'll Miss Saddam: Charley Reese
Referring Nuke-Threats to the UN: Gordon Prather
Not Even to Save Our Lives: Mike Ferner
Comply and Submit – or Die: William Norman Grigg

The price of empire is America’s soul, and that price is too high.
Sen. J. William Fulbright (Ark.)
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Updated December 11, 2005 - 11:22 PM EST
Sharon: Ready Iran Attack by March
Military's Info War Is Vast and Often Secretive
EU Hid Deal With US to Allow 'Rendition' Flights
MI6 and CIA 'Sent Student to Morocco to Be Tortured'
Two US Soldiers Killed by a Concealed Bomb
Bush: Renew PATRIOT Act by Dec. 31 or Face Terrorism
Sunni Leader: More Secret Prisons in Upscale Baghdad Neighborhood
If It's Not Torture, Then Let's Use It on Cheney  by Kirk Caraway
Toward a Greater Air War on Iraq?
by Ron Jacobs
A Twist in the Rove-Plame Mystery
by Robert Parry
Shark-bit World  by Tom Engelhardt
We'll Miss Saddam  by Charley Reese
Referring Nuke-Threats to Security Council  by Gordon Prather

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Eugene McCarthy Dies; He Challenged LBJ on Vietnam War
Pentagon's 'Talon' Program Gathers Data on US Civilians
In Iraq, Bush Cut Corners for Deadline Democracy
Family Upset Over Marine's Body Arriving as Freight
FBI Put Peaceful War Protesters in Terrorism Files
Five US Soldiers Killed, 11 Wounded in Iraq
British Security Company Under Fire for 'Trophy Video'
Islands Were Invaded by the Japanese, Then Hundreds Died in US Camps
Merkel Gaffe Forces US Into Damage Limitation Mode
Today in Iraq
Gen.: Iraqis Will Take Over When Ready
Security Firm Suspected of Shooting at Civilian Vehicles in Iraq
Badr's Spreading Web
Iraqi Court Jails Seven for al-Qaeda Involvement
Iraq Makes History With West Asian Football Gold
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 11
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 10
Iraqi Elections
Leading Sunni Cleric Backs Off Election Boycott
Iraq Voting Should Give Sunnis More Seats
Politics, Iraqi Style: Slick TV Ads, Text Messaging, and Gunfire
Iraq, US Release 238 Detainees Ahead of Dec. 15 Elections
Officials Pledge to Protect Voters in Volatile Iraqi Province
In Iraqi Election, Tribal Vote Is Precious
Murder of Man of Peace Inspires a Voters' Revolt
Sunni Neighborhood Mobilizes for Election
Juan Cole on Iraqi Elections
Iraq Occupation
US Forces Rely on Local Informants in Ferreting Rebels in West Iraq
As US Troops Go, Iraq Police Take Over
US Soldier Dies on Guard Duty in Iraq
Pentagon Touts National Guard Work in Najaf
Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam Sets the Tone With Trial Insults
Performance of Saddam's Judge Draws Fire
Hostage Crises
Deadline Passes With No Word From Kidnappers
Egyptian Man Kidnapped in Iraq Found Dead
Americans Keep Dying
Mother Wants Answers About Son's Death in Iraq (GA)
Polish-Born Blackhawk Crewman (IL) Killed in Iraq
Casualties Jolt Military Families (MN)
Centralia (WA) Marine Killed in Iraq
Naperville (IL) Marine Among Dead in Bombing
Soldier From Lovelock (NV) Dies in Iraq
Byron (IL) Marine 'Gave Everything He Had'
Soldier (FL) Dreamed of Career in Law Enforcement
Flags at Half-Staff for California Solider
Soldier From Georgia Dies in Iraq
Soldier From Southern Illinois Killed by Mine in Iraq
Houston (TX) Marine Dies in Iraq
Little Falls (MN) Marine Killed in Iraq
Macon (GA) Marine Dies in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Australia, Japan Discuss Iraq Exit
UK Soldier Hanged at Camp Was Bullied, Claims Her Mother
Ex-Iraq Envoy Questions War's Worth
Australian FM Takes Offense at 'America's Deputy Sheriff' Comments
Aussie Muslim Activist Urges Opposition to Terror Laws
GAO Challenges US Drug War in Colombia
Chile Presidential Front-Runner Eschews Mold
Elections Could Tilt Latin America Further to the Left
Haiti's Interim Government Fires Supreme Court
Weekend Reviews
Grand Theft Pentagon
The World Israel's Barrier Made
The Red States' Most Visible Antiwar Album
Author Offers Fascinating Look at Our March to Iraq
CIA Torture Prisons
Poland Launches Investigation Into CIA's Secret 'Anti-Terror' Prisons
German Govt Denies Any Role in CIA Abductions
War on Terror
California Mini-Golf Course Apparently Taken Off List of Terrorist Targets
At FBI, Frustration Over Limits on an Anti-Terror Law
Out of the Shadows for the First Time: Britain's Real Spooks
Bush Administration Seeks to Avoid Supreme Court Showdown Over Detentions
How Planespotters Turned Into the Scourge of the CIA
EU Anti-Terror Chief Sounds Warning
US Military
Marines' Loss Felt Tenfold
Military Wants Civilians Off California Recreation Island
NC Marine Barracks Helps Wounded Troops
The War at Home
Bush Relies on Democrat 'Foe' to Rally Support for Iraq Policy
Bush Likens Iraqi Action to Transition in 1940s Japan
Inquiry Into IRS Investigations of Churches Is Sought
ACLU Says Next Deadline in Abu Ghraib Photo Case Is December 15
Sheehan Vows to Fight On
GOP Ad Attacks Democrats' Iraq Plan
Iran Reveals Plans to Produce Nuclear Fuel
Iran's Plans to Enrich Uranium Draws Heat
Iran Says Won’t Enrich Uranium While Talks Go On
Syria Slows Sanctions Momentum at UN
Syria Says Has Completely Cooperated With Hariri Probe
Israel: Navy Avoids Suez Fearing Terror Attack
US: Gaza Convoys Must Start This Week
Israeli Army Finds Tunnel in Northern Gaza
Israeli High Court to Hear Petitions Against Targeted Assassination
Election-Day Violence Fuels Anger in Egypt
Banned Islamic Movement Now the Main Opposition in Egypt
Ethiopia to Reduce Border Force
Nine Police Die in Taliban Raids in Afghan South
As NATO Forces Ease Role of GIs in Afghanistan, the Taliban Steps Up Attacks
Former Afghan PM Cheers Removal of US Troops From Uzbekistan
EU Report on Afghanistan Shows Continuing Threats to Progress
Afghan MPs Gather for First Meeting
South/Central Asia
German Troops to Prolong Stay in Uzbekistan
Tamil Rebels Warn Sri Lanka of War
Thirty Arrests at Nepal Protest
East Asia
Peace Rally Held in Malaysia
North Korea Says US Envoy Remark Damages Nuclear Talks
China Confirms It Shot Protesters
Russia to Become Permanent Feature of East Asia Summits
'From Russia to the World,' New Channel Goes Live
Grenade-Launchers Found After ETA Warning
UN Nuclear Watchdog
ElBaradei Urges Universal Nuclear Disarmament
UN Watchdog Receives Nobel Prize

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