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The Blame Game Can Wait: Rep. Ron Paul
The Forgotten Anthrax Attacks: Tom Engelhardt
Bush's Impeachable Offenses: Ivan Eland
The Fog of the War on Terror: William Fisher
CIA's 'Dark Prison' in Afghanistan: Jim Lobe

Wars of aggression are popular nowadays with those nations convinced that only victory and conquest could improve their material well-being.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated December 20, 2005 - 11:07 PM EST

Bush Vows to Pursue Spy Program

Shi'ite Bloc Winning Big in Iraq

Bush Leaves Out the Bad News in Iraqi Poll

FBI Watched Activist Groups, New Files Show
US Hardliners Grab North Korea Policy Reins

The Fog of the War on Terror

Group Exposes CIA's 'Dark Prison' in Afghanistan

The Forgotten Anthrax Attacks of 2001   by Tom Engelhardt
Shocking the Conscience of America  by John Dean

Torture's Long Shadow
by Vladimir Bukovsky

America Kidnapped Me
by Khaled El-Masri
License to Spy   by Aziz Huq
No Room to Spin  by John Prados

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Divided Senate Faces Showdown Over PATRIOT Act, Defense Bill

Transcript: President Bush's News Conference

Osama, Saddam? What's in a Name?

Support for Congress Reaches a Low Point at 25 Percent Approval

Past Rulings Don't Support Bush's Use of War Powers

Many 'High-Value' Iraqi Detainees Finally Being Released, Without Charges

Hundreds of Fraud Complaints Likely to Delay Iraq Vote Count

Fallujans Vote Out of Defiance

US Plans Downsizing in Iraq, Afghanistan


'Mrs. Anthrax' Freed

Iraqi Politics

Early Tally Has Shi'ite Group Leading Iraq Vote

Iraqi Sunni Leaders Split on How to End US Occupation

Allawi Trails in Third Place in Poll Update

Iraq Expats Narrowly Favor Christian Slate

Partial Results From Iraq Election Suggest Factions Will Have to Compromise

Iraq's Election Results Reflect Sectarian Divisions

Iraq Today

Women Face Uphill Struggle for Rights in Iraq

Racket of Rebuilding Fills Sadr City as Gunfire Quiets

Iraq Job Lure Lands 80 Nepalis in Deep Trouble

Saddam Tells of Plan for Great Escape, Claims He Directed Insurgency

Iraqis Protest as Goverment Hikes Fuel Prices

Coalition Commander to Recommend Iraq Troop Withdrawals

Attacks Continue

Assassination Season in Iraq

Group: American Hostage Shot

Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 19


Bush Says Faulty Iraq Data Makes Case Against Iran Tougher

Iran Denies Media Reports of Attack on President

Little Optimism Ahead of EU-Iran Nuclear Talks

Iran President Bans Western Music


Taliban Attack on Police Leaves Three Dead, Three Missing

NATO's Afghanistan Troop Dilemma

Afghanistan's Parliament Finds the Cupboard Bare

Spanish PM Visits Troops in Afghanistan

Netherlands Puts Off Decision on Afghanistan Deployment


23 Rockets Fired in Pakistan District as Security Action Continues

Army on Offensive in Balochistan

Pakistan Seeks Guantánamo Releases


China Raises Its Stake in North Korea

North Korea Says to Build Light-Water Nuclear Reactors

Former Aceh Rebels Hand Over Last Weapons

Australia Won't Set Timetable to Withdraw From Solomon Islands


Chad Says Its Forces Destroy Rebel Bases in Sudan

UN Court: Uganda Violated Congo Sovereignty With Troop Incursion


Morales Claims Victory in Bolivia

Bolivia's Morales Further Slams US Drug Policies

After Win, Leftist Morales Still Faces Reality

For Bolivian Victor, a Powerful Mandate


Colombian Rebels Release Video of Hostage Minister

Venezuela Deports Colombia Rebel as Ties Improve

Gunmen Wound Three UN Soldiers in Haiti

South America Shifting Away From US

Russia and Her Neighbors

Report: Russian Official Worried Over Foreign Bases in Neighboring Countries

US Wraps Up Training With Georgian Troops

Germany Urged to Seize 'Butcher of Tashkent'

Spying on Americans

Newsweek: Bush Asked Keller, Sulzberger to Stop Spy Story

Bush Says NSA Surveillance Necessary, Legal

Bush Says Leaking Spy Program a 'Shameful Act'

Bush: Discussing Secret Wiretaps Helping the Enemy

Gonzales Says Congress Authorized Spying

I'm No Dictator, Bush Assures

Bush Vows Domestic Surveillance to Continue

Lawmakers Urge Review of US Spy Program

Cheney: Wiretaps Without Court Order 'Might Have Prevented 9/11'

Senator Sounded Alarm on NSA Program in '03

Bush Presumes Justice Dept Probe Underway

Is Domestic Spy Authorization an Impeachable Offense?

Some Unsurprised, Some Shocked, Some Supportive of Eavesdropping

FBI Papers Show Terror Inquiries Into PETA, Other Rights Groups

War at Home

President Takes the Offensive With Press

Bush Acts to Rally Public on Iraq War

Congressional Report Will Rebuke Prewar Intelligence

War Data Cited by Bush Are Debatable

Officials: Loss of PATRIOT Act Will Hurt FBI

McCain Says Some Torture Justified

Iraq Vet Running for House Lays Out Withdrawal Plan

Charges Dropped, War Protesters Step Up Efforts

Bush's Approval Rating Rises to 47 Percent

Iraq Speeches, Election Don't Help Bush Much

Short Interview With Cindy Sheehan

US Military

Five US Soldiers Plead Guilty to Iraq Abuse

Skin Ulcers Plague Men From NC Unit

Teens Express Mixed Emotions About Parent Deployment

Hard Look at Mission That Ended in Inferno for Three Women

Law Asks DoD to Count Civilian Casualties


Syria Slams Kuwaiti Press for 'Instigation'

Lebanese Politicians Seek 'Consensus' to Confront Syria

Syria Considering Ceding Border Area to Lebanon

Israeli Politics

Low Turnout in Likud Vote Could Help Israeli FM

Sharon, Health an Issue, to Face Netanyahu

Netanyahu Elected Likud Leader


Settlers Destroy Palestinian Olive Trees as Israeli Strikes on Gaza Continue

Israeli Army to Ease West Bank Restrictions for Pilgrims During Christmas

Hamas Leader Urges PA Not to Give in to EU Demands

Troops Arrest Two Palestinians Carrying Bombs Near Jerusalem

Gulf Summit Raps Israel on Nuclear Weapons Issue

Middle East

America's Man in the Middle East

A Painful Choice in Yemen


Spain Arrests 15 al-Qaeda Recruiters for Iraq Insurgency

Police Investigate CIA's Use of British Airports

UK Abandons Plans to Force Foreign-Born Clerics to Take 'Britishness Tests'

US: Bosnian Parties Agree to Stronger Central Cabinet

NATO, Serbia to Cooperate in Kosovo

Dutch Bank Fined for Iran, Libya Transactions


Justin Raimondo
Who Are the War Criminals? Naming Names

Ivan Eland
George W. Bush's Impeachable Offenses

Sascha Matuszak
Livelihoods at Stake

Alan Bock
Time to Lower Expectations

Nebojsa Malic
The Token Defendant

Charles Peña
A Tale of Two Cities

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

David R. Henderson
Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Praful Bidwai
Indian Nuclear Deal With US Turns Faustian Bargain

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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