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Top Secret: Charley Reese
Drums in the Streets: Sascha Matuszak
Why the War Has Already Been Lost: Gareth Porter
Lump of Coal for Condi: Gordon Prather
Soldiers Against War: John V. Denson

There were no international terrorists in Iraq until we went in. It was we who gave the perfect conditions in which Al Qaeda could thrive.
Robin Cook
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Updated December 24, 2005 - 10:43 PM EST
US Airstrikes Take Toll on Iraqi Civilians
Iran Hails 'First Islamist Arab State': Iraq
Fear Overshadows Christmas Joy in Baghdad
NSA Spy Program Broader Than Bush Admitted
US Has Been Secretly Monitoring Citizens for Radiation
4 US Soldiers Killed in Western Iraq
Israeli Officials Urge Army to Target Gaza Civilian Areas
CIA Chief Told Turkey to Prepare for Possible US Attacks on Iran, Syria
Why the War Has Already Been Lost  by Gareth Porter
If US Leaves, al-Qaeda Will Not Inherit Iraq  by Christopher Preble and Justin Logan
Iraq: The Ultimate Quagmire
by Pepe Escobar
Top Secret  by Charley Reese
Lump of Coal for Condi
by Gordon Prather
The Hidden State Steps Forward
by Jonathan Schell

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Military Confirms Surge in Iraq Airstrikes
Wiretap Furor Widens Republican Divide
Italy Issues Warrants for 22 Purported CIA Agents
US Defies Italy Over Shooting of Agent
Italy May Charge US Soldier
Hundreds of Thousands Protest Vote Results in Iraq
UN Rules Out Iraqi Election Rerun
How an Unknown Oxford Graduate Made Millions Running the Pentagon's Propaganda War in Iraq
News-Planting Firm Has Millions in Contracts
3/4 of Americans Think Propaganda Campaign in Iraq Wrong
'Ohio PATRIOT Act' Would Allow Police to Arrest People Without Cause
The Christmas Truce:
When the Guns Fell Silent
Today in Iraq
Iraq Mired in Division as Year Comes to an End
Talabani 'Seeking Unity Govt'
Iraqi Interior Minister Relieved of Duties While Tortures, Killing Are Investigated
Many Sunni Muslims Diverting Anger From Israel to Iran
Crucial Phase in Iraq Debt Restructuring Completed
Iraq Faces Obstacles to Oil Investment
Iraq Occupation
US, Britain to Slightly Reduce Troop Levels
Hope: Iraq Troop Cuts May Lead to Fewer Deaths
Iraqi Police, US Troops Forge Ties
US Rejects Saddam Beating Claims
Attacks Continue
Two US Soldiers Killed by IED in Iraq
10 Iraqi Troops Killed in Attack on Army Post
10 Killed in Mosque Bombing Northeast of Baghdad
Six Sudanese, Including Diplomat, Abducted in Iraq
  Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 24
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 23
Global Iraq Fallout
Dutchman Jailed Over Iraq Poison Gas
Families of Kidnapped Peace Activists in Iraq to Make New Appeal for Release
Afghan Opposition Leader to Support Karzai
Armed and Dangerous: Taliban Gear Up
German to Deploy Troops in Northern Afghanistan
Separatist Bomb Explodes Near Airport in Indian Region
Troops Gun Down Two Militants in Indian Kashmir Clash
Sri Lanka
Blast Kills 15 Sri Lankan Sailors
Tamil Tigers Deny Killing Sri Lankan Sailors
South/Central Asia
Uzbekistan Jail Another 41 for Andijan Rebellion
50 Injured as Police Clash With Protesters in Bangladesh
UN Welcomes Kathmandu Massacre Inquiry
East Asia
China to Put NY Times Researcher on Trial
Pyongyang May Resolve Abduction Question: Report
Sino-Japan Policy Dialogue Held Hostage by Nationalistic Fervor
Indonesia Deploys Troops After Warnings
Indonesian Muslim Group Offers Use of It's Buildings as Safe Havens for Christmas Services
Southeast Asia
Manila Sets Four-Day Ceasefire With Rebels
Cambodian Opposition Leader Sentenced
Serbia Says New Kosovo Ministries a Dangerous Move
Serbia: War Criminals' Aides Known
Chad Declares 'State of Belligerence' With Sudan
British Troops Will Head to Djibouti to Help US Anti-Terror Operations
Ethiopia Troops Leave Tense Border
Nigeria Hits Back at US Warning
Rwandan Who Cooperated With Tribunal Is Found Dead
US Criticism Boosts Canadian PM's Struggling Approval
Canadian Opposition Candidate Promises to Send More Troops to Arctic if Elected
New Terror Charges Laid Against Ottawa Man
Peru Decides to Seek Fujimori's Extradition From Chile
Colombia Rebel Group Pledges Peace Negotiations
'Mines Kill,' Ecuador Villagers Are Told
The Christmas Truce
Christmas Truce Still Stirs Europe 90 Years Later
Short Outbreak of Sanity; War the Only Casualty
The Astonishing War Story That a Nation Chose to Forget
The Truce Is Stranger as Fiction
Joyeux Noel: New Film on the Christmas Truce of WWI
Brit Troops in Iraq to See Film on the Christmas Truce
In Memory of the Christmas Truce
The Story of the Christmas Truce
Letter From a Soldier
Christmas in the Trenches
Rendition & Detention
Poland Supresses CIA Prisons Report
Irish Rights Group Calls for CIA Planes to Be Searched
Federal Judge Rules Chinese Gitmo Detainees Can Be Held Indefinitely
Tapping Americans
Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report
Spy Court Judges to Meet With Bush
Some Fear Eavesdropping Could Undermine the NSA
Experts: NSA Probably Analyzing All International Calls, Emails
Justice Dept. Letter Defends Domestic Spying: National Security Outweighs Privacy
White House: Wrong of 9/11 Commission to Accuse Washington Times of Breaking a Story
Alito Defended Wiretap Protections in 1984 Memo
War on Terror
A Junior Aide Had a Big Role in Terror Policy
US Judge Wants Israel to Provide Documents in Hamas Case
FBI Defends Monitoring Radiation Levels at Mosques
Leaders Decry Ohio Mosque Complex Blasts
UK Court Warned Terror Suspect Could Be Sent to Gitmo Without Charges if Extradited
US Military
USO Cheers Troops, but Iraq Gigs Tough to Book
US Soldiers Train for Iraq on Sheep Farm
More New Hampshire National Guards Could Be Headed to Iraq
The War at Home
Poll: Americans Regret Iraq War, Want Troop Reduction
Poll: Americans Gauge Civil Liberties in Terror Fight
USAID to Push Democratization Agenda
Judge Rules Against Slain Soldier's Family Over Magazine Photo of Open Casket
Next Iran-EU Nuclear Meeting Jan. 18
Iran Says Khomeini's 'Message' Conquering Iraq
Report: Iran Interested in Russian Weapons
US Slams Iran Over Religious Freedom
Lebanese Officials: Syria Terrorizing Arab Regimes
Lebanon, Britain Sign Deportation Agreement
Israeli Politics
Personality Key to Israel Election
Sharon Cholesterol, Blood Pressure Normal
Palestinian Politics
Thousands Join Hamas March to Urge Abbas Not to Delay Vote
Fatah in Talks to End Divisions Over Elections Slate
Israel Threatens to Use Airstrikes to Stop Militants
Israel to Enforce Off-Limits Zone in Gaza
Two Israeli Arabs Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Run Over Soldier
Britain Advises Its Citizens Against Traveling to Gaza Strip
Middle East
Facts and Fantasies About Arab Satellite TV
Britain, Saudi Arabia Boost Defense Ties
Weekend Reviews
The Lyin’, the Bush, and the War Crime
Sweet Land of Militarism

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Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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